Jay-Z Talks About The Role Of Luck In His Life With Forbes.com

The man who once said, "Lucky Me" gives credit to Jaz for giving him an opportunity to stay off the streets, and says Def Jam wasn't ready for his vision.

During an hour-long conversation with Steve Forbes, Jay-Z and multi-billionaire, Warren Buffett compared their approaches to wealth-building and various other topics. An interesting name emerged during Jay's portion of the conversation when asked how much luck played a part in his success. The onetime writer for the sarcastic song "Lucky Me" credited an overseas trip with former mentor-turned-rival as presenting him with an opportunity.

"A guy by the name of Jaz, who I started out with real early, got the opportunity to go to London and record his album," Jay-Z said of the Marcy Projects native's album, Word To The Jaz. Jay-Z noted that prior to that opportunity, he was "involved in street things," the Brooklyn native said, "I went along with him, and we stayed for two months. During that two months there was a sting operation, and they took my friend away for 13 years. The only reason I wasn't there is because I was away doing this business stuff."

During the conversation, Jay-Z also discussed his time as Def Jam's President.

"I wanted to bring the entire culture into it so I could do other things," said Jay of his bigger plans for the position. "I wanted to set up a fund so I could buy a television station or a club that we could develop these artists in. There was all these things I wanted to do, and at the time I don't think they could really get their mind around it. I just felt like I would be a waste there." Jay-Z served as President of the historic Rap label between early 2005 and December of 2007.

Speaking about changing technologies, Jay-Z also spoke about realizing the Internet's affects on the music industry. At a time when he was trying to pull The Blueprint 3 away from Def Jam Records, Jay explained how the album's potential leak affected its value. "I had flown in from Hawaii after doing some recording. I had my iPod in my jogging pants, but all the music I had just recorded was missing. So I had to walk into the [Def Jam Records] office the next day and buy an album back that might leak the next day. So every day I would wake up and check the Internet places where it might leak."


  • @critic

    Its not rappers that people bash. Its greedy people who hoard money and display false and hateful images through media and capitalize on the insecurity and lack of information from the younger generation. That's what people like this do. So stop sticking up for them and making your plug to get a ticket or a cd sale. Just leave people alone and stop bothering them. This dude sucks. Its people like this that help contribute to the downfall of society and widen the gap between the rich and the middle class. They don't help society as a whole, they take from others to add to their accolades. So get that straight and make a normal post next time.

  • The Critic

    Here we go again with the youth card!!! Why must it be everyone else's job to keep the youth in line except the home that they live in. Jay-Z Biggie Tupac, all those guys that was rappin that street shit when I was a teenager had no effect on me at all. I went to college got a job, I take care of me and mine. When I was 15 I understood that music is entertainment. Thats like we could all sit here and argue who is to blame but it starts in the home. If anything we should want to be like Jay. He went through negative things in his life and rapped about it. He also turned his life around and he is making positive moves. How can we hold him accountable for things that us as parents should be teaching our kids. Everyone wants to talk whats REAL well we are doing nothing but really wasting time pointing fingers and trying to place blame on people instead of coming up with solutions. If these celebrities are not doing enough then we need to work to be in a position where we can help the youth. I understand what you guys are saying. I'm just saying people spend so much time bashing these rappers that we ignore the real problem. It's like two parents fighting over custody, they both want to win so bad they ignore the child who really the main focus. Let's stop blaming and start fixing my people. Peace!! The Critic

    • @critic

      that's your opinion and that's your life but its not everbody. You only speak for yourself there are millions and billions of other people out there. You're telling stories of when you were a teenager listenting to Biggie & Pac, but its different nowadays, its different for the teenagers. The teenagers in the 1990's talked about all kinds of music artists and hundreds if not thousands were available, now its just the same 10-15 names and nobody else. And corporations control those 10-15 names. That is the point to all the posts. There is a solution to all of this. Stop buying albums, going to movies and paying for entertainment because the majority of these people just want to take advantage of you and take your money. And when you say play the youth card. Nobody is playing any kind of youth card. It is what it is. Music entertainers like this they get the majority of their sales from people under 21 so it is what it is. You keep saying stop talking negative about people, when so many people who look up to a dude like this TALK DOWN TO AND TALK NEGATIVE TO SO MANY PEOPLE!! Don't you understand that? This dude jigga has caused more harm than good just like every other entertainer with a me first attitude. Who cares they are personally successful, we know that, but they do not make society as a whole successfull. And when you sign the dotted line and put your face on TV, and make moves with all the top corporations and media outlets that is what you are doing you are influencing other people through media. People like this cause more harm than good so just accept it and the solution is to tell the truth about what they really do and don't spend a dollar on any of their garbage. That is real peace. @critic you try and end your post by saying peace but the reality is you want to bring negativity to regular normal and average people and use this dude's success as a tool to further degrade and insult all the normal folks in the world.

  • like I said

    like I said with young people today, drug usages is up, dropout rate increasing and they just mad fuckin wack overall. and this dude CONTRIBUTES TO IT!!! he's not putting out proper content for the next generation of teenagers. he's runnin his mouth about bullshit. I KNOW HE IS SUCCESSFUL THAT IS NOT THE POINT!!! The kids who look up to him and be talkin that bullshit WILL NOT BE!!! That is the fuckin point, please address it for once, or do not respond to my posts. thank you very much.

  • OMG

    Yo I can't believe how stupid some of these posts are or if it is just marketing responses by jigga's team. I'm not talking about jigga having an affect on my life. The dude literally has no affect on my life. I'm talking about the affect the dude has on younger people, mostly teenagers and lots of them 15-20 years younger than him. THAT IS WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT!!! Why do you keep posting about his life and what he did, I already told you a million times that is not what I'm talking about. These fuckin kids are fuckin wack nowadays and alot of it has to do with the following they have for this new generation of hip hip idiots, like em, wayne, kanye, etc. These dudes are morons, I don't give a fuck if they made money yeah we know they made money. But they affect the youth in NEGATIVE WAY!! Can one of you who responds to these posts talk about that for once? Holy shit you change the topic and just start addressing the dude's personal accolades again. Kids nowadays are fuckin wack and this dude is part of the problem because the image he puts out isn't necessary. I know these kids and how they act and what they talk about, and the under 21 age range right now these kids be talkin bout some stupid ass shit and this dude jigga DOESN'T HELP THAT!! Do you people understand that, holy shit how many times to I have to post the same thing over and over again before I get a normal response that actually deals with the topic. And yes there were a few good posts, but most be talking that bullshit again about how this dude is great. Yeah this dude is great for himself, but NOT FOR THE YOUNG PEOPLE OUT THERE. Wake the fuck up.

  • The Critic

    I looked at the post on here and it just seems so ridiculous at what I've been reading. If Jay-Z is Illuminati then that's what he is. People are on here like have you seen his bank accounts, well have you seen him meet with the Illuminati? The man is from the projects like most of us on here and he did something to make it out. I hope he's not down with those people and if he is then that's his choice. His decisions has no effect on mine. He can rap his ass off and he got money. Who cares if he is not the richest or the "media" screwed with the numbers, WHATEVER he still got more money than most. Granted he did do the people around him wrong but we don't know the real story and we never will. I think you guys take this shit to personal like the choices he makes are gonna fuck with you some kinda way. How many of us can say we have done a fraction of what he has. Lets all not let Jay-Z consume our lives and focus on getting ourselves in a better situation the same way he has. Look at how much time we spend on the Internet, we could be doing something productive. Think about it people!!! Big ups to anybody tryin to advance in life!! Like The Great Jigga said "Can't Knock The Hustle"

  • exclusiveKICKS2


  • Bart3000

    "man look at these suckas, I ain't no rapper, I'm a hustler, just so happens I know how to rap"... lotta you guys sound mad:)

  • manni3267

    @ no. Hip Hop it was about the partying, but it was all about the struggle too , especially during the slave trade. However most record labels have told people to FUCK the struggle and just rap about having a good time .. this is today's hip hop. AND If you want to listen to a fucking BEAST listen to Immortal Technique - this guy is a true hip hop rapper .. fuck Jigga the gold Digga

  • Anonymous

    ok jayz's # 1 fans! chill lames; (@anon ,bblanko, and random anonymous) commenting my post at he bottom the Fuck i care what he owns??? i SPECIFICALLY was talking about media! (ps bet was sold) I like how everyone jumped into race as iF i mentioned anything about him being black let's go back and review....nope didnt day one thing about him being black!(also i aint blac so watch who you call coon i'm more oF a spic haha! dumb ass bitch) okay now that we got that out oF the way, it is obvious that i needed to do Further explaining to teach you why this guy is such an idiot: The MEDIA...wait let me explain the definition oF media b4 halF oF yall start thinking im talking about news: MEDIA-the means of communication, as radio and television, newspapers, and magazines, that reach or influence people widely aight so all media is controlled by only 5 corporations! if one would want to start their own tv station you would have to go through one of these global media giants! E.g. are Time/warner, Viacom, Disney(and nope it aint just mickey mouse), NewsCorp,and last Universal and thats it! All these conglomerates control media w/ purpose uphold and maintain status quo. So ladies and gentlemen if Jay Z was the corporate asshole that i thought he was(meaning that i ranked him with the big dogs of corporate greed) then he sould have known this by now! THey arent going to start his own tv. hell no! things are in order and corporate goons are getting paid using their media to ease their way into more investments like starting war for example NBC is interchangeably connected with GE. What does GE produce???? WEAPONS....Who does GE sell to??? corporations have no scruples so guess what both sides of the battle are paying GE. SMDH

    • skoop

      youre right in a sense, those are the big 5 but those are networks not stations so its untrue that no one can buy a TV station,anyone can. you did name universal which is the parent to Def Jam, i'm pretty sure if he wanted to he could own a tv station, also buffett is a majority stake holder in Cox media which has tons of cable stations, maybe Jay is working on that with all his Buffet meetings. So much buisness is done behind closed doors that we'll only get what they want us to get so ur right with media manipulation

    • 905

      Yea you right, but why do you use "F" instead of "f" makes people not want to read what you have to say.

    • Anonymous

      my bad @anon misread yo comment!

  • Anonymous

    man, i get def get wit you sayin, like all people do, hez da devil, he did dame dash wrong, he did beanie wrong, like shit man, they all was sucessful off him, ungrateful fanz for niggaz dat will do it to your azz..jay man, dat nigga flipped da system of what artistz suppose to do, why you think Birdman think he can do it, not, dude got tatoos all over his head man, talk country az hell and ignorant, lil wayne, jailtime, rapz 2D, got tattooz all over his face..and kids grow up and see dat and bam we got a lifetime of Soulj boyish rapz..datz difference between 90's rap and rite now rap, you can have one flow and all these athletez and tv and radio stationz get on their dick, a year later, on to the next one, and they gon b broke, while tryin to get a beef goin wen dey kno dey arent lyrical and neva be heard from again. or jus put out wack shit (50 cent)

    • Real nigga

      I love beans, And I fucks wit dame But He didnt do them no wrong they all made money off him dame did him wrong when he made camron president when jay Z shud have been they both started that shit how you goin let a another nigga do that

    • good post

      great post @sdjsd awesome dude I'm glad to read intelligent stuff that is on point.

    • sdjsd

      @ again and again, you are on point. media does a good thing in marketing individuals that are appealing to the masses. Our adoration for the materialistic allows to depict a formulated character and fantasies his lifestyle. that is what a fan does: Why would niggas like Blanco do almost anything to defend this fictionalized character like he knows him???? (and i mean fictionalized because it is only the person the media ALLOWS you to see it is a framed portrayal not exact) People may have great respect for another person's work, but will offer respectful criticism when due. All this fan shit boggle me, defend truth not this shit!

    • sdjksd

      damn i need to pick a name cus aint no way i want o be confused with this nigga who is also "anonymous" @bblanko why the fuck would i want to listen to a nigga that says "i am a consumer" that's the problem you have the platform to speak to the masses and influence them to overpower and cause change but instead you are going to capitalize on the likability towards your marketing scheme? fuck that i saw how it was that fact that he says shit like he is dumbing it down for us only further illustrates the cynicism behind the greed fuck that...yous a sheep!

    • again and again

      no. youre wrong again. rap cash kings is not black and white the numbers are faked and skewed to fit the personas and marketing artists they want to be at the top. THE PUBLIC HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT!! It was decided by corporations, media airplay, songs on heavy rotation, advertisements, radio stations, cd stores, fake emails and blogs. That is who decided who is at the top as far as rap cash kings go. I don't necessarily think you are manipulating people however if all you want to do is defend this dude when there are so many more people in this world that really need help then maybe you are manipulating people, because I am posting the truth. Who said jigga isn't a business man, that was never mentioned. Is jigga the richest rapper out, well WHY DON'T YOU DOUBLE CHECK THE NUMBERS AND LOOK AT ALL THE FACTS AND STATS YOURSELF LOOK AT THE DUDES BANK ACCOUNTS AND HIS W 2 FORMS CAN YOU DO THAT???? NO!!!! So you don't know who is the richest out, and if they claim someone is at the top, that is who the corporations wanted to be on top anyway. Then you make another stupid comment. laughs all the way to the bank right? Have you been to really poor countries, you've seen how many people struggle just to get by? But you think its ok for some dude who has enough bread to "laugh" all the way to the bank when so many people still struggle to get 1 meal a day? You think its right to laugh at those people? No, it isn't. That is where you bordeline on media manipulation, because you are trying to make 1 person look so much better than others and THEY ARE NOT!! People are equal!! I've already seen enough so hold off on your advice to me becuase I already know what I am doing and everything I posted is the way it really is.

    • bblanco

      nigga i'm talking about the top as far as Rap cash kings thats black and white thats real money, and how the fuk am i maniulating people?? if thats ur goal you need a new one my G. argue wit me!!! Jay aint the richest rapper out?? Jay aint a real buisness man?? this nigga laughs all da way to bank why niggas like you think its all media, you get out of your world dude you clearly havent seen enough

    • @blando

      I do have goals, and one of them, among other things, is to stop people like you from furhter manipulating young people. You just state the same thing the people in the media say, you're not talking about anything different.

    • @blanco

      again, you keep saying at the top. by who's standards? the same people who make up and lie about all the numbers and manipulate media and the public that is who's standards you are going by. and you don't know what everybody else does, so stop trying to act like this dude is better than other people. he's not. plenty of different people do many different things you are just rehashing what media tells you.

    • BBlanco

      Why is anyone surprised?? if ur a real Jay Z fan da nigga has said this from '96da beginning, he says is "youre only a customer"- "Its da nigga wit da solid gold fate,All dat nickel and dime shit dont hold no weight,fortune 5 Top 5 in Forbes' You'll see!!!" you niggas really need goals, that's what separates winners from losers Thats why Jay is on top da rest of these niggas is just wastin loose leaf

    • no

      jigga didn't flip any system. he made it more complex and more complicated. Hip Hop used to be about parties, breakdancing, phillies, not getting disrespected and abused by the cops, having fun, wearing timber boots, open mics, dj's, not selling out to corporations and mainstream media, knowledge, making your own way and bringing reality to people. Now hip hop is about hating, tight pants, nwo, satan bullshit, devil horns, pyramids, disrespecting other people, acting like a punk, record sales, swag, internet blogging, fake emails, fake soundscanning, less top emcees, and showing people how you are better than them, and insulting people. jigga didn't do much to keep hip hop real. he just made it more complicated and less genuine.

    • again

      nobody is sayin jigga is the devil. the dude isn't doing anything to flat out deny that. that is the point. the relationship between the "fans" and these "rappers" is not good and jigga doesn't do anything to close that gap. He just makes it more complex and difficult he's not doing anything for the people. just because soulja boy and wayne suck doesn't give accolades to jigga. the media is the problem people as a group are not improving so what is the point in talking about how successful 1 individual is.

  • Anonymous

    the differences with Jay and other rapperz, his azz iz a hustler man..Real life Stinger from the The Wire...that nigga about his, and the good thing, iz da nigga did all this jus rappin and shit.but wit all these niggaz like, Jaz O, Dame Dash, even Beanie Like these niggaz bashing about, all this if it wasnt for me, okay, Jaz O i see but shit nigga, find another nigga like him and make it, stop talkin about past shit..niga on forbes, sexy wife, and still rappin betta den da hottest rapper they is proclaimed in the media..like all you can do iz hate and praise, the crazy thing iz itz more hate, even from Blackz, and i dont kno y, y hate on a nigga who hustled on the street, starting rappin and made a fortune doin it, nigga iz da best to ever do it, in every category and i dont see, nobody fuckin wit em man, wordlife, wayne no, nas no, drake hell no, jus show da differences between eastcoast emcees and aybody else

    • @anon

      what you are doing is talking about jigga only and what has happened to him personally. You fail to realize what affect he has had on others, especially today's youth. And that is your problem, you only want to talk about yourself and not how someone influences others. Nobody hates the dude, they want the people to be the ones to get their recognition. Most people already know who this dude is, its time to move on and talk about somebody else. Doesn't mean we totally ignore jigga, it means we should use the time and effort to other people who deserve it alot more.

  • sun_god7

    Phuck what anybody thinks - Jay-Z ain't going anywhere but up in this world of captialism. The system will champion him in front of all to depict that "this system works, if you play the game." If he made it from ground zero - then why can't other poor people do so? They realize that they can parade him as such, now. I don't think that is something that he is intentionally participating in - but I think that is how he is being used. The system will use Obama to get people to buy back into "democracy." Especially people that have been the historical victims from the lack of democratic rights. Jay-Z is used to get us back into the very "capitalism" that victimizes us and originated from the enslavement of African people. Definitely the best career of any rapper - hands down. I get the "grown man" thing and appreciate his personal evolution. One of the greatest spitters ever - but it's bigger than HipHop.

    • Anonymous

      i concur jay z isnt the story of the rest of the people o color who are at the bottom of the socio-economic latter

    • sun god 8

      nobody knows where their net worth and income will go in the future, if everybody as a group doesn't do well, than most likely neither will jigga. In a city of 10 mil like NYC is, somebody is going to make it from the hood. If jigga grows up in a farm in Wyoming no way in hell is he is who he is today. NYC made this dude, he is a product of a city of 10 mil. This dude is not good for hip hip in my opinion. He has made it more complicated and because of that people have forgotten to stick to the things that are most important.

  • Josiah_Perez

    Full video: http://video.forbes.com/fvn/forbes400-10/jay-z-buffett-forbes-success-giving

  • alex

    Anyone know where I can find the rest of the interview video?

  • nodrog is wack

    Info, Info, and mo Info. That is what the real people such as myself are putting out. dudes like nodrog they don't like it because they want to keep manipulating people. Well too bad nodrog, you're the hater. We are just giving out proper info to the people who deserve it.

    • @nodrog

      What in the fuck hell does "what u put out is wack in its own right? What the fuck does that mean? I'm typing on a blog, your comment is one of the stupidest things I've ever read. damn you people write some stupid stuff. what I put out is wack. yeah ok. I'm not putting out jack shit bro its called typing on a blog.

    • Nodrog

      u dont have to defend yourself youngsta. im pretty sure what u put out is wack in its own right. Rappers should take note from Mr. Carter and step ya "life" game up. Not ya lyrics.

  • Nodrog

    Hate Hate and mo Hate! Thats all u see now days. bunch of disgruntled couch potatoes criticizing the one who made it. Bucket full of dead crabs

    • @steve o

      Nobody has taken rap to greater heights. OMG THAT IS SUCH A FUCKIN STUPID LINE. ITS TOTAL BULLSHIT YO!! Stop lying and trying to manipulate today's youth. Nobody took rap to greater heights my ass what a stupid fuckin statement that is. I'm not saying jigga didn't make it, I'm saying he FUCKED WITH YOUNGER PEOPLE ALONG THE WAY DON'T YOU FUCKIN GET THAT FOR ONCE!!!

    • steve o

      @made it? ... what are you talking bout? everyone does hate on hov because he really is at the top. how can you not say that he made it, when hes is literally at the top of what he does. you might not think hes the best rapper (id put him in top 5), but NO ONE has taken rap to greater heights. Sayin jay didnt make it is just like sayin warren buffet and steve forbes didnt make it

    • best rapper

      best rapper ever is an opinion. nobody is blaming media they are exposing it for the lies they have created. no duh this guy has real loot, but if he isn't using it to help people out, NOBODY GIVES A FUCK!!

    • best rapper

      best rapper ever is your opinion. nobody is blaming the media either we are exposing it for the lies they have created. no duh the guy makes real loot but if he doesn't help anybody out with it NOBODY GIVES A FUCK!!!

    • best rapper

      best rapper ever is your opinion. nobody is blaming the media either we are exposing it for the lies they have created. yeah no duh the guy makes real loot, but if he doesn't help anybody out with it NOBODY GIVES A FUCK!!

    • bbanco

      yeah u niggas keep blamin da media, dat nigga makes real loot, and he's da best rapper ever!!!! just respect da game and da hustle

    • made it?

      made what? This dude is living in immortality for a million years on mars? Nah son, he's on earth like everybody else. Hasn't made shit that anybody else hasn't made. You're just fakin stats and numbers and fakin perception to fit your agenda. You're using media as a tool to keep spitting out more lies. Try actually commenting on the content for once.

    • @nodrog

      You're hating on people that you don't know who they are bro. Criticizing? You can only criticize people when they can properly respond. jigga isn't responding to this so how can he be criticized? You're bucket full of crabs line is garbage. You are the real hater. So back off the american public son, and that is the largest group in this country by the way, so watch your fuckin mouth and who you think you are talking to.

  • Mr Mogul

    Some of you should just open your ears and listen. Instead of running off at the mouth. Respect the hustle.

    • again

      that is untrue. nobody forces an artist to join a record company. the artists make the decision themsleves to sign the dotted line. I'm not a Bob Marley fan. He's ok, but I don't quote him or live my life through his songs. Opression is opression, it doesn't matter if you are western, eastern, black, spanish, white indian mexican european oriental etc. It doesn't matter what country you are in, who you are, who your family is and you the people around you are. Opression is opression and every walk of life faces it someway and somehow. Again you keep focusin on what jigga did as a person and fail to realize what the influence he has on other people have done. And most of those people are younger than jigga. That is the point of even talking about this dude or the article. So if you fail to address that you are ignoring the real issue.

    • Anonymous

      you sound stupid..the only ones that manipulated was the actual record companies and media organizations who took artistz and did wat dey want wit dem while they made millionairez sit behind a desk playin puppet wit black rapperz man...and even white artistz, Jay did da opposite and he learn the ins and outz, he started his own fuckin label, and he was the only artist, and this dude iz one of the best ever to rap and the richest to eva be in the genre, Russel Simmonz will applaud him man, all ya motherfuckaz, who listen to Bob Marley white or black, from you commentz it seemz you do, what about the oppression of the western social stigmaz dat trapped the less fortunate from ever being were Jay z iz, and all you can say iz da otha people..niga, wat are you doin wit your life, if you successful and do what you need to do, you help and stop lookin at someone else not doin it cause u jus lookin like a hypocrit, and that is the worst statemind to ever have..

    • @mogul

      respect the hustle? how about RESPECT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE they hustle just like everybody else. nobody is running off at the mouth, they are typing on a blog. Fuck your support of millionaries who manipulate people. I support regular people.

  • Renard

    Big up to Jay... For all artists trying to find a home to sell their music...www.TheIndustrySite.com Create your profiles...

  • gully 1

    Jay is like any other negro..get in and some how make sure that door is shut behind you

    • HI

      What kind of Jack A$$ reads an article about someone they dont like? Oh wait, YOU do. SMH @ your Mom for giving birth to you.



    • Anonymous

      shut up..Jaz suckz..datz y he never got hot, even off of Jay-z buzz, whether he put him on or not..Jaz O did not help create Rocafella Records, Jaz O was not an artist, i dont think he was, and he jus neva got hot, even wit Jay puttin him on two of his hottest singles to date, Aint No Nigga and Jigga What..so suck a dick, Jaz O suckz..big daddy kane helped him more

    • dlp

      Uhhh Jaz is NICER than Jay Z...Much mor HIP-HOP than him as well....

    • HI

      You can say that again.

  • LUmpBeaTS

    Forbes and Buffet look REALLY interested in his stories of losing his iPod and checking the internet for his lost album... WOW! Buffet is thinking "Damn I could be making another billion dollars right now and I'm stuck talking with this colored fellow..." JAYLUMINATI!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Rig2iyY6AU&feature=related

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  • Anonymous

    is jay z and idiot? does he really think the corporate controlled media cwould have allowed him to buy a tv station....does he not understand that there is a oligarchy in the media world? jay you are a fucking idiot i thought that you were part of the greedy marketing schemes that the corporate conglomerates put out but turns out he has no control and no idea!

    • Anonymous

      he did buy a club..40/40

    • BBlanco

      Yo you are brain dead and fukin stupid!! have you ever heard of BET?? it was owned by Bob Johnson a black man, youre another blind person who cant even grasp the idea of how black buisnesmen have shaped america, but i'll put it in simple language for your silly coon ass, ever heard of a super soaker?? yes developed and marketed by a black man expand your world. if your not in corporate america (I am) STFU you have no clue how things work, the only color that matters is green.

    • @anon

      A legend to some. And an obstacle in the way of the AMERICAN PEOPLE to others.

    • Anonymous

      Can he fuckin buy a club then? Hes a legend, your a bitch, now stfu.

    • Anonymous

      and neither do you...while u just a kid in the bleachers tryna call shots

  • Truthenola

    At least he mentioned Jaz bummy ass. the first and last time you'll ever see "Jaz" name in forbes

  • dontgiveafuck.

    what a swagga jacka ! i wondered from who he stoled these ideas he pretends to be his. but anyway the comment section is wide open for all the fuckers addicted to the dick ridin shit

  • quboy

    ROSA ACOSTA & D.STEPHENS video at www.wapproved.com

  • Charles ExSavior

    Even as President Jay-Z STILL couldn't do what he wanted... that's just crazy. Well, we all know how Def Jam likes to spend their money nowadays, like signing Shyne for $5 mil despite he can't perform in the U.S. and dropping $3 mil just so Kanye can RECORD, that's not even marketing and distribution money. Yup, Def Jam got it all taken care of... SMH.

  • Ahktane

    Wow Jaz? Its about time. Thats who he got his name from... Luck got Jay-Z in the door... www.ahktane.com

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