Bishop Lamont A Free Agent, Leaves Aftermath Records

After almost five years under mentor Dr. Dre, the Bishop says he can't wait any longer, tells The All Out Show, he's out, amicably.

California rapper Bishop Lamont recently discussed his split from Aftermath/Interscope on Shade 45's The All Out Show. Explaining that he was very happy to finally be a free agent, Lamont, born Phillip Martin, maintained that his departure was an amicable one.

"Dre is still my big bro, but after five years of just sitting there, it is kind of unfair to the fans and my family and myself that the release date has changed when all these people are waiting," Lamont explained talking about his debut album The Reformation which was slated for release sometime this year, after Dr. Dre had released his long awaited Detox album.

Lamont, who signed to Dr. Dre's Aftermath imprint in 2005 spoke candidly in the interview about the lack of support he got from the label when it came to his music. He explained that the powerhouse label failed to get behind singles such as "Grow Up," the fist single form his debut which was released in 2008.

Leaving the label with allegedly all the music he recorded during his time there, which amounts to over 700 songs, Lamont stressed that he was always a team player and recognized the position that his mentor, Dr. Dre was in. "Andre has bigger obligations than breaking new artists." He continued, "If you don't understand the business side, it can put a strain on your personal side, which you can think is intentional and that is not the case."

Bishop Lamont also indicated  that he was seeking a new label now he had officially left the Interscope subsidiary.

Previously, Joell Ortiz, Rakim, Hittman and Last Emperor have all left the label for similar reasons.


  • AfterMath/ InterScope is BLOWING IT

    Bishop is a BEAST, no matter what these clowns think on here. They say they don't like his style, flow, swagger? Haha even Jay Z said he could be the next BIG THING, it's too bad Aftermath / Interscope screws over every single rapper they sign. Bitches seriously need to get their heads examined if they don't like Lamont, they are probably the same clowns dick riding lil wayne, dipset, and cassidy. These rappers talk about the same shit all the time, and aside from Wayne or Hell Rell making a good song here or there, the rest of their shit is gangster garbage. I'm tired of hearing all these fake threats in songs, it's weak and has no substance. Its a bunch of filler material, which if people can say Lamont sucks it's cause they aren't smart enough to be on his level. Kinda like Nas, everyone that doesn't like Nas cause "he doesn't make sense" to them is just because they aren't intelligent enough to understand all the things he says and how it's portrayed throughout a song. Now Nas can get lazy and sound like shit in songs too, but when I listen to Lamont, almost every single song I heard from him come out is hot. It's different, and I thought Dre would actually push him (like Game) because he's West Coast. Either Dre or Interscope are idiots because this was the artist they dropped that could have gotten the West back on track. I've lost a lot of respect for Aftermath in general, especially after they could have had a monster LABEL with Em/ Bishop/ Rakim/ Game/ Busta/ Eve/ Joel Ortiz/ Stat Quo/ and even 50. Dre couldn't even keep Raekwon on Aftermath for ONE ALBUM. Look at all the Producers he's lost due to lack of getting pushed. FOCUS is just the most recent victim of ignorance. All because they don't release enough shit. Shame on them fools.

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