Rah Digga "Classic" HipHopDX Diary Entry #5

Exclusive: Harriet Thugman uses an opportunity to school green journalists on the "female emcee" comparison question.

In the business of Hip Hop, especially when you have an album dropping in less then five days, certain tasks must be handled in order to increase the probablity of "success."  When you are a seasoned veteran in the business like Rah Digga, promotion can be both a pleasure and a frustrating adventure that repeats. Photo sessions. Interviews. Radio. The probability of potential beef inciting inquiries being posed. Skills will be questioned, comparisons made. Vet status undeniably brings a different kind of heat. As we go into Day 5 of Rah Digga's countdown to album release diary, we'll find the woman also known as "Harriet Thugman" multi-tasking her thoughts on protocol, promotion, and how to put her own unique spin on the prerequisite record release party.

"Recuperating from a long press day and it just occurred to me that I didn't even plan an album release party. Think I'm just gonna wake up that Tuesday and call people like, 'Hey, come party!' Either that or just send a tweet out... [Laughs] Me personally, I'm down to party in Club Kitchen (that's my nickname for partyin' in the crib doin' what grown folks do ;-) kids don't you try it at home!) For some reason all the industry protocol stuff i.e. album parties extravaganzas, etc. have been the furthest thing from my mind. I'm more concerned with being in the studio workin on the next joint I'm gonna leak that's not even part of the album. I am however planning to perform at S.O.B.'S in the upcoming weeks since that is the venue that started it all for me. Except this time I won't be eight months pregnant... [Laughs]

I've really been gettin' a kick out of the press I been doin' lately. I notice in a lot of interviews people feel compelled to ask me what I think of other females. Now as many other genres of music that I follow I never hear these guys get asked about other groups. I never hear Ciara get asked about Georgia Anne Muldrow or Sade asked about Keri Hilson but yet they're all 'R&B singers.' I never see Punk Rock artists getting asked about U2 or Bon Jovi, but they're all 'Rock artists,' so I don't understand why Hip Hop journalists feel compelled to consistently ask females rappers about other female rappers when there are such major differences and varieties. Most of the time the questions are posed in a manner to incite a negative response. Not a big deal to me, but you guys are the ones that make it impossible for female unity. The way I see it, we're all apples and oranges and grapes and cherries and we all got our own juices flowin'. I don't judge any other female Rap artist; I really dont even think about them truthfully. They do what they do and I do what I do. So if ur lookin for ur big spinoff controversial headline next time you interview me, I got the perfect one for you. It reads: 'It's 2010, Rah Digga is still rhymin hard...any questions?'"

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  • Bobby Alvin

    Seriously 'Rah Digga', why the butchering of the name "Harriet Thugman" when Harriet Tubman was a revolutionary who put herself in harms way to save dozens of our ancestors. Rah Digga is a skilled and talented mc, however, her body of music in no way lives up to, reflects, or celebrates that which Harriet Tubman fought for. True they are both women but that is where comparisons should end. It's wrong when 'Rick Ross' does it to a drug dealer, and it's certainly dead wrong to disrespect the name of a revolutionary queen like the late Harriet Tubman. Not hating on the sister, just saying its disrespectful to still allow that nickname to be used....

  • livingstarbeats

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  • grown ass woman

    Very nice Digga! That doesn't sound bitter at all it sounds like she's saying stop askin her about other females and then making it a headline cuz yall incite the drama. The press likes Kim and Nicki beefs. She aint beat to talk about dem bitches. REAL artist. Make your music lady!

  • keep it real

    you bitter, bitter woman. be glad somebody wants to talk to you. every one of these diaries are bitter. you're like andy rooney, digga... except not paid. say something nice, positive, outgoing. seriously... i rallied for you for a decade as one of the best. i see you in these essays, and i'm disgusted. really. come up off the ego.

  • L2BT

    Rah has gotten better with age. I loved the new album. Tight beats and even tighter rhymes. I will be picking up Classic with Album of the Year. I see a pattern, and I'm into it.

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