According to music blog, Young Money’s Nicki Minaj may have struck a deal with Bad Boy Records owner Diddy for management. The rumors come after reports that Minaj fired her previous management team headed by Debra Antney (rapper Waka Flocka Flame’s mother).

Rumors have suggested that Antney’s termination was brought on by what Minaj felt was Antney’s failure to keep up with managerial duties. Antney is speculated to be the reason the rapper had to forego Rihanna’s “Last Girl Standing” tour, as she may have failed to acquire Minaj’s international work permit.

Minaj’s possible deal with Diddy could be considered an unexpected move. Insiders speculated that the young rapper would take a manager from the Young Money/Cash Money camp. Diddy’s public reputation as an industry manager has been admittedly erratic. While having worked with some of the most talented acts in the industry, artists such as Lil Kim, group Day 26, and Mase, have all left the Bad Boy label due to financial conflicts with Diddy.

Minaj has not yet confirmed these rumors.