Jay-Z, Diddy, Akon Top Forbes' 2010 "Hip Hop Cash Kings" List

For the second year in a row, S. Dot Carter tops the Forbes rankings. See what estimated sum your favorite star brought in.

Despite the rocky economy of this past year, Hip Hop's elite have still found a way to keep their earnings piling in.

Forbes has put out their 2010 Forbes "Hip Hop Cash Kings" list, which includes many returners as well as some rookies. For the second year in a row, Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter tops the list with estimated gross earnings of $63 million, while second- ranked Sean “Diddy” Combs pulled in $30 million.

Mr. Carter’s earnings stemmed from the release of his album Blueprint 3, the launch of his worldwide tour, his 40/40 nightclub chain, as well as his partial ownership of the New Jersey Nets. Diddy’s role in Get Him To The Greek, Diago vodka, Ciroc, Diddybeats ear-buds, and other miscellaneous roles in television and film, helped him cash in his $30 million.

Lady Gaga, the Konvict Clothing label, and a World Cup soccer ad campaign with Pepsi, assisted Aliuane “Akon” Thiam in his first top five appearance on Hip Hop Cash Kings. Akon ranks number three with $21 million, and right behind him Dwayne “Lil Wayne” Carter lands himself a spot at number four with $20 million. Andre “Dr. Dre” Young rounds out the top five with $17 million from his Beats by Dr. Dre headphone line.

Check out the rest of the list, and the estimated earning of the 2010 Forbes "Hip Hop Cash Kings" here


  • 3headed monstah

    everyone dissin fif listen up .. these r facts dnt beliv reserch it bastards... fif didnt make the top of the list this yr .. didnt deserv too .. didnt do much .. but this is how it all sums out 2009 top 5 riches rappers (networth) RICHEST RAPPERS OF ALL-TIME (FORBES 2009) 1. Master P - $661 Million 2. 50 Cent - $480 Million 3. P.Diddy $380 Million 4. Jay-Z $360 Million 5. Russell Simmons, $325 Million thats net worth .. ur lil waynes, akons, and even my fav artist eminem is no where near theses dudes .. so tlk shit bout n e one of these top 5 men.. they r still in 2010 richest men .. so fif haters keep hating .. he might of drop to 3rd or 4th with jay and puff being successful this yr but he still there

  • Smooth Ryda

    My so much happiness (gratitudes) goes to Aliuane Badara 'Akon' Thiam. i cherrish him so much in the muzik shit. -:)

  • Adrian A-Classic Joseph

    Remember that these figures are semi-accurate, they are taking between June 2009 and June 2010, they do not account for management or attorney fees. Jay Z will have to take a hefty chunk out of his earnings to pay Uncle Sam after waking up in another tax bracket and after reinvesting his money into his portfolio of business ventures may not have as much but will still have a lot. At the end of the day this just proves that you have to be entrepreneurial and diversify, because rappers aren't selling 250,000 in the first week anymore.

  • YungRich

    Lol @ the cats saying making 7 million is falling off. If I pulled that in in a year I'd be happier than all hell, not disappointed saying I flopped. Not that he doesn't already have a massive fortune. But money isn't the equivalent to mic skills so no more of those arguments.

  • Mr.Bankhead

    Gucci Mane Still made 5mil although he spend most of his time in prision he a real hustler can't wait till next year 2 see how much he gonna make if he keeps out of trouble.I like 2 see my black people gettin money it make's me proud of them because we came a long way into this shit it motivates me. I see u soulja boy 6mil dat's trill...

  • Megan Fox Lover

    YO AKON!!!!!!! Akon signing Lady gaga was the smartest gamble he took. (She could have Hit Big time or Flopped Big time) Get that money brother!!!! All you talking dumb about 50, hes getting that stadium money from International tours!! He was in the U.K recently, Brazil last month.... Rick Ross & Fat Joe can only manage U.S club gigs. Im in the U.K and believe when i say 50 is International!!!! Massive. G G G G G unit!!!!

  • Rocky black boa

    KILLuminati Freestyle. (rap to Kanye west's "power" beat) Im living for that shit Pac died for, the truth, you cant handle it buncha fuckin Tom Cruises, im not abusin, simple truth is, todays youth is fuckin stupid, turn off he radio, so pollutive, open your mind n let your spirit tune in, skulls n bones, these rappers have sold their souls, on the low, a nigga just tryin to expose, to let you know, without naming so and so, how it goes, in this industry ran by cultural rapists, like how Napoleon took out the last of the great kings, im on the list, soon theyll try to take me, but ill forever be, any means necessary Malcolm A to Z, coz the X aint enough for me, dodged a few larcenies, tryin to get me on that murder tip, coz my bars sound like a buncha clips, fiening for that real shit?, here you go your power fix,

  • Delz

    Yo! Fif if @ all you see this..take my advise..cut the beef! and focus on building your image back..damn son! you don beef with alot of cats Oprah, diddy, Jay, Jadakiss, Camron, Shyne, Game, Buck, Nas, fat joe, and that's just the top of my head..quit beefing it's rlly making you look like you are a hater! and build back your image and make more money! matter of fact just be quiet when it comes to other artists out there..trust me it's better to make friends than enemies..ask DJ Khalid(you beefed him too) come on hommie! stil G-unit for life though..love your music...1

  • cornball killa

    Akon made more than lil wayne...damn..

  • Caderno Smith

    Very cool!! VideoTapeHD.com | Entertainment, Sports, Music, Comedy, News, People

  • Ay To Z

    Shit Dre can make 17 mil but he can't make detox?? smh

  • Ay To Z

    Hahahaha Akon fell off years ago and he still makin $21,000,000 Maybe I should learn how to sing badly lol

  • Richard Jones

    Jay-Z IS THE KING OF RAP. 50 is the clown of Rap. He disses Ross, Diddy, Jay and they all kickin his ass. After this Jay should drop a DOUBLE ALBUM and kick it up a notch.

  • Marky Mark

    fiddy made 7 millions rick ross 5 millions but he said he gonna fuck and finish ross career...how will he do it if they just making basically the same amount of money? Ross made 5 million and 50 made 8 million minus 1 million for security (for being a snitch) is 7 million. lol

    • Chupps

      Dudes are forgetting Ross aint at Fif's level financially. You looking at a $3m gap like say Ross is at his level. Last 4/5 years combined Fif has made the most in hip hop, over $250m. He's not that relevant and yea he sucks in acting/rap but he's on another level business wise. Fif won't end Ross' career because the games changed enough that a C.O is accepted and remains relevant. But he wasted Ross without a doubt.

    • nucca

      bizzyb dat nigga 50 aint got talent he sucks at rap & acting...all his wack movies flop

    • BIZZYB

      ya but 50 cent is mulit talented rick ross just rap 50 dose movies/record label/raps all dat shit lol

    • Richard Jones

      I agree bruh, he trying to kill Ross career but 50 career is flatlining. ANd Ross is still winning.

  • nice...



      Yea, when u selling them at $260-400..they worth it thought.

    • HHFAN

      @Drew Dizzle... Seriously? Now the Illuminati is selling headphones. You cats need to get off the weed. I own a company. It's called marketing. Every business is run by marketing. There's no one in black cloaks and devil horns at the top of some sky scraper telling some intern to put a 6 on a set of head phones. I'm curious as to what type of job/education you have.

    • drew dizzle

      yeah, when you have the illuminatti askin u for ur permission to put a "6" on headphones with ur name by it, of course u can... u don't think the illuminati is short on cash while the rest of us americans are suffering, do you? some of you ppl need to wake the fuck up

  • joethaplumber

    HAHAHA fuck 50!!! he wasnt wrong calling his last album "Before I self destruct" damn..50 cent dropped from 150 million to 8 million in three years??!! lol... even the homie drake brought in more than him! lol...wow.

    • BigP1

      Damn, sure wish I made $8,000,000 last year...The hate isn't even realistic anymore. It's just sad :(

    • joethaplumber

      But wasn't 50 the one bragging last year that he would make #1 on this list next year. lol Not quite. Free Buck!!!11

    • monef

      How do you laugh at someone that made $8 mil in a year... i hope u made more than that... Stop the hate !!!!

    • ThinkDeeper

      Not a 50 fan, But do the math son, that single $150 million year is more money than most rappers will make after combining all their yearly totals....(See Gucci, Rick Ross, Soulja Boy, etc..)...So at the end of the day, whats so funny about that?

  • Anonymous

    50 aint really a businessman like jay & puff, he got lucky wit that water investment, but since he sold his stock in that he making the amount of money he should be making, aint nobody wearing g unit shit nomore, i guessing 80% of his money is coming from royalties from his old projects, meanwhile outta all of jayz money outlets, music is the least in terms of money

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