Concert Ticket Sales Hit Worst Slump Since '90s

This summer, concert ticket sales may face their lowest numbers since the mid-'90s due to many of LiveNation's business practices.

The summer's round of concerts are expected to pull is their lowest sales numbers since the mid-'90s, with prices and traffic at the forefront of the blame. According to experts, LiveNation, the company in charge of the majority of all major concerts, pays artists overly high guarantees as to garner the maximum market share. When compounded with the costs of amphitheater upkeep and ancillary revenues like concessions and sponsorships, the consumer ends up paying for more than just the ticket.

In addition, LiveNation books many of its shows through its west coast offices, sans local input. Thus, the company can end up losing money by not accounting for regional discrepancies. For example, an artist that's worth $250,000 in an east coast city may be worth considerably less in the midwest. Ultimately, the local appeals is reflected in the ticket price.

There are a number of problems outside of prices, however. Summer traffic has proven to be detrimental to promote their tours, whether by the artists themselves or promoters. In addition, consumers may be less likely to go to a concert if the performer hasn't released any new music in the prior months.


  • run_4_cover

    cuz music has gone to hell since the mid 90s, plus people are broke these in order for these artists to make people think twice about spending there last on the movies, or sneakers ....THEY NEED TO STEP THEY GAME UP!!! STOP ALL THIS KIDDY RIDDLES ...AND BRING LIFE BACK TO RAP!! PERIOD

  • mahgange

    how bout nobody wants to pay for faggets like drake and niki minaj the music and movie biz is garbage.

  • Ya Boy D

    Are we forgetting that people are losing thier jobs too? If I loose my job I can't aford to go to a concert or buy an album. People are struggling right now and the sad thing about it is its gonna get worse. As much as people love Jay-z theres gonna be a decline in ticket sales. Not because of Jay-z but because of the economy. Cause & effect.

  • Helloamy

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  • da police

    how bout its down because music sucks now, summer jam headliners nicki minaj and drake, id rather get ass raped by mandingo then go to that bullshit, fuck outta here

  • tdot1987

    These guys want to blame it on the traffic and the weather. hahaha! It's because commercial concerts involve me listening to the record I already heard and me losing respect for poeple I thought could rap. Please stop playing your record in the background, just the instrumental. if you claim to be a rapper, rap!

  • twoholla

    I co-sign with BRIDGE3000...why do dudes with serious self-esteem & mental issues think it's appropriate to get up on a Hip Hop website on a post on low ticket sales...& flap their gums about their 'music'...PLEASE STOP THAT...BONGHOLE ALKA-SELTZER PLUS...isn't that what MYSPACE is for???

  • dgbvd

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  • thizzle dance

    I buy concert tickets more often then I buy albums.

  • Indiemuzik

    Wow this sucks. Artists were giving away or leaking alot of their music for free, so they could showcase their talent, and now they can't make much money off of concert proceeds. I was almost over illegal downloading too, but now I just can't find any hope for the majority of artists.

  • SlashiusSlay

    Same thing with Ticketmaster in Canada. Concert attendance is down, because a 30$ ticket will have 15-20$ of "fees" attached to it. It's like they think they're an airline or something.


    Thre is no good music out there. Many producers and artists are leaving the music bizniz. Everybody is scared to be themselves. I make my own albums. All this money I spent on Motif, Fantom, mpc 4000, and more, I make what I like and play for myself. Drive to my own shit. Nobody knows I do it until, they ask what's that you always playing. I like that other song you always play. Then I tell em it's me and they start trippin. LOL Sex on the first date 4 times. Keep the industry.

    • ron thethruthmaster

      I do the same shit myself. Got my mpc2500, juno g, kaoss pad and a shitload of vinyl to create what I wanna hear. Ive bought like 4 albums in the last year and been to one concert (the roots). Who wants to keep listening to the same concepts and ideas on every major album thats released and available in best buy? I havent even listened to the radio in 3 yrs either unless Im riding in somebody elses car. Every major album features the same 10 artists and the same 5 producers everytime.

    • SlashiusSlay

      No, there is a point. You're just not seeing it. I'm a huge proponent of doing what Slap is saying: do everything ya damn self, or keeping the collaborations minimal so your shit is still your shit. If you're not finding a lot of music to your liking these days, make some shit yourself. Everybody's got hidden musical talent, but most are just too lazy/impatient/pussy to find it and tap it.

    • Stop Slappin Tears out my eyes...

      Damn...u have conquered tha game...u mus be famous..

    • Bridge3000

      Your point being...ah, right, building up your own ego and making no point at all.

  • Fabalon, Forch

    what type of dumb MF dont adjust the projections for the different markets, I swear they are some of the smartest dumbest MF ever, but that comes from an arrogance of the price points they are setting, they figure oh its "So and So" so people will pay the same as if they were in NY, but thats a no no, people down south and on the west are not gone do it

  • eL Tu

    the artist out there just suck ass

    • tdot1987

      Couldn't agree more. We're in a recession. These wack ass commercial "artists" aint gettin a penny from me until they bring some passion to the table. it seems like all of the new songs hold no weight to em. Punchlines can only really be funny the first time, unless they are true and relateable. We know that sex,drugs, and money sell, many have exploited it over and over. Bring somethin real please. (There are many exceptions to this statement, but the ratio of real to fake is about 1: 100 artists in my opinion)

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