Game's "R.E.D." Album May Be Halted By Lawsuit

Desperado Entertainment says they had a heavy hand in Game's success, and the Universal Music Group needs to fulfill agreement, or else.

Yesterday, Desperado Entertainment filed a lawsuit naming Interscope, Aftermath and Universal Music Group in a lawsuit involving a royalty dispute with Rap artist Game. The Los Angeles company alleges that UMG has not fulfilled their agreement to pay Desperado royalties from Game's album sales, says The Hollywood Reporter.

The suit, filed in a Los Angeles superior court, asserts that Desperado had a role in Game's early success, leading up to his three albums released through UMG, totalling five million units sold. The company is motioning to delay Game's August 24 release of R.E.D., in an effort to address the matter.

Game and UMG has yet to speak publicly on the matter, or move the release date.

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