Lupe Fiasco Talks "Lasers," "Food & Liquor II"

Lupe Fiasco gives his thoughts on his oft-delayed album "Lasers," and a sequel to "Food & Liquor."

In a recent interview with Complex, Lupe Fiasco discussed his long-delayed project, Lasers, as well as Food & Liquor II.

When asked whether Lasers may not ever see the light of day, Lupe responded, "Lupe Fiasco: It could. The situation with me and my record company has gotten to the point where it’s just like…we’re really at our final straws. People could say it’s me, that 'Lupe doesn’t want to make popular music' or 'The label has got to have records that they can sell and Lupe is not giving them the records they want to sell' and XYZ. I’ll meet a fan on the street and we’ll have a full conversation about it," explained Lupe, who was reluctant to give substantive details. "There’s maybe six or seven people walking around who know the whole story with their mouths wide open and their jaws to the floor as to why Lasers has been held up to this point and why it’s not coming out. I can’t tell you that. We’re in a space where we’re still negotiating and some stuff isn’t meant for the public."

"I literally put it in God’s hands," said Lupe of the long-awaited project. "You know what, Lasers is a record I poured my heart into. I was actually making my own music, in the studio making the songs, and rapping on them. And at the same time, making the music more acceptable. Not making it more poppy, but making it more popular. Putting it in the position where more people can understand it but at the same time still satisfy my hardcore fanbase."

Lupe also took the time to discuss Food & Liquor II. The Chicago emcee explained that he isn't actively pursuing the release of the project. "People were saying they wanted a Lupe record, so here’s a Lupe record, from me, not some dude leaking it. Like, 'Here’s a good, solid, Lupe Fiasco record that’s official and that’s from me, that I like, that you’ll like, and I’m gonna shoot a video for.' You can treat it as an underground record, as a mixtape record, as a no-single, as a first single. I don’t really care. I’m not trying to dictate what I want that song to be. But it’s my first act of control in the last two and a half years."


  • Mello

    I never hated his music but he an ok rapper but a good rapper comin out of chicago.

  • BEATZ,



    they never gonna release it becuz he got of lot of positive messages that speak against the illuminati and the system of the country,thats why they dumb'd down rap and you got retards like gucci,wacka,oj da juice man,soulja boy,flo-rida, while real shit will never get the push

    • LJbigbang

      Actually they put those 'dumbed down' artists out because they are what makes them the money. It's what the majority (females) want. Dumb music. Labels aren't actually the big huge corporates you think though... Chamillionaire was saying how he's seen them shrink down to like a handful of people only.

    • Real Talk

      @ man above me, much respect! straight up, if you have not the slightest reason to why Lupe Fiasco is by far the most outstanding artist, then where did you go to school? Ask the principal if he really should have graduated you, cause he leaked out a couple of other dumb asses like Gucci. It's quiet possible that dude is just as dumb. And to come on a page about Lupe Fiasco and you have the decency to say "hes alright" or "a decent rapper" or "sucks"!!!!!!!!!!, this world doesn't need you quiet nearly as much as we need Lupe Fiasco. Much respect to you Lupe Fiasco amazing work dawwg.

    • Anonymous

      all you guys who think lupe is overrated need to go back to school or something. nobody has lyrics like his and on top of that his flow is crazy. he flows like no one else. ignorant folk like you guys are why hes having trouble releasing an album. hes trying to bring hip hop to where it should be - completely away from the soulja boys of the world. you dumb people are the reason for crappy music.

    • Anonymous


    • BB116

      @ dude above me: Lupe is dope and all but he is just as most underground rappers. He's overrated in the mainstream cause everyone thinks he's crazy lyrically when he is just decent. don't get me wrong i love fiasco he makes dope music but he isn't as good as you think.

    • LJbigbang

      HAHA!!! If you think he's overrated, you clearly don't understand his lyrics. You have to listen to some of his songs over and over again just to decipher some of the content.

  • Quiet Dog Bite Hard

    Lupe makes me proud of what hip hop music can still be. He's been at it with these fat cat executives for a year, holding back his work. Fucking Atlantic will jump through hoops to put that T.I. shit out I bet.

  • Nate

    This is bullshit. That's all I have to say about. I don't have to say what an amazing artist this cat is, the music that he puts out is LIGHT YEARS ahead of its time and/or anyone else's being put out as we speak. This kid changed the game and will continue to do so. Y'all do everyone a favor and go bomb @atlanticrecords.

  • G

    Same shit is being done to Chamillionaire....Venom was suppose to be out a long time ago........damn record labels

    • LJbigbang

      I wanna hear the original Venom. The one Cham originally recorded, coz he said the second rendition wasn't really Venom as such.

  • Psymon

    The Best Rapper Alive!!!

  • cupoftea

    terron your stupid man. haha fuck you cunt

  • Terron

    Damn ANOTHER sequel album? Daaayum! Just because Raekwon and CNN were sucessful with that idea doesn't really mean other rappers should imitate it too!

    • Real Talk

      Dudes jump off a bridge, if Lupe wanted to make a sequel, he could make a million & 1 and you know what, EVERYONE WOULD HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO LISTEN! ppl scared to hear all that history in your ear cause you get brought back to school. stay where you at and listen to lupe and tell me you won't be inspired to learn some of the crazy lyrics he confesses, cause this dude doesnt spit, he really praises to us. SO F* LISTEN

    • batman

      LOL Raekwon and CNN You mean Jay-z and the blueprint series

  • gnigga_please

    bout time i heard somethin from him. his last album was classic im glad he still isnt followin trends, but guess we gotta get this street album food and liquor 2 before lasers, its all good tho

  • John-Boy

    Its sad that record labels actually want their artists to be as garbage as possible while someone with true talent can't even get an album released. People truely don't see how the record execs are going out of their way to poison the minds of our youths and don't want any positive music being released on their labels. If you are gangbanging, selling dope, rapping about jewels and cars that regular people will never have, and encouraging the 'trap', then feel free and release all music you want.

  • Duke

    Lupe's music is to intelligent for people today, all they hear is stupid wack songs with no continent and their heads are filled with nonsense. He isn't making dance music or making catchy songs that repeat the same thing over and over and get in your head. His music is lyrical, smart, and real. He will never get his album out with a major record co. because like he said they can't actually just won't sell music that our dumb society can't understand easily. no one wants to hear music they have to think about. main stream hip hop is dead. if the album ever comes out i will buy it and i NEVER buy albums. keep ya head up Lupe Gods got a plan for you

    • asfsf

      Agree,todays rap is pretty much run by the fat cats aka illuminati jewz who control the game and make sure that only shit that makes people more dumb gets the play

  • Beej

    Only way Lupe will get his shine again in this non lyrical day of hip hop is if he is backed by a major artist like Wayne did Drake and Jay-z did J. Cole. People have to be tricked into listening to real hip hop nowadays

  • hanaaB

    fuck being signed to them majors....go independant. awaiting food and liquour 2.

  • NowEating

    Saw Lupe headline, the day after seeing Kanye. Lupe is one of the best performers (not to mention lyricists) in hiphop today. I like his old material and I like his new material. If you will BUY Lupe's new album and support real hiphop - comment.

    • itopia

      I'm from the uk and saw lupe perform a couple of years ago in quite a small venue. he was awesome even though his encore of superstar lasted aalmost half an hour! great artist

  • Charles ExSavior

    So it's exactly what his former friend Prolific said a month ago but now in Lupe's words. Not surprised.

  • jason

    Come on Lupe! I second that statement about the new Atmosphere EP!

  • ShowTimeNY

    Sounds like the mans tryna hold down Lupe. Isnt he on Atlantic, if so Im not suprised because If Im not mistaken they are the ones that never released, Saigon debut album. When shit like this happens to people its usaully God tryna to make us grow so we can be the people he Intended us to be. I love that song Beaming. Frankly I dont know why they didnt push that song! Really, I wish the dude well. I got music that could change the game.

  • Anonymous

    This new atmosphere Ep is hot

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