will.i.am Appears on "Sesame Street" After Controversial VMA Performance

The Black Eyed Peas front man and producer took to children's show "Sesame Street" after his controversial performance at the VMAs.

Just two days after his controversial performance alongside Nicki Minaj in minstrel show-style blackface at the MTV Video Music Awards, Black Eyed Peas rapper and producer will.i.am has contributed a song to popular children's TV show Sesame Street. Called "What I Am," the song is a teaser for the time-honored show's 41st season premiere this September 27.

With some looking at the song as a response to the backlash he received for his controversial VMAs, will.i.am took to Twitter to defend his himself. The rapper says that his choice in outfit was not racially motivated, and that the African American community faces more dire problems than his choice of costume.

1st. just because I where all black including head mask as expression and emphasize my outfit, it shouldn't be looked at as racial...less than a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Are you guys serious? my outfit set "black people back 100 yrs" choose your twits wisely. no education sets people back, no jobs, bad healthless than a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®



  • MrGemini

    Boyyee stop leave Will along you got heavy metal acts on straight garbage mind fucken weakminded humans fake ass gangsta rappers talken goofy shit men and women getting implants and sex changes state reps raping tax payers parents killing their own kids need i say more!!!!

  • Kitt

    Sean Ryon you should do your research and know history. Will I am WAS NOT in minstrel show style black face. Bad writers and reporters like you are making this something that it is absolutely NOT. People like you are actually creating a race issue. Recognize art when you see it whether it is horrible or phenomenal. Dont sensationalize BS that can confuse our children and not give them an accurate account of history and what is real. Shame on you..

  • gutter man

    i'll bump this in the ride all day, cool.LOL joking hate it. brainwashing kids to be fags. joking

  • Alex Mendoza

    that's great that he did a song on sesame street. positive message for the kids is always good

  • Gothic DayTripper

    When you are on sesame street thats huge much props to will i am

  • xripperx

    haha will.i.am is awesome. that seaseme song is cool.

  • illeagal as foo

    that dude just looked stupid as fuck, hes black who cares. they should be talking more about how he tried to pull a lady gaga

  • Anonymous

    whats controversial about looking like a black gumby?

    • Anonymous

      i aint even black and i am aware oF what blackFace represents. back in the day they had white or black "entertainers" painted in real black Faces and dramatically red huge lips to poe Fun at how black people acted. It was Fucked up! i am pretty sure will iam is intelligent enough to understand/know the history behind it

  • Its Um

    if a white person did it I would find it racial, other than that i find nothing wrong in what he did, besides doing a song with nicki which i think was garbage.

    • Anonymous

      People are so stupid..the theme of the VMA's was futuristic and I'm pretty sure that's what he was aiming for when he decided to rock that type of getup..Wake Up Ppl!!!

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