Lil Wayne To "Start From Scratch" On "Carter IV"

Lil Wayne is likely to trash the the songs he's recorded for "Tha Carter IV," explains his manager.

Lil Wayne's manager, Cortez Bryant, has revealed that Lil Wayne is likely to start the recording process for Tha Carter IV from square one.

In speaking with SPIN about the Cash Money rapper, Bryant explained that many of the tracks on Wayne's upcoming I Am Not a Human Being - which will be a full album, not an EP as previously reported - were originally intended for Tha Carter IV.

"I know once he got out [of jail] those songs would be so old to him," said Bryant of the tracks.

"He's going to probably start from scratch," added Bryant. "I know how he records—he's in the studio every single day. That's his life."

I Am Not a Human Being is set to be released on September 27. Tha Carter IV is not expected to hit stores until next year.


  • Light

    Hopefully Wayne really has come to the conclusion that lyricism is coming back and he needs to polish his shit. Since Carter 2 Wayne ain't been the same. He done jacked so many styles(Jay-z, Em, Gillie, just to name a few) he doesn't even know how to come off original no more. I hope he steps his game up. BTW No way in hell is Recovery is wack. True it's not better than the Marshall Mathers Lp but it's one of the best albums out. In the words of Jay-z "Do you dudes really listen to music or do you just skim through it."

  • gabagabsss

    damnnnnnnnn so many fucken hataaaazzzzzzzzzz yall gotta get yalls DICKS out your earssss & listen to some REAL shitt. shyeeet..

  • mrconceited


  • NICK


    • dre

      ur a dumbass, carter 3 was the last one in the series u dumbfuck. go back to school or look at a clock to figure out the roman numerals and get ur facts straight. prom queen was on rebirth..ur just a damn hater. wayne dont need you to listen to his music. kick rocks and stay in school! and banks couldnt see wayne on the sun! listen to some wiz khalifa! TAYLOR GANG OR SWIM IN A VOLCANO BITCH!

  • Bvbvbv

    Who gives a fuck about the way he's gonna record his album ? It will suck anyway.

  • F Young Dummies/Cash Homo

    Who Gives A Flying Fuck About This Faggot. Do The World a Favor, When U Come out, Tell The Media you got a asshole the size of a watermelon, then wayne and his daddy (birdman) can get married at the gay pride parade.

    • Youz A Fagg

      It's Clear that your a homo, defending Homo's like you get a check from them when the truth you dont know them any more than i do. So Get Young Money Cash Money Dick out your ass, drink some lysol or something because you clearly have waynes dick on your breath. I tell The Truth, But When People See or Read the truth they get intimidated and get all in their feelings. so stop sucking homo dick, stop letting people shove dildos in ya ass and don't be a drippy vagina all your life you pussy without the hair, queer as young money/cash homo.%Pr

    • You a Hater

      stop being one of these Internet faggots that I'm tired of, they just go on stories about people they don't like and just spam bullshit. go fuck yourself sort your life out and get your mothers dick outta your mouth... BITCH!

  • yungblock

    start from scratch means he aint got nothing to top carter 3. he's scrathing his head right now.

  • Tha Carter 4

    for real though we need wayne in the rap game we would be lost with out him plus tip goin back to jail smh


    cool just drop that album on the 27th

  • beats by nova

    Weezy, Please get your fans back. NO MORE ROCK MUSIC. I kno rap comes easy to wayne but on a commercial level, we need weezy. Dude brings versatility to the game. -NOVA- "Invest In YOUR Sound"

  • Nathan Helton

    Recovery was fucking wack as hell he was way better back in the day recovery was some lame ass shit JETSxTGOD

  • Eddie A.

    Wait, did I jus see Recovery as bein wack and for 14 year olds??? Lmao man o man. The stuff I see sumtimes. Recovery was Em's best album lyrically and killed the Carter 3. Ain't nobody fuckin wit Marshall lyrically right now.

    • sharpsh00ter155

      your stupid. every1 says infinite because hes tryin to sound like nas. im not saying recovery is good but infinite was him impersonating some1 else with boring raps and boring lyrics. once he found his sound he became great.

    • You a Hater

      the last 2 comments can go fuck themselves, why is it when someone gets more successful commercially they have suddenly sold out recovery has been the best album out lyrically since Marshall Mathers LP. out of every album only blueprint 1 comes close

    • Anonymous

      Recovery is pop dude wake up stan! My 5 yr old loves it so come on... Think 5 year olds would love Wu-Tang, Talib,Mobb Deep etc......? No its pop radio shit..Em sold out!!!

    • jdilla4ever

      I don't often write into these or read the comments, but you probably know nothing about rap considering you said "recovery was em's beast album lyrically." Listen to "infinite," "Slim Shady," and of course "The Marshall Mathers LP." All 3 are way more intense lyrically, better from a multi-syllabic standpoint and don't involve wack-ass singing on every hook.


    Is Carter the only title this guy could come up with for an album??????


    as long as the 27th of SEP album doesn't get push back... it's all good


    who cares dis faggot is always wack

  • scotty_mofo

    fahhk me. atleast they gon put out alot of unreleased shit!!! the shit that he dont put on albums are way better than the stuff he does. look at c3 most songs on there are wack n then look at the stuff on the leak and all the unreleased songs just before and after c3.

  • is it just me

    i swear... i think these record labels are smarter then you think... they just release any kind of info, to get lil wayne to be mention on hiphop news. mentioning that he was gonna release a carter 4 when he comes out, gets news. now they gonna say some shit like "nawww we aint gonna put that out now" ... so he get more news. just the same as saying you got a release date, and then saying you gonna push it back. its just for a lil publicity, or is it just me.....


    You had to expect this. He's got to release some of the shit he's been working on in jail. It seems like albums artists release after jail are just straight classics. Wayne needs this shit to be classic too; nigga' is falling off.

  • sf Won Says by $WonDough$

  • Sawse Money Bawse

    Gotta start from somewhere and where else than scratch.

  • MonkeyMan

    yea wayne gotta step up his game this year cuz whether you like eminem or not his album is dope lyrically he kills. not his best album but its better than a lot of the other shit thats out right now. if you tired of the bullshit simpleton lyrics with no depth or character at all check this new guy out

  • TheXTC

    I saw this coming who didnt saw this coming he shouldve just released what he had and called the album something else.. while he was in jail and then recorded THA CArTER 4 after he came out or maybe he realized that the Recovery owned what ever he planed on releasing and decided to start from scratch

    • TheXTC

      Recovery was hot it was more like an alternative hip hop album its just a whole new eminem he tryed to go to his old ways on relapse and it just didnt work hes not the man he used to be he's grown. the mmlp is always gon be his best work but this album kills anything else thats out right now

    • TheseFagsAreWack

      uhhh,,, waynes album will be wack like usual and game is a fruit, describes yall perfectly!

    • game time

      Recovery was bad, but it appeals to the 14 year olds. Waynes albums will be dope Games Red album will be Krazy

    • Ronsonagga

      Dude, the recovery is wack as shit.... em lost it, not the shit he used to produce.

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