Royce Da 5'9" Says Slaughterhouse/Shady Deal Is About A Week From Being Final

Nickel tells the On Air Idiots he expects the Shady/Slaughterhouse deal to be done in a week, and what to expect on Bar Exam 3.

During an interview with the On Air Idiots of Hartford's WZMX "Hot" 93.7 Tuesday, Royce Da 5'9" confirmed Slaughterhouse will be signing with Eminem's Shady imprint.

"The whole status with the Slaughterhouse/Shady situation is that it's pretty much done," Royce explained to K-Dubasis and DJ Biggmann. "We're gonna make an official announcement and probably have a few release parties."

Royce added that there were "one or two little things" holding the deal up, but that the partnership would be official within about a week.

"I inquired about it. I sat down with [Eminem's manager] Paul [Rosengerg] and had a good conversation with him," he added. "It just so happened that at the same time, Em had already been listening to the album. For Em, once something gets on his radar, that's it. If he decides he's gonna pull the trigger on it, he's gonna pull the trigger on it."

The signing has been rumored since Slaughterhouse appeared with Eminem in the "Forever" video, and finalizes a reunion of sorts for one-time "Bad Meets Evil" collaborators Eminem and Royce.

In addition to the Slaughterhouse deal, both emcees will be busy on solo projects. Royce plans to release the third installment of his Bar Exam series on May 31, while Eminem's Recovery is slated for a June 22 release.

"I always try and change it up," Royce says of Bar Exam 3. "There was a transition between number one and number two, and it's gonna be another transition. I'm trying a lot of different stuff on there. I'm rhyming like crazy; everybody knows I can do that. But I'm doing some interesting stuff on there."



  • Mardi Graz

    Man this shit gon be so gotdamn Epic! I can't wait for this shit! Fuck huge for Slaughter! This gonna be huge for Hip-Hop! OMG! I'm so amped! This tour is gonna be bananas! This album is gonna hurt alot of feelings! Royce is so genuine. That's why I got mad respect for dude. He's genuine and devoted to his craft. Too many rappers lack that and that's why the game is lackin! Ya'll need to fuck with this! I'm buyin multiple copies when this album drop!

  • Shawn Hooks

    I honestly want to fuck that lil roycee boy, str8 up ben him over, lube him up....and PUT IT IN HIS POOPER. Any1 feel me???

  • Rachael5922

    I think this is a great move, I hope that Slaughterhouse brings the best out in some of the writers that work for this label. I was not impressed with D12's Fuk* University or w/e that crap was. It was garbge, sorry but it was garbage. I think sometimes competition can bring out the strongest players and with Lil Wayne in the clinker and not able to run his mouth we should see some real hip hop develop now.

  • ~eaze


  • Drucifer1983

    Alot of haters, big surprise, I'm on the internet Whatever tho with all the Complaining on this site, I'm happy to see some real lyricists get a major deal, best news I've seen in a minute

  • pienman

    Yo, big ups to Em just please don't do them as you did "his" other artists- "stat", "obie", "bobby creek"..... big ups to hip-hop!


    IT'S A CELEBRATION BITCHES! i'm gonna print this article out and jerk off to it.

  • ShowTimeNY

    Cot Damn! Yall some cynical son of Bithces.. and Im not even slaughter fan. Why are you mad at royce for saying the deal is almost done..Joey and Joel have been talking about this before.. they already made comments about the deal so why are exspecting Royce to be silent? Its already out there tthat there in negotiations.. its not a rumor or specualtion anymore. And why would going to shady be worse than being on e1 (koch)? that is retarded.

  • Its Um

    U know when G-unit first came about, their first album really surprise me. Their tracks were bangin', especially the dre tracks. I know that was a long time ago and G-unit is wack now but I think despite of all the lost producers aftermath let go, the slaughter will bring most of them back and truly do a monster album with no hold bars. I also do agree royce shouldn't have said anything until Em comfirmed it, if it does happen I pray they keep it lyrical as their first and not try to be all clubbin with the singles or loveby or too old school.

  • miller23mm

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  • dillaDOOM

    who else loves this group i mean they seem lieka big bunch of brothers(not black) they havea laugh with each other and get competitive and stuff but they are always there foreach other. four serious rappers, eminem and joey on a track doing some intropsective stuff would be nice, slaughterhouse recovery detox theres a lot of goodness to come from shady aftermath soon

  • whook

    I could careless for Royce' the 5'9"'s words on Slaughterhouse/Shady Deal being a week from getting finalized because his words mean nothing...I'd rather Eminem confirm the news himself since he is the head white boy in charge and right now Eminem is focused on releasing his album Recovery that's coming June 22 and I think it's a bit very risky for Royce to come out and announce this because Royce could be putting his crew in some hot water if an interviewer asks Eminem about this and the word comes out different from Em. So if I were Royce I'd bite my fuckin' tongue and let Eminem speak on this when the time is right because now is not the time...Remember, Royce always has the tendency to do what he wants and say what he wants just like when he told Em back in the day that he was gonna do his album didn't have time to be Eminem's hype man on tour after all the shit Eminem did for him and Proof had to fill in for Royce because of it so this just the typical Royce all over again just thinking of nobody but himself as usual and not allowing Eminem to announce this when Em has alot on his shoulders right now with releasing *Recovery*.Royce is just trying to blow up on some pop shit and wants this deal down ASAP and even if Slaughterhouse get's signed to Shady don't be surprised if they wind up sitting on the fuckin' shelf and collect dust like the rest of the artists who had to go through that over there at Shady/Aftermath because you all know the routine so this bullshit news is nothing to get overly excited about because I could careless for it and plus Joe Budden is as dead as a fuckin' rug and wouldn't be surprised if he wants out of The Slaughterhouse group so anything good or bad can happen with this situation and possibly it may just lean towards the bad because I wouldn't fuck with getting signed to Shady/Aftermath but to each is own...


    no comment

  • Filthy1

    Royce is da bomb! BE3! Shady! The man has skillz and is wayyy underrated. If ya don't like it then go listen to Justin Bieber. Dude got me into lyrical hip-hop.



  • kush nap

    he shouldve waited a week to talk about it then. if i was signing to shady, id be trynna to get my nut off asap too though so i cant blame him. hope it goes down for real. next step, record a bad meets evil album to reintroduce royce to the shady fanbase. do it for hip hop shady. em a real dude, lookin out for the lyric driven hip hop on a major level. yall can go ahead and keep hating, this move been a long time coming. royce and em are supposed to make music together, theyre musical brothers. good look slim.

  • INOA

    And? So what? You still gonna flop. Your album still gonna be weak. Ya still never be better than the WU. (Failed publicity stunt) Please get the fuck outta here. Real niggaz never bump Slaughterhouse. That shit sound like a record with Bret Michaels on it or a WWE Tag team or some shit. Get the fuck outta here.

    • Indiemuzik

      Will you Wu-stans shut up already? Seriously I like the Wu to but you have to get over it and quit your fanatical whining.

    • Drucifer1983

      @ Inoa That shit was a year ago, quit cryin Raekwon got over it, Method Man got over it, Now its time for you to do the same

    • shouldbewe

      solar i know this is u shut the f up beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeatcccch

  • c/gaddic

    @GUnnStar Eminem doesn't have poor production i get that Em isn't the best producer and Dr. Dre loves giving out medicore beats but there on a major There capital is higher and trust me they'll get there signature producers such as Focus, Alchemist but with possibly bigger/more expensive beats Slaughterhouse are crazy lyricists UNLIKE A LOT OF SHADY RECORDS ARTISTS The only way the album will tank is if they focus too much on crossing over and it doesn't work I feel they'll get a formula right and one that's similar to Get rich's formula

    • Gunn Starr

      Thats your opinion and your entitled to it but those producers you named are people who have track records that testify to their lack of evolving creativity-and the fact that they name check producers like Dre as influences -to me just strengthens my initial point

  • Gunn Starr

    great, so now we can expect another watered gangsta rap album that has eminems obvious ho hum production and dr dre's signature 'this is the only way I know how to make the drums sound' style. I love slaughterhouse but they are actually more use to shady than shady will be to them at this point..ah well

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