Kanye West's "Power" Director Speaks on Video, New LP Title & More

After the premier of Kanye West's "Power" video, its director speaks on the clip and reveals a possible title for Ye's new album.

Yesterday, Kanye West revealed his latest video, a clip for his single, "Power." The video's director, Marco Brambilla, spoke with New York Magazine's Vulture regarding the making of the video and what he's heard could be the new album's title, since Good Ass Job was scrapped.

Of the iconography, Brambilla shared insight on the inspiration for the visuals.

"The iconography comes from Roman iconography, Renaissance iconography, and it connects to the sexuality of the music as well. As we reveal the setting for it, there's a feeling of a moment of transition for him. A fall from grace, if you will. It visualizes power, and him as the icon as power, and then at the end of the piece it challenges the power that I set up at the beginning. It's an elliptical piece of storytelling," he noted.

He added that he's heard some tracks off of Ye's latest album and that "Power" is the most epic of the bunch.

"The new album is very personal, too, and the various tracks on the album suggest things that have happened to him. This is the most epic track. It was a really great opportunity to show a moment of defiance and a moment of self-awareness. It's that combination that he has as an artist that's very peculiar."

The director went on to say that he believes Dark Twisted Fantasy is the name of the new Kanye album.

"I've heard that's the latest name. I would say not locked-in, and it would probably not get locked until closer to the time of the album release."

For more of the interview, visit Vulture.


  • Anonymous

    yall dumb kanye the illuminati every since his mother died

  • jesterdx

    Dark Twisted Fantasy no dont do it Kanye give us something like: Aftermatics Diploma Detention Grade K or Grade W Hi-Story (Jacko had His-Tory pay homage) Lunch Time Psychics on Lyrics Report Card Schools Out Teachers Pet

  • g.o.o.d_music

    kanye has to be one of the most influential people in hip-hop, i'd say he totally changed the style n shit. before him it was all baggy clothes and air forces, when he came he started the whole fitted jeans and louis v shit. and he's top 10 best rappers and producers alive/all time. idgaf

  • Powerphi

    Kanye's a great producer but horrible vocalist. Incredibly, he's accumulated an enormous following, and to that degree, power. He may sell records, but he's no "Biggie, Jay-Z, or Nas."

    • Truthenola

      kanye is an amazing vocalist ,. nobody will ever be nas or jay-z or biggie, but dont forget there are many amazing lyricist that get no recognition,. common mos def pharoah monch,. elzhi, liitte brother, talib,. these are artists, true to the craft. kanye is a product of these artists influence.

  • cloverfield

    video is iite... check out the new D.Stephens & Rosa Acosta video at www.wapproved.com


    Kanye sucks dick, and his parents must have spoiled him as a child for him to look in the mirror and actually see a musical icon. We need to stop rewarding mediocrity or all we're going to see on tv and hear on the radio is bullshit like this

    • FutureRapper

      Nigga you stupid, Kanye is on top, I bet this nigga listens to hat gay ass drake.

    • G'

      And you were serious about your comeback bout being in his sister.....thats weak homie


      Wow u kanye fans are serious lmao

    • truthenola

      you should look in the mirror and consider dying


      Hey rippin, when i look in the mirror, i see the dude that stuck it in your sister. And isn't "hater" the perfect come back for pop-music pussies like u? Kanye's achieving his dreams and opening doors for others to become successful? Well Ladi-Fuckin-Da. This is a hiphop forum, so don't be surprised if you run into someone who actually listens to hiphop ya fuckin pansy. Kanye's shit sucks so take his dick out of your mouth bitch

    • Rippin

      Uhh...Well wouldn't you want to look in the mirror and aspire to be something inspirational? Or would you rather be the buffoon who comes online everyday that hates and gets pissed at people like who are achieving their own dreams as well as opening doors for others to achieve and bring to life their own dreams and becoming successful,bringing inspiration and motivation to others like Kanye. Oh yeah I forgot that Haters like you don't look in the mirror because their too afraid to because they never liked what they were able to see.

  • Mr. I Rap Better Than U

    "Dark Twisted Fantasy" is so gay, i might not buy the album because of the name...

    • G'

      Shoot imagine if the cover...LOL I just see that pic of him and LAdy Gaga with them two in the jungle and shit.

    • 8th

      oops my fault i mean the 4th installment..not counting 808's ofcourse...i mean he has a good job with alotta power along with it...smh

    • 8th

      Im with you on that, dat dark twisted fantasy sounds extra wack and jus doesnt make sense..i was looking forwad to the 3rd installment "Good Ass Job" since he mentioned it waaaaay back in the day..im let down

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