Gucci Mane Talks New Album, 1017 Brick Squad

The Atlanta rapper says his new album is nearly done and his 1017 Brick Squad group will be the next crew to make a major impact in Rap.

In a recent interview with Yahoo! Music, Gucci Mane spoke on the concept behind his new album, his take on music sales, and compared his Brick Squad 1017 group to that of a certain famous 1990’s record label.

After dropping his major label debut The State vs. Radric Davis last winter, the Atlanta rapper is set to release his sophomore effort The Appeal: Georgia’s Most Wanted next month. Stating that the album is nearly 80% done, he explained, “It's actually the sequel to The State vs. Radric Davis, my last album. It's just about second chances, about never giving up.”

While The State vs. Radric Davis has sold favorably well for 2009-10 numbers, Gucci Mane theorized that the overall decline of album sales may actually be beneficial for fans and artists alike. "People aren't selling as many records as they were selling in the '90s, but [that’s] great for the fans. The artists that you love, they got to do more now.”

Continuing, he said, "Me, I love to work anyway. Of course, I'd love to sell a trillion CDs, but at the end of the day, I love making music the most. The more I do it the better I get. It’s not making me stale; it's making me fresher."

After his album makes its way to record store shelves, Gucci projected protégé Waka Flocka Flame’s debut Murda-Man Flocka will come immediately afterward, followed by the release of 1017 Brick Squad crew’s (Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka Flame, OJ Da Juiceman) currently-untitled collaborative project.

Loosely comparing Brick Squad to Death Row Records, Gucci Mane explained, “'Pac, Dre, Snoop, and the Dogg Pound…I can’t say which person is which, but as far as just musically, we got people who have been doing it for a long time, newcomers, and people who just play they role. We got a championship team, we just practicing to get ready for the game.”
The Appeal: Georgia’s Most Wanted is tentatively scheduled for an August 31 release through 1017 Brick Squad/Asylum/Warner Brothers.


  • horton

    so face fuck brick squad all u bitches

  • D C

    Look Music is an art so your going to have different styles in it You dont have to b the best lyricist to make great music just like you dont have to b that good at painting to make a masterpiece...

  • shaw

    1017 bricksquad i fuck wit yall boys all day naw yall aint fuckin wit death row but yall killing all dese other groups out here like young money 1017 killing them niggas sleeping on my nigga waka he isnt a lyricist but he still a animal on the track frenchie b snappin gucci a animal n my nigga oj is a animal on wax n e nigga that can hop on a track wit the hottest rapper in the game in doesn't get ate up but have a verse just as cold then you niggas gotta give my nigga respect gucci is a animal (we be steady mobbing) if you fuck boys didnt no listen to it if you aint heard it yet its officially crack..............

  • sfasfda

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  • Desperado

    lmfao at gucci sayin Brick Squad is like Death Row, I never thought Gucci could say something to make me think he is more dumb than i already thought but he always suprises me. I wonder which one of these clowns is supposed to be Dre...Aye Aye Okay?

    • Shaw

      Dre super wack lil fam gucci b snapping boy u was better off saying something bout pac instead of dre wack ass dude his beats even wack high tech beats better than dre's man come on dude my man gucci is a animal on the track just like waka n oj lil fooday naw they aint death row but they are 1017 brick squad...... dumb ass boy

    • karloss

      niga wat you know about death row ... or brick squad. chump!!

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  • sumdude

    gucci cool...he just funny as hell to me so i really dont take his music too serious. but if he get on a heavy grind like weezy did in 07/08 den his next album should at least go platnum. but dat brick squad shit gon flop cuz flocka jus suck n nobody gon care about anybody in da group but gucci.

  • King Rick

    If this article was about some unknown underground rapper that only the nerds on the internet ever heard off, this would get more positive comments... If you don't like Gucci, quit crying then! Nobody is forcing you to like him! smh

    • Twinblades

      ^ this comment right here sums up everthing wrong in hip hop and point blank tells you why gucci manes garbage THANK YOU miguel! im glad someone on here is talking some sence.

    • miguel Guttierres

      Who's crying? We're just stating how we feel. Nothing personal, we just don't like the music. If you like Gucci then cool. But it bothers me that some people actually consider this music to be the overall sound of the culture, and the hip hop culture and the black race gets ridiculed because this is all they ever show on TV and play on the radio. And when you ask a non hip hop fan why they don't like hip hop, what do they say? "All they talk about is drugs, sex and violence and they all sound retarded." And I know for a fact that it would bother you too if someone told you that exact statement unless you're one of those people who say "Well you're hatin' on Gucci cause he be gettin' money and you're broke" or some other bulls**t like that.

  • jermaine gee

    haha frenchie got one good song and thats the 1017 anthem, other than that theres nothin. Gucci made everyone in that crew, gucci the biggest hustler there was

  • hells yeah

    why dont you ever mention FRENCHIE??? he is the sickest rapper in the whole fuckin group and u niggas never give him props!?!? you need to start the frenchie movement cuz he is a big part of 1017"s success..ask any nigga up north he s doin work up here

    • dj nemesis

      word yo i fucks wit frenchie...he aint the best there cuz i respect guccis music more but frenchie is unique as im a 90's head that produces real hip-hop,so dont go sayin i dont know bout hip-hop or w.e cuz i cud teach niggas bout hip-hop

  • uh

    yo nigga gucci on his grind so many fucken haters 1017 BRICKSQUAD let them hate AT GUCCI SMART ENOUGH TO MAKE HIMSELF A MILLIONAIRE dumb fucks 1



  • 93

    I have never seen so many negative comments on one story usually its about even but dayum

  • Ay To Z

    You Cant deny he's getting better listen to Icy then listen to poltergeist

    • Bauce

      nigga I couldn't understand that babbling motherfucker on poltergeist. Kweli ripped that nigga a new asshole

  • jhaynes

    lets all be honest, close your eyes listen to gucci, when your ears are done bleeding you will know, the shit is not music, but down where he stay, im sure he sells shit, everyone supports there own. sayin they like the row, thats just crazy,but get your money gucci. just dont try and tell anyone its music.

  • Bauce

    Fuck this Short Bus Shorty coon and his coon brigade friends.

  • cuttboy

    I think its funny that all these people that gave their 2 cents about not liking these guys took the time to come on here and comment.Yeah it was a BIG reach for comparing themselves to Tha Row.And yes this is the place for opinions.I just got a good laugh! Thanks keep it up!! Keep it 300

  • Monroe

    1017 taken the game over. Gucci looken good doin his thing. BURRRR.

    • Twinblades

      I think jay b might be retarded

    • miguel Guttierres

      @ Jay B: Ignorance is bliss.

    • Jay B

      Mane Gucci killin niggaz...yall niggaz need to get off mos def and talib n shit, dat shit lame az fuck...get on some real shit, dis nigga rap about shit dat go on in my hood everyday, music aint all dictionary shit anymore, i gotta feel somebody, and if i dnt feel yu den fuck yu, Gucci keep doin dat shit, fuck dee hatin azz up north niggaz


      Fuck is a BURRRR, Nigga. Shut the fuck up with your clown ass.

    • jhaynes

      takin over what game? quite playin.


    gucci mane's special ed teacher would be proud.

  • ghggh

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    And an other thing, sales don't mean you can rhyme, so fuck gucci.


    This dude sucks balls. Seriously, why do people give a fuck about this fuckin' garbage music? GUCCI MAINE is FRUITY LAME lmao

  • Coolin

    Hate, hate, hate, hate Gucci. The more hate = the more love. Hate me for stating the facts, but every album Gucci has dropped, he has doubled his previous album sales. What does that tell you jokers? Hate me please!

    • JasonCTown

      "Hate me for stating the facts, but every album Gucci has dropped, he has doubled his previous album sales. What does that tell you jokers?" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ He's popular and his songs are played on heavy rotation on the FM dial. Hence, the sales. Next.

  • asher1985

    okay im sick and tired of people always saying the stae vs was gucci's 1st major label album...back to the trap house was released on asylum atlantic therefore making it his 2nd do some research fucktards

  • JasonCTown

    Comparing yourself/label to Death Row? Eh, relax bruh.

  • illa

    Not my flava but give the man credit for doing his thing more power to a brother for gettin his own

  • DallasTx_GreedyGrove

    Shawtbusshawty can really be there first single

  • big jon

    he cant be serious with that deathrow shit. those niggas were some of the greatest of all time. these brick squad niggas aint even the shit in their own city. come on gucci, you make some hot shit but chill

  • no way man

    fuck this guy and his group


    give me that gucci album i never like wacka juice made bout five hot tracks if that they both wack but gucci cool

  • Thando Tantsi [real name, no gimmicks]

    Who gives a shit about these fake rap, soundin' like they be madd drunk on the mic. No skill wutsoeva. Fake Bullshit str8 up!

  • HoodGrown

    Comparing 1017 Brick Squad to Death Row? He must mean the Death Row AFTER Dre, Snoop and the Dogg Pound left.....

  • Enlightened

    1017 Brick Squad? Nah....I'm aight. You go ahead homie.

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