Asher Roth Talks "Seared Foie Gras With Quince & Cranberry," Favorite Eats

Asher Roth talks to Immaculate Infatuation about the dish that inspired his latest mixtape and few of his current favorite eateries in New York.

Asher Roth recently sat down with food review website Immaculate Infatuation to the inspiration behind his latest mixtape Seared Foie Gras with Quince and Cranberry, hosted by DJ Wreckineyez. He say the dish from which the mixtape derives its name comes from the menu of Hotel Griffou on 21 West 9th Street.

“Part of the reason I moved to New York City was to stay close to the family," he said. "When the parents come in town for dinner, we go to Hotel Griffou. They change the menu all the time, but a couple staples that you gotta get after are the Lobster Thermidor Fondue and the Pork Cutlets. The name for our new mixtape – Seared Foie Gras with Quince and Cranberry was actually inspired by Griffou’s foie gras."

In the spirit of recommended restaurants, Asher detailed a number of other places that serve a wide variety of dishes, from pizza to Reina Pepiada. Asher's complete list of food haunts can be found here


  • MyKE V

    all you haterz talkin bout underground smilus and tweeto dumb writing better then asher and spittin better then the american rapper are stupid........obviously yall dont know real hip hop, ansd if these fools are better then y havent we heard them??? hahahaha cause they aint as creative as cudi or stays on point like wale, im not sayin ash is the best but he comes out wit music that makes sense. im just saying hes been okayed by eminem himself, jay z and he even has a song wit talib kweli...........TALIB KWELI! not to mention that hes done music wit others that have been in the game long enough to crown the kid. respect the new age cause the 90's been done.


    Asher is pretty wack. He has a huge corporate machine behind him which is why you hear about him. Underground artists like ILLUS and Apathy destroy asher lyrically and in song writing but they don't have big money behind them so all the kids over look them. The new Illus album Feel Good Music is a million times better than anything Asher will ever do and illus is independent as fuck. Apathy recently smoked asher as well. Dude is straight up corny.

    • fuck you

      yo kid its not always about lyrical multis, his flo is legendary and lyrics are as good as they need to be, and his first mixtape and album was made with virtually no cash. shows how much u kno... fall back hater

  • Nate Dawg

    I hated Asher Roth so much when he first came out....his album was so wack the only thing good really about i love college was the sample but dude has done a complete 180 his new mixtape is pretty dirty considering what he had been putting out and his new single is pretty damn good i can't lie about it

  • geeesh

    the kid is whack! handddy die already!


    Asher Roth is a Certified Faggot, HE Stole My Mixtape Name. MY MIXTAPE was called "Seared Foie Gras and Venison Heart Tartare Topped With a Raw Pepper Flaked Egg Yolk", IT WAS AN INSTANT CLASSIC FAGGOTS!

  • Shawn Hooks

    I like asher and what happend to the show he do "punk'd" ?


    ayo asher roth is wack he need a gucci feature

  • problemz327

    lol...damn there are some ignorant dudes on here...u really angry he has a little culture and knows more than mcdonalds and kfc...lmao..asher roth can semi spit..mixtape was dope..a lil arrogant and he falls into that hipster shit too much sometimes bur i'll listen to ash roth before i klisten to gucci mane and waka flaka or some of the dudes on young money..handy dont jump off a bridge fam..just

    • r.othashit

      i don't know asher is fukin dope! all this hate is pretty damn corny cuz these dudes wo bring these super underground niggas up is lame as hell like wtf is a iluss and if asher so damn wack then who better gucci waka flocka nicki minaj gudda gudda plies anybody on dtp or anybody on ti label. the kid in the same class as currensy wiz cudi wale big sean cool kids hell i can go on and on. dude is nice period


      yeah i feel ya...FUCK GUCCI!!

  • Max Power

    @handdddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy how does lil wayne's dick taste?

  • Kay W

    will someone please beat the shit out of this geek and anyone who likes him , thank you

  • DetroithotHeadzzzzzzzzzz


    • FuckDemHaterz

      What do u have against french food ya dickhead, ya must weigh like 300 pounds typing like crazy on ya computer while u eating a triple whopper..fat ass looser...don't ever diss french food again ya lil bitch cuz u don't know what u're talking about.. SUCE MOI LA BITE SALOPE !!! anyway, lol @ asher roth 4 giving that name to his mixtape...

  • Shieeeett

    This motherfucker cant be serious. Fuckin geeked out weird ass freckles havin shitfuck will prolly name his next album the Filet Mignon LP

  • handdddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    roth is another eminem who wanna be like weezy! selling 3 million of that C3,nah lil wigga u and eminem can make a double album and it won't go half C3... lil wayne! should put these white motherfuckers to sleep the list include: eminem roth mc hush that booty guy whatever his name was paul wall all these wanna bes wanna act like real gangsta rappers,they all can partner together and won't be able to damage lil wayne! cash money\young money is the way of life,u can't be related to them without being gangsta... lil wayne! is da greatest of all da time fuck haters

    • AgentGibbs

      eminem's second and third album sold more than ALL of wayne's albums put together, damn give wayne his dick back, i'm sick of dis nigga, bringing up wayne in every single article even da ones where it's a definite reach to even mention wayne

    • jonesin

      ummm yeah, by the way, lil wayne himself said that eminem is better than him

    • jonesin

      ummm yeah, by the way, lil wayne himself said that eminem is better than him

    • DetroithotHeadzzzzzzzzzz

      Marshall matters lp sold 20 mill worldwide did c3 do that bitch..didnt think so bitch ass weezy fucking baby in the ass

    • young will

      why cant someone fucking block this lame ass nigga?

    • DJJJ

      Lil wayne is wasting his life in prison right now. Asher and Eminem are working on music. How is lil Wayne even considered hip-hop doesn't he sing about Lollipops? Eminem alone is the greatest selling musician of the last decade. Wayne isn't anywhere close to Eminem's record sales. So get the facts straight.

    • yaa

      I hope this is trolling, em alone sellin more albums than lil wayne could imagine

  • bmizz

    OH god not this guy again. didn't he dissapear after that garbage album he dropped became a joke in the hip hop community.

  • sasha flocka flame

    I'll admit Asher's new mixtape is kinda hot but I don't see why this story is worth posting.

  • Yeeeeeeah, f*ck it, I sai

    Asher who?!

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