Hip Hop Album Sales: The Week Ending 8/1/2010

Tech N9ne's third collabo's album comes in ahead of Fat Joe and Slum Village, but Crack gets a Top 30 debut, while Eminem finally lets go of #1.

Eminem's Recovery finally let go of #1 - to Avenged Sevenfold. Rick Ross was close behind, however with almost 63,000 units moved of Teflon Don. The Def Jam rapper's fourth official album features work from veterans such as No I.D., DJ Clark Kent and Cee-Lo. Drake's Thank Me Later fell to #5, as Justin Bieber joined the party at #4, climbing from #6 last week.

Usher's Raymond v. Raymond slid just one spot after climbing nine the previous week. The veteran Pop entertainer's "divorce album" is marching its way to a platinum plaque for Mr. Raymond and his longtime backer, LaFace Records. The album will feature two deluxe/additional material releases next month. 

This week's biggest surprise came courtesy of Kansas City's Tech N9ne. No stranger to the charts, Tech's third offering of "collabos," this one called The Gates Mixed Plate got a Top 15 debut. Strange Music has had an impressive year on the Top 200 for an independent, with Tech joining Brotha Lynch Hung and Kutt Calhoun, who appeared previously. The Gates Mixed Plate features Glasses Malone, Devin The Dude and Jay Rock, among others.

* Please note: figures below approximated to nearest thousandth.

Top 200 Album Sales (Top 5 Hip Hop/R&B)

Rank Artist Album This Week Est. Total
2 Eminem Recovery
159,000 1,828,000
3 Rick Ross Teflon Don
63,000 239,000
5 Drake Thank Me Later 34,000 915,000
12 Usher Raymond v. Raymond 18,000 974,000
13 Tech N9ne Collabos The Gates Mixed Plate
17,000 107,000

Outkast's Big Boi slid to #23. His critically-acclaimed Def Jam debut, Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty features artists such as T.I., Gucci Mane and Too Short, with production from Organized Noize, Scott Storch and Lil Jon.

Fat Joe debuted on the charts this week with The Darkside Volume 1. The release marks Joe's debut with E1 Entertainment, and features work with DJ Premier, Just Blaze and Too Short. The darker-themed album has critics comparing it to Joe's first three albums. Despite the strong praises, the work debuted at #27, with approximately 12,000 units sold.

The Roots' acclaimed How I Got Over marches towards 150,000. The Def Jam release features extended Roots family Dice Raw, Truck North and others, in addition to Blu, Phonte and Peedi Peedi. Former Young Money and No Limit Records artist Curren$y fell 56 spots last week with his Def Jam-distributed Pilot Talk. Produced by Reasonable Doubt architect Ski Beatz, and featuring Mos Def and Jay Electronica, the New Orleans emcee is sitting just under 20,000 units overall.

What's billed as their last album, Villa Manifesto cracked the charts by Slum Village. Another E1 release, Manifesto features remaining SV members T3 and Elzhi, along with archival work from J Dilla and Baatin, and the controversial inclusion of Dilla's brother Illa J, and producer Young RJ. Although the album has been met warmly critically, fans have reacted very differently to the lineup changes of the potential curtain call from true independent Rap icons. 

Rank Artist Album This Week Est. Total
23 Big Boi Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty
13,000 120,000
27 Fat Joe The Darkside Volume 1
12,000 12,000
53 The Roots How I Got Over
7,500 113,000
142 Curren$y Pilot Talk
3,300 19,000
171 Slum Village Villa Manifesto
2,700 2,800

Will Fat Joe go Top 5? Can Slum Village get the fanfare necessary to make another album? Stay tuned to HipHopDX to find out.



  • LJbigbang

    It's all about Tech N9ne! End of.

  • Flawl3$$

    If this is true then why is Recovery still #1 on billboard.com and avenged sevenfold is number 2?

  • CL07

    It crazzy that the CNN War Report 2 aint up here. That album is HEATTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Quiet Dog Bite Hard

    Hoping to get my copy of Darkside today if the store has it..... Last time I was there I had to wade through piles of Em, BEP, Drake & Usher cds up to my waist to eventually find out they didn't have Joey Crack in stock yet! Good on The Roots, that album is real nice. CNN is heat also. & damn, there should be an extra "0" on the end of Daddy Fat Sax stats!

  • GMONEY305

    I have to agree with The Notorious Hater. We need this new group of young talent to rise above all this crack dealing music we have these days. Young guys like J. Cole, Wiz Khalifa and a few other Kats like Jay Electronica and Red Cafe are going to come up in this music business and hopefully can bring some change to the garbage thats out now... Dude Im tired of hearing about: Bling, Cars, Crack dealing, and Bottles up in a club. I mean every track mentions a lil of each. Its all garbage... Support J. Coles album in October. We need this kid to stick around thats If Jay-Z doesnt hate on him and doesnt give him some limelight to grow.

    • Beez

      cmon Red Cafe is all cliches he's the same as all the garbage out there and Wiz -ditto- and all he talks about is smoking weed

  • Truthenola

    daaamnn dissapointed at slum village numbers, i bought that shit, its bumpin,. but whateves, another dope group eaten by the industry

  • smush

    Such a shame Fat Joe only moved 12000. I know sales don't prove an artist is good or not but when a lot of people look at figures to determin whether an artist is worth a listen to it's a shame Joe get slept on. I think if you been puttin in work since early 90's you deserve more success especially when other artists enter the game like 2009 then by 2010 they sellin a million. Elephant In The Room did like 45000 which Is good and then JOSE2 does 8000 which isn't so good and even Joe fans will agree JOSE2 was a bad move but when he drops a banger like Darkside why does he only do 12000 what happened to the extra 33000 buyers from Elephant In The Room??? Telling you the game F%@ked up!

  • G'

    Pilot Talk should have pushed more...blame the push behind it. It should've been pushed like Jada did with his last album

  • N.o.t.o.r.i.o.u.s. HATER

    Maybe these poor record sales are a sign - a sign that hip-hop is going to return back to quality. With declining sales maybe artists will have more leeway to make wholesome music instead of trying to mimic what they think will sell right now. During the early and mid-nineties rappers were rarely went more than gold, but look at the quality that came out: Illmatic, Reasonable Doubt, The Infamous, Doe or Die, Black Moon, Wu-Tang, Outcast, Goodie Mob, Snoop, Dre, Warren G, Tupac and countless others. I think the record sells are declining because the music is stagnant, it isn't showing any growth. It has become old and cliche, rappers were talking about fucking ho's, selling dope, and making money five years ago, people have become used to it and want more. Mainstream hip-hop has come to represent ghetto black America and anyone from there or familiar with ghetto black America knows that the ghetto is stagnant, there is no growth, only ignorance, people are doing the same things they did last time you saw them and that's why they never get anywhere. Hopefully, with artists such as J. Cole change will eventually come and hopefully the declining record sales will be a cataclyst.

  • Andre RichMan Cannons Lovell

    Records sale DO NOT reflect the quality of an album. This numbers are BS! The Darkside Vol. 1 is Fiyahhhh, so is CNN's new album!!!

  • Standing on the soapbox

    I think Hip Hop needs a balance. There isn't enough food for thought music. It's too much partying, infedelity and negativity. I don't mean to sound like a pussy but I just don't want to hear mindless rap any more. I honestly wouldn't mind a Soulja Boy or Rick Ross song if the Roots or something like that was getting equal radio play. Yet the only time outside of the internet or CDs I can hear a rap song with some content is if either A:Eminem made it (for some odd reason) or B: It's an old school song. To be honest that's sad.

    • BWS-Fish

      with all due respect, you don't have to listen to "mindless" rap, there's plenty of conscious rap out there that you can listen to. It's not my cup of tea because I want to enjoy my music, not be preached at, but i don't feel the need to fill the message boards in here with endless paragraphs to that effect. Fact is that the artists you want to hear on the radio don't get as much air time because most people don't agree with you - simple as that.

    • N.o.t.o.r.i.o.u.s. HATER

      That is true, that is why I never listen to the radio. You know what though, Eminem has an advantage, since he is white and guaranteed a million plus sales automatically he has more freedom (plus he is already established). I feel that for some reason all these black artists like Little Brother and others who have something good to say aren't considered marketable by record labels so they disregard them and focus on what is stereotypical. It is like they rather see us portrayed as brainless apes with guns, gold chains, and thousands of sex partners than intelligent sensible human beings. Just my opinion though but you were right, not Eminem's fault and he is an ill artists that doesn't make bullshit

  • bigdave88

    LMAO Rick ross - Teflon don = flop Fat Joe - darkside = super super flop tech n9ne sold more albums from a mixtape LMAO

    • c red

      when is 240k in two weeks a flop hate to burst your bubble bro but that album is going gold thats not a flop now the roots anf big boi flopped not to say they desrved it but sounds le your just hating on ross

    • your father

      what the fuck ape? do you rap? i bet you wouldnt even sell 5 copies cockroach ass nigga

  • richman_cannons

    Records sale DO NOT reflect the quality of an album. This numbers are BS! The Darkside Vol. 1 is Fiyahhhh, so is CNN's new album!!!

  • The.Watcher

    Slum Village - DAMN! That sucks. Surprised at Tech N9ne - that's some solid numbers right there. Glad to see The Roots still pushing, don't care about the rest.

  • Young Lou

    SLUM VILLAGE would've sold waaaayyyy more copies but BEST BUY had they cd for $16.99!!! WTF! They had DEVIN THE DUDE-SUITE 420 for the same price during the 1st week. That's what hurt they sells.

  • gio1766

    Look,Eminem is the ish period,so stop hating,like Jay said you probably got a couple CD's in ya home bitch,so get over it.Ems been out over a month,almost two,and is still selling what average artists struggle to sell on the norm,160,000 thats crazy after a long release like that.

  • Profound Sounds

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  • Profound Sounds

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  • Heat357

    Rick ross only sold 1/3 of what he sold the first week.......................... did I just hear someone say bought his own albums?????

  • NY

    I hate when people refer to sales when they argue if an album is good or not. Some of the best albums ever didn't sell that well and everyone seems to forget that. Ever since they started releasing the stats the good albums are forgotten and bad artists like Rick Ross & Drake sell a lot, it basically makes the rich richer and the poor poorer. I want people just listen to an album and not pay attention to sale numbers.

  • Kevin Bibbs

    And why do Em stans keep bragging about his sales. I'm sure there are thousands of rich white kids who have their itunes account connected to their parents credit card and they keep buying his CD. Lol Em stans need to find anyway to prove he's the best. Recovery got deleted off my computer the same day it got leaked.

  • Kevin Bibbs

    For Ross to be @ 239k in his second week after all that C.O. stuff happened that is major. Look at Fat Joe...nothing embarrassing really happened to his rap career and he sells 12k. Ross is a good rapper and it's about time people see that. Ross probably ain't going platinum but he'll probably go Gold. If Live Fast Die Young or AMMusic is the next single then that will boost his sells too. Both songs would be perfect singles I just hope he doesn't make another cheap Maybach Music type video -_-

    • universalindie

      Ross is not going to go gold. It's a solid album but I doubt he makes gold. His last album stalled at 400k. Joe doing 12,000 on Koch/E1... is still better than Currencey selling a total of 19k on a major.. DEF JAM

  • freshyboi

    gonna take ross a long time to sell a milli

  • SLIM



    hiphop aint dead to me everybody i listen to still making good music who gives a fuck about rosco dash or any wack nigga (wacka) just to name a couple bun out gucci bout to drop pastor troy bout to drop big boi goes hard im good....yall bitching it might just be that time of the month...(bitch azz niggaz)

  • dashboard

    when i cop ob4cl imfamous illmatic later on i heard they sale was low but when i heard in every car that drove by i thought they was the biggest albums ever nobody follow sales in the 90s


      totally agree dude!! The same as when I saw mc hammers sales or vanilla ice sales back in the day i did not think 4 one second these were the dopest mc out at the time LOL. but damn you got a point.

  • dashboard


  • Money X

    @urban At least fat joe did better sales on this album than his last. F.Y.I. Eminem went platinum and Drake is certified so Hip-Hop is not dead.

    • Mrnoluv

      If you lived back in the days when Hip Hop was alive like back in 88, you would think different. These fools can't even go gold barely! It's been dead for us old cats.

  • musicblisqna

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  • urban

    How u know Hip Hop Is Dead???An album like "The darkside" sold just 12k in the first week...enough said

    • Olivier

      I completely agree with that!! He should at least have done around 50k.... I mean it was even better then Ross his album! I bought it and didn't regret it for one second!

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