Promoter Says DOOM Impostors Are "Intentional"

After speculation on DOOM impostors at concerts, a Toronto promoter says this is all intentional, adding that DOOM "likes the attention and he likes the confusion he causes."

DOOM has been causing quite a stir with his live act. For some time now, it has been speculated that he sends impostors to concerts, something that allegedly took place in Chicago earlier this year. That show was part of a three-city mini tour with Mos Def that also featured stops in Toronto and New York, handled by different promoters. Recently, the promoter for the Toronto show took some time to explain how the concert was organized and how DOOM's alleged impostors are a part of an "intentional" plan.

The first of these shows took place in Chicago as DOOM received an unfavorable reaction from fans before leaving in the middle of the set. Once again, people assumed it was a fake DOOM and speculation and confusion started to grow.

According to the promoter, who spoke with Toronto's Mixtape Massacre radio show, DOOM later apologized to Mos for that evening in Chicago, saying he was sick, among other things. Mos Def, questioning the possibility of a failed show in Toronto and New York, backed out of both dates.

“I got the call two days before the show and [Mos Def] was like, ‘I’m sorry to do this to you [but] I can’t do this. I feel for Toronto, I’ll make it up to you.’ We’re actually talking about a make-up show just one his own. He’s like, ‘I can’t be a part of this...because if it happens again, I’m in on it and I don’t do that.’”

New York’s show was cancelled as a result of Mos Def pulling out but DOOM’s people ensured Toronto’s promoter that DOOM would appear, adding that “he was pretty well paid for the show, almost upfront,” so the show in Toronto was still on.

While speaking with DOOM's road manager, he said he found out that this is all a plan. “This is DOOM’s loophole,” he said, adding that DOOM’s road manager replied by saying DOOM always goes to the shows, insinuating that Daniel Dumile, the man behind the mask, doesn’t always necessarily have to show up, as long as someone in a DOOM mask does.  

“They’ve been doing this. It’s all intentional. I’m like, ‘I’m all for art but there’s a better way to do this. What you’re doing is bordering on fraud.’ [DOOM's road manager said], ‘We always say DOOM’s coming.’ But, the perception! That’s what I’m talking about.”

“What people saw, what happens with him is not a mistake. It’s engineered. What goes on…This whole thing, he likes that. This is the whole plan. He likes attention and he likes that confusion he causes with people.”

That confusion led to a start that had fans booing at the Toronto show. A fake DOOM first entered the stage to perform to a confused crowd but the real DOOM soon followed.

Still, the Toronto show went on later than expected and resulted in mixed reaction from the crowd according to some fans at the show. The promoter says that he personally made sure Dumile was present. Nevertheless, he adds that the show wasn't as successful as he had hoped it would be.

“To add insult to injury, his show was, let’s put it this way, sub-par,” he added.

In his interview with HipHopDX last year, DOOM explained how he viewed "impostors" and this whole situation.

"Here's how I look at it, because the wording in there is kinda funny. 'Impostor.' Impostor would imply that the character. I liken it to this: I'm a director as well as a writer. I choose different characters, I choose their direction and where I want to put them. So who I choose to put as the character is up to me. The character that I hired, he got paid for it. There's no impostor. ...When I go to a show, I'm going to hear the music. I'm not going to see no particular person....Any cats that are coming to see me as a physical person, I can switch the [actor] any time. I'm not gonna play the part of that character every time. Like how [actors] changed through the Batman series, where it was George Clooney [and] it switched like five [other actors]."

"...So when you come to a DOOM show, I'm letting all the cats know now, come to hear the show and come to hear the music. To see me? Y'all don't even know who I am! ...Technology makes it possible for me to still do music and not have to be any particular place. I'm using all that. I'm using every aspect at my disposal to project my creative thoughts. Either people gonna get it or they not. But I'll tell you one thing, if you're coming to a DOOM show, don't expect to see me, expect to hear me or hear the music that I present. And it's gonna be a unique experience every time. So that's all I have to say about that."

A video of the fake DOOM and the real DOOM is below.



  • PATHH88

    just remember all caps when you spell the man's name... Whatup ? To all rappers SHUT UP, and while you shutting up, put a shirt on at least a button up, YUK is they rappers or stripping males ? Out of work jerks since they shut down Chippendales, they chippin nails, DOOM tipping scales, let alone the pre-orders they counting off shipping sales...

  • Cody

    "Welcome to the show Remember whatever you do, do not boo the flow Schooled the dumb on the number one rule of thumb What a fool; still you never met a cooler bum Give the drummer some rum, I'm sure he could use a shot Just to get his cues hot, ensure he don't lose his spot A stranger who speaks to you vocal Danger made the beat, get a freak to do the bogle" One of his songs from 'The Mouse and The Mask', possibly referencing this topic. I fucking love DOOM.

  • nosaM

    See...this is part of the reason why legitimate hip hop artists have a hard time getting respect from other genres of music. You think Robert Plant would have pulled this if he had gotten caught with a stand in at a Led Zepplin show? Or Jim Morrison if he had missed a Doors show? Cmon man...Im all for creativity, I love the Gorillaz, but what DOOM is talkin about here is way different. I respect him for his music and his creativity on CD, but I wont be going to see a DOOM show any time soon. Hip hop usually doesnt translate to live shows all that well anyways.

  • Luna

    It's getting people talking isn't it? That's what he wants. The more of an enigma he is, the more attention (positive or negative) will be brought to the music. If you're pissed about the shows, then don't buy tix, but don't bash the skills you suckas. Doom is one of the most original, creative artists out there. He's showed everytime I bought tix and f#%*ing ripped it every time. ALL and I really mean ALL of his albums are dope. Keep em guessing Doom!

  • Luna

    Well, it's getting people talking isn't it? That's what he wants. The more of an enigma he is, the more attention will be brought to the music. If you are pissed, don't buy tix to his show, but don't bash the skills man. That dude is one of the most original, creative artists I can think of. He's always showed up to the shows I've been to and he f*%#ing rips it every time. ALL and I really mean ALL of his albums are dope. Keep em guessing DOOM. What will his next move be?

  • hza

    you can listen to the whole interview here: In all it's glory. Shouts to anonymous who showed me this was up. pce.

    • I'm at work and bored

      ahahaha. this fat ass even faked a show in London. ahahahaha. what a douche.

  • bsmoov

    Doom is straight Crazy!!! Man people pay hard earned dollars to see THAT artist perform not a fake or a phony. It's like paying to see a Lebron play. U want to see Lebron not a Lebron look alike. Doom is a fraud and I will NEVER see a Doom show ever. This dude is NUTS!!!

  • mr. gimik

    lol n people hate on wayne 50 and groups like icp. atleast they peform all duties to their jobs as entertainers smh

  • I'm at work and bored

    Hi, I'm MF DOOM. I'm a lazy phat phoney who's carreer ended after 3rd Bass's Gas Face video. So i decided to pretend that I'm a villan from a comic book, wear a mask and drop some rhymes like dime. eventhough i don't even rhyme on beat, my songs have no hooks or chorus, and I don't even show up to my own concerts and yet all these morons still love me and support me because my fans love gimmicks. i can kick rhymes that makes no sense all day long but my fans thinks it's some intelligent shit because why? Because I'm Fat and I wear a Mask.

  • sunofman7

    yall do realize DOOM is a character right...he wears a mask where most dont know what he looks like anyway so u dont like DOOM for his look but his sound so what does it matter...I think its brilliant and adds to the mystery he just has to get better stunt doubles or start ryhming with his mask off

  • RSJ

    I mean, I appreciate the philosophy, but overall, the nail was hit on the head, there's gotta be a better way to express it (honestly, i think it's achieved with the many superhero/villain aliases alone). And, "technology makes it possible for [him] to still do music and not have to be any particular place"? That just sounds like people paying hella cash to basically hear his cds played from bigger speakers than most people have at home. If he wants to redeem the confusion he purposely inflicts on his fans, he needs to make it clear that it's a spectacle of sorts, so if the audience sees and understands where he's coming from, it can only strengthen the fanbase, right?

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  • LAfine


    Toronto is the screwface capital!!! Not suprised to hear that they booed the imposter.

  • crackaclocka

    DOOM is that nigga!! Fuck dem cracka ass suckas who still pay!! DOOM get your money my g, Super villainy!!!

  • man the general TELLEM

    i saw doom and it was horrible i like his records shows are supposed to be an intimate experience sending someone who doesnt project the voice that faces the product is fraud they pay to hear the voice they pay to see the body the voice comes from now they will pay KNOWING they are seeing an imposter but the chance to see the real doom? one never knows

  • mike

    yaw are fucking idiots. Listen to One Beer and he explains what he does at concerts. doom is a fuckin genius, but we need another madvillany.

    • harris89

      LOL, you retarded ass fans get fucked over by this dude when you drop your hard earned money for a show and then you call him genius. Jesus CHRIST some of you are FUCKING STUPID.

  • J

    All you people who pay to see hip-hop artists live are fools anyway. There are only a hand full of hip-hop artists that you pay to see live: Mos Def, The Roots, J-Live, Kweli, Wyclef. They put on dope live shows. Everyone else is just out there rhyming to the record (if their boys aren't rhyming it for them). Hip-hop is good music, but not for live performances. Those singer analogies you guys made are way off base. You pay to hear a singer's voice, and you pay to hear a rapper talk. Keep wasting your money while DOOM and most others stand on the stage reciting the lyrics with their crew and laugh all the way to the bank. Don't hate DOOM because he has figured this out, and wants to wee how many morons give him money for nothing...

  • Ketchums

    What's hilarious is that EVERYTHING - the fan complaints, the articles, the comments, the interviews, even the other artists backing out - is all part of making the legacy of what DOOM wants. Anyone who has a problem with it shouldn't contribute to it at ALL - don't comment on articles, don't buy tickets, don't do ANYTHING.Because everyone's reaction, positive or negative, are empowering him to do it more, lmao He's really one of the only true villains in rap. Probably him and 50.

    • jeremiahftw

      uh this isn't hollywood.. and there is nothing diabolical about lying to your fans and cheating their time. This guy is just making an ass out of himself... this won't cause him to live in infamy , it just makes him an self centered douche bag that doesn't care about his fans. He's no Joker. He's just a douche that plays off of the gullibility of people who support his livelihood and give him too much credit..There's nothing the least bit admirable or appealing about that. There's no profound plot or bigger picture in what he's doing. People don't even know this guy... so please don't preposterously compare him to 50 cent.

  • BWS-Fish

    Never been a massive fan, but i do listen to his stuff occassionally. People on here who are saying he is a shit rapper becuz he duznt go to the shows are retarded. That has nothing to do with his ability. As for his ability as a showman to entertain his fans, there is quite clearly no one worse and i will NEVER pay to see this lying bitch.

  • nyblackguys

    People always like celebrities, but I think those in uniform deserve more respect. They defend our country and safeguard our policy. Join, show your love and respect to our military heroes.


    when an imposter comes and lip syncs there is no energy in the crowd ive seen one of his live shows on where it was actually him and it was awesome he was drunk and his flow and delivery was messy but there was loads of energy in the room and it was great however doom is a dick and i will not be booking any of his shows people dont go to live shows to hear the music they could do that on an ipod its all about being live

  • MusicFiend

    DOOM is a real stupid dude. Love the music but really. If ppl weren't paying to see specific ppl they would go see goddamn cover bands at bars for free. You pay for Doom, you want the same dude on the albums. Imagine going to a Metallica show and a bunch of random dudes start playing! You'd be like "give me my fucking money back", same shit with Doom, just cuz you wear a mask doesn't absolve you of you job as a musician....and the batman analogy is retarded.

  • USD

    FUCK MF DOOM born like this was disappointing and his lyrical shtick is over I'm starting to see how wack he is... "I'm like anywho's Seeds walkin' all out in street without any shoes I guess it's better than some funky socks You need to get her some skips before she catch the monkey pocks" -Doom on Vomitspit What the fuck is monkey pocks? Shit is corny.

    • Rush If you want to know its right here, look up the words you do not understand instead of making a face and calling it crap.

    • Bauce

      You listen to DOOM for his funky ass beats before lyrics IMO. He be sayin weird shit

    • me

      Monkey "pox" my friend. I believe it is similar to chicken pox, a sickness of some sort.


    MF DOOM sucks balls. When was he ever good? I cannot understand how anyone can justify still going to his shows after he admits to being a bitch. His impostor in Chicago is lucky he wasn't killed. Going to an MF DOOM show is like knowingly buying a dummy bag. Someone needs to rip off his mask and face fuck this clone. No homo.

  • kasperdmv

    HAHA, DOOM really playin up the "Super Villain" Character with all that different actor talk. I've seen DOOM in concert years ago with Kweli and it was definitely him. He came out in aqua teen pajamas and a stuffed meatwad. This was right after Madvillain dropped. It was half real live, half a lil lazy but good...but i can't imagine a fake tryin to pull off his set. It might just be unbearable.

  • soma79

    i really don't care if he never shows up for another show again. i love DOOM and i'll buy everything he puts out.

  • franvo

    A real piece of shit. I've never...never.... seen an artist behave so selfishly. Did this fucker seriously just try to rationalize duping his fans? If people didn't care about the visual aspect of an artist's act they wouldn't go to the concert, they'd buy the album. He can't seriously believe that poor ass excuse? Concerts don't prioritize sound... for the state of the art sound people listen to fucking cd's. They go to concert for the atmosphere and physical proximity. They are PAYING you see YOU.. you fucking idiot. This guy such a douche. He even threw mos def under the buss. Way to put up a communication barrier between you and your fans. No wonder you're still a grown man playing dress up like that shit works. I cant stand this dick head.

    • Rush

      Well what you said is only half true. Honestly more than just seeing a musician because you can see the musician on a music video. Yes I agree that you want to have the experience of the person you like listening to but honestly it has to do with both the visual and verbal. You want to be there to see the person work there lyrical magic or what have you. A concert is simple more personal. On the other hand I can see what he is trying to say. DOOM is a idea a image of sort. If he wasn't, then would have just rapped under his own name.

  • phil

    Seriously, the whole point of going to a live show is to SEE AND HEAR THE ARTIST PERFORM THEIR MUSIC LIVE!!! If I just wanted to hear the music off the disc I can stay home and blast the album for free. If I go to a DOOM show I want to see Daniel Dumile AS DOOM PERFORMING!!! Whats this guys deal?!

  • Whiterthanmost

    Hey, little do people know...I actually stood in for mos def at a show last week...

  • Denizen

    This guy is a fucking FRAUD. Anybody supporting this non-sense and backpedaling is deserved of a shotgun blast to the knees.

  • ojk

    DOOM IS AN IDIOT! THIS IS FRAUD - straight up. His concept is retarded. What would happen if Beyonce just had a stunt double show up to a concert?????

  • A.S.

    So he's an attention-seeking recluse then?

  • Real

    doom's got talent, but this shit is getting real old.


    if i ever booked this fool and he pulled this bullshit i would bust his weirdo ass! word up! this is not acceptable! there is no point in going to see this guy doom if he aint there. stay home and listen to the record if u want.

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