Big K.R.I.T. Signs To Def Jam Records

This week's Mississippi DXnext artist is reportedly on his way to the house that Russell & Rick built.

Yesterday, John "Jonnyshipes" Shapiro of Big K.R.I.T.'s management team revealed that the DXnext emcee for this week has signed with Def Jam Records. Shapiro (@JonnyShipes) tweeted, "thank u to every1 who helped,supported & spread the word of @bigkrit its official cinematic x def jam x big krit." Previously, HipHopDX insiders were aware of negotiations between the Rap hopeful and the label giant, but nothing was confirmed.

At that time, Def Jam VP of A&R Sha Money XL told DX that Big K.R.I.T. was promising to be the label's next star. Earlier this year, K.R.I.T. released K.R.I.T. Wuz Here , a championed mixtape featuring Wiz Khalifa and Devin The Dude.

The rapper will remain a Cinematic Music Group artist. Read Big K.R.I.T.'s DXnext feature, posted yesterday, here.

HipHopDX will keep you updated of developments.


  • Atlienfolife

    Finally a real southern rapper gets sign not like a Wocka or A Gucci Mane Krit goes hard stop hating on the man let him do his thang !!!

  • Umm KING

    Y yall hating on tha south shit... this is where tha tru talent at mane y u think tha south shinin right nw


    EVERYBODY PLEASE LISTEN UP! The MAIN reason why NEW YORK music is not selling and NEW YORK artist are NOT getting signed is because YALL DONT SUPPORT YALL OWN SHIT!!! ...I just read that as of right now in 2010, New York city has the MOST black people in it, with Atlanta being number 2! ( Look it up if you dont believe me!) So all yall really have to do is STICK TOGETHER and BUY the music from your New York Artists when they drop and these artist can easily go GOLD or PLATINUM without even leaving the city! But instead of stick together and just supporting your own artist, yall HATE on other artist from other regions and complain about shit not being fare......Well I remember once upon a time in hip hop where NO artist from the south was getting any national love or support! But what did we do, we still enjoyed and respected New York Rap, BUT instead of complaining about shit, we just started making our own music and movement, and SUPPORTED IT REGUARDLESS OF WHAT ANYBODY ELSE THOUGHT! And after a while the country started to notice what was going on and started to give artist a chance, such as Outkast!.... So how about yall sto[p hating on the South, and start using that same energy to promote and support NY artist!..... And if you really want to blame someone for the lack of Support and Networking among NY Artist, blame New York's own, 50 CENT!!! From the minute he came in the game he started beefs with MOSTLY NY ARTIST!b Think about it.... First - He was hating on Jigga, trying to knock him from the top Next - he ended Ja Rule's carreer, just to make the same kind of shit Then- He started Beef with NAS, Fat Joe, and Jada Kiss ALL NY ARTIST!!!! Since then, NONE of these artist have really SOLD CD's or Music! ( Look it up if you dont believe me) And the funny part now is that 50 cent cant buy a hit record! LOL! Think about it, when was the last time 50 really had a hit like the one's on the first album? Why don't NONE of the artist in the WHOLE rap game, featuring him on a HIT song or remix? So the moral to this blog is simple: Instead of wasting time and energy hating and complaing about shit you can't change, apply that same time and energy into music and movements you believe in and go out and support these NY artist and BUY theri musc! I know this is just my opinion and a lot of you all won't agree, but before you start to HATE and complain as always, just THINK ABOUT IT!!! J. Sleepa

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  • your boy305

    wow so much hate on the south when will you niggas get it the shit that these wack ny artist are putting out is trash thats why niggas aint fucking wit them you have to have more then just good lyrics thats why ny will never be on top again cuz they have no swag and the production is shitty not all of them but most

  • icu ucme

    When I first seen the "Hometown Hero" video, I knew dude was going to get on. I think he is a producer, also. Big ups to shorty.



  • dopeman

    Def Jam should sign Freddie Gibbs. How is that dude unsigned?

  • 84acresovaloffice

    Honestly, chrome has the sound but lacked hooks and lyrical suave.The southern soulful sounds in Mississippi are becoming interesting and should be watched closely. Southern rap has evolved and has begun to expand lyrically which can be seen in the styles of Big Krit, a Mississippi rapper. Hmm..what's going on in Mississippi?

  • freshyboi

    i cant see this dude making a majoir label any real money! im not hating but he could have done better for himself independently, hes got a buzz goin. who knows if they will even release anything. we all know how many rappers get signed and then have they albums shelved

  • alexdruck

    um just to tell you isnt like most of the southern rappers on the radio......on a side note, didn't anyone else, when they first heard him, think he sounded like chrome if chrome could rap?


    its like everday you here about a new rapper from the south wack or not we gotta be doing sutton right

  • wrongsideofthatracks

    never heard of him... why does Def Jam sign bumms... Hiphop is dead... Lil Wayne ruined it

    • lonestar_playa

      well here's ya chance 2 kno big krit brah..........cop dat krit wuz here album. one of the best of dis year

  • ImFromDaSouth 239/404

    By the way BIG K.R.I.T nice with the flow.. HE GOT NEXT!!

  • Megan fox lover

    Man, fuck def jam for signing these shitty southern "rappers" def jam execs can suck hairy balls! What about Ny rappers?? Def jam was new york but past couple years theyve gone the coon way thus contributing to the demise of hip hop. Plies? Rick ross? Ace hood? Khaled? Now this. Are you fucking kidding me? Really? More talented Ny rappers r getting screwed here.

    • wussupworld

      Wayyy too much hate on the south! I love ny shit (SEAN P!) but damn! Plus NY rappers are just not evolving to the current state of radio played hiphop. Labels wanna make that guap...and until someone from NY make a hit, theyll be independent and underground.

    • niceonsnare

      go to youtube....listen to Big Krit Freestyle Remember The Titans. thats why he's signed

    • wrongsideofthatracks

      i feel u man!!! all those slick Mc's from jersey, bronx, brooklyn and Phili not gettin no shine.. instead they sign garbage southern rappers

    • ImFromDaSouth 239/404

      They know where is at thats all.. Thats y they gettn paid, while u sittn here hate bloggn..

    • Truly Yrz

      Plies n Khaled ain't signed to Def Jam

  • Truly Yrz

    FINALLY, Def Jam has talent. Now let Triple C's go.

  • elaisa

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