40 Glocc Changes His Name To "Big Bad 40", Joins 50 Cent Tour

The controversial rapper explains his name change, jumps on tour with his friend 50, and readies a feature-heavy new album.

Inland Empire, California rapper 40 Glocc announced this morning that he will be changing his name to "Big Bad 40" (reported to be pronounced Big Bad 4-0). “In a country where freedom of speech is number one on our list of Constitutional rights, I recognize yet another clause in the system and I will not give them another opportunity to use their own laws against me. My former name was always an acronym. 40 represented the 40 acres and a mule they never gave us. Glocc represented Ghettos Legally Oppressed with Crooked Cops. A change has come so this change must be recognized,” said Big Bad 40 in a statement.

The longtime affiliate of G-Unit and Infamous Records, 40 will join his friend 50 Cent on the following tour dates:

Jun 10, 2010 - Kansas - City Midland Theater

Jun 11, 2010 - Dallas - Fairpark

Jun 12, 2010 - Houston - Arena Theater

Jun 15, 2010 - Miami - Fillmore

Jun 16, 2010 - St. Petersburg, FL - Jannus Live

Jun 17, 2010 - Atlanta - Tabernacle

Jun 18, 2010 - Myrtle Beach - House of Blues

Jun 19, 2010 - New city / venue details forthcoming

Jun 20, 2010 - Lewiston, ME - Lewiston Urban Civic Center

Jun 22, 2010 - NYC - Hammerstein

Jun 23, 2010 - Wallingford - Toyota Presents the Oakdale Theatre

June 24, 2010 -Boston

June25, 2010 -Atlantic City

Lastly, Big Bad 40 is said to be at work on a remix to his Zoo Life-assisted N.W.A. album remix track "Welcome To California," which features MC Eiht, Snoop Dogg, E-40, Xzibit, Kurupt and Yukmouth.

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