HipHopDX celebrated a significant milestone this year. It’s been 15 years since Sharath Cherian launched the publication out of his home in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Over that time, there have been five Editor-in-Chiefs, seven different versions of DX, and a gaggle of incredible articles written by a generation of talented journalists. The online journalism landscape has changed significantly. The Internet is infinitely more crowded. A decade and a half is impossible to document in one non-book-length conversation, so we’ve decided to provide an extended glimpse into the history of HipHopDX throughout the week. Over coming weeks we’ll release interviews with previous DX Editor-in-Chiefs as well as Cheri Media CEO and the founder of DX, Sharath Cherian. Each delivers a compelling peak into the publication’s legacy within a constantly morphing journalistic landscape.  

Up first, Andreas Hale was Editor-in-Chief of HipHopDX from 2004 through 2009. Dre is the architect behind DX’s awesomely executed blog era and introduced an array of poignant, culture clutching columns challenging industry absurdities such as “Who The Hell Am I?” and DX’s annual Turkey Awards (which still runs today). 

“If you think some shit is wack, call it wack,” Dre shares. “Call a spade a spade. As long as you can backup what you’re thinking, it’ll work for me. That’s what I wanted to do: Ask honest questions. Don’t be afraid to piss somebody off. If they don’t want to answer the question, the worst thing they can say is “No comment” or “I’m not answering that question.” That was the first thing I wanted to do because I wanted to be transparent with our readers that we’re honest, we’re straight forward and we’re going backup everything that we say.”

HipHopDX's "Blog Era"