Solar Speaks, Recalls Guru's May Cancer Diagnosis, Defends Reputation

In a recent Conspiracy Worldwide interview, Solar asserts that, "People would not be saying this if Guru was here."

Producer and business partner of late rapper Guru, Solar, recently spoke to Conspiracy Worldwide Hip Hop Radio to speak on the last days of Guru in a nearly 40-minute interview Friday evening.

The interview began with Solar speaking on Guru’s health and when they first learned of his illness.

“[He] was diagnosed about May. May of ‘09,” Solar revealed to Conspiracy Worldwide. “He took it hard, but at the same time we’ve always been of a different mind state. He’s a vegetarian. I’m a vegetarian. After he was able to quit alcohol and the lifestyle that he had before and got everything together he kinda believed in the power of Guru. If you know what I mean. And being a survivor of his career. So he took it hard, but at the same time we both right away looked at it as we can beat this. Plenty of people beat cancer and it seemed to be one of the more beatable forms of cancer.”

Solar also explained that he wanted Guru to take a more holistic, non-evasive approach to his illness but Guru instead opted for surgery which was not as successful as they had hoped.

The New York-based producer and 7 Grand Records co-founder spoke about several accounts that have been published in the media by Guru's family members, former Jazzmatazz band members and former 7 Grand employee Tasha Denham. "These are from people that have no insight or knowledge on Guru's and my relationship. They saw us on tour for a couple weeks, and that was it," said Solar. "Guru was a fiercely independent person. When he got off the alcohol and changed his lifestyle, he changed his life completely." The man added that, "They wouldn't have said this while Guru was here...Guru was one of the strongest individuals I ever met in my life." He added that the two were allies, not enemies, "Me and him fought side-by-side." Solar even revealed, "Guru and I got locked up overseas for fighting - not each other."

Then taking umbrage with the media, Solar said, "I've tried to have my people speak up and speak positively, but the [media], they're not havin' that. That doesn't make money." Referring to numerous interviews and rumors, the producer asserted,  "These are just cowards takin' cheap-shots at a man that's not here anymore."

He continued, claiming that Guru's legacy is jeapordized by this negative publicity. "These are just [outright] lies aimed at me. But at the same time, you're attacking me, but what is it saying about Guru?"

When the Conspiracy Worldwide hosts mentioned accounts of Solar physically abusing Guru, including punches to the face, Solar countered, "Where's the witnesses? Where's the police reports?" 

The 40 minute interview can be streamed here.


  • WonLOVE

    Fuck Solar Guru RIP Premo paying respect to Guru at show in London:

  • CNO

    wait a minute. . . this punk ass muthafucka is still alive??? i swear if i see him in the streets im running him over! fuck solar! rep rep!

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  • A&R

    Solar is such a punk. Taking advantage of someone when they are at their weakest mental and physical state is so punkish. Solar best avoid dark alleys in the near future.

  • Gunn Starr

    I reiterate-Peeps need to not be so quick to judge. For starters we all have fucked up, fallen short, embarassed ourselves and wished some one would have forgiven us or blessed us with a second chance. Look. I admit it all sounds a tad suspicious but Guru wasn't a rapper with a highly publicized personal life so no one besides the folk who were IN his life consistently know anything. Allow a feasible account to surface before you start attacking SOLAR-jesus, if the cat is as he is being portrayed; exactly how long do you think he can keep up the facade?

    • Joe_Mama

      Is this Solar speaking? Shut the fuck up dude... Solar isn't someone who "fucked up". He's not someone who fell short. It's not like the guy made a mistake or something. He's deceitful and taking advantage of his so called friends death to profit from it. What do you you mean "wait for a feasible account" ? His baby mama who also worked with them spilled the fuckin beans. She seen him hit Guru first hand... Solar contradicts himself constantly. First he said Guru wrote the final letter, now he said he kept physical and mental notes and wrote it for him. Then he said Guru started it and he finished it for him... He's FULL of shit... The guy got into Guru's head and segregated him from everyone so who else is going to speak up? How long can he keep up the facade? He never had one up in the first place because we all can see right through that shit. Just shut the fuck up. No one wants to hear the shit you're talking. You don't know what you're talking about Solar jr. I swear I'mma wish for your death soon too if you keep talking nonsense.


    ok ok...yeah, yeah "fuck Solar" blah. Let us not forget what happened: Guru died. Nothing can bringt him back. Plus: Why people acting like they lost a brother and then only cry about "Gangstarr"-Albums which never came out, "because" of Solar...? No more each one, teach one - it´s "the world is mine"-menality. Bless you all...

    • Joe_Mama

      We talk like we lost a brother because Guru's style let us know him and what he was all about. He put his heart in his records and you can feel it. This isn't just about Gang Starr albums that "could've been". It's about what's right and what's wrong. If Solar was an upstanding dude and Guru just happened to to start working with him and do something different then that's one thing. But Solar is a sheisty individual who wanted nothing more than to use Guru so he can be looked at the way people saw Preemo. I don't know about everyone else but it hurts me that he got mixed up with a dude like Solar. Thats why we speak the way we do

  • Joe_Mama

    Where's the witnesses? His own baby's mama is a fuckin witness!!!! What I wanna know are where the fuck are his witnesses? If the shit he's saying is true then where are the people to back him up? Ohhhhhh that's right... he doesn't have any because he's a fuckin come mierda (Co-Meh MEE-yer-da: Spanish for: Shit eater). WE DON'T BELIEVE YOU, YOU NEED MORE PEOPLE... but they don't exist...

  • bsmoov


  • GangStarr 4Life

    Solar, you and your career are not relevent. Stop trying to live off Guru's good name. And no one wants to do a tribut to Guru with you. That's career suicide. Gang Starr fans have a simple solution to all your b.s. Take a lie detector test. Pass, we apologize to you, fail and you get locked in a room with Big Shug, Premo and Freddie Foxxx for 10 minutes. We know your pathetic ass reads everything posted about you so take up this offer.

  • solarisaclown

    He had the shit all on his Twitter pages (his own and the one he made claiming to be Guru). Wtf the man just passed and already he's trying to capitalize off of it. Man....what goes around comes around.

  • Geno The King of Godz

    Takin cheap shots at Guru? Nigga people respect Guru, they taking cheap shots at your mark ass, you dumb nigga. Fucking shitbag. I bet this nigga gonna try 2 cake off Guru death too, by sellin a bunch of posthumous music.

  • Sensaye234

    I'd never call for another man's death, unless I had undisputable truth that he did something unthinkably foul. Ya'll niggas act like he gave Guru cancer. Don't get me wrong, Solar deserves a thorough beatdown, and he'll get it. He deserves to be blackballed out of the industry, and he will be. But all you dudes that are callin' for his death, where the fuck are you when all these other rappers do grimey shit? I'll tell you where you are, you're right behind 'em cheerin' 'em on. Let's not get outta control here...ya'll niggas sound like savages. This isn't a fuckin' witch hunt. Peace, Solar. jk..

    • bsmoov

      It's too late. It has become a witch hunt. Solar will get it soon. It's called Karma homie. He didn't give Guru cancer but he made his last days on earth shitty and turned his death into a circus and shitted on the legacy of Guru, Premiere, and everything Gangstarr stands for. Beyond that, he lied about it, withheld information from his family, then wrote a phony letter and tried to convence the hip hop community, these were the last words of a man in a comma, then on top of all that, set up a fake charity in Guru's name, and wants fans to donate to it? Please!!! Solar is a straight shitbag. Solar brought all this shit on himself so It is what it is.

    • Joey Scarfo

      well...Solar gone get it.. soon

    • Joey Scarfo

      well...Solar gone get it.. soon

  • byt

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  • MPistol

    um - lets make it simple - since all of the other information about this solar dude was easy to find, and nearly found me............. and yet when this dude speaks I get sent to some lame podcast bullshit that doesn't play or download??? yea - I'm going to go with the easy viral media - LOL ALL DAY an let's be real - NO ONE gets thrown under the bus this hard with blatant lies - just don't happen

  • Cuz I can tell that you hot

    I find it...strange when supposedly grown folks....or even apparently reasonably intelligent teenagers equate enjoying someone's creative product (whether it be beats, rhymes, performer..whatever) with actually knowing that individual, having a personal relationship with that individual and are all set to RIDE for this person who has no idea that you even walk the face of the planet (no matter how hard you wave your hand and jump up and're still pretty much the member of a faceless crowd). smh Just makes me think....where yo mama at? No wonder its so easy for drug kingpins to find some peon to jump in front of bullets, take all the heat, carry all the weight and get little money or respect in return....goons.

  • Bauce

    Stop diggin yaself in a fuckin hole you tool

  • kush nap

    solar truly sounds delusional. he doesnt seem to realize his career is over. aint no coming back from this. and maybe he hides his pain better than others, but he doesnt seem to shook up about gurus passing. in fact, its people that havent seen guru in years showing more emotion. he seems more concerned about clearing his name, and getting his name out there. solar says he hasnt gotten much hate mail, and that the feedback has been mostly positive. thats how you know this guy is undoubtedly full of shit. lie after lie. solar also says he doesnt fear goin anywhere and hes ready for anything, so make sure you set it on this fruit cake if you see him.

  • Kelly Powell

    This sounds like more of Solar bellshit, I now see him as dead man walking!

  • Gayru and Sohard

    This shit with Solar sounds gay as fuck. I know Guru wouldn't appreciate that, because if he was gay and wanted to come out, he would've kicked the hinges off the closet door himself when he was alive. Solar's gonna fuck around and get reunited with Guru sooner than expected. This shit is just off.

  • Muzik kid

    the only news i want to hear about solar is him gettin his ass kicked...

  • dj strife

    fuck solar !!! so why were the hospital papers fraudulent? why wasnt gurus nephew able to see his uncle? who signed the hospital papers sayin they were gurus' brother and sister?,when it wasnt gurus' brother and sister... premier said he saw guru in the hospital on his last day or so..why were gurus' finger nails a ruler long, toe nails a ruler long, why did guru have a shaft afro? who wrote the supposed fairwell letter?..what guru came out of a coma to write a letter saying he didnt want anything to do with his former dj(premier)or family then went back into a coma after a month... soalr is mad fraudulent...why entertain this fool whos obviously tryin to ride guru like a meal ticket.???

  • freshyboi

    they also talked to big shug, masta ace, n.o.r.e., and more on the same show

  • researchhh

    well solar i know your reading this comment rite now and to be pretty honest it aint lookin too good for you at the moment! lets face it you looked like a lyin bastad when sway interviewed you and your interviews are stinkin with bullshit!! you probably aint that bad but your in one hell of a hole at the moment.....hip hop hates you ,i think you should fuck off to the rain forest and join a tribe or something...think about it your a vegetarian,theres plenty of leaves to munch on plus theres no internet over there so your laughing...just lay low!!! bye solar DONT DO NUTTIN SILLY NOW!! 1

    • Frank Low

      'think about it your a vegetarian,theres plenty of leaves to munch on' BWhahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • JasonCTown

    "...cowards taking cheap shots at a man who isnt here anymore.." Am I missing something? No one is taking shots at Guru.....but you can be sure they'll be taking shots at Solar....both verbal and metallic.

  • promojoe

  • bedouin

    Why is he still walking the streets alive?

  • Gunn Starr

    Peeps need to not be so quick to judge. For starters we all have fucked up, fallen short, embarassed ourselves and wished some one would have forgiven us or blessed us with a second chance. Look. I admit it all sounds a tad suspicious but Guru wasn't a rapper with a highly publicized personal life so no one besides the folk who were IN his life consistently know anything. Allow a feasible account to surface before you start attacking SOLAR-jesus, if the cat is as he is being portrayed; exactly how long do you think he can keep up the facade?

  • caligreen805

    wow. only a liar would seriously say, "wheres the evidence?" lol even i say that sometimes but on the real this nigga is a faggot.

  • knowledge-of-self

    I co-sign to what everyone has posted. Dudes beats suck and homies lying to the publics face. police reports???, LOL. police were never called when he supposely knocked GURU out according to his baby momma. R.I.P. GURU. so sad he cant be hear to speak the TRUTH. May GURU find peace ABOVE THE CLOUDS!!

  • KillDisNigga

    Fuck Solar!!! Please, someone in the immediate area, take this faggot off the streets! I'm tired of hearing about his disingenuous refutiations and media grandstanding... KILL THIS FAGGOT!!!

  • rensrock


  • dapluva!

    Fuck solar ya beats wack son! R.i.p Guru

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