B-Real Says Ice Cube Doesn't Owe Anyone Anything

Cypress Hill's B-Real says Ice Cube doesn't owe up and coming rappers anything.

In an interview with AllHipHop.com, Cypress Hill member B-Real showed his support for fellow West Coast rapper Ice Cube and his stance on local, up and coming rappers. In a recent blog entry, Ice Cube explained that he doesn’t feel it’s his job to help the young, up and coming rappers out of the West Coast.

"He's gotta point man, he don't owe anybody nothing,” B-Real explained. “That's just the reality of it. He doesn't owe them nothing. At the same time, you know, [laughs] it's like, these guys ain't getting no love from the radio, they ain't getting love from nobody. But once and a while we gotta show these guys some love.”

In Cube’s blog, the rapper explained that local Los Angeles rappers “can't make a name for themselves so they need help from the O/G's. I refuse [to] throw 'em a life line…It ain't my job to make nobody famous.”

B-Real, who has had issues with Ice Cube in the past, went on to explain that Ice Cube paid his dues just like everyone else and didn’t receive any help getting to where he is today.

“He didn't get no hand outs. He had to grind for everything. He had to work for everything he has. From the time he was with NWA to when he left. He had to grind out after that,” said B-Real. “He did that. It wasn't like somebody was like 'Hey Cube, here's your spot, go do your thing.' You know so, I think that's a feeling that he's entitled to."


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  • TomDuzIt

    today was a good day


    NOBODY GOT ANYWHERE WITHOUT HELP FROM SOMEONE! Including Cube, so no I don't agree with him. If someone works hard and shows dedication then they are deserving of a door opening. This world ain't shit without love.

    • Knuckz

      You have a point but you have to do for self without expecting help from others. That's the problem. Crooked, Bishop & Malone made No Country... saying that Cube and Snoop were not helping the New Artists. I like what Nippsey Hussle said. He is grown man and doesn't need another man to help him get his, plus Bishop was signed to Aftermath, what more could you ask for? It would be nice if Cube helped, but he is not obligated to help and shouldn't be condemned if he doesn't. Bottom lione is that these new cats have nothing to offer and they want a co-signer to help them push their bullshit.

  • Mr.Cee

    Cube don't Owe Nobody shit,but it's fucked up that if you don't come in under that N.W.A Tree like Snoop & DPG,Game etc... That you're records don't receive the same kind of attention that theres does,No disrespect to any of them but it's like other regions don't open up to these other artist if it doesn't have that "Dre" Stamp!!! But tha West Coast has been goin thru this for years with artist such as Mc eiht,Kam,Ras Kass,Seagrams & Yukmouth C-Bo,Mitchy slick etc. 2pac was goin to be bigger than any of them w/o bein affiliated wit Death Row cause he knew how to market himself.The radio play across country also plays a part in this,Like some of the content that Game raps about Nowadays in rap songz such as reppin your Gang wasn't gettin airplay back in the early '90s when CMW & Snoop was gettin on.So I agree that Ice Cube don't owe the Coast anything but I fill the West Needs to come together cause these New emcee are very slepted on but are very Lyrical Mc's the Jay Rocks,G Malone,Nipsey Hussle.... Come on fellas Unite the Coast before it becomes extinct due to ignorance. You don't see other Regions doin this shit.

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  • XpoNdaShaw

    Volume 10. Remember him? Neva mind. The Good Life. Nobody owes nobody nothing. Peace!

  • Its Um

    I hadn't listen to radio for so long, do they any new westcoast music besides Game,or are they still on that old westside shit like tupac, first and second chronic joints?

    • murk city

      here in the southeast you've got people who don't know who anybody outside of 1997+ east coast/southern hiphop. smh

    • Ah hell

      Likewise man. I flip through the radio when I get tired of playing the cd's and it sounds like the same candy rap shit for those split seconds that I hear. 93.5 KDAY plays old school though, but they have their moments where they get a bit repetitive.

  • ImFromDaSouth 239/404

    Thats real coming from a nigga who had problems with Cube. He don't owe them NOTHING, NOTHING!! Tell them niggas to quit cryn!! Hell, what the baby gone do!!


    yeah that nigga dont owe nobody shit.. he's a fucking legend! CHECK ME OUT. I PROMISE GREAT MUSIC. ITS A PROMISE! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdylMPXtisY

  • freshyboi

    cube should just cast all the up and coming west coast rappers in his next childrens comedy movie

  • I'm at work and bored

    i agree, Cube don't owe no new up and coming rappers a damn thang. He worked hard to get picked for the NWA group and he had to work even harder when he left. But then again, he often stole songs from up and coming rappers and even cypress hill so... hmmm I changed my mind, you do owe some of them cube.

    • MalcolmLittle

      @ JoshPWill Yeah Cube had a reputation of cuffin people's shit back in the day, i.e. the hook for the title track from the Friday soundtrack that started the whole beef between him and Cypress Hill... http://realityreport-mlittle.blogspot.com "Read between the lines, and question EVERYTHING." -- MalcolmLittle


      Cube stole songs? lol... CHECK ME OUT. I PROMISE GREAT MUSIC. ITS A PROMISE! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdylMPXtisY

  • Simanga

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      hmmm... CHECK ME OUT. I PROMISE GREAT MUSIC. ITS A PROMISE! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdylMPXtisY


    thats what three six was telling yo gotti back in 04,05 nigga didnt knowbody help us make a name for yourself shit they still dont fuck with yo gotti but look at gotti now the hard work paid off. cube dont owe them boys shit

  • Simanga

    ICE cube is d the real nigger of L.A no doubt but his tied of acting cuming back oon rap that a lame move dawg we see wat you are trying to do Fuck your return

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