DX News Bits: Nelly, Jay Electronica

The St. Louis rapper is putting together his sixth studio album 5.0, and Jay Electronica says he'll be sharing the stage with 50 Cent this summer.

Two years after his last album Brass Knuckles hit shelves, St. Louis rapper Nelly is looking to make a return to rap with his sixth studio release 5.0.

While a tentative release date has not been set, Nelly has already grabbed a handful of star-studded figures to contribute to his latest project, including Usher, Jamie Foxx, Diddy and Akon. Hoping to recapture the success of their 2002 Billboard chart-topping single “Dilemma,” Nelly has also worked with Kelly Rowland for the sequel record respectively titled “Dilemma 2.” Excited about their recent collaboration, Nelly stated, “I've reconnected with Kelly Rowland again which was fun. She's like my little sister.”

Nelly’s 5.0 will be released through Derrty Entertainment/Universal Records.

In other news, rapper Jay Electronica says he’ll be joining forces with 50 Cent on “The Invitation Tour.”

In an interview with Vibe.com, Jay Electronica stated, “I'm touring with G-Unit at the end of the month. I think 50's gonna be down but right now I don't even know the dates.”

“The Invitation Tour” will begin on May 28 at the Wolstein Center in Cleveland, Ohio.



  • RSJ

    Jay Electronica and 50 Cent on the same tour? Nooooooooooooooooo......

  • alwaysallgood

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  • Whoolio Gee

    I hope those rumors about Jay Elec signing to Bad Boy Records aren't true... I mean, sure Diddy could have the means to publicize him and all but at what risk??

  • Its Um

    I hope jay album will come soon and mean before winter.


    Jay Electronica is overrated in my opinion. No hate he's really good but doesn't grab my attention with his bars. I mixed him up with Fashawn, Blu & Exile for a while. What his best mixtape?

    • thizzle dance

      I think he has the potential to change yall minds if he would drop a damn album... But he's not doin it. Dudes flow is somethin different, but he hasn't proven shit. I think he has potential for greatness if he would stop dickin around and get with some good producers and make an album. can't ride a mixtape buzz forever...

    • kush nap

      word. dont get me wrong. hes nice. but he aint vicious like that. a lot of emcees that been in the game 10 plus, will still serve that nigga cold. canibus killah priest gza talib i dont see cats jockin these niggas like jay electronica, and they all still spitting harder than son. plus jay electronica is becoming a loud mouth with no album out. shut the fuck up nigga. drop a album or stop talkin son. shit rakim getting slept on now. rakim last album that dropped last year was fuckin dope, and he was spitting harder than i ever heard jay spit. why aint yall jocking that? oh yeah, yall ride the same wave everyone else on. dude is nice, but hes gassed. more interviews to his name than actual songs. he claim to be a b-boy, yet he clicks up with puffy, and still hasnt dropped an album to create the cultural shift. whole lotta smoke, hardly any fire. not hatin, just sayin.

  • jesterdx

    i use to b a nelly fan til he wen all hip pop & shit i fink he needs to stick to his apple bottom jeans... jay connectin wiv 50 hes lookin to make more £ i jus cant picture em to ona track 2gether but wiv banks tha wud b cool!

  • gok

    Whatever signing to G Unit gets you known worldwide whereas Jay is any mixtape rapper right now. It would elevate his career. Just cause he signs doesn't mean he can't have a get out clause or something. Not hard.

  • lo godfather

    If 50 rich and successful and can't help nobody then what is 50 here for?

  • bonney007

    he is goin on the only current hip hop tour in the us right now....why is that not smart? you niggas on here act like his career will b over if he do somethin with 50....when does that hate end and common sense kick in with u people?

  • the man.

    sign with G-Unit and join M.O.P and Mobb Deep wherever they are.... No, one tour and get outta there Jay Elect! i can't even believe this mothafucka hasn't even dropped an album yet. nigga you are 35 years old... let's go!

  • the man.

    sign with G-Unit and join M.O.P and Mobb Deep wherever they are.... No, one tour and get outta there Jay Elect! i can't even believe this mothafucka hasn't even dropped an album yet. nigga you are 35 years old... let's go!

  • a pimp named slicback

    I had a feeling Jay Elect was confused industry-wise. i mean, itll pay but... The dude has skills but no idea what he's doin, he needs direction. He needs like a few dope producers and manager to lock his ass in the studio and make a good album

  • Hector Saenz

    Why would Jay do Thiz thats Weird? And Game shouted that fool out on mtv like anything that nigga drops im jammin in the whip but now this nigga here say he gon tour with 50?

  • SeanySean

    Nelly is garbage, he needs to stick w/helping run the Charlotte Bobcats. I wonder why Jay Electronica would tour w/50 Cent? Guess to get his name out more, idk.

  • gok

    50 needs to sign Jay Elec to G Unit and give him a big push into the mainstream (without changing his style). It would give 50 some credibility and Jay an increased fanbase which he deserves.

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