Big Boi Talks Dungeon Family Projects,

With an upcoming solo album, Big Boi says the Dungeon Family also plans to release four years worth of recorded material.

During a conference call with Best of Both Offices, recent Def Jam signee, Big Boi revealed that the nine-year wait since an official Dungeon Family compilation may be ending in 2010.

“The whole Dungeon Family thing is in full effect,” Big Boi offered. “The family is out here working in Dungeon East, Dre is working on his solo record, and I’ve been at Stankonia recording like a monster.  We’ve got so much music, and we’re gonna unleash it on the world starting this year. I just heard about 10 or 11 songs. My boy Ray [Murray] from Organized Noize just came through and played some stuff with Big Rube and Cool Breeze on it.”

In the meantime, Big Boi has been has been finishing his contribution to the Dungeon Family catalogue in the form of his solo album, Sir Lucious Leftfoot: The Son of Chico Dusty. In addition to the single “Shutterbugg,” which Big Boi says Scott Storch “was sitting on for a couple years” especially for him, Big Boi plans to slightly update his formula to fit Hip Hop’s more digital approach.

“A month before the album, we’re gonna give y’all an in-depth look at how me made it,” Big Boi explained. “We might do them twice a week…one on Monday and another one Friday. That gives people a chance to see real, everyday life—from hitting the studio and making the album, to getting on this chitlin’ circuit and doing shows.”

Big Boi also fielded questions during the conference call, and took some time to explain why there have been so many delays in getting a firm release date for his project.

“LaFace got moved over to Jive with the whole merger four or five years ago,” he explained. “I had been over there jivin’ and having a lot of creative differences. What brought it all to a head is when they asked me to go in and make my own verse to Lil Wayne’s ‘Lollipop.’ At that point, I kinda knew that they didn’t understand what was going on.”

Sir Lucious Leftfoot: The Son of Chico Dusty is currently scheduled for a July 6, and will available in both a standard retail version with 14 songs as well as a deluxe version with 18 tracks. B.o.B, Andre 3000, Gucci Mane, T.I. and Jamie Foxx and others all have guest appearances.


  • micah dancy


  • Jerz300

    Outkast is the greatest Hip-Hop group of all time. Followed by Run-DMC and The Lunch Break.

  • The Original Greg STL

    You know, Outkast/Goodie MoB is perhaps the only rap act(s) out of Atlanta that truly made sense to me. I mean, I'm from St. Louis and shit, but whenever i hear anything from the Dungeon Family, I get a true sense of what Atlanta rap is supposed to sound like (No disrespect to Tip, Jeezy, Luda, ect.). And furthermore, I can feel the Atlanta experience through their music even though I haven't spent one day there in my life. Now as far as Big Boi doin his joint, yeah, I'm anticipating it crazily like everyone else (given the circumstances of this bullshit rap scene today), But I'm particularly more in- terested in what 3 stacks is cookin' up, man. Nonetheless though, I can only hope for two things: (1) it blows my mind to bits and (2) IT DOESN'T GET PUSHED THE FUCK BACK!!! Ain't y'all tired of that shit???

  • deneeve

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  • sherrod336

    BigBoi is dope and severly underated lyricist!!! Chico Dusty will be FiiiYYaaa

    • chronwell

      U right! He was like Rapper Big Pooh . At first Dre was undoubtedly the man, sometime around Aquemini they became more equal in mic skills to my ear.

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  • toby

    finally big boi and dungeon family are dropping some tunes. can't wait to hear everything that he's been working on. guaranteed to be dope!

  • kush nap

    big boi crushing any emcee spitting from ATL in 2010 easy. shutterbug is a outkast classic. internet age softens the blow on these smash hits. this album gonna be nothing less than dope. speakerboxx was raw as hell, big boi never changed. dre got spaced out and started singing. boi still smokin purp pimpin in his gators. andre follow up and wah lah outkast is back.

  • pstyles_2000

    I thought solo ment by yo damn self.. No guest, nobody but me on all my joints. IM SOLO.. lawd this is not a solo project its a complilation. I'm waiting for the next big artis to do a SOLO album with no GUEST appearences.

    • miguel Guttierres

      Well, it's HIS album, so he can do what he wants.

    • dapluva!

      got damn bruh you either down or not outkast can do no wrong over here support true musicians instead of knit picking thats female like bitches do that bruh come on

  • micah dancy

    Outkast has been slept on even though their cd's sell millions not to crossover but they touched me and many others with songs like git up get out and mainstream to many to name and they deserve to be recognized by any artist atlanta they need to pay their dues to the dungeon family because they made atlanta rap real instead of this bullshit going on they need to be in the hall of fame music in georgia

  • micah dancy

    Dungeon Family is coming strong for 2010 and 2011 yall thought it was over for Outkast it's not they are forever like big boi said just drop some classic shit give the game real music today its wack as hell so please drop some heat. D.F. The GREATEST RAP GROUP EVER!!!!!

  • GMAN

    I'm seeing Big Boi this saturday. I can't wait I hope he rips it up!

    • GMAN

      Haha...true true. I guess what I meant was I hope hes as good of a performer as he is a studio artist. If hes anywhere close then this show gonna be legendary

    • dapluva!

      hope???? this is Big boi from Outkast man com on you hope? smh

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  • Ceazar

    Dear Jeff Mullis this is my letter asking the Outkast be put in the Georgia Music Hall of Fame, I was wondering all the accolads that they have why havent they been inducted in the Music Hall of Fame, the Group Outkast has been the very foundation of Urban Hip-Hop in Georgia. Thi is an online application asking that they be inducted, its is only fair. Sincerely Me

  • thizzle dance

    Album is gonna be big. I can't say I care about any of those features except 3K tho


    cant wait album gone be fire

  • Ceazar

    Pls take care any filing trouble that he maybe in or legal actions as a manager.

  • Ceazar

    Now heres wht u do give him an executive job at Def Jam, like the president seat LA Reid probably wouldnt mind and my people will give him a 10 million dollar signing bonus 2 sign wit my label. My people will bring the paper work over personally.

  • datingblack

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  • DmIzE

    why is outkast not mentioned more often as great artists?? the shit they put out is so damn creative/original (yet dope).. i may be missin something but hasnt outkast been holdin down the south for 15+ years??

    • Cam283

      Yeah what are you talking about? Everyone gives outkast props. Who has anything bad to say about them? They are talented.

    • stevep

      yea man i think they do though, im pretty sure they are universally recognized as the GOAT group (no disrespect to the WU!)or at least 99% of the time in the convo...for someone to be working at a label and seriously ask big boi to imitate a lil wayne record is fucking blasphemy!

  • moh112

    Cool Breeze! I loved his East Point's Greatest Hits album. Fuck that Calhouns shit they put out though.

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