Mickey Factz Signs To Battery/Jive Records

Representatives confirm that the Bronx, New York DXnext alum is now labelmates with Chalie Boy & Swagg Team.

Representatives from Battery/Jive Records just confirmed to HipHopDX that the New York label's latest acquisition is none other than Bronx, New York emcee and DXnext alum Mickey Factz.

The signing comes after rumors had swirled last year of Factz signing with Roc Nation. Although details will release next week, the emcee's debut is expected this fall.

Since 2006, Mickey has released several acclaimed mixtapes, including Heaven's Fallout . He has worked with The Cool Kids on unofficial single "Rockin' N' Rollin' (Remix)" as well as Afrika Bambaataa ("Zulu, We Don't Stop Yawl ), B.o.B. ("Mind Got Blown" ) and Kid Cudi ("Do My Do" ). Factz also recently appeared as himself in a Honda ad campaign.

HipHopDX will keep you posted.


  • PoppaFactz

    This is Mickey Factz father. All you haters need to grow up and stop tearing my son down. My son is the real deal. He earned his rep straight from the streets---he can freestyle, battle rap, etc. He got the record deal through hard work and talent. Don't hate---appreciate! Congratulate! Elevate! Don't be crabs in the barrel that pull the other crab down. There's enough room in the game for all of us to play. Each one, Lift one! Lets lift each other up and then we will all raise!

  • TheCoolest1

    For those of yall who never heard of him, he's a true spitter trust me. Factz can spit. Download his Dark Phoenix mixtape from 2dopeboyz http://www.2dopeboyz.com/2010/01/01/mickey-factz-the-dark-phoenix-alpha-mixtape/ Check out his best mixtapes The Leak Vol 1, and vol 2, and the Who The Fuck is Mickey Factz mixtape. They'll prove to you that I'm not jus talk. Glad to hear that he finally got signed! Cant wait for the album

  • el primo negro

    mickey can spit. he made a lane for himself. i think when he fell back in 09,it kinda hurt his exposure. he defintely got a loyal fanbase. hope it works out for him. under the purple rain http://usershare.net/wmz5qy7jhuba

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  • harris89

    LOL @ you clowns hatin on Mickey... dude's a fucking monster. listen to Vol. 1 and 2 again, dummies.

  • Buzzlightyear

    I am sorry, but some of yall is buggin, when Mickey is spitting he is a beast, don't try to clown em

  • freshone

    HE was the dude in the room when JOE BUDDEN got punched in the face


    who gives a fuck...........Jive stays fuckin rappers since the nineties.....hiphopdx is slower than a fat girl o a treadmill.


    who gives a fuck...........Jive stays fuckin rappers since the nineties..



  • kush nap

    im a registered psychic... im picking something up right now.... "mickey factz dropped from jive records" i also see shoe polish and unemployment. drink up nigga, cuz its downhill from here.

  • hhat

    Yeah... on one hand, good... anything's better than Swagg Team. On another, Mickey Factz is way less talented than so many people in NYC. He's just in a high place and happens to be a marketing guy.

  • moh112

    bout time he gets signed


    never heard of em

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