Lil Wayne's "Bogey Blunts" Now Available In Stores

Lil Wayne's brand of flavored cigars are no longer only available online.

Lil Wayne's "Bogey Blunts" brand flavored cigars are now available in stores, after being previously only available via

The cigars, which are available in "Master," "Trees" or "Woods," are now said to be available in 400 7-11 locations in California.

The announcement comes from Lil Wayne's Twitter account (@liltunechi). "Look out for Lil Wayne's 'Bogey Blunts' at your local 7-11 and cigar shops! If you don't see them, request them!" reads the message, which is accompanied by a picture of the cigars in a store.

Bogey Blunts are among several of Wayne's endorsements, which include Strapped Condoms.



  • John

    Yeaahhhh nigga! Bogey Blunts is da shit! ima go buy some later! Thanks Wayne

  • John-Boy

    Actually I just realized Waynes point of view in endorsing the blunts. Wayne wants to keep his fans nice and high because he knows if they ever sobered up, they would realize just how garbage he is. Expect him to endorse an alcoholic beverage soon too. I feel you Wayne.

  • John-Boy

    Thanks Lil Wayne!! Instead sending a positive message to your legions of young, impressionable fans, you influence them to go buy blunts and get high. This is the exact kind of message that you should be sending to a very troubled generation. We appreciate your contribution to the downward spiral that our youths are currently in. Without you they wouldn't be able to inch ever so closely to mediocrity. Once again, Thanks!!!!

    • alfytitos

      he sounds corny but brings up a point, all the real greatest rappers supported a postive message...well all the other greatest rappers can actually spit and not ramble on about nothing and sing auto tune soo i guess do you wayne but renember in the end you will never be a top 25 rapper on another note i woul like to try all those flavors

    • Who who

      Man, shut the fuck up


    YAY BOGEY BLUNTS! Now when weezy's retarded ass fans smoke their PCP they can taste his dick while they're at it lmfao. CHA CHING, I'M RICH BIOTCH! HONK HONK!lmao

    • John

      You dont smoke PCP stupid. You ignorant fuck, these things taste like happy, how bout you stop hatin and light up you cocky ass cracka


    thats my nig but imma stay with the box of vanilla dutche masters

  • Alexander Zubarev

    The name just sounds too funny. "Bogey Blunts"? The fuck I need a tobacco in a blunt, when I can have bud in a bogey?

  • ba11n

    fuck these shits...imma stay on my white grape white owls!!

  • The.Watcher

    What the fuck does Wayne know about Cubans? I'll def be skipping this, been smoking cigars for years. Real cigars, not this bullshit.

    • 919wobhorse

      if for twistin up weed dumb ass and its some good as blunts with natual leafs for that slow burn. this shit is dope

  • reese

    well they been sellin them in atlanta i can go get some right now if i wanted this aint news to me but swishas and dutches only thing i fuck wit and none of that flavored shit my loud fruity enough

  • Chupps

    Yea it's a business venture, nothing more. It ain't a morally good one but it's whatever, other people are still gonna sell cigs anyway.

  • big webb

    Why is it an epic fail? I see it as a good business investment, Lil Wayne has nothing to do with the "destruction of the black community" point 1, White kids will buy those blunts anyways niggas don't care lil wayne got blunts we still gone smoke swishas, or atleast I will. Let's stop blaming other people for our problems and get off our asses and do something.

    • The.Watcher

      Yo, I don't know if your'e aware of this, but you don't actually inhale Cigars. The flavor is meant to be rolled around your tongue and exhaled.

    • Badmofo

      Swishers are the only cigars that are worth a shit. Well at least for twisting up some shit.

  • Justin Stevens

    Wow! Another epic African American fail. This ish is gettin outta control. Visit for the hottest instrumentals beats on the planet, free beats also.

  • xMrx19x5x

    man these shits have been out for months up in Ny

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