In addition to women and a good turkey taco, one of the things Terrace Martin loves is a good story. You can ask him about the instruments he plays, but what fun is listing them, when he can spin a hilarious yarn about when he was a child and a woman with huge breasts told him, “With the saxophone you can make love to your girl without touching her.” Needless to say, Terrace became a rather skilled saxophonist.

As it happens, Terrace recently got caught up in the story of his latest album, 3 Chord Fold Pulse. Much like the name implies, it’s a continuation of his last album, 3 Chord Fold, but this time around there was an emphasis on incorporating Jazz and live instrumentation—hence the “pulse.”

“The pulse just represents life and your heart,” Martin explained.

Ah yes, the heart. From reinterpreting Marvin Gaye’s Hear My Dear to the more recent “Triangleship” with Kendrick Lamar, Terrace Martin seems to often gravitate toward love themes. Aside from being a universal subject most fans can relate to, speaking on love matters provides a near-endless supply of subject matter and generally keeps an artist away from the violence that sometimes comes with speaking on tropes of what is commonly referred to as “Gangsta Rap.” That said, Terrace still considers the likes of Snoop Dogg, Jeezy and Dr. Dre (the man who proclaimed he “started this gangsta shit”) friends. Rest assured if you want to know how those seemingly disparate elements peacefully coexist, Terrace Martin is happy to tell you the story.

Terrace Martin Charts Hip Hop’s Evolution From The Blues