Industry 101: Conrad Dimanche

The Senior A&R at Bad Boy explains his day-to-day, addresses critics, and tells you why he's checking your Myspace, maybe.

With almost 40 Bad Boy albums under his belt, Conrad Dimanche is the epitome of an industry veteran.


  • Mack G

    Rad is a solid brother, helped me build some great industry relationships

  • Crooner4real

    Rad hooked me up with Sony, I did not walk out with a record deal but it was an amazing experience and I learned alot from the VP and Rad. Now my new music has been getting an incredible response. Gonna give it another shot when I build my buzz more after this video shoot, I'll be there first from Montreal to bust 4real!

  • Persrap

    Conrad Dimanche USED to work for Bad Boy but since then he has turned into a scam artist... scamming unsigned artist into believing that he is going to hook them up with industry professionals but really he is just stealing your money... it's a shame to say, but this guy is a slime ball! I know because he tried to scam me out of $1,500 and luckily I realized it was a scam and stopped him dead in his tracks.. DON'T TRUST Conrad Dimanche, he is a slime ball theif who has no shame in ripping unsuspecting artists off. Search the internet for other artists complaints if you don't believe me. Him and Omar Grant, these doods are both in on some kind of scam... I don't know why they are doing this to people but if enough people complain about it, then we can expose these scam artists!