3rd Bass' Pete Nice Involved in Legal Woes

UPDATE: The investigation involving Prime Minister Pete Nice closes, as no criminal intent was found.

Peter J. Nash was best known in the '90s as Prime Minister Pete Nice, a member of Brooklyn Hip Hop trio 3rd Bass, but later he became known as a baseball historian and memorabilia collector and dealer. However, he became the center of controversy when it was found that his father, school president Ray Nash, may have wrongfully used funds from Bishop Ford Catholic High School to prevent the foreclosure of his home. Now it appears that school officials have tried to cover up for Bishop Ford's President, according to a law suit filed by Robert Edwards Auctions.

In a 2008 audit, it was found that Ray Nash loaned more than $52,000 from school funds to Peter Nash to avoid the foreclosure. According to court documents, Peter Nash has spent his time away from Rap's spotlight avoiding creditors and tax collectors, trapped in a series of legal issues. In 2009, Robert Edwards Auctions President Rob Lifson won a legal judgment against Nash. 

spokesman for Bishop Ford said it denies allegations of interference, according the New York Daily News.

"The auction house continues to involve the school in a private business dispute between itself and Peter Nash. The school categorically denies the allegations made in this complaint." (June 8)

UPDATE: The New York Daily News has reported that the investigation has now closed. District Attorney Charles Hynes told the paper that there was "no evidence of criminal intent."

There is no word on Nash's plans to pay Robert Edward Auctions or his other debts.

In recent years, Pete Nice has stepped away from Hip Hop to focus on other ventures. He is responsible for rapper Cage's first featured appearance on Nice (and deejay Daddy Rich)'s Dust To Dust album.


  • dlp23602

    He better get that reunion tour going!!! I'd go, they were dope!!

  • GregRodgers

    I had time to hang out with Pete And Search back in the day. Pete is a down to earth kid. If he didn't get sick he would still be in the game. He owns McGreevy's 3rd Base Pub in Boston. That place makes NuF dough! It was voted as one of the Best in Boston. I hope he gets his ish straightened out.

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  • Comptilla

    Who told? RAT BASTARDS!...LOL

  • Theysaidwhat?

    $50,000 of the donations to Bishop Ford high school - a charitable concern - was used to pay the mortgage of Peter Nash, the son of the president of the school? If this is true I would be very unhappy if I was a donor or had anything to do with the school.

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