Nicki Minaj Rumored To Have Hired Diddy As Manager

After firing Waka Flocka Flame's mother as her manager, Young Money's new free agent is rumored to have linked up with Bad Boy's head honcho.

According to music blog, Young Money's Nicki Minaj may have struck a deal with Bad Boy Records owner Diddy for management. The rumors come after reports that Minaj fired her previous management team headed by Debra Antney (rapper Waka Flocka Flame's mother).

Rumors have suggested that Antney's termination was brought on by what Minaj felt was Antney's failure to keep up with managerial duties. Antney is speculated to be the reason the rapper had to forego Rihanna's "Last Girl Standing" tour, as she may have failed to acquire Minaj's international work permit.

Minaj's possible deal with Diddy could be considered an unexpected move. Insiders speculated that the young rapper would take a manager from the Young Money/Cash Money camp. Diddy's public reputation as an industry manager has been admittedly erratic. While having worked with some of the most talented acts in the industry, artists such as Lil Kim, group Day 26, and Mase, have all left the Bad Boy label due to financial conflicts with Diddy.

Minaj has not yet confirmed these rumors.



  • Royal Harris

    Nicki, If you are really reading this i totally disagree that you should make P. Diddy your new manager, due to the fact when you was with Dirty Money he failed to push your successful career that you have now. P. Diddy has always kept you in the background and behind the scences. I love the career path that u are on now and as your true fan i think that you should follow your heart, and make the right decision and careful decide on you a new manager that is going to be about business and all time and not fail to do as little as keep check on a international passport you think. Loving ms minaj and any decision that she thinks that going to benefit her career even more than the successful one now... Yours truly; Royal Harris

  • Soulful Beats

    Secondly, Nicki ain't even an emcee, she's a rapper...big difference between an emcee and a rapper.

  • wild

    i total agree with most of you. but we dont know if its true yet, but i'll say this. diddy is too full of himself. and she would be fooling herself,cause diddy would run her into the groud. diddy doesnt not make a good manager. and he talk to people any kind of way. he has a terrible attitude. we are not lying. we are telling the truth. diddy is just going to take your money. and run or anyway you wanna put it. i wouldn't even consider signing with his concieded ass. lol. but no1 is going to force her to do. but if she does, good luck with that. haha. peace ;)

  • chonseyt

    she definitely needs to work with someone that has business sense because her and drake should be headlining their own tours by now wtf is wrong with these niggas lmao

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  • Soulful Beats

    Puffy is a modern day Berry Gordy but 20 times worse. At least Motown artists are accounted for. Lol, whoever saying Nicki is one of the illest female emcess in the game needs to check out Tiye Phoenix, Jean Grae and Invincible. These chics will run circles around Nicki.

  • da police

    damm that would be fire, one of the best female mc's in the game, with the all around greatest player in hip hop history. Diddy is a hitmaker, Id like to hear nicki with diddy doin his thang on a track, straight fire, heat rockets, real real tough

    • ladyangel2012

      WHAT OR WHOS CRACK PIPE U BN HITTIN ON? FIRST of all 2 say nicki is the best female rapper WELL i know u hittin sumthin cause there is alot more females out there that is a hell of alot BETTER........ I will even go old school on ya an say mclyte would eat her 4 breakfast TODAY! An secondly 4 u 2 even say it would be some hot fire 4 diddy 2 b on there well u have lost ur damn mind MAN........ besides diddy bein a good buisness man which he is cant knock him 4 that, but when it comes 2 the rappin he needs not 2.. It seems as if u like wack rappers so with that being said go practice some diddy dance moves....... WHAT U PROBABLY ALREADY DO! OH and as far as it bein fire it will never ignite and the rockets will b duds and definitly NO toughness just WEAK WEAK WEAK SHIT!

  • chonseyt

    diddy aint no damn manager wtf

  • atlryder

    TROY CARTER IS HER NEW MANAGER. HE MANAGES LADY GAGA and used to manage Eve amongst others. he's a real big deal.

  • imdoingME

    nicki dont do it!!! puffy is about himself and his dirty money, thats why no one stays with him. mary j blige never signed to the fools label as lil kim refused too. they worked with his shadty ass, but never signed too his label. look at total, 112, faith evans, da band (LOL), yung joc, black rob, carl thomas, craig mack, danity kane, mase, shyne, the lox, and 8ball & mjg, to name over half the roaster. he shitted on all of them. if b.i.g. was alive today he would have left puffy alone.

  • moneygang

    Most likely Chris lighty is gonna be her new manager

  • Mr G

    diddy jump started all of their careers! if they left it was because they didnt know how to take all the advice and run with it. look at them now they aint making any moves! it was better when they were all on bad boy. cause they had money!! so fuk ya'll haters! Diddy owns a mutli dollar company! he's gotta be doing something right!

    • icu ucme

      Yeah he is doing something right, fucking over every artist he's ever worked with. That's the point of all the negative comments.

  • blcknd

    o i forgot yung jock boyz in da hood (he mest them up jeezy left the group before they went down) glasses malone cherrie dennis junior mafia i think were they on bad boys?

  • BK all day

    maybe he can teach her how to rap

    • cece

      no dont neva go on nicki like dat she already raw she need 2 teach diddy how 2 rap he dont no how 2 rap for shyt dont go on ma babi like dat "no homo"

  • blcknd

    baaaaaaaaaad career move for her dont do it he gona fuck up your career he gona run it into the ground i hate win rapper wont to deal with diddy and dont see the patarn are they stupid diddy done mest up alot of career mase total 112 crieg mack lil kim lox shyne ( jail) biggle (dead) day 26 dream kane ( white rapper) danity kane da band casey black rob g-dep markis curry faith evans curl thomas chopper young city that all i can think of im sure there plenty more that didnt even got the chance to get there name out cause he fuck there career before they started to make one

    • LouP

      He ruins anything he touches BIG was his only real shining star everybody else was average at best or he got them put in jail good luck Nicki no gimmick Minaj

    • chonseyt

      yea you are definitely right about that lol

    • blcknd

      cant think of any more but i forgot about mary i didnt even know she was on badboyz but she did work with him on her first album did missy use to mess with him back in the day

    • Its Um

      And the one came out alive; mary J. Blige Faith Evens Lil Kim Shyne (still got a chance) anymore?


    key word (RUMORED)

  • icu ucme

    If it's true, it is completely foolish. Check the niggas history.

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