Lloyd Banks to Announce New Deal on Friday

The Punch Line King is taking to MTV's "RapFix Live" this Friday at 1 p.m. E.T. to announce his new record deal.

This Friday, G-Unit soldier Lloyd Banks will reveal details about his new record deal at 1 p.m. E.T. on MTV's "RapFix Live." The Queens-born Punch Line King parted ways with one-time label Interscope Records in 2009, fufilling his contractual obligation following the release of 2006's Rotten Apple.

Banks' new deal will find him releasing his first album in four years, a sequel to his debut album The Hunger For More. He told MTV that the album is his return to fighting form and that by both his fans have been encouraging him all along the way.

"[The Hunger For More 2] takes people back," he said about his upcoming third album. "Especially with Twitter and stuff like that, you talk directly to your fans and they'll tell you what they want to hear. They want that old thing back. Not as far as the music, but the drive. Fans want to see you excited about hip-hop." (MTV)

DX will keep you updated as more details are revealed.


  • stylistic

    new Rosa Acosta & D.Stephens at www.wapproved.com


    who gives a fuck, somebody needs to tell this dude that the unit is not hot no more,

  • rollercoaster


  • hihater

    P.L.K dont needa say nything other than banks GONNA POP BIG TIME 2010 HFM2!!!!!!! v5 was a great tape too btw

  • BWS-Fish

    That's it people, get in there with your comments like "this gon' be fire" or "can't wait for this to drop". Its more fun that way, makes it funnier for people like me who realise g-unot are garbage - you build up the hype and then he moves around 4000 copies in his first week. if you're listening to the fans banks, maybe you should realise the only thing they want to hear from you is the sound of you putting the mic down....

    • hahar1

      banks is fire cause of all the mixtapes he put out. v5 is better than most albums in the past 2 years.. HFM2 gonna be sick if its as good or better than v5! also GAME is over.. he on 50s nuts worse than yayo, tryna get in the studio with him.. its a wrap for that nigga no buzz no single poppin nothing and album keeps on gettin pushed back due to lack of buzz! its over game.. does BWS even exist?? how many albums they sold? 0, they have all these artist with not one release date.. also game is a fraud like ross! GAME OVER

    • kiwis

      banks 1st album went 3x plat, second album went gold, BEAMER BENZ OR BENTLEY went gold indi.. only people like fat joe sell 4k 1st week. banks has already had a big enough career to retire on.. u obviously a game fan with ya gunot.. game aint poppin at all.. no single no buzz nothing.. album keeps on gettin pushed back cus no buzz! its over for game like fat joe! BANKS IS ON FIRE because he been putting out fire with v5 mixtape.. was crazy HFM2 boyyy haters can comment all they want but u no u love him or else u would not have even bothered to click the page

  • timeaftertime

    banks is a true mc! PLK so many comments saying who cares and all that.. u obviously care if u have the time to check it and then comment aswell HFM2 gonna be a great album

  • jogrind

    Who gives a flying fuck!!!!

  • unoknow

    P dot L dot K any girl bangs hard once the video drop it gonna be buzzing like BBB. HFM2 boyyyyyy


    PLK!!! gonna be a big year

  • illar+

    banks is on fire again. haha so true if u guys didnt care at all u would not have clicked the page.. its a fact u care cause u had the time to read it all and then even comment. get em banko any girl is his 2nd single and its billboard charting so haters sit back. once the video drop its gonna be big yo

  • ahaq12

    banks is a beast with it! v5 was crazy then had the whole world buzzing with BEAMER BENZ OR BENTLEY independantly went gold! all u guys saying who cares then why do u have the time to comment haha yall sub conciously interested or else u would not have even clicked the page!!!!! HFM2 gonna be big

  • d-boy313

    not a g-unit fan but yall some hatin muthafuckaz it dont matter who he sign wit at least he able to get a deal again IM NOT A G-UNIT FAN OR STAN BUT REAL IS REAL AND YALL SOME HATERS

    • dmiles313

      true shit ma nigga dat nigga banks go hard if you dnt listen to him you should dat nigga got sum shit i stay in detroit 2 7mile but nobody fucks with gunit its all gucci out here dat shit weak 2 me though

  • nice...

    you know what i was thinking about recently, (these guys duh). nah i was thinking about how in the early days of g-unit, people would always such nad such is my fav member and he should leave the group and go solo. now i really don't care it's jus some shit i think about, but i stay shittin on these niggas. people say banks is one of the best out now and all that (which is bullshit) and a lot of niggas say he should leave the unit and do his own thing. THE TRUTH IS he couldn't if he wanted to. i'm sure 50 has him in the same handcuffs he has buck in. the minute banks say he wants to do his own thing 50 would put the pressure on him. that's why you don't anything objective from him or yayo. they the two biggest bitches i ever knew. 50 has them by the balls. FUCK G-UNIT AND SUCKER ASS NIGGAS THAT FOLLOW THEM

  • 1and2s

    He'll announce a deal with E1 (KOCH) after bashing them and then flop with his next solo effort. Why is lloyd banks news..wasn't bbb ages ago..where's the follow up. Nigga got about as much buzz as a dildo powered with dead batteries.

    • jesterdxxl

      I like where your coming from it would be funny as fuck if he went there after shitting on Joe Crack & Jenny Jones!

  • MoRtiS NoCTu

    For hard, creative, modern Hip Hop with a purpose and actual relevant subject matter check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SAwHGTMhH6c Prepare to have your MIND BLOWN!

  • genovise

    no one cares about Lloyd Banks, Him and Yayo talk like they own G-Unit when they are just artists on 50's label.

  • Evers82

    Two Words: WHO CARES

  • MR1000

    ProSeed feat.Eminem-One Shot http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=trd-5kZTD5Y


    I Think It Will Be Koch/E1 Records.. Curtis Hates DefJam So It's Highly Unlikely Even With Sha Money XXl Over There New Videos,Music,News & More www.WhoIsCatalyst.blogspot.com www.Twitter.com/Catty_Fan_Club www.Youtube.com/WhoIsCatalyst

    • jesterdxxl

      50 really won't let him go to the so-called graveyyard (Koch/E1) neither I think Banks gonna end up wiv BMG or EMI big money label who won't put shit into his projects!

  • p renz

    i think its koch wot do you think

    • jesterdxxl

      50 won't let him go to the so-called graveyyard (Koch/E1) I think Banks gonna end up wiv BMG or EMI big money label who won't put shit into his projects!


    Wow! I haven't been this excited since Bow Wow stared in Like Mike lmao

  • Anonymous

    ive heard it might be def jam or E1 but we'll see

    • jesterdxxl

      50 won't let him go to the so-called graveyyard (Koch/E1) neither I think Banks gonna end up wiv BMG or EMI big money label who won't put shit into his projects!

    • GGGG

      naah, 50 cent hates def jam with a passion he's not gonna see banks go there

  • CitizenHobbes

    "He told MTV that the album is his return to fighting form and that by both his fans have been encouraging him all along the way." Wow, even he knows that he only has two fans.

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