Red Cafe Joins Bad Boy / Interscope Records Partnership

The Brooklyn rapper follows Diddy and his new business venture, with the release of his debut album Red October expected later this year.

While Brooklyn rapper Red Café signed to Bad Boy Records last year, it was announced this week that he is officially a part of Diddy’s new Bad Boy/Interscope Records partnership.  

Diddy, whose entertainment label was previously a subsidiary of Atlantic Records, expressed his content for the new deal. “Red’s lyrical skill and passion is unique. [His] raw talent brings a new sound and fresh perspective from the streets. I look forward to him sharing his talent with the world.”

With a major label finally backing his future decisions, Red Café plans to release his debut album Red October later this year, with the lead single “I’m Ill” featuring Fabolous already hitting airwaves across the nation. The album will be co-executively produced by Diddy and R&B singer Akon.

“I’m so excited,” Café explained. “I’ve got the best of both worlds; Diddy representing the streets and Akon bringing a worldly perspective to the project.”

Red October currently has no release date.



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  • problemz327

    cafe is gotta respect a dude who been grinding since like the late 90's..i remember him with da franchize and he was signed to mack 10's hoo banging way back when..and cash money also..he aint the sickest rapper but if i gotta choose between him and wacka flocka or any of those dudes its red cafe all day

  • DubPend

    Nah i've been wondering why Red Cafe hasnt taken off for quite awhile, he had a hella hit back on one of those EA NBA Live games in like 04. He seems to put out decent tracks here and there so lets see what he can do with some major backing.

  • Rhymin' Daimond

    Red Cafe aint even that tight anyway, i havent really heard any sick lines comin from him, I gave him a chance but he couldnt impress me any way shape or form, and yes he seems to be just another rapper

  • roger that



    I think, as a hiphop community, we're at a point were almost anybody can pen down a punchline and call themselves 'dope'. I might seem typical while saying this coz i'm probably not the first person to think it. That, what will ultimately seperate artistes is only how they sound and their flow, not lyrics anymore. I'm talking these so called Top 5 Dead or Alive lists. Lets face it, everybody can spit a catchy punchline, even Nicki Minaj. I just think this Red Café dude is a TYPICAL rapper.

    • I_Am_Beast

      I completely agree with your point. The abuse of punchlines by the new breed of rappers is played the fuck out. There's only one or two dudes I can name that do it well. It's a tired rhyme device, get a new gimmick kids.


    wow! bad move

    • Doo-Flinky

      joe6packnc336gboro you ain't thoro get some chocolate sauce and go eat a churo ..let the ether begin -"doo" me baby!

  • I_Am_Beast

    Pure wackness.

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