DMX Gives First Post-Jail Interview, Confirms Separation

DMX tells Arizona's Super Shake at 101.5 FM that he's "built for war," and in touch with his son, while Tashera speaks on X's children out of wedlock, drugs.

Just days after being released from prison for his conviction of reckless driving, DMX gave his first post-prison interview with Super Shake at the 101.5 Jamz Summer Jam concert in Arizona.  The rapper, who spent 18 out of the 90 days in jail, confirmed in his interview that he has split from his wife, Tashera Simmons, of 11 years.

Simmons, who will have her own reality show called Tashera Simmons....Life After X, previously  gave greater detail for the reason for the divorce.

"He had four other children out of our marriage and I didn't know," she revealed in an interview. "I only found out about one, and it was the one in Maryland that was public. It was all over the news and I still was gonna try to make it work [but] after we did the show Soul of a Man. I guess the women felt some kind of way because he was doing a lot of paying child support behind my back and giving them money without me knowing anything." Tashera also spoke on her former partner's drug addiction. "The drugs already was too much, but then the cheating, I didn't even know he had time to do that. I mean, I never put it past him; I never say never but without protection? There was just a lot of unprotected sex and I have kids to take care of. I started thinking about all of that and I was like, I can't do it anymore. I felt he took me for granted."

In spite of the split, X plans to better the relationship with his son, and even has a song on the way dedicated to his son.

"I'm good, life is good, God is great man," the Yonkers rapper said in the Arizona interview. "And it's gonna get better. With this last one, I had been sitting for 90 days, since like January or February and this whole time, by the grace of God, I was given the opportunity to pick the time. I thought 'Let me knock it out,' because I got a lot of work to do in L.A. and I don't want to get snagged, get it over with. It was only 90 days anyway. BFW, baby - built for war...[Me and my son's] relationship is not the best right now but it's gonna get better. All he's known his whole life is me being there and now me and his mother are separated, we're not together anymore and it's been like five, six years, but that's my first born. That's my baby."


  • m

    The goverment is obviously tryna break X down, fuck that shit.

  • Anonymous

    DMX documentary (10 minutes) pls everybody check this documentary out. its about DMX, the legend, and his enemys i just feel like everybody needs to see this especially if you really like DMX WATCH IT because if the shit goes down, we better have his back this time... aint too many of those real real rappers left

  • Anonymous

    he may be all those things but he's da only nigga that can chill come back n get the streets money he'll sell more than these bubblegum niggaz yall love so much...X do yo thang dawg

  • realdawg

    yo this nigga real as hell i aint listen to his shit for a minute but im back on that yo he busting creampies up in bitches asshole g willy style son foreal

  • TB

    Why are women getting pregnant by men who are MARRIED? How low self esteem did those 4 women have? X-is a straight up crack head and will be in prison in a couple of weeks. He doesn't know what else to do with his-self.

  • K

    he'll be in jail before the month is over. TRUST DAT!

  • Anonymous

    real niggas ridin with you x-hold ya head

  • five-six years??

    he hasnt seen his son on 5-6yrs? did i read that right? if so theres no excuse. n1gg@s can be str8 trifling thinking that its a woman's job to raise the children. crazy but i will give him credit for trying to rebuild that relationship. if i was his son i'd probably be bitter than a mf tho, depending on how old he no longer a fan but i am rooting for him to get his life back together. hopefully he's serious this time... that ex gone get paid for that book. n1gg@s be getn mad when females do ish like this but they disregard all the bs most of them went thru and mad ppl gone wanna know the story just bc we nosy...hoepfully they're able to remain civil and do whats best for their children...

    • dumb shit

      youre retarded. youre a bastard. your father left years ago. dmx son is probably 6. hes had his mom and dad around for 6 years. now its one or the other since his parents are separated. worry about your own dad faggot. dmx is the realest, ima always be a fan and check for his work.

  • jesterdxxl

    Nobody can hate on Earl he's been through his trials & he's accepted his tribulations... If anybody can come back & still do it raw it's X!

  • truthenola

    just a dumb ass that never learns

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