Hip Hop Album Sales: The Week Ending 8/8/2010

Bun B's third independent solo crushes the charts and expectations, Fat Joe falls 85 units, while Drake and Usher can expect to hit the million mark this month.

Eminem's Recovery was thought to maybe get #1 back. The Aftermath release did not, as Arcade Fire's latest outsold it by 4,000 units.

One of this year's true surprises came courtesy of UGK's Bun B. The Port Arthur, Texas' emcee's third solo album, Trill O.G. debuted at #4. Bun's album is the first since moving his Rap-A-Lot Records distribution from Asylum to Universal Fontana. The third in the "Trill" series features appearances from Drake, Gucci Mane and posthumous verses from 2Pac and Pimp C, while production is handled by DJ Premier, Boi-1da and veteran UGK producer Steve Below. For an independent project, Bun's Top 5 debut and 40,000 in sales are one of the more shocking Rap chart performances this year.

Rick Ross was a spot behind Bun, inching towards 300,000 units moved of his acclaimed Teflon Don. The Def Jam rapper's fourth official album features work from veterans such as No I.D., DJ Clark Kent and Cee-Lo. Drake's Thank Me Later fell to #8, as four Rap releases occupied the Top 10. Drake's official debut is expected to reach the million mark in two weeks, though a strong next week could achieve that feat early.

Usher's Raymond v. Raymond appeared at #17. The veteran Pop entertainer's "divorce album" is marching its way to a platinum plaque for Mr. Raymond and his longtime backer, LaFace Records. The album will feature two deluxe/additional material releases this month.  

* Please note: figures below approximated to nearest thousandth.

Top 200 Album Sales (Top 5 Hip Hop/R&B)

Rank Artist Album This Week Est. Total
2 Eminem Recovery
152,000 1,980,000
4 Bun B Trill O.G.
41,000 41,000
5 Rick Ross Teflon Don 39,000 279,000
8 Drake Thank Me Later
31,000 946,000
17 Usher Raymond V. Raymond
16,000 990,000

Outkast's Big Boi slid to #36. His critically-acclaimed Def Jam debut, Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty features artists such as T.I., Gucci Mane and Too Short, with production from Organized Noize, Scott Storch and Lil Jon. The Roots' acclaimed How I Got Over is nearly parallel to Big Boi. This other Def Jam release features extended Roots family Dice Raw, Truck North and others, in addition to Blu, Phonte and Peedi Peedi.

Tech N9ne's The Gates Mixed Plate went a Top 15 debut to #89. The Gates Mixed Plate features Glasses Malone, Devin The Dude and Jay Rock, among others, as yesterday the rapper announced a fall tour with Malone, Rock and E-40.

Fat Joe fell out of the Top 100 with The Darkside Volume 1, a total of 85 units. The release marks Joe's debut with E1 Entertainment, and features work with DJ Premier, Just Blaze and Too Short. The darker-themed album has critics comparing it to Joe's first three albums. Despite the strong praises, the work's sales have become an object of ridicule from Joe's nemesis, 50 Cent.

Former Young Money and No Limit Records artist Curren$y hung on to the bottom of the charts with his Def Jam-distributed Pilot Talk. Produced by Reasonable Doubt architect Ski Beatz, and featuring Mos Def and Jay Electronica, the New Orleans emcee is sitting just over 20,000 units overall.

Rank Artist Album This Week Est. Total
36 Big Boi Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty
10,000 130,000
62 The Roots How I Got Over
6,400 120,000
89 Tech N9ne Collabos The Gates Mixed Plate
5,000 22,000
112 Fat Joe The Darkside Volume 1
4,100 16,000
193 Curren$y Pilot Talk
2,500 22,000

Will Mike Posner impress the charts? Can Boots Riley make a strong return with Street Sweeper Social Club's latest EP? Stay tuned to HipHopDX to find out.




  • stuntmoney

    i wonder how much curren$y makes off a cd....juss a random question; eminem had the best hip hop cd this year and curren$y was second unless my boy j.cole drops hmmm

  • MoRtiS NoCTu

    For hard, creative, modern Hip Hop with a purpose and actual relevant subject matter check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SAwHGTMhH6c Prepare to have your MIND BLOWN!

  • bantu

    answer to mr NICE...fat joe is one of the most authentic hiphop acts you'll find here.i love joe, coz he has this huge talent of creating more than one element of hiphop.he is so diverse, it invites jelousy.he needed money he dropped "leanback" he gave u pun, he gave u much more than many can do. so he's worth supporting. he just does good to hiphop&far from selfish.wheres the rest of ditc?where the lox?wheres dasfx,onyx,lost boyz?fat joe still shining. stop this racism black folk,we can be racists too.admit we jelous of them latinos&they can.talk about joel ortiz, he'S mean. so i go full out for fat joe,he is a role model and a die hiphop fan.the darkside is killing eh"haha"

    • Joe

      All I ever heard from fat joe, post pun, is "crack crack crack crack, lean back, crack crack crack, make it rain, crack crack crack, strip pole in my house, crack crack crack" Joe was good back when Pun was alive.. or maybe that was just Pun writing Joe's shit. Dude today ain't even a 1/10th of what he was back then.

  • numberone

    all 12,000 people that bought that fat joe got there moneys worth, there are rappers that sell a million and the million that buy it get garbage so sales dont make good music, what matters is when i pop that shit in the system if im feeling it or not

    • Gillateen

      joe is the closest thing to hip hop. the new project is solid. just only sold in ny

    • Steve

      I didn't even know my man Joe had a new one..I'm gonna add to this week's numbers..He's a good dude, I met him at the Mansion in MIA and he's real and approachable.

    • limpdicc

      CO-SIGN. Fat Joe's album is well worth it. I really dont care about sales either, I support who the fuck I like. Most the rappers I like, not naming any names, never make the top 100. But they some how keep making guud tracks I seem to enjoy.

  • steeler

    You corns like to follow corny ass 50cent and he is not even putting out any music for the fans, his contribution to hip hop is pretty small compared to the real veterans

  • Wolfman

    Well, anyone who says people can sell CD's anymore because of the internet really don't have shit to say anymore. Shady's almost double platinum in just over 2 months. I guess we just gotta say the market is over-saturated with crap, and no one wants to buy it. Except for hardcore collectors, and hip-hop lovers. Sadly it brings me back to when parents said rock-n-roll was the best music ever, and still roll around with their Megadeth t-shirts on. Or soul music, if that's how you remember it. Regardless, I guess every genre of music has it's day in time.

  • phil

    Fat Joe, Eminem and Rick Ross albums are all great albums with great music

  • bigjay88

    fat joe just plain sucks azz . all his albums are terrible pop bullcrap he needs to sit his fat butt down and stop rapping please .. teflon don = flop

  • bigjay88

    Damn fat joe cant sell a album to save his life , thats becuz he is just a terrible rapper . the people see through fat joes bullshit raps . Teflon don is garbage too and it flopped Fat joe and officer rick ross need to sit down and stop rappin

  • Dee Tha Prez

    I ont care what nobody say $pitta dat nigga n his album is better than all the 1's on dat chart!!!!!!! As far as content, the quality production & just plain dopeness. But I wouldn't expect u land lovers 2 understand Pilot Talk. J.E.T.S Nigguh.....

  • The Ghost BKS1

    Tonight on the Live In The Cipher Show @ 9 pm est - 6 pm pst on www.bks1radio.com we will rate and review Curren$y's new release Pilot Talk. In house performace by .22 McGraw. Join us for our interactive rating and review process. Also The QUIZMASTER with some hip hop trivia for you. Join us @ 9 pm est -6 pm pst www.bks1radio.com join the movement!

  • Mrnoluv

    If you can't sell records, how can you be great? A lot of people say Em isn't great or they say someone you never heard is great...to be great you have to back it up with a career of good selling albums. Failing to sell a million copies, that is not showing you are great.

  • Andre RichMan Cannons Lovell

    Joe gotta great album and sales will never tell you the truth about any artist! Fans gotta learn to do some real research. There are still a few great albums, unheard.

  • hp

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  • Jh

    checkout www. thehustlafidecorner .com

  • dj rek

    checkout www.thehustlafidecorner.com

  • Lay

    Kanye gonna do big numbers.... Game, not so much.

  • ****TEXAS DRUG MONEY****


  • ****TEXAS DRUG MONEY****

    So far Eminem, Rick Ross and Bun B are candiates for ALBUM OF THE YEAR. Fat joe has a pretty nice album. Honestly its better than BISD anyday, REAL TALK. Now i WAITING FOR ANOTHER JAY-Z ALBUM.

    • The.Watcher

      No, no and you're fucking shitting me. BISD was awful and so was Blueprint3. Album of the year goes to either How I Got Over, Distant Relatives, Revolutions per Minute or In Search of Stoney Jackson.

  • trxxx

    so whats the number one spot??

  • captain

    Its Crazy How albums like Currensy Roots and Big Boi isnt saling but Waka Flocka will Eminem is a great rapper but i guarnteed big boi Album was better probably even Currensy but black folks bootleg albums before buying thats why eminem will stay on top. And of course he will win all rap awards if he deserve it or not

  • Its Um

    I haven't bought no one cd yet because of home needs, till then free mixtape is all I can afford right now.

  • slimtrunk

    Next week!!! Relapse Album 2,025 Million Recovery Album 2,100 Million

  • trshady

    Next week Relapse Album 2,025 Million Recovery Album 2,100 Million

  • tkn

    Relapse Album????? 2,023 millionnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  • sever246

    I was checking out billboard to find out who the fuck arcade fire is and apparently they were selling their album for 3.99 on amazon just to outsell eminem...maybe officer ricky should have used they're strategy to beat em

  • jonnyman

    New D.Stephens & Rosa Acosta video at www.wapproved.com

  • Anonymous

    You know the rap game is fucked up when a no talent hack like Ross is selling twice as many units as real artists like The Roots or Big Boi.

  • P-town Bird

    FAT JOE has always sucked ass... ONe trick pony...crack,crack ,crack only topic fuck him...overrated ass

  • Chupps

    Wow, joey mad now. But record sales don't really tell the whole story, however they do speak volumes about how far an artists message is being heard. Too many sales points to a highly mainstream album which tries to please everyone. Too low points to a niche aimed album which is cool for some cats. Just enjoy good music, and artists really shouldn't be that bothered as long as their music is appreciated they should be cool because it aint like they're living hard lives anymore.

    • kips

      I'm with everyone agreeing Big Boi and Roots should be doing bigger numbers but then of course... Appreciation doesn't get food on the table.

    • Andre RichMan Cannons Lovell

      Joe gotta great album and sales will never tell you the truth about any artist. Fans gotta learn to do some real research. There are still a few great albums, unheard.

  • Spit

    Em' has the Nr1 spot according 2 hitsdailydouble, 5th week

  • Spit

    Em' has the nr1 spot according to hitsdailydouble!

  • E Knuckles

    Joey Cracks album was dope numbers dont reflect someones work just how many Fifty dickriders and Joey Crack haters there are.. Album was definitely worth the buy...Peace

    • bob d

      I agree. I bought it and shit is still in my system. Everybody that rode with me heard it and bought it too.

  • m.i.c

    if record sales was tha true reflection hiphop,then we will all join 50 and laugh at f.joe's numbers bt u and i no thats nt tha case cos he's got 1 of tha realest records out this yr!!!! so plse join me wen i say fuck a rec.sale n give us real HIPHOP music all u rap artist!!!!!

    • Gillateen

      fuck a rec.sale n give us real HIPHOP music all u rap artist!!!!!

    • Forch Fabalon

      They should have a bootleg chart, cause that FatJoe is everywhere, he got bout 3 or 4 of them songs thats on that cd on every mixtape out, me i dont see why they drop full cd's anymore, just drop the singles, for MF that dont know, the money for the artistis in the show, and that fat MF is tour like crazy, in these times albums aint sh8t but and excuse to raise concert ticket prices

    • P E Promotions

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    • P E Promotions

      w w w myspace com /prophecymc Real Hip hop

    • BigJoewan

      He might have 1 of the hardest C.D. out, but his sell's or really Sad 4 a rapper 2 be in the game this long & cant put better numbers up then that. Fat Joe need 2 "Fall Back" on riding the south's nuts.This is his first Non-sellout Disc.(No Hate)

  • nice...

    alot of these numbers are bogus. i was jus thinking those em n mbers are real peculiar. how is it possible that ross nearly take the #1 spot last week, dips and em is still movin a buck-fifty every week? but then agian that em vid recently came out to, so i'll atrribute his sales to that. ross album sucks. this is coming from one of his "newer" fans. fat joe always sucked to me. i'm asking right now any of you die hard fat joe fans, why do you like that dude? i think fat joe fans are those people in school that jus hang out with anybody. they don't care, they think everbody and everthing is cool and they jus wanna be down. shout out to bun b, support the real.

  • Cuttboy

    I just spit my wheaties all over my screen when I seen the Fat Joke numbers!! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. What a BUSTER!!

  • LADyFee

    Wow Recovery is gunn be the best selling hip-hop album since 2005!

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