Dr. Dre And Timbaland Team Up For HP Promotion

In addition to promoting their Hewlett-Packard partnerships, Jimmy Iovine hopes for a long overdue Dre and Timbaland collaboration.

From Shaunta to Game more recently Hayes, it seems the degrees of separation between Dr. Dre and Timbaland is getting smaller and smaller. Mumblings of a collaboration between the two legendary producers will likely only grow louder after both made an appearance at a Culver City, California high school Wednesday night.

The pair were on hand as part of a promotional event for Hewlett-Packard, which has endorsement deals with both Dr. Dre and Timbaland. A notoriously reclusive Dr. Dre played the role of emcee for Timbaland, who performed a handful of songs from his most recent album, Shock Value 2. In addition to a free, catered concert, HP also donated $10,000 worth of computer equipment to the school.

"We should be so lucky," said Interscope/Geffen/A&M Records Chairman Jimmy Iovine, in regards to a Dre and Timbaland collaboration. "I can only get them so close. The rest is up to them."


  • just84

    Detox is coming!!!!!!!!!!! it is coming for real this time!!!!!! if you believe this your're retarded

  • vxdcv

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  • Its Um

    I know years ago when Timbo had his beat club they were planing on doing an album together, Tim's crew & Dre's crew. Too bad Dre was too busy to do it, that could have been a easy platinum record right there.

  • AxeMurder

    cant believe they're tossing around that bullshit about a potential dre and timbo collab...have they forgotten Dre is the laziest, most uninspired nigga in existence.

    • agent gomez

      Dre has been in the game since 1979, gotta believe he knows whats up, 1979, damn Dre old azz hell. He just moves slower nowadayz

    • HoVa094

      what???? dres the hardest working producer in the game. incase you forgot he puts others before himself, also, hes such a perfectionist that Detox is taking forever because he wants it to be OFF THE WALLLL!!!!! he is reinventing the game right now just like he did on the chronic. dre does work for Jay-Z eminem, 50, akon, beyonce, kanye, everyoneeeee dre helps out with everyone.

  • dahbt

    fuck both of dem steroid abusin ass niggas

  • England to win the world cup

    Funny as fuck freshyboi you got that about right

  • cjrocker

    whatever happened to that cat hayes? I remember reading an interview with him, on DX even, he was all stoked about working with both Dre and Timbaland. so much for that

  • freshyboi

    detox coming summer 2032, dre sellin computers now, gettin that bill gates money,

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