Juelz Santana Arrested and Released

The Diplomats/Skull Gang emcee was arrested and released earlier today for a driving without a license.

The Diplomats' Juelz Santana found himself in hot water with the law today. Early this morning, Harlem rapper Tweeted that he had been arrested.

A! SMFH Jus got locked up!less than a minute ago via Echofon

Although details about why he had been locked up were unavailable at the time, XXLMag.com revealed that Santana had been initially pulled over for talking on his cell phone while driving. Santana's representative Lynn K. Hobson told the site that after being pulled over, the rapper had been driving without a license and was taken into custody. Despite the arrest, Santana was released with only fine.

"Juelz Santana was arrested this [morning] after being pulled over in his Bentley for talking on a cell phone while driving," Hobson said. "He was then taken into custody for driving without his license. Old warrants that had not completely cleared the system were also cleared. Juelz paid a few fines and was released immediately." (XXLMag.com)


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  • dmize-one

    my bad i misreadthe comment, i thought you were talkin about that beamer benz or bently video.. your still fukin nuts for thinkin banks and santana are runnin 2010

  • hahaww@11

    banks n juelz runnin 2010 off 1 track BEAMER BENZ OR BENTLEY!! lookin foward to both they albums but yo HFM2 gonna be big banks track any girl bangs so hard.. it about to sizzle when the video drops

    • dmize-one

      runnin 2010?? you must be out your damn mind.... the buzz from that song has already almost completly faded and you think the videos gonna hype people up?? get real....

  • Anonymous

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  • CJF

    Shit happens. Dipset all day!!

  • Hucc

    Sumone tell this dumb shit to either take that bandana off or put that shit on right. He looks like the guy with the Shrunken Head from BEETLEJUICE...

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