50 Cent Says He's Recording Next Album, "Black Magic"

The G-Unit general says he has a Dance-inspired track, from his album that showcases his tastes beyond the Rap genre.

Last month, Tony Yayo told HipHopDX that G-Unit was embarking on several weeks of touring through Europe. While there, 50 Cent conducted a recent interview that revealed how Europe's musical tastes are affecting him. "I went to a nightclub after-party. It was different music after a while," 50 Cent said, recognizing that the club altered their set to play his own catalog. "The music they were playin' before they were playin' the music I created was more up-tempo, more Dance. I wanted to make a song like that, so I went into the studio. Because I'm travelin' with my live band, I took the band with me and we sequenced it and recorded the actual record while we was out there."

While Fif did not confirm a title for the song, he did say that he has also recorded two others, to beats he took with him from the United States. The Southside Queens emcee did not reveal producers or additional information, but confirmed his project's name, Black Magic.

"I'm excited about it too, it has a total [sic] different vibe," revealed 50. "I won't allow myself to be placed in a box where I can only do one style, or do one kind of music. They should expect the unexpected on this one. If they can understand how I enjoy different genres of music and different styles, for the people who have various tastes in music, they'll really like it."

In the last few months, artists ranging from Lil Jon to Akon to Black Eyed Peas have experimented with making Dance music inspired by European clubs.

50 Cent's Before I Self Destruct, released last November, was billed as the emcee's return to Gangsta Rap.


  • Get Rich or die trying.

    If 50's next album is bad then rap is dead.

  • clipse51@yahoo.com

    you fuckers really hate on 50 cent and kanye the saying he is in touch with his femining side doesnt affect you?Lil wayne kissing dudes doesnt affect you? Eminem talkin that he used to fuck his stepfather on his new tape doesnt affect you,man fuck rap, its for the gays now, I think i'll go listen to some oldies its more gangsta than this shit now.50 cent was and still remains the most disrespectful and me being really will still buy his shit if i'm the only one buyin it, real niggaz are limited thats why real gangstas feel the squeeze

  • Big Country

    Ok Ok FIfty ima let you finish but GAME HAD ONE OF THE BEST ALBUMS OF ALL TIME!!*Kanye Voice*

  • ASEE

    50's next album will be Euro-Pop. Fucking priceless.

  • guru

    he he told you this nigger is a fat lady

  • ghone

    fuck that noise game time bitches! r.e.d.

  • marvin

    50 cent weak ass hell kanye killed him when they where going at it lol he weak ass hell lol please ggggggggg g-unot lol with his weak ass he aint shit with out banks buck an game lol real talk fuck g-unit lol

  • Stan01

    WOW 50 is bigger then ever! Just look at all these haters! You know he made it. Go for it 50.

    • mAdD cRiTiC

      Yes you are correct he did make it, back in 03 you fake killa! After that wack ass song with Lil Him, excuse me, Lil Kim, candy stick, magic stick, what ever, he fell off. Again, this fool 50 is a has been and will never make it to the top again. Everyone was starting to get bored by his dramatic ass and then he dun did it when he stepped to Game. Game ate him up and his sorry ass crew, on MIX TAPES FOOOOOOL!!! And whats up with the name, STAN!? You probably jock Eminem too and the backstreet boys! SUCKA! dA mAdD cRiTiC has spoken and pissed off alot of of people

    • JasonCTown

      He 'made it' back in '03. He is 'unmaking' it now.

  • mindrelated

    50 is already in a box. Its to late to change it up. You think you didnt sell alot of records last time. Put out a R&B album and see what happens.

    • ImFromDaSouth 239/404

      My nigga u took the words right out my mouth!! That shit aint gone sale.. Niggas aint gone even snatch a bootlegg copy of that bullshit!!

  • jason

    DID YOU SEE THAT VIDEO? "Guys head split in half on ledge jump" CHECK IT OUT http://sourcearticles.blogspot.com/2009/07/guys-head-split-in-half-on-ledge-jump.html

  • mAdD cRiTiC

    That fool CAN'T....BAN......DUKE....... BOY has to be on gay units payroll cause nobody in their right mind would say that without getting paid. 50 is a has been!

  • CAN'T....BAN......DUKE....... BOY


  • 2thacore

    Damn 50 is desperate as MOFO!! LMAO Dude should just give up rapping and become a comedian clown! BTW fifty Self Distrusted when Game left Gunit then he just further proved his hard headedness when he kicked Buck out ! Gunit Fad is Dead

  • KingNick305

    Can he just stop making albums please??

  • Terrence13

    hopefully he just have 4 commercial singles and the rest of the cd be hardcore gangsta rap mixed with club bangers i am a die hard 50 fan i bought BISD i swear let 50 do some gay shit like make a cd that's electro-pop i will not support him and he will lose alot of fans that stuck with him since POTD including me don't go soft 50 i know you got to make atleast 3-5 commercial singles but the whole cd hell naw

  • badazzbrutha

    Fifty gonna go from hardcore to dance/pop and copy the black eye peas, is he confused. he is gonna lose his fan base, but he probably doesnt care cuz they arent buying his shit, just downloading. the little kids might like his bitin ass. get with rihanna, she sold a milli, LOL. where the music for the streets??? black magic seems like he gonna be coping artists that have went platium within the last few years cuz he cant anymore. sad day for 50

  • santi95eminem

    i love 50 as much as all of aftermath, and this album sounds great, BUT DONT TURN INTO LUDACRIS OR LIL WAYNE, OR KANYE AND STUFF, THAT SHIT OF MUSIC TECHNO, POP/RAP BLOWS.

  • wer

    I Love 50 Keep it comng look at all teh comments HAHAHA hes to big! KING FIFTY!

  • Kyor Lohen

    Black Magick seems like its gonna be real greasy, real grimey.

  • CAN'T....BAN......DUKE....... BOY

    50 got the game in a frenzy...............all these comments just shows that you niggas is still interested in 50 Cent deep down inside.........Now u haters is afraid 50 bout to blow like the Get Rich days cause he coming wit a new style a new approach and he'll probably have some guest appearances finally.............When the album drop Banks will already be one of the hottest rappers in the game and Yayo will continue to get his buzz up u niggas see whats about to happen........in case u forgot Relapse 2 is dropping this year that only makes 50 more larger...........50 refuse to let the haters win..........Its like u haters got a bad case of period blood when 50 announces he bout to do something major........If 50 announce he's doin a album wit Eminem you niggas probably would hang yourselves........... Its Its the Unit takeover in 2010 and if any of u niggas favorite rappers want beef wit the Unit they will get embarrass..............BEAMERS, BENZ AND BENTLEYS............G-UNIT SOLDIERS (click, click) RIDE OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK DRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • JasonCTown

      @DUKE, You need a reality show. NISSAN, HONDA, CHEVY........CABBIES, BUS, and FERRIES

    • HRCMS

      @ duke I think it will be good for him, I have been saying that he needed to do something different, I think this will put him back on top of the game, add another fanbase, was just curious how his hardcore fanbase was going to feel about it

    • CAN'T....BAN......DUKE....... BOY

      @ HRCMS........................I dont thinks 50 will drop a dance song like Lady Ga Ga I think it can be a ground breaking sound............50 is in Europe he may be exaggerating just a lil cause he feeling the Euro love but whatever he has in store Im coping it. 50 is one of the few real artists so u gottat support real

    • blackball50

      the only thing i co-sign is fuck dr.dre. detox is never dropping. dr. dre is not even the goto producer anymore.

    • blackball50

      G-UINT is dead!!! nobody is talking about them fuck-up/flops but you dude! their last effort still hasnt went Gold, and it dropped in summmer 2008. what the fuck are you talking about?? get with the real world! takeover???, that will never happen at this point. and how is people lovin this nigga 50 when i have never brought, downloaded or supported his music. EVER!!! them niggaz can get rich off ur money, ur stupid enough to buy it!

    • C-Arson

      I agree with your first sentence then the rest is 50 cent nut gargling. Why fuck dre again?

    • A Omega

      Fuck to all the haters. if you dont like 50. you better fuck yourself. 50 is the boss of all bosses. He is the man of talent, and he is gifted from God. 50 is a real rapper, he is not fake like those rapper's out there like officer ross and fat fat fat joe

    • HRCMS

      @ Duke, how do you feel about him doing dance music, seriousy, because I know you support 50, but I know you usually like the hardcore joints from him


    1st off i wish yall stop calling BP3 pop, that album was dope, lyrically it s better than the music but overall its definetly fire, not really classic material but u can listen to it over an over. "what we talkin bout" is hard. "DOA" is hard. " ON 2 DA NEXT 1" is hard. "VENUS vs MARS" is hard. "REAL AS IT GETS" is hard. "SO AMBITIOUS" is real smooth. "ESOM" is pur classic. So honestly where is the pop? Now as far as 50 goes, lyrically he need to step up, i have'nt heard 50 make a song better than "JUST A LIL BIT." "I GET MONEY" came close but BLACK MAGIC doesnt even feel like it matches 50 character at all. BISD was a dope name for an album but the album wasnt that good, it was "aaight" ILL REALLY JUDGE WHEN I HEAR THE 1ST INSTALLMENT ON THIS NEW ALBUM

  • bonney007

    its crazy how many ppl hate fif and make it a point to comment on anything wit his name in it.....if u hate him so much y did u read the article?? is this what real music fans r suppose to do? find a nigga u hate and just blog......fuckin lame and gay....grow up and get some pussy...

    • bonney007

      my point is this....anytime i see an article with the name 50 cent on it i see 100+ comments of people sayin how everything he does sucks and he aint had a good song since 03 blah blah blah....if this was all tru y comment? would u comment on a franchise boyz article bein they aint had a hit in years? no they wouldnt have 3 comments! its the same people evry week postin how 50 still bein around is ruinin their lives...tru every man has an opinion and the right to state it, and my opinion is people that hate 50 take him waaay to personal! i dont like skinny jean rappers so does that mean i should follow their name from site to site and comment on everything they do as if it really affects me? if u think so then u r just really fuckn lame..

    • CHI-TOWN

      Hate blogs not manly, but expressing yourself is, if you dont like that everyone is expressing their opinion like a man, then you must be gay, or a bitch, sorry dog, if the highheel shoe fits then wear it, and i was saying him swithching trying to do the kind of music that he dissed is a bitch move, cause he spit venom on rappers for using that kind of music, none of us have heard the song asshole

    • bonney007

      r u tellin me that hate blogs is some man shit? not where im from....i hate a few rappers and never go onto a site jus to hate everything they do...that shit is gay...if u disagree with that then your jus a stupid muthafucka! u hate a song u never heard...where is that cool?

    • CHI-TOWN

      This here is a mans place, if you dont like the discussion or the content, dont come on here, and dont be judging, you mentioned the word gay, I just applied it to the way you were acting, with the judging and shit, It aint got a damn thing with being tough, this is the internet dont get it twisted, but also man up and accept the discussions and opinions offered

    • bonney007

      did u feel tough when u said that? instead of somethin intelligent u say some gay shit like a nigga that think about gay sex all day...u get mad when someone question the hate? your the fag not me....i never said i was a fan of 50 dickhead

    • CHI-TOWN

      Why dont you get fif's dick out your mouth and bend over and let somebody fuck you in that little pussy of yours, stay off the site if you dont like whats being said

  • sukmycok

    this is a bunch of bullshit! this nigga talked shit about everyone in the industry for stepping outside the box, now this nigga flopped and he wants to step out his gangsta rap box, LOL. like Ja Rule was too R&B, then he went R&B with singing hooks, next he will have a rock album like lil wayne or better yet he will do a kanye 808 & heartbreak concept album. This nigga been biting since the beginning of his career. I do not buy into his gimmicks, dude is wack. i bet he will do a track like david guetta and akon sexy bitch. this nigga dont stay true to himself> fuck fifty for real. I still have no support or respect for him as a artist. by the way, he still wont have sold 500,000 copies this week. LOL. WEAK

  • whatajoke

    I fucking hate Curtis Jackson, Just QUIT like Ja Ruke, FUCK!! You suck and The World has spoken by not buying ur shit!! ur gonna flop again!

  • DC

    50 is WICC-WICC-WACK!!!!! R.E.D. all day end day!

  • Dj Blitz

    That is one stupid nigga.


    its going to be wack

  • e.

    The only thing that could restore my faith in one of 50's albums ever being good ever again would be if he did a cut with Game like in the Documentary days. But seeing as Game is back with DRE anyway, 50 lost the only leverage he had in that situation. AFTERMATH ALL DAY BiiiiiiiiiAAATCH R.E.D. > Black Magic


    Fif's gettin desperate ever since he got raped in album sales by kanye back in '07

    • Big P 1

      Son, I am not trying to hate on you, but how can a man be desperate when he doesn't have to make music anymore? As a matter of fact, he doesn't have to do anything anymore and his kid's, kid's, kid's can still eat off the money he has made up to this point. To make a long story short I don't think he's desperate. I think he just doesn't care what anyone thinks to be honest.

  • mike



    50 is a joke, this should be proof that you cant believe or respect anything that comes out of his mouth, he talked all that shit about other artist music, and now that he flopped he wants to do the same kind of music he was hating on, he needs to pull his skirt back down

    • Link

      So going gold in the US is considered a flop these days... even after being leaked a month early with little to no promo until everyone who wanted to hear already heard the album? Nah not at all, if anything thats a triumph... especially in this day and age when artists cop their own records even with proper promo and distribution.

  • Link

    Ya'll cats are bottom of the barrell lames, LOL. You haven't heard anything but are already criticizing... thats something I'd expect middle aged women to do, You mean to tell me that people aren't allowed to have diverse musical taste? A nigga can listen to Drake & Kanye because they listen to 50 Cent & Gucci? If its okay for fans to have diverse taste, it should be okay for an artist to branch out... I seriously doubt dude would alienate his fan's with arrogance and terrible music like Lil Wayne did with that 'rock" album but ya'll were crying about BISD being too hard now you're crying because he's thinking about diversifying. Quit crying and kill yourselves already. Chumps.


      Thanks, your mother shares the same sentiment you little punk ass bitch, I just hope the hoe swallows

    • Link

      LOL, you're a classy muhfucka... I like your unintentional humor. Too bad, I don't buy it.


      @ Link its your mother im after, im sure she's the one who taught you how to suck a dick, so i want that bitch to service me, get 50's dick out yo mouth and tell yo moma to come here

    • Link

      LOL @ "no real man ride a mans nuts like that" ... but you're riding MY NUTS like that you fucking idiot. The sad part is, you don't even realize it that you're swinging from my balls like its an olympic sport... BE EASY!!!!


      @ Link 50 is your girl you gay, groupie ass bitch, like i said no real man ride a mans nuts like that, your a disgrace to your city, and your whore mother

    • Link

      All that was real gay son... but since all you seem to talk about is dicks and man titties... I shouldn't be surprised. SMH My 10th stringer is better than your main girl homeboi, especially if you persistently carry on your fag boy persona off-line as well as you do on here, LOL. POW!


      @ Link you take being a fan way to far you 50 cent dick riding litte bitch, is he your father, is link the username for his litte son, no real man would get that mad and pull their panties in a bunch like you, real talk, if you got a girl, let her read your comments, and I bet the bitch get jealous, and think you fucking 50, I listen to music but unlike your homosexual ass i can care less who blogs a negative comment about the artist, word of advice, sense your the ultimate fan you should choose Nikki Manaj, instead of 50, her tits are bigger

    • Link

      @ "HOLLERATME" - BP3 being auto-tune heavy and then scraped came from Kanye's mouth... no rumor... don't be mad. Fake ass hoe nigga huh (LOL)... yeah alright kid - bet the only people you'd say some shit like that to face to face is your cracked mirror and your moms nigga!!!! LOL @ "CHI-TOWN" - You sir are an idiot... Link to 50's cock huh? How creative and its "Black Eyed Peas" - I'm not even going to bother with the rest of the gibberish. @ Jay - No rose colored glasses... just objective debates without double standards and estrogen, LOL. You do have a valid point that if he didn't talk as much, people wouldn't be so vehemently against everything his name is associated with... not that I honestly care either way.

    • CHI-TOWN

      @ LINK to 50's dick, you Stans always find a way to justify whatever he does, he didnt sell, you said the album leaked, he raps about the same thing, you said he was from the streets, he didnt have a good single, you said he was keeping it 100 for his fans, just face the fact that he has fallen off and is desperate to be relevant again, not to mention he's confused and has lost his integrity, he jacked ja rules style years ago, now he's jacking the Back Eye Pea style


      @ LINK did you hear BP3 with autotune or are you just going off what you read in the rumers section, and Kanye did not do one song on american gangster, so nigga dont rely on the sights for intel, the point is artist that have expanded their musical boundries, and 50 has talk shit about them for doing so, but now he wants to jump ship dick ride, and hop on the bandwagon and do the same kind of music, coud have respected the shift if he had said it prior to BISD coming out and flopping, but he's changing up now trying to keep up with the same dudes he was talking shit about, maybe you dont see it as a probem because you a fake hoe ass nigga like him,

    • JasonCTown

      @LINK, come on man, you're a smart dude and you're articulate. But, put the rose-colored glasses away when you're talking about this guy. He has an issue with all these other cats, but it's ok for him to do whatever he wants.....AND get a pass from his fans, even after criticizing other artists for the same thing?? And you're right, we should give it a listen first and then judge. Im just saying, from the outside looking in, this just reeks of hypocrisy.

    • Big P 1

      Nuff said son.

    • Link

      Everyone is a hypocrite in some form or fashion so miss me with that logic Jason bruh... @ YPC - I feel you, a lot of what 50 says and does is dependent on what is grabbing the fan's attention at the moment but I don't think he'd stray too far away from his formula. My point is that you can't knock the nigga for trying when you haven't heard the material yet. As for you other two lames, you only get half a bar... "FUCK YA'LL NIGGAS!" LOL @ Jay doing music from the heart... what you forgot that BP3 was pretty much all auto-tune before he heard how ridiculous it sounded and switched up?? If he did it from the heart, there would be some consistency to the music... is American Gangster Jay-Z or Kanye West produced "skinny jean/backpack" Jay-Z or Timbaland party music Jay-Z or Preemo "Grimy Timberland Boot" Jay-Z... you notice the diversity? If its cool for Mr. Huge Facial Features... it should be cool for other rappers to do different shit... as long as its good.

    • CHI TOWN

      @ Link to 50's nuts lol, your the lame for not seeing the shit for what it really is, remember when the game got a butterfy tat on his face, then covered it when everybody started talking about it, same shit, different toilet you stupid ass, Jay, Kanye, Drake, do shit from the heart in terms of being musically diverse, 50 do shit to keep up with everybody else, making him a follower with no heart


      @ LINK your showing your thong while your sucking 50's dick, the nigga aint get diverse musical taste till he flopped, real dudes dont respect the sudden change, cause it aint from heart, if you hardcore and its from the heart, then stay with your heart and do you no matter what the sells are, he aways talking shit about other rappers music, but now he wants to do the same kind of music, Link you must be a faggot tight tank top wearing fake motherfucker to if you cant see the hypocrisy

    • YPC

      @ Link 50 is a pussy, any other artist and we all would repect the change, but 50 aways was knocking other artist for what he called doing pop music, if he did BISD from the heart, then he shoud be cool with the results, even if it did not do numbers, but to change your style to do music like the rappers you were dissen, makes him look like a bitch, he the one thats acting like a midde age woman, that scared to accept the fact she aint got it no more, so now she acting 15 again

    • JasonCTown

      Dudes a hypocrite, end of story.

  • Da, Fella

    Fuck Da New World, GEN! Population mudasuckas, hate whats da New Hot shit! 50 da Boss nigga! Still no matter what we gonna rep his shit to da depth! G UNIT! FuCk NeW SHIT_ ONLY bUMP OlD Shit!

  • ceazar

    and 4 all u fucking djs gon listen all the shit u said and its L.A.D

  • JustME

    The Fact of 50 cent making a Dance is more than a hip hop thing it is something to give the artist more recognition probably among ("Dancers" or whatever dance-heads are called) so 50 cent making probably will be respected by Hip Hop Heads coz of 50 cent being able to branch out and not just stick on one genre. I personally give 50 or fiddy props for a "Bold" move.Remember hip hop itself was a dance movement in the start.Who Agrees?Long Live Hip Hop.

    • NYC

      @ JASONCTOWN I cosign 100%, 50's image of being hardcore, acting like he running shit is so contradictive to this move, he's basically proving himsef to be a follower,

    • JasonCTown

      @LINK.. So for him to experiment is OK...but he can sit there and call out other artists for doing the same???? Im only questioning how he gets a pass from his fans? He sits and 'hates' on all these other cats and his 'loyal' fan base scream and cheer and yada yada yada. Yet, when someone attacks him, his fans sit there and push the hate button. If anyone is a 'hater' or whatever, it's him. And I dislike that word very much, thank you.

    • Link

      What image does he portray that varies from any other rap artist outside of the skinny jean and back-pack rappers? Why is okay for them to experiement but not him?

    • JasonCTown

      The only ppl respecting this will be girl teeny boppers and Europeans. He discredited other artists for doing this type of stuff, but now he wants a piece of the pie. Smart business move?? Yes, undoubtedly, because it might have a better chance of selling. Good for the image he portrays?? Not so much.

  • jeezyhov

    what a dumbass... ddint he have a hard on for wayne for goin in2 rock as a different genre and now that his 'gangsta rap' is floppin hes goin to different genres too? 'They should expect the unexpected on this one. If they can understand how I enjoy different genres of music and different styles, for the people who have various tastes in music, they'll really like it." he'l do anything to get bak to where he was with 'get rich' and 'massacre'... even if that means singing autotune naked in the shower with tony yayo.

  • J-FAB

    Expect the unexpected on this one ..huh? I'll bet both my nuts its filled with club records and female bitch songs wit r&b hooks.!! maybe even auto-tune with him singing LOLOL

  • Gawd

    Ya really, he was trashing the BP3 approach and now it seems he's shifting towards it because BISD was total BS. IDK, give it a try, hell if Europe is where the money is at, then knock yourself out. But admit your a hypocrite about shitting on Jay-Z and please stay off the fucking Autotune. I won't even support this, only if it's catchy in a club, but no ride play I guarantee it.

  • JasonCTown

    This guy is hallucinating. He wants some dance tracks or something to that affect?? Didnt he call BP3 to 'poppy'....but now he wants to get into that forum?? I dont get him at all....maybe there is nothing to get at this point?!?!

  • ceazar

    50 drop Young Buck and he is 2 sign directly 2 Aftermath, cuz Marion is living a lie.

  • blactrs78

    "I won't allow myself to be placed in a box where I can only do one style, or do one kind of music. They should expect the unexpected on this one. If they can understand how I enjoy different genres of music and different styles, for the people who have various tastes in music, they'll really like it." code for im bout to try autotune and a fake rock album. he bout to bite the n1ggas yall hate th emost. but this is to be expected. he is a decent artist but he cant switch up his flows. this album wont be a switchup of flows just beats/music. jeezy in that category, a lot of NY cats in thats category. luda in that category. i think j cole (as good as he's starting off) will be in that category. in todays music environment diversity can equal lasting power as long as its good music. like for example that do you think about me track 50 got floating around. that bea is sick but everytime i hear it i wish common or someone different. his flow doesnt do the beat justice. he just needs to do acting now...movie money is better anyway...


    sound lik that shit 3-6 mahfia on

  • LAfine


  • "How Could i not sell a million rapping on Dre Beats"

    his voice has changed his flow is lazy if he good just continuously spit hot verses with some enthusiasm im sure people would be on his bandwagon again. Until then i think its time for the my canadian brotha Drake to go a mili the first week. Also reallly want to hear T.I that shit will be amazing, and wouldnt mind taking a listen in on games album if dr.dre is producing. "How Could i not sell a million rapping on Dre Beats" . 50 GO BACK N SUCK DRES DICK N EMINEMS AND TELL THEM TO MAKE U A GOOD ALBUM!

  • Teflon-Don-ALLAHCron

    This "european dance themed" tracks is just a label on trying to make hits that'll get him on the airwaves. Im sure 50 could make some hit records, autoning the shit and with correct production. Jay Electronica, killah priest, lupe fiasco, canibus, tons more keeping hiphop flourshing

  • SouthSide King- REAL ANALYSIS OF 50

    just speaking currently not the power of dollar to massacre times. Curtis as an album was not great horrible lyrics he didnt not do anything there at all the production and guest appearences carried that album, as for the sales the kanye battle is what really allowed him to go platinum. This last album he tried to recreate gangster rap and make it cool again although hes aged and no longer exhibits that life style so no one is really buying into that anymore. but on a quality level i actually enjoyed the he before i self destruct cd i think atleast 10 of the 16 tracks were good. The problem is that there is no longer anyone who tells him what to do and if he feels like putting out garbage thats whats going to happen. If he was smart he would let eminem and dr.dre produce his whole album and decide the direction its going in and also criticize his lyrical ability because as we all know it there is some great lyrical ability in him somewhere just listen to his older albums. For a successful debut he either needs to hit the radio airwaves with something that can compare to a just a lil bit, in da club, how we do type track. Also i think its time for 50 to take on the more jay-z esque approach on rapping as a man and not a gangster. Thats just my take i still look forward to 50 cent albums i still enjoy his music im just hoping he doest sell out again this album like curtis and drop a brick with a bunch of looney toon tracks with abc rhymes.

  • jeremiahftw

    G unit fans have been in denial since curtis. This dude is just not appealing anymore musically. Like dude said his fans and his entourage and a bunch of yes man, and that was reflected in his last 2 products. People forcing themselves to like it only to renege later when it's safe. Yall need to stop for real. lol. This guy does not excite me anymore. His release date will come and go..

    • HisMajesty

      Lol u def a joke ma nigga. i speak for myself when i say i ain't into alterantive hip-pop therefore will give Black Magic a pass if its hip-popish, regardless of it coming from one of my Fav artists or not (if he chooses that direction). I still won't say BP3 was an awesome album, it was, it is and it still will be garbage to me (American Gangster was Jay's best album since his return, and i don't like the man). i hate Jay yet i can appreciate his work, even though he a swagger jacker, the good music won't overshadow that he sucks as a person and vice versa. If you hate someone strong enough with a passion how are u gonna appreciate the work he churns out? I ain't sayin like the man, hell hate him and make vodoo dolls if u wish, but don't dictate to his fanbase if he is appealing to us or not. I still bump GRODT, POTD, Massacre, Curtis, BISD, and all the mixtapes like they were released yesterday and in all those albums i skip certain tracks. They appeal to me musically, if he don't excite you (no homo), then stop jumpin on his posts and commenting tryna somehow think that what u say will somewhow make us stop listing to 50, and make us follow ye with unbounding faith dear hip-hop "messiah":P If you don't want his albums, don't buy or follow them. hell i don't want kelly clarkson or lady gaga, and i could care less what single they got out. BECAUSE I JUST DON'T CARE! now u follow suit and learn to NOT CARE ABOUT 50 CENT!


    This nigga is surrounded by a bunch of yes men and the outcome will reflect this.

  • Best Rappers

    SMH, 50 need to take a break from this rap shit, dude aint hot no more, some of his songs and i mean some, have been ok after get rich album, but the majority of his shit been Ass, he probaly want even break 100k on his 1st week wit this album, Man, remember 50 use to be hot in 03, man, he fell off big time.The only person that makes quality Classic Material nawadays is Kanye West, Hopefully Relaspe 2 be Classic Material cause Slim Shady was trippin wit the 1st one.And hopefully Detox be Classic shit also, but Hiphop Dead tho.


    Interscope, probaly wasn't going to reup with his ass, unless he made a more commercial album, I think its a good look, all his shit was sounding the same, glad he realized he had to grow,

  • khordkutta

    Wait for it..................Get Rich or Die Tryin' (Part Two)......Coming SOON !!!

  • dapluva!

    wtf does black magic mean ??? man these boule hershey dick niggaz need to be ashamed


      yeah Black Magic does sound lame for an album, especially 4 50. I think he needs to team up with good producers and let them critique his direction

  • crook

    that's what you do when your last shit bricked and you realize everybody else is on some heavy pop shit, e.g jay and diddy. so what do you if you wanna make money and save face? you follow trends, like when i caught you wearin them tight shits.

  • eric

    i think yall got it twisted, he did not say im going to make pop records. he is just trying different style beats. if you listen to the snippet of the song from the album rocka bye baby, you would know that its not going to be a pop album.

  • 805'er

    Shitty cents is scrambling for something..He doesn't like the gold plaques

  • deesure


    • HisMajesty

      Hahahahahahaah so niggas not supposed to hav bands jus cos Jay has a LIVE band? FYI at the TRL Final show he had Get Up performed by this Live band.... oh wait that was before he made u aware that he beefing with Jay. ohhhhhhh Jay is such an innovative nigga... *Yawns* get ya facts right gentlemen. and BLUE MAGIC was from the MOVIE American Gangster which inturn was a BIOPIC bout Frank Lucas, Jigga didn't come up with the name Blue Magic to begin with. Jay fans def major stans word to ma. lol wahahahahahahahahaahahaaha and thats how u school a Jay-z fan

    • Gawd

      hahaha no shit huh... SMH

  • datingblack

    Wowwwwwwwwwww!!!Recently, I came across a hot military dating site. ----**Black military friends dot come**---- There are many sassy ladies and handsome military guys seeking fun, friendship, love ,marriage and even more!!!!! Maybe you wanna check out or tell your friends.

  • Jay

    50 is trying to chase that first high he got from Get Rich or Die Trying

  • BWS-Fish

    if ya thought the "HELP 50 GO GOLD" campaign was needed for BISD, just wait til this shit comes out, lol!!! G-UNOT!!

  • Anony

    50 is gone nuts...Dance? crap wht happnd to hiphop?...Now he has a lot of cash , it seems like it's gone to his head, now he talks nuisance..crap!

  • troy

    fif tryin to be like my nigga wayne wayne got styles fifty wack FREE WEEZY YMCMB

  • junMaf*ckin

    That 50 clip below the dance shit was funny as hell...

  • Nameless

    yo 50, we in the streets we want dat gangsta shit 50 fuck the industry. give us some of grimey crimey shit

  • Prophecy!

    for real tho i thought this dude was gone for good damn fifty quit rappin u makin urself look worse and worse everytime

  • uk

    just up them bars and ya good!

  • C-Arson

    I might actually rather listen to BEP then whatever fif's talking about

  • Jason27

    This is going to be awful. Dance beats with his lazy ass, slacked off flow. Its going to be a calculated mistake.

  • amer.....

    thats whats good fif...this shit bouta be big..let's get it

  • DrRapid

    Sounds good. BISD was a good album


    as long as he doesn't try to be like BEP,or that 3 6 Mafia Pop Crap......Change Can Be Good

  • Exodus615

    garbage whatever 50 bring back Buck

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