Game's "R.E.D." Album May Be Halted By Lawsuit

Desperado Entertainment says they had a heavy hand in Game's success, and the Universal Music Group needs to fulfill agreement, or else.

Yesterday, Desperado Entertainment filed a lawsuit naming Interscope, Aftermath and Universal Music Group in a lawsuit involving a royalty dispute with Rap artist Game. The Los Angeles company alleges that UMG has not fulfilled their agreement to pay Desperado royalties from Game's album sales, says The Hollywood Reporter.

The suit, filed in a Los Angeles superior court, asserts that Desperado had a role in Game's early success, leading up to his three albums released through UMG, totalling five million units sold. The company is motioning to delay Game's August 24 release of R.E.D., in an effort to address the matter.

Game and UMG has yet to speak publicly on the matter, or move the release date.


  • o*star

    the games one of the best rappers rite now and has been since the documentary, his music is the shit fuck this fella below me obviously is some dumb cunt.

    • ThePrep95

      Real blood!?! Well he is realer then your ass that is for sure. Why u give a fuck if he is in a gang, you already KNOW he rolls harder then u he got more money then u and he more G then u. so shut up is he a real blood ur fucking blogging comments on hip hop dx wtf

    • Pumbaclut

      So you think he is a real blood?

  • Mike H

    Fuck The Game, Fake ass Blood

    • ThePrep95

      yea cuz MIKE H is hard hes blogging comments on hip hop dx but games the fake blood I guess u run cali right u fucking 14 year old computer dork


    Well, i'm not surprised!! Anything off Aftermath is always delayed, or never released! i have not fallowed a game album for years... I'm not saying anything bad about Pharrel, he is an amazing producer, but his music does not mix well with Games gangster flow! Oh well though will see what happens? So far... no Detox and now no red album! I swear if diddy takes over as the super hip hop producer with his new B- list team, i will surely give up on hip hop!!!

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  • sh.

    I dont know what yall mofos are talking about, the longer this shit gets delayed the BETTER. game needs to put more time in the studio to get this album sounding good, id rather wait & get something that sound fresh then rush it and get some startrak sounding bullshit

  • shone jones

    Game needs to shit or get off the pot.

  • who who

    The Game should call this album the D.E.A.D album. lol ha ha ha ha Im funny

  • ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    smb.(scratchin my balls) .red album is gonna flop cuz they been pushin it back for a year now,so when it drops niggaz wont B all hypee bout it at all

  • MusicFiend

    Pushing for the delay to add pressure to settle the suit's all games.

  • BWS10

    R.E.D. would of been much better off with a single produced by Dr. Dre. Not only would it of received more publicity , it would of also brought Dr. Dre back in the picture as one of the best producers of all time for his upcoming album Detox and also would show fans what to expect from Game's new album with his recent reunion with Aftermath. Well he still has time to make some changes and I hope he does.

    • BWS-Fish

      If you seriously believe that Detox is going to be released, or that it even exists, then you are an idiot.



  • guai

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  • mandddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    lol at diz lame azz nigga. gayme'z neva goin 2 relese diz album cuz all of hiz songz suck azz. "sumthin hot in here nigga it must be me"? get da fuck outta here with dat played out faggot azz bullshit! and diz fool shuld've neva dissed jay-z! cuz look where he'z at now! where u at, gayme? wut'z wrong, jay! got ur tongue? HAHAHAHA! diz buttafly-tattoo wearin', pharell dicksuckin', fake gangsta strippin', faggot azz nigga shuld just hang up dat mic and retire. hiz G.A.Y. album iz neva comin out and he shuld retire b4 it'z 2 late when hiz G.A.Y. album flopz hard on da chartz and he becomez 1 of da most embarasing rap starz eva! or betta yet, join cum money so u won't feel alone when he flopz! jay-z! iz da greatest of all time! FUCK HATERZ AND FUCK ALL GAYME DICKRIDAZ! IT'Z MANDDDYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY UP IN DIZ BITCH!

    • GayZ

      man gay z was barely dope in the 90s when BIG and PAC was around and rap was good they died and he just big ups himself for a decade saying hes the greatest and yall eat it up. Jay wasnt top fucking 10 of all time in the 90s jump off his dick



    • BobDole'sDad

      I hate the game, and I hate Jay too. But you no where near different than these faggots talking like that. BITCH

    • John-Boy

      Preach homeboy. Preach!!!!!!

  • 305ilovemia

    No Image No Gimmicks Just Banging Ass Music I Love M I A Music and Ent Presents $WonDough$ Raw and Uncut

  • Twinblades

    I'm just laughing at the game stans who come on dx to look at game news... And it's always about album delays lol! I mean hot damn will red ever come out? I see a clone to detox surfacing lol

    • 3eighty

      dre has taught him well , the art of pushing an album..... im with ya

    • BWS-Fish

      i dont want it to come out. Its been heavily produced by Pharrell and therefore its more than likely gonna be garbage. I want this shelved so that Game's reputation stays intact. G-Unot.

  • D.D.410wutup

    Wow. Maybe nobody will ever hear it?

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    I'm tired of hearing about Game and this damn album. Either release it or disappear until it is released.

  • Johngame1985

    Game drop this shit and i will go to get it.

  • rainer654

    its seems that this album never gonna make it


    WTF!! Yo Game handle ya business and drop that R.E.D. album cuz we really sick of waitin this is bullshit!!!

    • ThePrep95

      Better Days is great but other then that everything that got leaked off RED has been garbage. All the skateboard P songs sound like straight trash. Man he just produced lindsey lohans album why the fuck does game want him to produce his. If he was smart he would have told P to take a fucking hike when Dre came back in the picture and let him produce his ENTIRE fucking album... if he would have done that.

    • Dab

      Yeah I like the Game and all but all his songs so far have been beyond wack

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