Rah Digga "Classic" HipHopDX Diary Entry #1

Exclusive: Rah Digga kicks off her new 10-day journal for HipHopDX leading up to her Nottz-produced "Classic" album, and she starts by addressing your comments.

When you have performed for the King of Pop, recorded with The Fugees, and been appointed as the first lady of one of Hip Hop's strongest squads, resting on ones laurels could have been an easy thing to do. Fortunately, for Newark, New Jersey's own Rah Digga, easy definitely doesn't do it. Way before M.I.A. hit the stage with her pregnant belly, Rah Digga had already paved the way by rocking the mic at the legendary Lyricist Lounge. That performance led to a meeting with Busta Rhymes and her Flipmode Squad position was sealed. The Brick City native's distinctive voice and flow were heard on hits like the remix "Touch It" and "Give It To Me." Her solo debut, Dirty Harriet,  included production by DJ Premier and Rockwilder and produced the singles "Tight," "Imperial," and "Break Fool." She also spread her wings as an actress appearing in Thirteen Ghosts and MTV's Hip Hopera remake of Carmen. Needless to say, Rah Digga became a renaissance artist before it became necessary. Parting ways amicably with Flipmode in 2007, Rah is set to make her return with her sophomore album, the appropriately titled Classic.  With production by Nottz, Rah is ready to let the world know that she "still got it".

To commemorate the ten year anniversary of her last release, join HipHopDX on a ten day until release date diary-esque countdown journey with Rah Digga as she talks music, industry, motherhood, and whatever else comes to the mind of this femcee recognized as "one of hip hops most skilled emcees.

"Today is like any other day. I've been spending most of my days in my hometown of Brick City, New Jersey leading up to this album release to fully embody my ideology of "goin' back to basics." Phoning into various radio stations, press phoners and appearances combined with recording exclusive mixtape stuff for folks is all in a days work for me. Balancing motherhood and music is challenging enough, but throughout my entire career it's always kept me on the straight and narrow. Now that the new school season has restarted I can finally take some time to check out some of these blog posts. Today I'm seeing a whole lot of posts of 'This Aint No Lil Kid Rap' remix featuring Redman. Can you believe this is the first time I've ever recorded with Redman, and we both hail from Brick City?

Anywho, the comments are all positive (a rarity in the blogosphere) but there isn't too much one can say about folks clearly rhymin their asses off. There is also a freestyle/song that was supposed to be a DJBooth.net exclusive called 'A Few Thoughts,' but that is goin' around like it's my next single. [Laughing] Guess folks just miss the boom bap!

There are so many people just learning about the September 14th release and they are comin' to all sorts of conclusions. I saw a comment or two trying to predict a first week for an album they feel is suffering from lack of promo since they haven't really heard anything in primetime rotation. Let's make one thing clear: This isn't about first week charting or Soundscanning, This is about an artist making the type of music that I miss hearing and that I love making in a nutshell. I'm in a place where I can do this as a hobby just to show other artists that I made the classic album that they just 'talk' about while they continue to feed n2 industry trends. The music will speak for itself. All the marketing in the world will not cover up someone naming an album "Classic" and then delivering garbage. Stop scratching your heads wondering why a ''90s artist' is tryna make a 'comeback' in 2010. Don't attribute it to any other artist or any other 'industry' activity. The answer is simple: I STILL GOT IT! If you don't believe, listen for yourself. WARNING: you may find yourself rewinding verses, something that doesn't happen very often nowadays!" - Rah Digga, September 5, 2010

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  • cardan

    RAW DIGGA !!!! thats what i call you. you are the rawest pure HIP HOP. thankyou for giving me some music i can play loud and be proud of.

  • Teletran-1

    Digga, Digga. " I'm in a place where I can do this as a hobby just to show other artists that I made the classic album that they just 'talk' about while they continue to feed n2 industry trends. " I can appreciate this statement more then most. The fame and fortune and blinded most artist to just doing the best art they can and letting the "props" fall were they. The fact u can do this for fun and not worry about bills is a testimony for that. QUESTION: I can not remember a time when we had more the one female MC representing at the same time ( like dudes). I, for one, would love to hear at track with you a Nicki Minaj....hell, you and Remy Ma!! Is there an present, "industry" reason why "nice" chicks don't get together and rock more often? There have been two many chicks in the game for this not to happen more often.

  • DRxJ

    Rah Digga is to Rap what the WNBA is to basketball...

  • Jahi

    Rah Digga, Ive used you in my MC Classes and always had respect for your lyrical prowess. If you come thru Cleveland on your tour run, I'd love to rock with you. Check www.jahimusic.com and supporting your release. Best Wishes

  • Christopher Green

    I'm glad you back Rah D!!! After hearing all these wack females coming out hearing you was a breath of fresh air now like it was when you first came out. Speaking as a deejay,radio programmer, and hip hop fan you are as one of your fans above said the "elite" I know "Classic" will be bumped when in comes out in my system (car and house!). Best wishes to Digga!

  • junMaf*ckn

    Digga Digga First Name Rashida!! That new album gon be the truth!!

  • Supreme

    Yeah Digga!!!! Peace Black Queen. 1st I wanna say THANK YOU for creating some of the most unique bars I've ever heard a female spit. I've been listening to you since Massive Dope off the Lyricist Lounge/Echo cassette tape that came free with the t-shirts back in the early 90's. Congratulations on all your accomplishments & keep banging out that rawness. Don't ever switch your style up, believe it or not, there's still A LOT of people that are thirsty for the type of music that you create. Yo you said " I'm that teacher that'll fail you, fuck around & expell you, Poster Boy Hell Rell you, Canibus LL you, History 101 KRS Melly Mell you!!!" Rah you killed half the niggas in the rap game with those two bars alone & 99% of the chicks in the rap game don't even know what that meant because they're not raw like that, they commercial rappers, you the truth, the definition of a real MC. Get at me, asiaticsun7@yahoo.com , not trying to kick it to you, I just wanna send praises where praises are due. Yeah that's that Jersey pride, Hawthorne Ave. Brick City all day

  • Charles ExSavior

    Hell yeah Rah! Let these cornballs know what time it is. Guaranteed that Nicki Garbaj won't be stupid enough to get at a real emcee like Rah Digga, I mean Lil' Kim WAS a good emcee but it's a waste for her to do anything nowadays. Nicki will get buried overnight fucking with a Flipmode elite.

    • G-O

      Co-sign homie! Been saying exactly what you said for a long time and honestly Lil Kim was never better than Rah Digga in my opinion. Rah Digga was way more lyrical than Kim.Lil Kim was just a sexy raunchy poster child for rap music with lyrics that were heavily influenced from Biggie and ever since Biggie's death she's been down the drain and hasn't really come back up strong enough. Sorry but nobody can fuck with Rah Digga. Not Kim,Not Foxy,Not Trina,and definitely not Nicki. I could only imagine what Rah Digga would do to those poor girls. She'd probably go right in and literally pop the heads off of all those barbie dolls and let the foam explode everywhere without a problem.

  • desperados

    thank GAWD for Rah D-I. No little kid rap! make the distinction between us and them because no matter how many snoop/soulja boy type songs are recorded, there is clearly a difference. i want quality music. not now and later, skittle, magna doodle rap.


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  • BR Promotions

    rah diggas dope she go hard. if you a Jerzee head or you like naughty by nature check out my new artist. he a beer drinkin blunt smokin spic from jerzee that doesnt wear tight jeans http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KxWjjjDHLnY

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