Eminem's Next Single "I'm Not Afraid" Premiers Thursday

Eminem's next single will premier this Thursday on Shade45.

As reports of Eminem's next album Recovery have the internet buzzing, news has just surfaced that the album's first single may be dropping this Friday (April 30) at 3:00 AM.

According to Philadelphia's 96.1 KISS FM's website, the single will be titeld "Not Afraid." YouHeardThatNew.com reports that the song will not feature the accent that Eminem used on Relapse, and was the object of much ridicule.

Eminem seemingly confirmed the single via his Twitter account (@Eminem) by writing, "I'm 'Not Afraid.'"

Recovery is set to hit stores June 22.

UPDATE: Radio personality Angela Yee has confirmed that "I'm Not Afraid" will hit airwaves this Thursday (April 29) morning.

The song is to debut on Shade45, Eminem's uncensored Hip Hop satellite radio station, according to Angela Yee's twitter (@angelayee).


  • Inception

    To Hell With: The entire Cash money crew, (Skrew Wayne, Bird Brain/Man,Drake), Jim Jones and all his boyfriends, Fuck Teddy Pain (the man who single handedly destroyed all that was good with mainstream hip hop), Screw Jay-Zee (Yeah he tight but now he on dat Illumanati type shit), Screw Bow Wow (what a joke!), Fuck Young Money (more like young bitchez), Damn, where Pac at?

  • Inception

    Lets all be honest here, 'Mainstream Hip Hop' is not what it used to be. These days its all about a catchy chorus and an up tempo synth infested beat. People don't appreciate intelligent word play,rhyme structure etc. They just wanna hear the same recycled stuff over and over again. For the times we are living in, it is safe to say that Slim Shady is in the top three. My real dissapointment was Rakim's 'Seventh Seal', I truly thought that he was gonna bring it! Although a collab between Em & Ra would be appreciated by the true 'Mainstream Hip Hop World'. Any thoughts?

  • Inception

    Facts: Slim Shady LP = Classic (With An Underground Flavour) Marshall Mathers LP = Classic The Eminem Show = Very conceptual but still a Classic Encore = Extremely Conceptual and open to debate Relapse = (Oh Dear!) :( Recovery = Redemption

    • Soulful Beats

      Lol, you nailed it perfectly, I hope Em aint on that 'Ass Like That' and '3am' bullshit with that nasal voice and comes with bars like he spit on Forever and Drop The World.



  • Gunn Starr

    I spit event horizons to rise like poseidon, Flow broken faucet undaunted to jumpstart capsizing- Careers like eminem scrabbling for Chino XL's cd, To have something else to bite and disguise as funny From Relapse to Recovery and still can't rhyme without negativity, Thank God for vicodin or I guess he'd need speak, Rather give cash to the homeless than spend on what no longer effervesce, Take another ass to the face to aid in your albums progress-what else you got left? A spitgame with a non existent fist game? Ah...I guess you'll blame differing trends when recovery becomes a shit stain hmmm? Reaper The Fallen

  • roosevelt

    Eminem to me is the best because he is a man and he admit his mistakes how many rappers you know that is doing that some but they not putting their heart into it Eminem killed the over freestyle

  • Bradford

    Watch this hilarious video of eminem and justin bieber in the studio http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K7-_tT_0FPM


    Em is back. Ye is also dropping. Midwest is officially bout to take over hip hop! anywho, CHECK ME OUT. I PROMISE GREAT MUSIC. IT'S A PROMISE! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdylMPXtisY

  • []D[][]\/[][]D

    I'll let you all know if this is a banger but you already know it's gonna be with a name like that. YEAH EM'S BACK BITCH!!!!!!!!!!! The only thing I want is a straight up battle with him and Lil Wayne, but that would be pointless since he killed all three on there own shit. I can't believe how good this summer is going to be for hip hop, there's all kinds of mc's about to drop dope shit for ex: Slaughterhouse\Shady Rhymefest, B.O.B dropped Tuesday and to top it off Wayne in jail...............Finally!

    • Shogun619

      Brrrr...Wayne broke the law so his ass belongs and jail. Regardless if your black, white or brown you break the law your ass belongs in jail...so think about that before you open your mouth...your just another dumb ass! But Em's song is on point...I'm looking forward to hearing the rest of the album.

    • EvanRamirez

      HOLY CRAP YOU COULD NOT BE ANYMORE RIGHT. but dont forget about Cudi and asher. im pumped for this summer for rap. its going to be sick. your right on the dot (besides forgetting cudi and asher)!

    • BRRRR

      ain't nothin good about a nigga in jail it's the worst place in the world think before you open your damn mouth

  • Danial

    Oh , .. Man , Eminem VS The game !!!! Now who will win The game ???

  • CAN'T....BAN......DUKE....... BOY

    Been listening to Relapse the past couple of days its definitely the hottest album that came out last year.........besides about 3 songs the album is incredible if you go back in listen to it

    • EvanRamirez

      it deffinately was a huge album. beautiful was an amazing song and i dare you to challange it. lil wayne blows and cant even compare to a skit of eminems. a

    • OTAY

      If you are finding yourself "going back" to listen to the album...then it wasn't that hot to keep on your ipod...just saying

  • miller23mm

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  • Ceazar

    Ashanti its time 2 go b4 the tribune, snoop will show u the way.

  • Ceazar

    50 she get 24hrs from right now 2 show her face 2 me or my right hand man gon throw her ass off the Brooklyn Bridge face first. Nicki Manji that is.

  • c/gaddic

    i DON'T UNDERSTAND THE HATE AGAINST SLIM SHADY That's what attracted me to Eminem in the first place Shady is unique funny and just plain humorous NOT STUPID! Why is it sick lyrical rappers like Red man And Eminem get hated on because of their habitually comedic music? Red man is better than 90% of the rappers, internet bloggers and you fools view as top 5 candidates

    • buddah25

      damn just read the rest of ur post and ur wrong again, he's just the best better than big, better than pac, nas is the closest but he's still better

    • buddah25

      for anyone 2 have never heard of redman and still think they can speak on a hiphop website is fucking insane, with that being siad ur right about eminem.

    • EvanRamirez

      never heard of redman... but hes right that em is better than any of you peoples top 5. (unless its like nas biggie and pac)

    • USD

      "Red man"? Haha It's clear that you're an Em stan and you're just dick riding Redman cause Em put him at the top of his list in Till I Collapse.

  • Gunn Starr

    wish em would stop rapping, there are better emcees and he should b afraid-at this point all he has is the money from his other lps because he hasn't broken any new ground since his debut

    • Shogun619

      I guess your upset because a white guy is better then your favorite garbage black rapper....lets see who's album goes platinum this year....

    • EvanRamirez

      let me guess your a fan of lil wayne? well eminem is deffinately one of the best rappers ever. lil wayne will never break top 200. id rather have taylor swift switch to rap than listen to lil wayne...

    • BRRRR

      well you're fucked because em can clearly do this shit whenever he feels like it his "over" freestyle alone is harder than everything else this year combined

    • Halla

      Agreed Relapse wasnt his best work but still better than most these lames in the game. Stay off the crack dude.....Relapse went Double Platinum.

    • Halla

      Agreed Relapse wasnt his best work but still better than most these lames in the game. Stay off the crack dude.....Relapse went Double Platinum.

    • wtharri2

      you are a retard

  • chenjian

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  • Slug-o, on the seventh floor

    what ever happened to the dr. dre and jay-z song?

    • Prophonix

      Word I was on this site everyday waitin for that to drop and now all thei em news has pushed this to the backburner. Thats shit was supposed to drop like 2 weeks ago. WTF. Typical Dre even stalls his OWN single

  • Rachael5922

    mawn i don't get that channel :( i can't wait until it leaks somewhere else. lols

  • 2thacore

    I vote the retard below me of the Island ........... leave quick, die slow///

  • whitepower!

    best rapper ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! because hes not a nigger!!!

  • sucka

    thank god for no dumb accent that shit makes his voice so annoying

  • VanDiesel

    shit's already up on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ssFEKO7l_-U

  • Hurricane24

    It's produced by Dr. Dre

  • dj_noname

    I think the single is called "Not Affraid"

  • James_408

    im pretty sure Eminem is gonna be the most lyrical he's ever been yet on his new Album. And that he wont use that accent.

    • BRRRR

      i hope he does a different accent on every song also i think he should record bonus tracks in foreign languages and just for the fuck of it he should do some ibiza club shit em is a beast and one of the 3 best mc's ever the shit he mumbles to himself while watchin tv is better than some of these niggas entire CAREERS

  • runningfromthebnb

    And there is a rumored track with him and lloyd banks and everyone knows if that happens punch lines are coming to knock people out. albums going to be sick.

  • yungblaze313

    Awww Shit its over Kill ya self my nigga Em is back!!!!!!!!!! Recovery...

  • Veny

    Friday better come around quick or im going to murda someone..

  • chibes

    this album is gunna be sick. Hands down the most lyrically talented rapper alive and has a crazy unique style that he can flow so well to his beats. Cant wait for recovery to come out

  • JShort

    i thought relapse was cool. only problem is it was one of thos ealbume that sounded good while playing, but was kinda forgettable after. oh yeah, the accent worke don bagpipes from bagdad

  • Ceazar

    Steven want 2 trade them hits i got on his fgf and tf.

  • doubl negative

    Em needz 2 release da Premo trax he recorded, it would also be cool if he worked with other real hip-hop producerz like Black Milk, Oh No, KutMaster Kurt or Necro. It'z unfortunate Em'z main audience iz Soccor Momz who don't appreciate real hip-hop becauze this haz affected hiz music. Thoze kind of people don't understand da culture and R only interested in hiz image. I won't B coppin' da new LP unless goez back 2 spittin' like he did on thoze trax with Thirtsen Howl III and High & Mighty.

    • ....

      "real hip hop" Please shut the fuck up with ignorant comments.

    • Drucifer1983

      Calm down with your bullshit, lol........Soccor Momz listen to Em's raps about Rape and Murder huh?? Your a clown

    • wtharri2

      you are blind or stupid...his audience is all of hip hop...his audience worldwide...he has arguably the largest musical audience in the world...he sold more albums in the past decade than any other artist

  • cycochep

    This should be his single http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zOvyXslU6pY

  • hiphopfan2222

    new eminem freestyle over "over" and "beamer benz bentley", and it's not fake, its brand new http://rapradar.com/2010/04/27/eminem-despicable-freestyle/

  • fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuzzzz


  • Best Rappers

    come on Em, make this a Classic, u gotta step yo game up after that retarted Relaspe album, make this a deep album, no silly ish, just deep and lil bit fun, hope D12, and Royce on it,thatz it.U the Best Rapper Alive and the 3rd Best Ever, so act like the best alive and 3rd Ever.

    • yeayea

      You spelled retarded wrong retard. Shady is top5 D.O.A

    • Jason27

      "silly ish" is what got Eminem to where he is today. WTF with all these people saying they don't like him being silly. Its always been his style

    • Jason27

      "silly ish" is what got Eminem to where he is today. WTF with all these people saying they don't like him being silly. Its always been his style

  • []D[][]\/[][]D

    The wordplay was the shit on Relapse, and all I heard people talk about was the fucking accent. There's no way in hell that this man can't be considered atleast top five if not three. So, I agree with the majority on this one and I can't wait for the Recovery album. Plus, the accent was kinda funny and atleast his songs make fucking sense even if it is morbid and twisted. I don't believe his CD's and songwriting is any worse than Family Guy or Television in general.

    • Heat86

      I agree but I have to admit the accent and the "dark" music on relapse was kinda disapointing... But when he released the warning i felt like he was back on track.. Then forever and Drop the World were pretty descent... The BoB track was on fire.. I dont really like Dispicable that much but it gets good when the beat changes to beamer benz or bently...>>>>>> Also I was listening to Paul Rosenberg the other day and heard him say the recovery album is more "uplifting" where as relapse was "dark and depressing..." Kinda like when he dropped Marshal mathers lp which was him going through bad times then a year later he dropped Eminem Show which was a positive vibe album....

    • tripl377

      co-sign..best comment i read thus far

  • I_Am_Beast

    Looks like we're on track for a June 22 release if this single does in fact drop on Friday. With a name "I'm Not Afraid" it makes me wonder if maybe he'll address some of te people that have been tlaking shit about him since he's returned. Maybe he didn't say much last year because he didn't feel he was in peak lyrical form at that point, now maybe he's more comfortable and ready to take heads... Just a thought.

  • billjohnsonmuffugga

    you already know its gonna be tight so dont hate..bet it sells more than rebirth BET ME NIGGUHs

  • b haze

    hopefully there will be a track featuring slaughterhouse. can't get more lyrical than that.

  • Taelyr

    OMG!!!!!!!!!! I love eminem! In fact I am wearing an eminem shirt at the moment and i just stumbled upon the news. EEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!! I need to find the lyrics! I will do everything i can to hear this song!!!!

  • EnFamous

    if yall read the lyrics he spits wuth the accent his word play is fucken amazing and so are the lyrics and methaphors etc... he exposed yall because he proved people dont listen to lyrics anymore... people listen to stuff that sounds nice SMH.... Relapse is sick i wished My Darling and Careful what you Wish for was part of the actual CD tho

    • Chris S

      thank you! people need to understand that by sacraficing any sort of substance or meaning in his raps, he quite possibly displayed the greatest flow and rhyming sequences we have ever heard on a record.

    • Chris S

      thank you! people need to understand that by sacraficing any sort of substance or meaning in his raps, he quite possibly displayed the greatest flow and rhyming sequences we have ever heard on a record.

  • avillalobos

    Waah...waah....accent...waah....being raped...waah. You Em haters sound like little girls. Quit lying to yourself and appreciate greatness while it's here. Eminem is better than everyone, so people just search and search for something to criticize. His skill and wordplay is beyond what any other rap artist is capable of. "Stay wide Awake" alone is a track that no one in this world beside Em can do...genius. Recovery is gonna be another classic...haters.

  • gnyah123

    Relapse was not Awful...yall are dumb...once again it was the best selling album of 2009... ppl hate on him cuz he does the accent....Taking my Ball..he didnt use the accent at all dummy...if so it was only for the beginning of the song/.... from 2000 - 2009 his albums have been number 1....that proveas hes the best rapper alive! relapse was Good...wasnt Good as his other albums...it was 2324 times better then encore...

    • chibes

      stay wide awake was the illest song on relapse. gotta agree with b haze

    • b haze

      there were a few wack songs but over all it was a good album. could have done without: my mom, insane, an medicine ball. but stay wide awake is one of the sickest songs i heard in awhile, beautiful is a great song with a good message, something you don't normally get from em. deja vu is also a great song, those are the standouts on the cd, everything else is normal eminem, sick wordplay and just lyrics about some crazy shit. @mr. hip hop vanilla ice and hammer sold millions of one cd and then fell the fuck off. em sold millions of like 5 albums get real. sales don't always mean the person is a good artist, but in this case it does.

    • Mr. HipHop

      MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice sold millions of records too....by your logic, i guess that means they're up there as some of the best rappers ever!


      Was it really better than Encore? And just because an artist drops a dud doesn't mean their not great anymore. It happens. As as far as album sales, I'm sure you know that has everything to do with him being a megastar.

  • gnyah123

    well think about it....if they SAY the album is droppin june 22...then u have to exspect a single to drop sumtime soon...this month or sumtime next month...so im lookin forward to it. this album is gon be CRACK!!!!!....yall r dumb...he didnt even use the accent that much on Relapse...i dnt kno why ppl think that...he only used it for like mayb 2 songs off that album..


      Whatever, Relapse had more problems than just the accent. It's all good though he's not the only one that's ever dropped a dud. It's called hubris.


    Detox does not exist.

    • bob0932

      I was thinking this until they said that under pressure was coming in 2 weeks. Now it looks like detox is a myth again. I'm not planning on buying detox if it ever does come out, I'm sick of this bs. I will be copping B.O.B.'s album and recovery most likely.

  • cannons

    i like eminem, but i am just not anticipating this album his last joint was a real disappointment for me. i just dont want to hear about him getting raped or sticking a hamster up his ass

  • vre2e

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  • Mark Seven

    I wanna know who produced it

  • Articulate1

    I thought this article was announcing that track that he supposedly recorded with Premier at first...Thats the only news that would get me interested in listening to this guy again. Honestly, Em has all the lyrical ability in the world, but raps about irrelevant shit and has a worse ear for beats than Nas...true story.

    • BRRRR

      irrelevant shit? irrelevant to who? less relevant than "money to blow" or "maybach music"? what's more relatable to you, homie? em's shit or the bullshit fake don money rap dominating the charts? ...thought so.

    • chibes

      em raps about whatever the fuck he wants and does a hell of a job at it. So what if its pointless shit, he is just proving his lyrical talent. Although i do agree that the slim shady lp and marshall mathers lp were prolly two of his best albums. Eminem show i think was his best

    • Gman

      Nas picks beats that arent overly driving so that he can display his talent as a lyricist. Its more about the rhymes than the beats when you listen to Nas. Of course there are exceptions to this but overall its pretty true.

    • yoyo>

      I kinda agree about Em. what are these Nas albums with bad beats I hear people complaining about? I have never once thought Nas has bad beat selection

  • beantwn

    cant wait but im willing to bet it doesnt drop on friday

  • ???? still best rite now!!

    good news.....only "Stans" & non-hiphop ppl (like the Grammies) enjoyed that trash called Relapse.


      Yo tit, fuck u wit an umbrella then open it up while da shits inside u, u ha-ter, they need u, they breathe u, like a-ir

    • bob0932

      @TIT neither of the albums were awful, i give the edge to Jay-z though. Em's relapse was more lyrical but not very timeless.

    • tit

      Relapse was awful and Blueprint 3 was awful. I like Em and Jay but that is the truth.

  • c/gaddic

    CAN'T FUCKING WAIT!!! I don't care who doesn't like it But Relapse can go toe to toe lyrically with any of 2009's albums You even realize the wordplay on that fucking album? Every verse was a literal quotable! He basically obliterated the game lyrically with an album over saturated with serial killing and shock tactics Relaspe was no classic But I have the feelin Recovery will shit on the game at every angle lyrically musically and content wise

  • ImFromDaSouth 239/404

    Yeah loose that bullshit ass accent.. Should've dropped that accent after "My Name Is" think that's the name of the song. Thats the type of shit white dudes do though, niggas don't do shit like that. lol!! He still in my top 5 dead or alive though!!

    • ImFromDaSouth 239/404

      Yeah electronically Wayne changes his voice, but it aint that goofy ass, silly voice that actually comes out of Em mouth non-electronically..

    • chibes

      Well take a look at lil wayne. All he does is distort his voice in every song he does. Eminem actually changes his voice instead of doing it electronically. And last time i checked lil wayne was still black lol

    • MikeNUFC

      "Thats the type of shit white dudes do though" Good thing he's white then.

  • yoyo>

    i can't believe people around him allowed the "accent" to come this far. noone told him it was wack? they couldve saved Relapse if they did

    • bob0932

      supposedly Dre wanted him to use it. Which is why the song em produced (beautiful) and all his recent features don't have it.

  • hiphophead420

    this shits going to be tight, all of the shit em has done since relapse has been off the chain. refill was dope, forever, drop the world he threw it down and he had one of his best verses in recent memory on airplanes pt II with bobby ray and the fact that he changed the name of the album because he thought it was so different from relapse it deserved a new name, this is going to be some classic em shit thats going to shut all the haters the fuck up and show everyone who the real best rapper alive is

  • miller23mm

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  • HWK

    About Ti im now buzzing

  • Rachael5922

    This was awesome to wake up and read!!!!!!! And yeah im glad the accent is gone also because poor person he made fun of the whole world did they probably were not afraid though ;)

  • dcollin4444

    No 'accent' that he used on Relapse??? THANK GOD!!! That ruined that album for me. Hot beats, hot lyrics but saying them in that 'accent' made it awful. Did you guys listen to 'Take My Ball'? Slim is better than that...looking forward to getting back to straight lyrics like the Slaughterhouse gang!


    This Will Be Dope. RECOVERY!!

  • Alexwm

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  • hopondatdiznick

    yall sound like a bunch of fagz man


    It's Shady, so at least I know this will come out. Whatever happened to that Dre n Jay track, Under Pressure? I knew that shit wasn't coming out. News sites shouldn't have even bothered reporting about that shit.

    • Young Makkk

      Lmfaoooo you actually still waiting on that sh!t? C,mon man...It's Dr. Dre! the same dude that beefed with pac cause he took years to make 1 song!

  • DAT_mayne

    hope it's better than that "we made you" he released off Relapse.. don't even know how that song got to be a single..but i will be sure to check out the new one on Friday

    • Mark Seven

      Yeah that was a last minute song he made for that album 'cuz he didn't really have no songs for the radio at the time

    • northsidemike11

      he put it as a single cuz he said he ain't have a track to put out to as a single so he had to make something that could have radio play.

    • MightyMike27

      True that.. I hope it's closer to 3am rather than "We Made You".... I think he's getting to old to be doing that "Real Slimshady"/"Without Me" type of tracks anymore... Give me some dope shyt Em!! That Hardcore, lyrical "Stimulate"/Rock Bottom" Type shyt lol...

  • TU

    crack a bottle was my shit...

  • Asid


  • haroon

    At first I thought it said, "featuring Premier" and got sort of interested. Oh well.

  • BGG

    yeaaaaaaaaaa thats what i'm talkin bout bitches the rap bully is back and its payback time for all u fags that took shots at him

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