Fat Joe Offered $100,000 For Live Broadcast Of Concert

Social networking company Xumanii is offering the Bronx emcee up at least $100k for the rights to broadcast a live stream of his next performance.

Even though the lukewarm debut of Fat Joe's critically acclaimed The Darkside, Vol. 1 became fodder for an insult video from 50 Cent, Bronx star rapper may still get the last laugh. Now, social networking and media aggregate site Xumanii is offering Joey Crack the opportunity to live broadcast his next concert, netting him a minimum of $100,000 in online ticket sales. 

"As a fellow New Yorker myself, I have worked within the music industry for years, [and] my partner and I have been personal fans for many years," said Tandy Weems, Chief Business Development Officer for Xumanii. "We would like to offer our cutting edge Xumanii technology with its empowering marketing features to you [for] free to film and stream live your next performance and offer it as a pay-per-view event that will be broadcast on Xumanii, with all ticket sales going directly to you."

According to Weems, Xumanii will stream his next performance online across the globe for the price of $10 a ticket. He says that he can guarantee at least 10,000 paying viewers even without the benefit of sponsorship. With sponsorship, Xumanii claims they can double ticket sales. 

"We will offer 'digital tickets' for sale to your world-wide fan base at an affordable price of $10," Weems explained. "Marketing and promoting together with no sponsorship support, Xumanii can guarantee you a minimum of 10,000 people watching and tickets sold, bringing in $100,000! With sponsorship support, we can effortlessly double that! This will assist you in solidifying sales for your new album while drawing world-wide attention by being a head of all others marketing with a new, 'not available' to the public empowering wireless live technology."

Go to Xumanii's website for more information about its services and other events they are currently streaming. 



  • Big Wildog/BX

    Fat Joe got about 50-100 million in the ban! What do you misfit, nerdy, rap Erkels, got that compares! Ya'll like to talk alot of shit Eddie Murphy Raw style, and bring nothing to the table. Half ya'll niggas tales don't even compare. Prodigy over there bad mouthing Fat Joe but every time you hear, this liliputian is getting smacked up on the regular. Every time I hear something about Joe, he's the one smacking niggas around!!! But I get it Its only good when it convenes you grimy hatin' ass niggas! Get your head out your assess!!!

  • cardan

    darkside great album, i havent liked the last few joe albums but this one is CRACK!!!

  • MoRtiS NoCTu

    For hard, creative, modern Hip Hop with a purpose and actual relevant subject matter check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SAwHGTMhH6c Prepare to have your MIND BLOWN!

  • 1and2s

    Lol@All the billboard whores on hip hop dx..so what fat joe's album ain't selling a million units..the album is still dope. Are we fans of music or fans of sales? I mean make up your mind cause some of ya'll sound confused. I guess big boi's album is pure trash too, and so was distant relatives cause they didn't sell either.


    Fat Joe looks like a Blob fish and pitbull had a baby with a glandular problem. He injects KFC Gravy like Heroin lmao


    first off anyone who thinks fat joe's last album was hot was probably one of the 5,ooo people who brought it..sorry but this story has suspect written all over it ...their gonna show a fat joe performance world wide? fat joe doesn't have a world wide fan base , if he did he'd have world wide sales ...have you ever heard anyone ever talk about a fat joe show ?? go ahead i'll wait .......nope . why ? cause dude is trash and has got no hits ..maybe lean back and that's about it and that had remy ..twins..nope that had pun ...joe is garbage just like this story ..it says he'll have the last laugh over 50 ...how ?...50 tours world wide and doesn't need to be streamed ..lol

    • Black boss

      Is this 50? lol

    • illestfact

      about 50? Darkside album of the year baby. you dont get money of 50 cents sales so why mentioning them? its about quality! i liked 50 cents power of the dollar and grodt then he became shit. Fat joes new album is THE shit

  • Anonymous

    i just want to say fuck everybody who thinks serving the lord or going to church or giving the true king praise means your soft or scared.what is motherfuckers going to do when the rapture comes.what is you fake ass material worshiping man idolizing puppet for the devil ass motherfuckers going to do.

  • bkstylz

    I'd watch it. I am interested in the concept of paying for web concerts...And I think Fat Joe's last album was pretty decent. This could be a great way for artists to get paid in the era of illegal downloading. I for damn sure don't want to pay for the albums, but I would pay to see one of my favorite artists that isn't touring in my surrounding area. The only issue I can see with this is most live rap shows are boring. You rarely hear a whole song (mostly medleys) and there is usually someone you don't know, rapping half the verses. But this model could really work for other genres. Perhaps this will make rappers think about giving more entertaining shows.

  • Cuttboy

    BAHhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahahah,Best laugh ALL DAY!!,thanks HipHop DX

    • Cuttboy

      Fuck @E-handsandknees& Fuck @audio Tech. When I see someone wanting to give Fat Joke 100k,I'm gonna look and see who the dumb fuck is. Great originality with the "buttboy" never heard that one b4.You must ghostwrite for Fat Joke.

    • audio tech

      cuttboy get the penis out ur mouth homo

    • E-Knuckles

      Yo word to my motha this dude buttboy is on every Fat Joe post hatin.. I guarantee if anyone goes and looks at al Joey's posts this due is on all of em hatin... If he can't stand this dude why u on his dick and cant wait to click on every Joey post... Kinda suspect if u ask me...hahahahahahhaha faggot

  • PimpcMD

    Wow they can guarantee 10k ppl. I mean this has to be some type of fucking joke. He can't even sell 10k copies and you think 10k are going to pay to see him perform at a club, cuz he's not doing any big venues. shit he couldn't get 10k people to go see him if tickets were 1$

    • wildogbx

      Look at all these fuckboy faggots growing up Emo and liking it. You new wave bitch-ass corny-come-latelys wouldn't know a hawk from a handsaw; let alone a real street nigga spittin' that fire; act all tough and all-knowing behind a fucking computer til a real south bronx nigga-rican comes along and whops you upside your meloncamp; you greasy niggas eat a dick stop overly analyzing; overly strategizing and hyper critisizing the next man hommos- Fat Joe is Good and there are plenty of other mediocre rappers out there that don't hold a candle to him; stop the envy cause a dude got money get girls and don't stink like you ashy muthafuckas!

  • Toppdogg908

    I guess you didnt see the last time 50 did a live concert at the states he barely filled out half an arena, you must not have remembered that

    • 1and2s

      Actually fat joed doesn't do overseas cause fat joe hasn't ever gotten on a plane, he's had a life long phobia of flying. Been documented I can't say how many times.

    • ishawn

      i went to both shows in florida and they were packed , so sorry your wrong there buddy ..also 50 does world tours and gets about a half a mill for one show over seas ..fat joe don't do world tours ..why ?..cause he don't sell, he's not known world wide, he don't make hits ...

  • erocx

    uh yea i wouldnt mind watching it but i wouldnt pay to see it if its not in person idk how many ppl would

  • ty from the chi

    that dont sound right why would the waste they time on fat joe when they can offer that to a superstar like jay wayne drake em 50 ect they would make waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more then $100,000 this just dont make sense to me and joe keep all the money smh this got to be spam

    • Black boss

      Ur a homo that listens to radio too much

    • becauseican

      ty from the chi you right on point. Something is fishy. Maybe fat joe has a partnership with this company and will be paying himself secretly to make it look like he has fans. If he couldn't sell more than 5000 10 dollar cd's what makes them think he can even get 10,000. This is some type of joke or a scam.

  • freshyboi

    hes gonna need all the extra cash he can get cause he album isnt going to sell 100k copies

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