Eminem Talks Reconciling With Royce Da 5'9"

Eminem discusses reuniting with his former partner-in-rhyme and fellow Detroit emcee.

When Eminem debuted in the mainstream with his 1999 album The Slim Shady LP, Royce Da 5'9" was one of the album's three featured artists (Dr. Dre and Dina Rae being the others).

In fact, during that time, Royce served not only as the burgeoning rap star's hype man, but also as one half of the duo Bad Meets Evil, whose eponymous track was featured on The SSLP.

After a falling out with Dr. Dre and subsequently Eminem himself, it was nearly a decade before Royce and Shady squashed their beef.

Yesterday (June 23), Eminem stopped by Shade 45's The All Out Show to promote his lastest album, Recovery, where he also discussed his reunion with his fellow Detroit emcee.

"That shit is cool," said Em of the matter. "It's very cool. It's good that we were able to work things out, just talk it out. I think after we lost Proof, we realized how stupid this beef shit is. It was a serious wakeup call in realizing that life's short.

"It's a good thing. It feels good to be back in touch with the homie," added Shady. "Royce is fucking ill. He's one of the illest lyricists to me."

In addition, during the interview, Eminem's manager, Paul Rosenberg, revealed that Shady Records is "working very hard" to get Slaughterhouse signed to the label.


  • Sir. DickAlot

    I’ll rip a tree out the ground and flip it upside down ‘fore I turn over a new leaf clown, Shady baby! best Quote ever(Recovery)... Slim is the best

  • L0S

    This is great news for real hip hop heads as well as for the bandwagon fans that hop from artist to artist but fuck it, a good thing is a good thing and this is good for hip hop. Eminem is a huge superstar so he has enough resources and connections to get Slaughterhouse the exposure that they need so that the rest of the world can see what we already know, that Slaughterhouse is a murderous rhyme animal with it's members being grade A lyricists that seem to just love pure hip hop and the friendly competition that arises when they hear a beat now just throw EM in the mix and you get some of the best pure hip hop you'll ever hear in your life. Anytime EM drops a good album that shit sells like crazy, fuck, even when he drops a wack album it sells anyways but the point I'm making is when EM is on his A+ game he somehow makes it cool again to be a lyrical emcee instead of some wack illiterate rapper and that is a huge advantage for Slaughterhouse because the fans will be receptive to rhymes that take a little more effort to put together then let's say; Wayne and Drake rhymes so they will have that going for them at least. Royce is to Eminem what Redman is to Method Man or what AZ is to NaS and that's why they compliment each other so well when they rhyme together. Shit I really believe that Royce is the one emcee who can bring the very best out of EM. The original "renegade" song was EM and Royce not EM and Jay. I'm sure everybody here has heard the renegade song with Jay and if you've heard it then you know that EM slaughtered Jay on that song, well, now think about the fact that EM wrote those lyrics to compete with Royce instead of Jay! Kind of let's you know how highly EM thinks Royces skill level is. Kind of sucks for Jay cause that means that he had already heard EM's verses on the original song and still couldn't top them or even match them. Eminem + Slaughterhouse = Lyrical Nuclear Warfare E = mc2

    • ToughGuy24

      I cant believe they had to beef for that long, i have bought pretty much every royce album or at least most of them, and they are all insane, Dude is so under rated, Its cool they are getting back together, but they deprived fans of possibly the best duo hiphop has ever seen, you felllas owe us

    • Jwill313

      I couldnt agree with you more

  • The Liquor9115

    ehh Slaughterhouse has been around for 2 years give or take, have you people been sleeping?? Royce has always been the best stop buying into mainstream garbage

  • thehiphoptimes

    twitter hiphoptimes

  • jay7137401827

    @ da police.. are u dumb? royce is black and has been around for yeeeeaaaarrrrssssss.. u must like that drake. soulja boy teach me how to doogie shit..idk even kno the songs band name lol..

  • Royce Himself

    Yo slim trippin nigga aint even tryin to sign us

  • DuvallJackson

    dunno if i like the idea of SH going to Shady. that's where the money is (supposedly) but i worry about the quality of their work being effected

    • foodstamp313

      You're kiddin' right? Shady is a great spot to be. It's a perfect storm of big enough label to be promoted properly, yet ran by somebody who is actually in the hip hop game, so he won't squash creativity. Go to a major label and they try to dictate every move you make, pick your release date, and how much you get promoted. Go to an indie/small label and get NO promotion and no access to the better producers, and then your shit don't sell

  • YEAH!

    I wanna finally hear a Bad Vs Evil part 2...that shit has been 10+ years in the making. Now it will probably be a reality.

    • itopia

      well they've only just reconciled so how can it be 10 years in the making you fruit?! they barely spoke in the last 10 years so i doubt they were making music together...idiot

  • guddaguddaburga

    BME album. Please.

  • c/gaddic

    Eminem couldn't join slaughterhouse that'd be unfair to d12 and their whole history together Co-signing and making Royce write a couple mainstream singles could make them go platinum and get some REAL money and recognition If they get the formula right SH could kill both underground(crazy lyricism) and mainstream(radio hits) Don't hate Black Album was the exact same formula: a pop/mainstream album that was a fucking classic! They have the talent They just need the push and who's a better motivator to make it happen-one of the best rappers ever!

  • da police

    i cant wait to hear this guy royce, if em cosigns him he must be ill. is he a white boy2

  • xz

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  • drdrebeats

    How can you know Proof would beat Royce in a battle? I bet none of you have even seen Proof battle. Its funny how you all quickly jump on the bandwagon just cause Em says that Proof is the best battler but Royce would smash Proof IMO just like he did on Malcom X. I got mad respect for Proof but if Em said he loves dick most you lot would turn gay

    • drdrebeats gets your facts straight

      first off royce is not a freestyler fact he said it himself. He got beat by mistah fab from the bay. The battle was televised look it up. royce spit all written shit while fab came directly at him off top of the dome(non written) Freestyling proof wins hands down everyone that knew proof knew he could go on for days and it be like some written shit. Freestyling is not as easy as people think for you to come up with shit off top and metaphors that make sense. Em got beat in a battle like royce they are writers not freestylers. They are incredible writers but not good freestylers. em got beat by juice badly in the scribble jame. There are always someone just as nice so em is not the only one who is nice there are rappers nicer than em. There are billions of people on the planet and many mcs. That is like saying I can beat fighting everyone on the planet,knowing there are people who got better hands than me. There are great freestylers and great writers.

  • Megan fox lover

    Eminem doesnt need promo. His fans know whats up. Wack rappers like game, drake need months to generate buzz. Lmao at game. R.e.d will sell 21,000 first week. Royce had the potential to make it Big but im sorry to say that ship sailed away from him a long time ago. Sorry.

    • jesterdx

      of course slim dont need buzz cos shady is the best even jay wud tell u tha... i dont give a fuck bout sales cos they not all legit im bout the concept, subtance & quality of music & em fits into all tha all drake got is quality to b honest!

    • jesterdx

      of course slim dont need buzz cos shady is the best even jay wud tell u tha... i dont give a fuck bout sales cos they not all legit im bout the concept, subtance & quality of music & em fits into all tha all drake got is quality to b honest!

  • jack johnson

    i hope they bring us a Bad Meets Evil album

  • truthfully

    Royce Da 5'9 was probably the only dude (in mainstream) that could've slaughtered Eminem on a diss record when Eminem was in his prime.

    • nickelnine

      TI is Back. No disrespect to Proof, but are you fucking kidding me? Best battle rapper ever? The fuck outta here nigga

    • QAZMAN

      @C.ARSON are you fucking crazy EM slaughtered REMEMBER ME that no NO NO line was shit compared to the "sick sick dreams" when EM just went berserk

    • jesterdx

      sticky fingaz held his own nex to slim on remember me (ive been told no but more like NO, NO, NO) haha tha shit still makes me lauf 2dy... htt20 again get off the crack man proof is the reason shady is the way he is even em said ina interview proof made him step his game up!

    • Htt20

      He WOULD smash Royce, in a battle.. In diss record it's a whole different story! Proof couldn't have smashed neither Royce nor Em on record.

    • T.I. IS BACK!!!!!!

      i beg to differ....cuz proof was the best battler EVER he would smash royce

  • C-Arson

    Eminem should just straight up join Slaughterhouse. Instead of be featured on 1-2 tracks Eminem as an included 5 fifth member would allow balance to the game by gaining mainstream appeal.

    • SutterKane

      @ Htt20 Dont make me laugh by saying Em is whack, hell even the negative reviews for that album are mainly focused on the beats, Em killed recovery........

    • jesterdx

      htt20 get off the crack son shadys the best there is, the best there was & the best there ever fuckin will b... but i dont fink he shud actually join slaughterhouse y fix sumthin wen its not broken!

    • Htt20

      Eminem is way too wack to be in SH right now, he needs to fix up his flow and delivery and get focused before he could do something like that..

    • SutterKane

      That would be Crazy

    • T.I. IS BACK!!!!!!

      he wouldnt....hes in d12

  • aliciasw

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  • Just Me

    it would be pretty tight

  • eminem should join slaughterhouse

    that would be crazy shit

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