Rapper B.o.B Goes Platinum With "Nothin' On You"


Atlanta rapper B.o.B reached a milestone this week when his single “Nothin’ On You” was certified platinum.

According to a Tweet made by B.o.B’s manager, TJ Chapman, “Nothin’ On You” has sold well over a million copies.

“WOW!!!! It's official..196,745 sold this wk! B.o.B "Nothin On You" is OFFICIALLY PLATINUM!!!,” Chapman said in a Tweet yesterday.

“It feels GREAT to sell 1,020,861 copies of B.o.B "Nothin On you! Now we just need that #1 SPOT on Billboard! Go #TeamBoB,” Chapman continued.

On top of reaching platinum status, B.o.B’s single has also been in heavy rotation on radio stations across the country. The video for “Nothin’ On You” debuted online last month and is already receiving millions of hits on sites such as YouTube.

B.o.B’s debut album B.o.B Presents: The Adventures Of Bobby Ray will be released in stores on April 27.



    B.O.B is a creative individual and will prosper and this single proves that! "Haters Everywhere Go" was a classic joint too. He has more in store and is very diverse, therefore he will not be a one-hit wonder. I would love to hear him and 3 stacks do an album or mixtape together, that would be hot! Anyhow...keep up the good work Bobby Ray! Peace

  • hg9time

    b.O.b is the hottest in the game rite now! with wayne and jail aint nobody close!! check out his mixtapes... unreal he is def the next best thang!

  • hiphopscout


  • big braveheart

    B.o.B's mixtape was dope so will look out for his album when it drops, he's got a good brain in his head unlike many others! Lp will be cool.

  • datingblack

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  • Westcoastdondada

    BoB is nice, but the dude who sang the hook is even nicer. that made the song.

  • miguel Guttierres

    Congrats, man! Now maybe people will recognize more people with actual talent instead of people who sing in autotune and call it a day. B.o.B's album is definitely going to be nice.

  • JiggaThatNigga

    he deserves this and i hope his album goes platinum as well. there's a revolution going on and these young talented musicians will start taking over the radio.


    That single hot! I don't listen to radio and rarely watch TV but I turned on Fuse for some background noise while I was working last night and heard this for the first time. I bought that shit on iTunes immediately. Looking forward to the album

  • good shit

    Best "radio single" I've heard in a while. It really is perfect, as I hear it non-stop on our "urban" station as well as Top 40. Sad thing is he prolly won't sell much whereas in the past one great single would do.

  • hiphop11

    great single. come on you homos dont front like a single is gonna be a street banger. bitches gotta like that shit too you homo ass niggas. its a good look for hiphop, nothin on you babbaa,, that shit is smooth. cant wait for the album (but mostly the track with eminem)

  • D.D.410wutup

    It's a good single. Not too pop nor underground. Good to see Bobby get some recognition. Can't wait for the debut!

  • Shyce Mayne

    This is really good for today' s Hip Hop...He has put in work for years and is now getting some type of love. Can' t wait for the album. Bobby Ray is IN FULL EFFECT!!!

  • Whyzone

    feel the climate changing, REAL artist are starting to peek there heads out of the abyss... B.O.B going plat (even if it is just a single) is a sighn of hope! He writes, plays instruments, & has depth in his music.... Clap for em....

  • Deebo Detroit

    i been bumpin bob everysince i heard that ill be in the sky. but i didnt think that he was gonna be that much of a mainstream success so this is pretty dope


    no fan of his but this is good for the game this just show other rapper need to get off twitter and make a hit i like what i like do you get money

  • Dretruth

    I just heard this song but I don't like it but I didn't know he's been out that long. Oh well how times change. Barry manalow is in the house.

  • crackiswackbutheroinisdope?

    damn whens the last time you heard of an artist, let alone a rap artist not putting their album out when they say but putting pushing it FORWARD. i'll but the album

  • fresh22

    Yea I can't help for rooting for this guy too. He has given us (who follow) free music for the past 3 years that are better than 90% out there. Can't wait to cop AoBR. Nothing On You isn't even in the top 10 of my favorite BoB tracks but I can see the appeal.

  • jesterdx

    back in the dy it wasen bout how much ur single sold the matter was bein #1.... it was more on ur album sales well it bcame an obsession after 50 dropped grodt... thas y labels ain takin chances on good well fuck even great artists bcos they dont have a co-sign (shady, jay or wayne - i luv em & jigga by the way) backstory (bein shot, stabbed or locked up - i been stabbed) image (tattoos, scars muscles - got loads of tatts.) i pointed shit out so yall dont call me hater on certains rappers like nas & game etc (i got mad luv for em to) who i cant fuckin stand is 1-hit-wonder-depend-on-club-bangers to get sum luv (soulja boy, berg, gucci mane, joc, jim jones etc) put ur heart & soul into ur music. d-slaughter-12-house

    • MalcolmLittle

      @ JesterDX I feel you to the fullest on all those names you mentioned fam, except for Rhymefest...granted I ain't too knowledgable of the man's catalog, but from what I do know of him thru his interviews and the songs I have heard, I def. don't see how he made that list. Like I said though, I could be wrong...sounds like the perfect time for a lil listenin session so I can find out for sure... *Read between the lines, and question EVERYTHING* -- MalcolmLittle

    • jesterdx

      fresh22 i like b.o.b i was jus statin the fact like how labels keep droppin joints but not albums... b.o.b has alot of potential i hope this news dont pigeon hole him to b sum sort of itunes artist! an for imfromdasouth most of the artists i pointed out have a fan base who jus wanna listen to wat shit is on radio not a whole album... an to air a few others out mike jones, yayo, rhymefest, baby & slim thug etc!

    • ImFromDaSouth 239/404

      The same way you feel about your favorite rapper other people feel about theirs.. Them niggas u called one hit wonders got a fan base, whether they young or just niggas in the hood!! It's different types of rap styles, don't know y you niggas fail to realize that. Niggas be complaining like every rapper is rapping to cater to them or what the hell they use to.

    • fresh22

      I hear what you're saying, but trust me, B.o.B. will not be a one hit wonder. This is a #1 track, pop-ish as it may be, that is still a good song. Hopefully his cut with Eminem comes through soon.

  • TheSophomoreClass

    im happy for him, he's really talented aside from Wale And J Cole, I root for B.o.B too.

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