Black Rob Released From Prison, Talks Diddy, Bad Boy Records

After spending four years in jail, Black Rob speaks on his former label, and says Diddy turned his back on him.

Four years in prison has altered the relationship between former Bad Boy artist Black Rob and the label's owner, Diddy. After being released from incarceration this past week, Black Rob has made public his severed ties with his former boss, claiming that Diddy turned his back on him.

"If you tell me you love me and you tell me you my man, I'm going to take that and run with that," he said in an exclusive interview with BET on Friday. "When something happens to me and you turn your back on me--regardless of the situation, regardless of what we been through--I don't appreciate that…I don't respect that. If you my man, I'm going to always be your man unless you flip on me. I was under the assumption that I was family."

The rapper was sent to jail in 2006 after failing to show up to court on a grand larceny matter. Although he is no longer with Bad Boy, and holds personal issues with Diddy, he says that he takes full responsibility for his actions. "I'm not blaming Bad Boy," he assured. "Let's set the record straight. I'm not blaming P. Diddy, I'm not blaming Harve Pierre [president of Bad Boy] for my situation. That was me. I did that. I have no hatred in my heart. I don't want to retaliate and I don't want to make any records about Bad Boy."

Diddy has made no comments about Black Rob's release from prison.


  • Res13

    Speaking of Diddy, can't wait to see his new film Get Him To The Greek. Found some good promo pics...

  • Hip Hop I am

    Wow! are you guys serious....really? I acknowledge blackrob made his mistakes, but diddy is a dream killer. How many countless artist has he done dirty? 1) Craig Mack 2) Shyne 3) 112 (he would suggest he did the voice intros and then charge 112 for it!) 4) Lox 5) Mase (he would charge him for using his cars for videos) need i mention more? Nicki Minaj and Ricky Ross are next.

  • Nico 3

    Go independent. That's his only option now. Forget the Diddy days. That was never meant to be more than short lived anyway.

  • We UP

    i was wondering what happened to this guy

  • bensch

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  • YoungHback

    Man Diddy be doin everybody dirty. Why is it that everyone that has signed or worked with him always go crazy or get absolutely railroaded by him. I would never sign or work with Diddy hes too crooked.

    • nero13

      lmfao! wow good thing you said you arent gunna work with him.. cuz i think he was plannin on signin you! AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHAHAHA

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  • DallasUCMR


  • nono89

    Why is it diddy's respondsiblity to take care of a repeat offender? He gave black rob plenty of chances to get his shit together. He stuck with him after he got locked up the first time and he fucked up again. I do think that diddy fucks over some of his artist but he's not their PO. Dudes like Gdep and Black rob need to wake up. It's not on diddy to make sure that grown men handle their business like they're suppose to.

    • C-MACK

      @NONO89 - Co-sign 100%! I'm sitting here reading these comments and cats are talking shit about Diddy like it's his fault. How about Diddy invested his time and money in Black Rob and he let Diddy down? Diddy isnt a saint by any means, but everybody knows Black Rob was given an opportunity to do some big things and he himself chose to fuck it up, not Diddy.

  • Rachael5922

    I think if anyone with half a brain would look into the past of the so called "bad boy" and P.Diddy relationship with entertainers one should recognize that the "bad boy" was an actual act not an actual real event, anyone that got into any trouble would be dropped. That message is repeated over and over again especially in the Movie that was recently released about Notorious. It is just the nature of the act not reality.

  • atlryder

    when these rappers fuck up and go to jail for dumb shit, why do they think they are owed anything by a record label? the record label has already lost all of their investment in you and you are asking for more knowing that you can never repay them or recoup what they have lost. Especially if you are going to jail for 3 years +. You get forgotten too quick in today's game.

  • HipHopRuler24

    New artist out of VA. better than any nigga on Bad Boy

  • not a hater

    diddy is all making money. I dont blame him.


    Black Rob needs to shyne!

  • BigPlayboy

    Man Diddy U a Hoe Ass Nigga Fo Life Real Talk

  • Oust

    Fuck P diddy and his chicle looking teeth. Faggot.

  • mark curry

    The Book that destroyed the house Puff Daddy built “Dancing w/ the Devil” now available in eBook format from here–>> go read the first chapter for FREE.. read about Diddy and his business..

  • antiguccimane

    everyone knows diddy is a big faggot snitch snake muthafukka first shyne the lox noe black and people respect this nigga


    the games all fucd up...rappers/singers have to understand that yea it is a BUSINESS and you benefit from the work you put in, too many artists rely on the label+owners, producers a&r's n everybody else for their music and thats where they fuc up. the label really can care less bout you as long as money's comin in then everybody happy but when its not the fans look at the artists>the artists turn to the labels n try to figure out wats goin on>the labels worryin bout the next up n comin...BUT!!! PUFF on the other hand is a been wit badboy for 4 years before he dropped his 1st album then gets locd up, i heard br and g-dep got locd cuz they robd diddy but it may/maynot be tru, i wouldnt be surprised attention to the badboy line up n how many artists that was/still on the label got to drop a 2nd album...n thats bcuz puff loves to get those 1st album sale numbers up for his pocts n the rest is his-story...nobodies really makin money unless ur album goes plat or ur touring all year or producin making beats and writing...puff has a bad line of history but the money covers it all up jus like the gov been coverin sh*t upsince the beggining of time!!!

  • hahahaa

    diddy sucks. enough said.

  • murdock08

    have you not learned that puff goes after the money black rob??he dont care about the artists at all if he did someone who was with him from day one would still be on the label.but oh they arent..he gets the money from them then when they aint hot he throws them away like he never knew them.and he gives out wack deals look at the loxs deal.he had them for years after they were off the label the mans a snake.

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    Black Rob, it's business and never personal. Congrats on your release dude.

  • militarydater

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    diddy already visited lil wayne, yet he leaves black rob to rot.. that's messed up.. anyway you want to look at it, it's messed up.. diddy follows the money line, not any blood line.. too much history there.. black rob and others have done their part to mess up, we all have.. it's no reason to turn your back or break contact.. diddy starvin for attention and he's using anyone to get there, wayne, ross, minaj.. the list goes on


    It seems that only rappers believe that they are somehow part of some clique with their record labels & its bosses. Newsflash: YOU'RE A FUCKING COMMODITY No one in this world owes you anything except yourself. I know there's those of you that can't understand this concept but it's simple. You look out for #1 (that's you) in this world. You'll meet very few real friends in this lifetime. After you comes your family and then everyone else. Now, if you're doing dumb shit and getting locked up for violating parole (Beanie), taking the fall for someone (Shyne) or just fucking up your life with drugs.(DMX), you got to pull yourself out. I'm sure none of the people I mentioned above had the same "friends" as when they were successful.

  • 6until7

    Instead of "I was under the assumption that I was family", he should have said "I was under the impression that I was family". He didn't make any assumptions. He had good reason to believe he was family.

  • jrm6

    well......... that's what happens when you sign with diddy. he's known to go to the next best thing. look at jock. when's the last time you seen him? members of boyz n da hood? pretty much gone (besides jeezy). diddy will give you a contract and you'll get the buzz u want. But not good at royalities on the artist part. And not good at keeping people under him for long.

  • Hip Hop Connoisseur

    Sounds like Diddy pulled another "Shyne". I was wondering what happened to Rob. His last album was dope.

    • Powernupe

      Word - both albums were dope, especially the last one. Unfortunately, BR has proven himself to be "troubled", much like #56. Hopefully, Rob will avoid prison for the remainder of his life, and immediately find his way back into his music considering his talent. He has no one to blame for his position in life but himself. What did/does he expect from Puff? Weekly visits? Care packages of tuna, oodles of noodles, and canned meat? Fam, prove once and for all that you can avoid getting into trouble.

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