Armageddon At Work On "The Journal," With Fat Joe, N.O.R.E.

Exclusive: The Terror Squad member speaks about his new Fat Joe and N.O.R.E-assisted single, and how studio sessions with Cool & Dre inspired a solo push.

For over a decade holding down the Terror Squad, Bronx lyricist Armageddon is ready to gain some individual recognition. The veteran emcee, producer and songwriter lent his talents to both Fat Joe and the late Big Pun, but like many of the male TS members, has yet to get individual acclaim for rhyme-writing that extends back to the fifth grade. 2010 may prove to be Geddy's breakthrough, as he recently told HipHopDX.

Speaking to DX just hours before shooting his star-studded single, including two Rap icons, and deejay legend Doo Wop, Geddy explained, "Right now I’m gearing up to do this video with Fat Joe and N.O.R.E. [It's to a video to the] remix to a song called, “It’s Over”  We’re basically just pushing the street record it’s starting to get some spins. The next step is to keep putting out music and keep the content going. The album is called The Journal, but I’m actually thinking about switching the name to The Journal: Vol 1. The Rebirth."

"I had recently went out to Miami to help Joe with a project. Just being out there sparked a flame in me like something I haven’t felt in a while. I mean I’ve been working and writing all this time but I haven’t been in an environment with the big studio and all these creative people like Cool & Dre and it just sent me back home excited. It made me scrap a lot of the things I was working on and start working on all new material. I just have this whole new energy that you can hear in the remix now compared to the original. It was like I reconnected with Hip Hop."

"I think the biggest difference for me as far as being in the forefront now versus being in the background is I was pretty much doing everything for everyone else. I was doing things for other people as opposed to myself. I evolved from that and really stepped up. I want to do this for me as opposed to helping everyone else. I’ve spent a lot of time helping others write their albums and come up with song ideas so I was kind of drained and wasn’t able to work on my own. Since I’ve stepped off a few years ago, I’ve had nothing but time to work on my stuff. I just needed to get away from my situation so I could focus on me. Now my craft can get better and I am my own brand."

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  • vigilanee

    I know Armageddon personally. I hate it when these hating niggaz be talking shit. My dude is talented as hell. It's proving through the years. ARMAGEDDON AKA GEDDY KEEP DOING YOUR THANG!!!

  • Maximono

    Certified Bum Nigga.

    • damon123

      Yea a bum...a bum that wrote for Joe for years and got paid for it, A bum that produced for Joe, Pun & TS, a bum that excutive produced Joe's "Only" Platinum album, a bum that traveld the world perfoming with TS, a bum that has done things in music that some only dream of and would do anything for just a taste, a bum that was there when Joe first met Pun. A bum that has wrote for some other big names in the game, a bum that still gets booked across the country and makes a good living doing what he loves! A lot of Hip-Hop fans are the worst! The dude has done alot and is doing what he loves!!!!! How can we hate!!! We on the internet reading on him!!!!!!!! YOU ASS..LMAO!

    • tylerp1

      Nah but Geddy just hired a couple people to his label. I was at the music meeting. You guys dont know this game, there is many ways to make money and Geddy been doing it for years. Ask around, dude will make your album hot! From the cover to the content, beat selection and all. He still raps because he loves it, because hes hip-hop...and he still rocks the stage like a muthafucker, we just seen him in PA with Nore!

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  • moh112

    still bumping "My Prerogative"

  • E-Money

    Geddy is nice Prospect got a new joint out too...100

  • yaboymal

    armageddons always been nice and im rooting for sun

  • sdfgdf

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  • Stoff

    seriously.......who writes for DX???? monkeys???.....and doesn't anyone proof read this shit....cant even go past the first sentence with this one....

  • kobejj

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  • kush nap

    armageddon is a fucking lame. no one wants an album from armageddon, someone should fill him in. armageddon is the same jealous bitch nigga always takin back handed shots at pun, heres his chance to captivate the people. ima go ahead and say nobody cares. TS died with pun. armageddon was tight pun got a push, instead of him. pun was dead nice. niggas couldnt pick armageddon out of a lineup. all these bitter second fiddle bums are delusional, no ones been asking about an armageddon album. keep it.

    • damon123

      Nah big man you a lame. I loved TS! Im a fan of real hip-hop, I dont jump ships or hate cause someone is not a big star. Armageddon is hot and i love this joint! I see you called the man a bitch nigga! Why? why cant you comment with out the internet thug shit. Armageddon would beat that ass homie! you know how i know, cause real dont do the internet thug shit!

    • Link

      I don't know... Geddy was always nice but too laid back to be a star like Pun, Joe and Cuban Link... as far as talent, I think him and Seis are on the same level. His album is probably 10 years too late to have any kind of commercial impact but it will be good for cats that bumped TS hard when Pun was alive to finally hear Geddy put out a full album with new material since he was notoriously lazy according to Fat Joe. Hopefully he doesn't have too much riding on this joint being successful, LOL.

    • Harry The Hat

      I do. If you're buying.

  • Not A Fight

    Cool and it’s been a minute since I’ve heard anything from Mr. Finley, but dude is back. Ghet-O-Vision is making ish move. I like dudes joint “Cut You Down.” Ready for that mixtape and album. Check out “Cut You Down”:

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