Hip Hop Album Sales: The Week Ending 2/7/2010

Lil Wayne's Rebirth comes in #2, but behind who? Alicia Keys is days away from platinum, Black Eyed Peas from double, and 50 Cent gains 17 spots.

Lil Wayne's Rebirth sold an impressive 175,000 debut week units. The Cash Money/Universal Motown project benefited from Wayne being in headlines for both his (now postponed) jail sentence, but also being one of the celebrity faces to the New Orleans Saints Super Bowl victory in Miami. Weezy F.'s Auto-Tune heavy Rock experiment with Cool & Dre could not budge Country/Pop act Lady Antebellum's Need You Now, who assumed #1 for a second straight week. Numerous radio stations yesterday were doing special Young Money dedications to honor Wayne's reporting to Riker's Island. Next week will show if that gave Rebirth any chance of a second run at #1.

With The 2010 Grammy Awards on Sunday, the charts reflected a who's who of nominees. For starters, Capitol Records' compilation of nominees, which included The Black Eyed Peas, bounced back to #5. Those same Peas are within a thousand units sold to take The E.N.D. to double-platinum. The release likely crossed that mark Monday or Tuesday, though Interscope Records has yet to confirm.

Michael Jackson's This Is It fell six spots on the charts. The Epic Records soundtrack companion to the summer film surged 11 spots. Alicia Keys' Element Of Freedom and Beyonce's I Am...Sasha Fierce battled it out on the charts. The two were less than 600 units apart, as a rounded figure shows that Keys will see her latest platinum plaque as of next week's review. J Records has yet to confirm.

* Please note: figures below approximated to nearest thousandeth.

Top 200 Album Sales (Top 5 Hip Hop/R&B)

Rank Artist Album This Week Est. Total
2 Lil Wayne Rebirth
176,000 176,000
5 Various Artists 2010 Grammy Nominees
71,000 165,000
6 Black Eyed Peas The E.N.D. 70,000 1,999,000
11 Michael Jackson's This Is It
35,000 1,439,000
13 Alicia Keys Element of Freedom
34,000 1,000,000

Lil Wayne and teammates' We Are Young Money still are short of 300,000. As predicted, the charts boasted numerous Young Money/Cash Money acts, including Rebirth, We Are Young Money, Jay Sean's debut, Birdman's latest, Drake's EP, and even former Hot Boy Juvenile.

Although numbers were tallied prior to his Super Bowl pre-game performance Jay-Z's Blueprint 3 saw an excellent week in sales growth. The Atlantic Records-distributed break from Def Jam climbed 10 spaces. Eminem's Relapse climbed seven spots, as the release aims to go double platinum by mid-March.

Drake's So Far Gone EP was just barely out of Top 50. The fall debut release approaches 400,000, and remains Drake's starting point, with a gold plaque likely in sight. 50 Cent's Before I Self Destruct gained 17 spots last week. This could be another album, that with radio support of a new single, could reach gold status by early spring.

Rank Artist Album This Week Est. Total
28 Young Money We Are Young Money
21,000 291,000
30 Jay-Z Blueprint 3
19,000 1,597,000
34 Eminem Relapse
18,000 1,824,000
53 Drake So Far Gone
12,000 369,000
69 50 Cent Before I Self Destruct
8,500 387,000

Despite hope from some, neither powerful east coast deejay, Statik Selektah, nor DJ Green Lantern cracked the charts with debut albums last week. Can hiatus-breakers Sade or Gil Scott-Heron shake things up next week? Stay tuned.


  • PMiller

    Album sales or no album sales... Lil Wayne murders! 176 is pretty good for a record with no radio play and a rapper on rock beats. I don't personally like most of the album, but Wayne is the best RAPPER Alive! 50 was a fad and Wayne is the fad right now, but regardless, Wayne smashes over 50. 50's flow is repetitive. Wayne is just mad creative with his variation on rhymes and words. Plus, the guy deserves his success cuz he puts in way more work than anyone else with the exception of Kanye.

  • sales ???

    i though 50 cent went gold already... according to RIAA http://www.riaa.org/goldandplatinumdata.php?table=SEARCH just search Before I Self Destruct - 50 Cent

  • Dog Mananical

    LOL @ 170,000 being called IMPRESSIVE! LOL @ Wayne being called "Experimental" cause he sung like an underwater robot over boring rock riffs and down sound pump kicks. Also I gotta LOL at one more thing. LOL @ a country star- (COUNTRY THE WORSE MUSIC EVER IMO ESPECIALLY 2010 COUNTRY POP) beating out HIP HOP. I don't wanna say it's dead, but DAMN. Sorry for caps. Check out this underground rap. I KNOW YOU HATE IT BUT CLICK MY NAME- Free music, picture, and comics in PDF format. Lol!

    • 919NC

      you're forgetting that white people are the majority in the US, so its nothin for a country singer who white people like to beat out a rapper and most blacks don't even buy cds like that

  • unterschleif

    Going from one million to 176k that´s called a flop. I expected Relapse would sell more after it received a grammy, it will take him months to go double platinum 50 is done, I mean for real, 387k since November...that´s poor. So far gone sells pretty good for an EP, will outsell BISD. And Blueprint doin better than Relapse compared to the same time periode. It would have outsold Relapse if Eminem aint drop refill

  • peter cottonmouth


  • Fidel Castro

    I read all that bullshit bickering and everybody is confused as to what kind of album rebirth is. Baby even said it, Rebirth is not a rock album. If that was rock then I the fuckin pope.It has synth beats and ethereal soundin bullshit sounds like a fuckin 80's movie. Only a guitar riff every once in a while. Auto tune come on. That is no fuckin rock album. Thats an excuse and thats all it sounds like. Whining ass Wayne Stans making excuses why the shit aint sellin. Spit the dick out!

  • Shawty Ace#1 fan

    people are getting tiredx of lil wayne now he is doing too muxch he needto stay off that coke and lean and slow down and take a break.... Everybody making a big deal about album sales doin bad albums havent always sold millions if you do your research on music backin the day b4 NWA rap albums almost never really did well really albums perions if you sold close to gold u did good..everybody start makin a big deal cuz platinum was the new thing but nothing last forever Follow @ shawtyacegetem

    • BigBM

      Lil Wayne been off the lean for over a year now man so where you been? How can you hate on the hardest working hiphop artist since 2pac?? And as far as hiphop sales before NWA, there were no where near the fans there are today and piracy is whats killing the industry. Theres more fans then ever and if there was no bootlegging they would make plat ablums 5 mill just like they raised it in the 80's. Gold used to be 1 mill sold man do your research!!!


    Look at Before I Self Destruct's sales and then look at Drake's So Far Gone. Don't forget So Far Gone is an EP

  • pig face


  • CAN'T....BAN......DUKE....... BOY


  • sam

    50 cent- So disrespectful-IS FIRE!! CHECK OUT BANKS NEW SINGLE FT JUELZ

  • Nico 2

    Rebirth isn't as bad as people are making it out to be, but to go from 1 million sold in a week to 176,000, says something about how fickle people are. It should also convince labels to stop delaying release dates. If this had come out when it was supposed too, it probably would have sold alot more.

    • BigBM

      Do some math man its 83 percent you ignorant fuck! Its mainly cuz most of his fans are just hiphop fans not rock. and I agree with nico that if it would have come out a month and a half ago like it should of then he wouldve sold atleast twice as much. Got leaked about a month ago that really hurt!!!!

    • Truest HipHop Fan

      Would have, shmood have. Fuck outta here. Rebirth is a terrible album, that's why 90% of the 1 million fans that bought Tha Carter III first week didn't buy this excuse of an album.

  • Spartacus

    50 cent is a Clown!... he blew up because Dre and Em signed him. Now them, as well as the rest of the world are tired of him TURNING HIP HOP INTO A CIRCUS! and always needing to beef with someone to promote is his garbage I stole Ja Rules Style CD.... look what all that how to rob shit and all that singing got him no where but "selling" (alegededly in some cases) as many CD's in a month than EM sold on day one. G-Unot

    • d-boy

      quiet dogs bite hard lmao hoe ass white boy i 50 cent is far from the best but everybody who has a problem with the man has not done what hes done im not dick riding its facts d-boy detroit boy get it right loud mutt

    • d-boy

      quiet dogs bite hard lmao hoe ass white boy i 50 cent is far from the best but everybody who has a problem with the man has not done what hes done im not dick riding its facts d-boy detroit boy get it right loud mutt

    • CAN'T....BAN......DUKE....... BOY


    • Quiet Dog Bite Hard

      D-boy (duke boy???), you must actually be 50 cent. Still all hung up on previous album sales and leaks, whaa whaa whaaaa. The 50 cent wave has crashed, believe that. Game harder than 50, even if you say he's fake. Kanye turns everything he touches to gold, even if you say he's homo. Ross album doin better than BISD, even if you say he's a cop. Wayne got balls to do his own thing, even if you say he's homo. People like Curtis hurt rap with fake ass personas. And oh yeah, he can't act for shit.

    • d-boy

      internet gangstas yall niggas funny a nigga not gonna sell millions when your album is leaked a month early even with one album not doing so good he still sold records more than everybody he had beef with and got more money than them and bisd was a dope album but with a name like spartacus you probly like fake bloods (game), homo rappers(drake, wayne, kanye) and cops (rick ross)

    • Quiet Dog Bite Hard

      Damn right Spartacus! People are starting to see how much of a bullshit artist 50 is. Drake gon outsell him, hahahaaaa!

  • Joe Joiner

    Its funny how 50 cent haters, sayin that he flopped, But when lil wayne do just as bad, Its Decent Though. Lil Wayne had way more promotion then 50 Did. Grammy awards, two weeks ago, Young Money Album In Stores, and That On Fire Bullshit on The Radio. He Flopped face it.

    • BigBM

      how did he flop joe?? rebirth sold over a third of 50s total in the first week and his young money which is a collabo is selling just as well??? how many albums would 50 sell if he dropped a rock album? NONE!!!!!!!!!

    • H4ZE

      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zLKSI-dU-Eo HAHA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-UhCcZMn5zM

    • jaylon

      wayne outsold though that nigga...50cent had commericals for his shit was doing radio interviews on it..lol if you find one interview from wayne on rebrith post the link....dont worry i'll wait lol


    impressive?????? DX you are too biased WE can now officially say that album sales are done. so if 50 flopped. when definitely flopped, lets call it fair this time people. im not hating on wayne but with all the hype with him going to jail and lets no forget all the shit yall talked about his last album when it sold millions so now all the fans are humble. it is hard not beleive that Jay-z bought some of his own ablums. in this climate there is now way he did those numbers, kingdom come barely went platinum. and im not biased to say it could be the same with eminem

  • Cant fuck wit it

    theres like 10 albums up here but every comment is about lil wayne. c4

  • NwRidah

    Da best album ever is still all eyez on me no 1 can betta dat ever

    • zaybklyn

      reasonable doubt is the greatest album ever son alol eyez on me was classic but the doubt was bettere than any album i herd

  • dmvDon

    Interesting to see people mad that lil Wayne FANS actually went out and supported him. Thats the real problem with hip-hop...aint enough fans no more. Too many rappers and critics. All you "real hip-hop" heads need to support your artist more instead of downloading his/her shit and crying on messageboards about how their CD was the most slept on shit since Rip Van Winkle.



  • maximuspop

    The album sold 1.15 million copies in its first four days of release, making it the sixth fastest-selling album since SoundScan began tracking sales data in 1991.[14] It is the third best opening week for any rap album in history, behind Eminem's The Marshall Mathers LP and The Eminem Show (which sold over 1.33 million copies in its first week),[15] it was certified double Platinum in less than a month and finished as the second-best selling album of 2005 with 4.85 million copies sold in U.S. sales, behind Mariah Carey's The Emancipation of Mimi. It has been certified 5x Platinum with over 5.8 million copies sold in the U.S. It has sold over 10 million copies worldwide.[16][17][18][19] 50 CENT THE MASSACRE 2ND DIAMOND ALBUM

  • Tha Carter 4

    REAL TALK PPL no one saleing records anymore so 170 is pretty good for a rock album wit no song on the radio. on fire just started getting played like 2 weeks before the cd drop. other rappers have a single out for months and cant do them numbers....

    • b haze

      #1 the rebirth is in no way a rock album. that is a disgrace to rock music, to even say that it is. #2 if it was 170,000 isn't shit anyway, i think young money itself, sold that in the first week, and now it's selling 21,000 this week.

    • reset button

      No joke! That album is boring overall but uhhhhh, you right though!

  • erghytmye

    all waynes albums are platium except for "Lights out" his 2nd cd and its gold get your facts straight and 50 will never go platium again .... didnt that nigga say if kanye out sold him he would quit? can i get a L.O.L on that

  • nemesisb3

    ya... for all the lil wayne groupies that thing he is the best cause of last yrs sales... lil waynes hole career he has sold under 5 million... thas what like 5-6 albums?? an carter 3 did what ? 3 mil? I dont hate wayne for the record, Im happy for any nigga makin money, but he aint tha best an who cares about sales?? slaughterhouse !! but i only mention the sales cuz of all lil waynes 16 yr old fans. over 10 yrs, less than 5 mil. not so impressive huh guys? LOL I jus laugh cuz i remember reading a lil whle ago how somebody said lil wayne was the best because carter did 1 mil in a week! roughly 85% drop in sales. omg. an baby how to u explain wayne only makin a bit more than jay but doing double the shows? go buy lil waynes first 2 cds, fuck this new shit he puttin out. GET OF GET OFF THA CORNER!! THA BLOCK IS HOT!

    • unterschleif

      He sold Around double that number...and BIGBM, u say "how many artists make a song everyday while on tour?" I don know but none of taht shit is worth a listen. Maybe he should make one good song instead of million bullshit tracks

    • BigBM

      How you get only 5 milion sold? the carter 1 2 and 3 sold more than 5 million! how many artists make a song everyday while on tour? NONE so shut the fuck up bout wayne not being the best, and hardest working artist alive, in any genre!!!

  • nemesisb3

    So wayne is actually doing better sales wise so far on rebirth than most of his catolouge did. if all these 15 yr old actually knew. I dont care his 1st two cds are his only ones worth listening to, an a couple mixtapes. an how come nobody calling wayne a flop yet?? cuz its not a real rap album?? fuck outa here! but its not bad considering what amazon accidently did.

  • peter cottonmouth

    I'm so tired of this sales thread. its the same fucking albums over and over. Eminem, Kanye, Outkast, Rick Ross, Gucci Mane, T.I., don't even have a release dates, late summer if we're lucky. Ludacris and Game is gonna sell like 200,000 first week maybe. Sales are shitty and still declining unless you sell to teenie boppers or girls. BEP was released on june 6th, Em released relapse on May 19th. shit Drake released So far Gone February 13th. no one can talk shit, everybody suck now.

  • da1

    Look yall not everybody can experiment. I commend those who actually take time to go out of there comfort zone but lil wayne is not an actual artist. H does put words together that sound good but he doesn't really make musch sense some times. Kanye's 808 and heartbreak went platinum. Why because people knew that kanye was worth it. Kanye is an actual artist unlike wayne. SO from now on maybe wayne will stick to his punchlines about ho's,money and more ho's and leave the artistic shit to the experts.

  • peter cottonmouth

    Tweens and teenagers bought 170,000 copies of Rebirth. If you are over 20 and paid money for Rebirth..............FUCK YOU!!!!!!!! you are ruining my culture go SUCK A DICK!!!!!!

  • 50

    50 1st cd sold more then all lil wayne cds


    LOL Rebirth song # 6 is for all yall lame ass niggas on this site hatin LMAO! go listen its just for you :-P

  • brrr

    calm down lol. it was a rock album, yall niggas be gettin mad wayne dont even know yall. your more conserned about him floppin then he is lol

  • CANT....BAN......DUKE....... BOY

    DUKE OVER CAROLINA..........64-54....WE OWN THE ACC BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dylondadon




    • peter cottonmouth

      nobody actually living hiphop culture. just a bunch of dumb children bought that shit.

    • CANT....BAN......DUKE....... BOY

      Niggas bought Rebirth but Baby definitely bought thousands of albums.............Baby spend millions on pinky rings so why wouldn't he buy 50,000 albums

  • yauncle

    remember when rockers wanted to be rappers....now rappers wanna be rockers.....smh....no wonder rap is dying like a cancer patient......lol......hey wayne dont drop the soap......if u brought this piece of crap u got hustled like madoff's victims...be original!

    • real REAL talk

      ive been saying the same thing. WE use to be the leaders and trendsetters..."we" being HIP HOP!!! Now we are the biters and the d riders..

  • 112

    50 sales were 2 weeks in sales wayne aint a flop number 2 album aint a flop keep getting mad 50 groupies


    I am a young loser who steals music. I destroyed my generation's hiphop, so old folks sell more records than young people now. My sister buys more songs than me, so I am worthless to hiphop! But that won't stop me from blogging and hating on your favorite rapper. I'm going to play XBOX live and then check my facebook page because I'm pathetic. I make beats on fruity loops studio and I flood the net with useless band pages. I AM GENERATION USELESS.

  • Mr. Gimik

    wayne put out a rock album hows that not original? kanye did his lil experimental record BUT lets be honest hip hop rap and rnb go together like bread and butter....this cat STEPPED OUT of his normal genre and still sold decently first week. IF this was carter 4 then yeah after selling platinum first week 2 years ago it would be a flop but its not. his team has the charts flooded.....ym collab, drake, priceless, rebirth and jay sean. nicki is anticipated....drakes gonna drop thank me later, wayne/birdman got like father like son 2, carter 4.....charts will stay owned for awhile. n to the people saying this shit bout numbers not being the main thing....holler at your boys jay, ross and fif they set thebar with the numbers thing and only one of them moves units HA


    DX, since when is 175, 000 copies in the debut week, "impressive" as you say?! Impressive?? Fuck yall talkin about? Get off Wayne's baby dick...

  • agsdga

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  • H4ZE

    damn i felt bad for fif when he went from sellin like 600k with curtis to 140k with BISD... but DAMN lil wang went from over 1mil down to 175k. hahahaha FLOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP

  • CANT....BAN......DUKE....... BOY

    Big up to Wayne............... Rebirth was a waste of time but its still a good "rock album"..............

    • JordanM91

      duke boy...its only february...eminems gonna change that, and relapse 2 will be the highest selling album of the year and hes gonna win back to back best rap album of the year at the grammys, and hes gonna prove and show all haters y hes the best. Relapse he was just gettin warmed up, comin back in the game after 5 years...relapse 2 is bout to be a classic. shits gonna be crazy

    • C-ARSON

      cuz no other major artist has released anything yet this year pfft

    • CANT....BAN......DUKE....... BOY

      Wayne has the highest selling debut in hip hop this year (2010)

  • amer.....

    rebirth is the worst album my ears have ever heard. Well actually I can't say that...I recycled the shit after 2 and half songs

  • hahaHAHAHAH


  • phadiga

    Buck said it all 'WE DONT FUCK WITH POLICE NO MORE' i mean the MUSCLE POLICE.He is so quiet these dayz hahahaahahhahha GGGGGG faggot!!!

  • nyblackguys

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  • caliweeeeed

    anyone else think eminem should receive credit for about at least 35% of those 175k sold, since the track with his verse is the only decent song on the album?????

  • 50 cent?

    yo WTF is dis video its fake as hell, bad actin, nowhere near a real movie dis cheap as shit





  • hey

    that video made 50 look like a bitch lol

  • AydenMVP23

    And anyway, Wayne isnt a rapper to me, Hes a popstar cause he is ashame to the game,


    Some of ya'll just got hating running thru ya'll veins. 175k the first week isn't a flop especially on a experimental album. Almost anything over 100k is good but for someone to step outside of their core audience and attempt the same success is an accomplishment. some of ya'll just need to stop haiting. Wanye sold over 100k with a compilation album. That says alot!!! But honestly if we are talking sales i think they should include ringtone sales as well cause that is making alot of money and its not accounted for.Any and all digital as well as physical sales should be the amount sold. CM/YM is really doing better than any other label and its showing in the number look at the top 200 and see who besides CM/YM and Konvict is moving units and Konvict is moving because of diversity (Lady Gaga, T-Pain, Akon, ETC)


    Some of ya'll just got hating running thru ya'll veins. 175k the first week isn't a flop especially on a experimental album. Almost anything over 100k is good but for someone to step outside of their core audience and attempt the same success is an accomplishment. some of ya'll just need to stop haiting. Wanye sold over 100k with a compilation album. That says alot!!! But honestly if we are talking sales i think they should include ringtone sales as well cause that is making alot of money and its not accounted for.Any and all digital as well as physical sales should be the amount sold. CM/YM is really doing better than any other label and its showing in the number look at the top 200 and see who besides CM/YM and Konvict is moving units and Konvict is moving because of diversity (Lady Gaga, T-Pain, Akon, ETC)

  • Texas Drug Money

    I have a purposal............ Jay-Z and wifey Beyonce should do the Halftime Show of the Super Bowl 2011. Piddy and Rick Ross should open it up. That's a Hot Ticket. Let Lil Wayne do the NBA Allstar Game. Numbers will be crazy!

    • blazebka313'zfinestofcourseduhlol

      Slap ya self 4including rick ross & diddy ain't nobody coming 4that show lmao fuckin loser

    • miguel Guttierres

      Sorry, CBS is not going to let hip hop and R&B stars do halftime shows anymore, thanks to Justin and Janet. But I think that they should give it another chance.

  • Dj Lexx

    I honestly dont care who hates Wayne or who likes Wayne... All I can say is I am a fan of Hip Hop music and I have never ever acknowledged the fact that I appreciate some Rock music too. Now a days opening my ears to the genres of music I really love, I appreciate a broad range of music. I wasnt even going to give Rebirth a LISTEN until a friend asked me if I had listened to it and I realized I just kept a closed mind to the entire concept of Wayne doing a Rock album because I hate Wayne's singing and I especially HATE Wayne on Auto-Tune. I gave in and listened to the album and I must say that it is not half as bad as I thought it was going to be. There are cuts on the album that are worth listening to multiple times, that are worth being played in my car on full blast and are worth playing when you have a shorty around. Look for me, any music that can withstand the bedroom test is worthy of being played. I have already smashed chicks to Rebirth, so that's enough for me to say the album is good enough. 'One Way Trip' is one of my fav. songs on the album aside from 'Drop The World' and that's all I have to say about that... Let the haters talk... cuzz thats all they can really do..

    • miguel Guttierres

      "...any music that can withstand the bedroom test is worthy of being played. I have already smashed chicks to Rebirth, so that's enough for me to say the album is good enough." SMH at those kinds of comments.

  • peter cottonmouth

    Rebirth Is a really really really really really really really bad album, the only thing saving it from complete disaster is Wayne stans and children who don't know better and an Eminem feature.

  • khordkutta

    Some asked earlier why we/I take it personal regarding Lil Wayne. Being a seventies baby, I was raised on HipHop, and kids now have now idea about the culture. Your average listener and mainstream media paint pictures with broadstrokes and Wayne to them, is HipHop and to me, Wayne aint reppin the culture right.

    • ParisCity

      Word! I'm just 24 but I grew up with that Hip Hop from the 90's and at that time it was all about HIP HOP. I can't get that old feeling back nowadays. U guys really should listen to that new Kurupt, album is fire!!

  • Harry Richardson

    Numbers mean everything, this aint underground no more shit is a money maker, who wnts to get in the game and not move units, lets keep it real

  • ParisCity

    Who's Lil Wayne??? Never heard of him... Kurupt-Down and dirty is the best fucking album of 2010 (right before Styles P-The green ghost project) The West is back muthafuckaz!!!

  • RJF Music

    P.S. If you are reading into what Raekwon said you really need to support Statik Selektah not Kay Slay

  • arabmoney

    Im lonely, and sad.... Where's Muzake at???????????????

  • RJF Music

    The only reason I say this is because one guy said Lil Wayne still sold more than your favorite rapper. Big numbers have nothing to do with making quality Hip Hop.

    • Mr. Gimik

      not sure if thats at me buuuuuut i only said that cus ppl said 175k isa flop and that wasbetter then most in this day and age. Big numbers have nothing to do with making quality Hip Hop. rebirth islabeled a rock album not hip hop

  • RJF Music

    Let's just remeber one thing, can we all just agree on this one thing that sales does not equal talent.

  • JordanM91

    The only rappers that are selling right now is Eminem and Jay-Z.. We will see if Wayne can still do big numbers when C4 drops.

    • peter cottonmouth

      i am not giving Wayne any more of my money. I got all his albums up to C3. he has gone so pop its ridiculous.

  • Texas Drug Money

    It seems like when Jay-Z numbers grow bigger 50 cent numbers are small. And to think 50 wants to challenge Jay to a battle. Lyrically will kill 50 Cent and the sales numbers Jay can crush 50. 50 still can't do Rick Ross numbers 400k Plus. I want Jay to respond to the bullshit 50 talks about, and jay will END 50 CENT CAREER Permentally. Eminem and Jay are running rap now. G Unit is Dead.

    • hackthegreat

      all the album jay z got 50 come out with 4 album 50 still out sell jay z 50 fts album sold 11 million jay z will nev do that when he do then you can say something and fuck rick ross 2 album and still can't go gold come on man

  • LOLderzssssa

    LOL Little Wayne flopped, i feel sorry for the 170k fans that he only has now LOL.




    Rap fans are all twisted nowadays. Yes, hip hop is BIG business but why are N8ggas tracking sound scan like they work for the labels or these magazines. I never knew that Pac was the highest selling rap artist ever, I just liked his music. I never cared the what the Roots sold, I just liked their music. Illmatic, Commons Resurrection, Deeper than Rap, Slaughter House, and a million other albums to me are dope albums but record sales never figured into my buying habits. If that was the case, I'd have that BEP album.

    • Pdfg

      Cosign my brother. These surburban white kids are the ones who started this whole sales this sales that bullshit. Thank god that 50 is no longer relevant mayb now we can get back to the music

    • themighty

      you dealing with a world run by pussified ass niggas my dude. you think it would just be so simple as bumping what you like and keeping it pushing....

  • steady

    jst finished listenin' 2 the Freeway & Jake One record for a review....it's 2 bad dis solid product ain't gon' sell much, 'specially wit those tight azz productions, it will only get recognition frm real hip-hop heads...

  • Mike2332

    Dude, why do people keep mentioning 50 Cent so much??? No matter what the article is about, it keeps coming back to this G-Unit cat....lol. How can one rapper (With mediocre/average skills) constantly be on everybody's mind like that??? This is crazy...

  • Muzake

    I am lonely.... I comment 2 much..... I respond 2 everything....I have no life..... I need a girlfriend, or just a friend....... Please pardon my dumbass.... I need a hug

  • Holier then thou

    So now the stick is out of 50 fans ass and into Wayne fans I see. I expect the next month of weekly sales to be "Wayne flopped" "no he didn't hater" "Wayne dick riders" "weezy still runnin this rap game" and any other typical phrase people use evey week here

    • BWS-Fish

      everything u said = truth. 50 and wayne seem to dominate every discussion on here regardless of the topic. To be clear tho, i listen to both of them, im not speakin against them, just against u fags who think they are the start and finish of everything to do with hip hop.

  • Shut UP

    Wayne's (ROCK ALBUM) still Sold More Than 50's (RAP ALBUM) Those early Amazon sales didn't count into Rebirths 175k sales. BISD was a 2 Week Tally because they counted iTunes Sales the week before it "Officially dropped" 158k...LOL

    • AydenMVP23

      Actually Eminem and jay z, Ohh and yeah, Weezy did sell more than 50, But the excuse for 50 is it was leaked, Rebirth has been leaked for longer than BISD was, And again, i BOUGHT biSd but downloaded rebirth, Limewire lol BISD is a better album

    • Truest HipHop Fan

      At the end of the day, Lil' Gayne flopped terribly and 50 Cent flopped terribly. 18% on a Maths paper isn't any better than 12%.... Eminem is the only rap artist who can STILL achieve ridiculous numbers.

    • J90

      Its cos 50 has been shit since like '03, BWS4LIFE

    • Oh Well

      Wayne's (ROCK ALBUM) still Sold More Than 50's (RAP ALBUM) Those early Amazon sales didn't count into Rebirths 175k sales. BISD was a 2 Week Tally because they counted iTunes Sales the week before it "Officially dropped" 158k...LOL

    • PINGIN

      coolcool ice out colder ther jesus berwaff now in daserd sun bemin my back sunlight i need the srack 2 provide the way out???

    • PINGIN

      coolcool ice out colder ther jesus berwaff now in daserd sun bemin my back sunlight i need the srack 2 provide the way out???

  • kpanilaryea28

    yo i feel all yall bout not giving a fuck about record sales but you gotta realize that hip hop is a BIG BUSINESS NOW much bigger than it was in the 80s and 90s so record sales to the big honchos mean alot of money in their pockets. back in the day didnt nobody really give a shit bout hip hop selling or not, if it did cool if not they really aint sweat it but now there so much money caught into it that the labels are trying to fatten their greedy ass pockets with money instead of quality. alot of the major labels dont care about preserving the real hip hop shit because the real shit dont sell anymore so they will go get the wackest slut in the world who is following the trend of whats hot and will spend lots of money promoting wack shit so that it sells and its just like anything else, once its jammed into your ear ten or eleven times in one hour then you will eventually begin to fall into it. music is psychological, once you've been exposed to it enough, it will eventually grow on you. look at gucci mane, you all know if this nigga came out in a real hip hop era like the mid 90's when you had the purple tape or moment of truth, he would be raped in georgia by his own people for attempting to rap on the mic but hes supported by a bunch of scrotum heads who dont know anything about what hip hop stands for. if you think about it HIP HOP IS THE BIGGEST SELL OUT MUSIC OF ALL TIME AND THIS IS SOME REAL SHIT. i love real hip hop but if you look at it no other genre of music has changed its main purpose or formula other than hip hop. those country music singers still sound generally like they did back in the 50's and 60's. they still sing about the same topics they did then. rock goes the same way... yea they find different instruments to add in and some few experimenting but for the most part it remains the same rock sound that was out in the 70's and 80's. hip hop has completely changed and for the worse! PLEASE PEOPLE QUIT DICKJACKINANDRIDINTHESENIGGAZDICKS! SOMEBODY NEEDS TO TRY AND PRESERVE THIS THING BEFORE IT GETS TO BE TOO LATE! please bring the real nigga shit back!

    • Oh Well

      Rebirth (ROCK ALBUM) still Sold More Than BISD (RAP ALBUM) Those early Amazon sales didn't count into those Rebirths 175k sales. BISD was a 2 Week Tally because they counted iTunes Sales the week before it "Officially dropped" 158k...LOL

    • kpanilaryea28

      my thing is how can hip hop not include dope beats and LYRICS anymore?.... wtf thats what this shit is all about but these clowns now could care less!

  • Fuck haters

    I co-sign: thats why i said buy the music from artist u like and don't from the one's u don't. But its a difference between not liking a rapper and hating a rapper. Which brings me back to the question of why wayne haters take him so personal? But yet every wayne article, they are the 1st to read and comment. This dude(wayne) don't even know yall. smh

    • Shut UP


    • Oh Well

      Wayne's (ROCK ALBUM) still Sold More Than 50's (RAP ALBUM) Those early Amazon sales didn't count into those Rebirths 175k sales. BISD was a 2 Week Tally because they counted iTunes Sales the week before it "Officially dropped" 158k...LOL

    • Heat45

      But the problem is people anticipate their favorite artists so much that when it leaks a month early they download it and by the time its officially released it is old news... Even die hard fans who support their favorite artist might be faced with a dilemma when they're tight on cash.. Once somebody gets something for free they never want to pay for it again.. The music industry will gradually get worse and worse..

  • bob0923

    good maybe wayne will stop using autotune and get back to what he used to be good at.

  • Sasori

    Damn the Peas are about to do double-platinum?? Nice. That album is the truth so no surprise here.

  • Rapologist

    It's a shame that this is gonna reach 100 comments before tomorrow and all it is is people arguing who's better and worse based off of fucking sales. Fuck hip hop fans, they killed the shit by basing skill off record sales. Damn shame.

    • Harry Richardson

      @ want to beat up Jimmy, im saying dudes is talking about it aint about sells, so they dont purchase, they download for free, fact of the matter is if you like a rappers product buy it, they post numbers and they continue to be able to put music out, but with out moving units a rappers ship will sink before leaving the dock, nobody is rapping for the sport of it, that was underground back in the day, rap is the most influential genra,cant keep saying it aint about sells, and dont purchase, we beyond rapping in the park now a days

    • i wanna beat up jimmy

      @Harry Richardson ...................... huh? Its about the craft. Like someone else commented earlier, unless you own the label or have invested crazy $$$$$$ to promote, distribute, and release their albums. Then the sales mean nothing. If u like the music, thats all that matters.

    • Harry Richardson

      Bottem line it is about sales, ask 50 cent 6 months ago before he flopped and thats all he talked about was sales, hiphop aint just in the parks like it was in the early 80's its not underground anymore, so the more you sell the more viable it makes you as an artist, if you dont agree just go down the street and listen to any dude on the corner spitting and be his fan, dont even bother listening to well known mainstream artist with a deal

    • BWS-Fish

      Based on wat u say, ther was a time before an MC's skill was based on sales. So how did it used to be judged? Was there a time wen people recognised that one MC was better than another but then chose to buy the CD produced by the inferior rapper? To be clear, I don't necessarily disagree with all of your statement, because my favourite MC's dont sell the most records for the most part. But its dicks like u who claim to have some inside knowledge on "real hip hop" that are actually causing the most damage. Instead of shooting down rappers u don't like, just listen to the ones you do and dont concern yourself with what the rest of us plebs are doing. (sure it doesn't matter what we listen to anyway, we don't know wat we're talkin about)

    • kpanilaryea28

      you aint lying man...krs one said it on step into a world "now quote this/ mcees are just hopless/ thinking record sales make them the dopest..."

    • Sasori

      Truer words have never been spoken...

  • d_weezy08

    ppl shit really aint start leakin til after the carter 3 came out, thats when leakin got outta hand, but ummm i dont consider being #2 on the billboard chart is too much of a flop to me... LMAO #2 a Flop? LMFAOOOO stupid fucks its a flop but it sold more then everybody out but one person...LMAOOOO YAW SUM PURE HATIN AZZ BITCHES!!!!!

  • Konfuzed

    Lil Wayne has some loyal fans. Rebirth had negative reviews from almost every source and yet he still manages to sell 175,000...

  • i wanna beat up jimmy

    Who cares how many records they sell!!?? If u like the music thats all that matters. WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO RAP FANS!!???????

    • bonney007

      thats real....when i first got into hip hop i didnt even know who sold what or what label or any of the bs. the fans nowadays wanna hate the people they dont like instead of jus not listenin and shit like numbers became important for hate reasons....i loved alot of people who sold close to nothin but now if someone doesnt go plat people dont wanna listen...smh

  • rayg

    Drakes mixtape sold 369000 copies?

  • biggabunk

    if 50 cent flopped wit 169,000 first week so did lil faggot ass wayne bitch ass that the same numbers to me yall need to get off his dick nigga just say any ol thing on tacks shit be wack ass fuk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mr. Gimik

      lets do the math (if your able) 50 made a great hiphop record with bisd and sold 169,000 first week. wayne makes a poopy rock record and still outsells ur favorite rapper......u sound real emotional and butthurt LOL. u haters ride waynes cock WAY more then any fan ever could. yet hes the fag? LOLOLOL

  • biggabunk

    if 50 cent flopped wit 169,000 first week so did lil faggot ass wayne bitch ass that the same numbers to me yall need to get off his dick nigga just say any ol thing on tacks shit be wack ass fuk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Not the biggest fan by all maens I don't feel wayne has doing him for a minute now,so you can't tell if the fans are still there and they just feel this project is unfathomable

  • kiiid

    are you retarded how did weezy flop its the first week dumb fuck

    • peter cottonmouth

      Its a really really really really really really really bad album, the only thing saving it from complete disaster is Wayne stans and poverty strickin children who don't know better and an Eminem feature.

    • kocaine

      your an idiot. how u gon sell plat first week then the next album u manage only 175k? if ain't flopping wat is it?

  • Fuck haters

    Nobody has to diss 50, men lie, women lie, numbers don't.lmao I know 50 fans are mad, but that just shows u that hating wayne don't stop shit. I do hope 1day we all can stop letting our personal feelings get involved w/ these artist and just support the niggaz we like and don't fuck w/ the niggaz we hate. And by the way i do fuck w/ 50, but real recognize real.

  • laugthoutloudersz

    LOL lil wayne flopped, go play with your guitars freak.

  • 88_cutlass

    i guess we call it rock if you add a gutiar? be fair.......if fif flop than this is a flop. same numbers

  • shady_soldier

    No matter how you look it,these numbers are bad.

  • Valuv101

    I mean with mainstream artist like lil wayne with whatever album you come out with you want to sell so its no excuse its not hip hop its rock it shows wayne just needs to stick with rap he can't do what kanye did with his album thats why as an overall artist kanye is better thank wayne sorry thats just how it is.

  • jerrell2k9

    wow that's surprising! "Rebirth" opened up bigger than "Before I Self Destruct" I don't expect it to go over 300 something thousand copies though, if that.

  • Drucifer1983

    Rebirth is gonna struggle to go gold..........Wayne will always be around but he'll never sell like C3 again, that was his peak.........

  • Cdub2010

    It's funny they call this rebirth album a success....The guy goes from selling one million first week to 175K.....Sounds like another big name rapper doesnt it you know the one everybody killed for selling that out the gate....As i recall this rappers' album leaked 2 months ahead and also sold around this same amount and was considered a flop....It's just funny cause i guarantee the wayne stans will come in here rejoicing these numbers....In my eyes when you sold 1 million off your last album and damn near 200K for a compilation album and you only push 175K for yourself its a flop and thats not hate thats fact

    • Cdub2010

      wow you lil wayne fans know no ends to your loyalty the hate 50 cent recieved for only selling 158K after posting 800K,1.4k,750k off his previous efforts and for wayne no matter how far the leak was to have sold 1mil off his last album in this day of downloading and leaking and shit and to post 175k is a flop just like 50 so no excuses

    • nushay

      hahah wayne is a bit safe cuz rebirth leaked 2 months earlier and 50's album leaked 1 motnh earlier..but really theres no difference..albums leak all the time..and they pushed rebirth back even when it got leaked..they must have known this album had no hope.but wayne is supposed be on his peak and according to u dickriders hes the hottest artist nw..hence itsa HUGE FLOP for going 1 milli to 175k..and its not our ffault its a rock album or a horrible album..kanye sold way more than this with heatbreak

    • Shut UP

      ^^^Shut UP 50 album "Didn't" leak 2 months early. He didn't even say that but you are exaggerating the shit. 50 dropped BISD a week early on iTunes so his Sales were actually 2 weeks worth and he still only sold 158k.. We ALL know Rebirth leaked 1 1/2 months early, there's proof of that and it "STILL SOLD MORE THAN 50 RAP ALBUM" THE TRUTH AS BEEN SPOKEN

    • Drucifer1983

      Co sign As high profile as Wayne is I'd expect him to sell alot more than that...... C4 will sell better than this but he'll never do C3 numbers again

  • best rapper alive

    all anyone can talk about is wayne's "ROCK" album so he proved that hes runnin this shit rebirth is good but its just not for everybody...but he gonna SLAP ya wit that Carter 4 next year

  • Cant fuck wit it

    Tha Carter 4.

  • bonney007

    its been 5 comments and nobody dissed 50 yet....have the haters moved on finally? i doubt it...i will check back n an hour and im sure to see them. is lil wayne doin good at 175? if he did 160 would his career b over?

  • It'sTheMyuka

    You niggas are hating hard, how is this a flop? 176k for a rock expermential album from a rapper which leaked over 2 months ago? wayne is running hip hop buttom line.

  • AxeMurder

    SHE's ON FIYAAAH...not Lil Wayne you suck cock. And so do your fans. I hear he'll be adding a mushroom imprint tattoo to his face while he's in da jail.

  • d_weezy08


  • d_weezy08

    How Da Fuck Is Dis A Flop... Of Course Its Not Gne Sale Like C3 But Shit Most Niggas Dnt Even Sale 176K and wayne did off and experimental album.... Bet Yaw Wont Call C4 A Flop... Matter Of Fact Dnt Even Listen To Any Tracks Off C4..... AZZHOLEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nushay

    impressive???hw the fuck is it impressive?rebirth=flop of the century ..1 mill to 175k

  • HitMan

    Well another fucked up week 4hiphop....by dis time next year hiphop shuld be dead.......lololol Lil wayne FLOP HARD lololol.....No more a MILLI a MILLI....its plastic na lolololololololol....watch lil wayne stans defend da sales again

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