MTV-2 list of 22 Greatest MC

MTV-2 put out a list of the top 22 great MC

This past weekend, MTV-2, the more musically-inclined version of cable giant MTV aired a 2-hour special titled



    I've seen many good lists, but... this list is bulls**t. Lil' Kim is on 8. Beastie Boys is on 9. Missy Elliot is on 10. Why Chuck D is on 22? He should be in 10. WTF? You're kidding! I hope Dre - is Andre 3000, not Dr. Dre. Eminem is on 3? I respect him, but he doesn't deserve this place. You think Nelly is better than Common, KRS-One, DMX, Chuck D, Run DMC. Is it joke?. Ghostface Killah or Inspectah Deck are not worse than Method Man. There isn't Pharoahe Monch, Redman, Canibus, Big L, Guru, Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap, Slick Rick in the list. Mos Def, Masta Ace and Ice Cube are also good rappers, not garbage like Foxy or Nelly. Are Beastie Boys MC? No, Beastie Boys is a group. Lauryn Hill and MC Lyte - are greatest female MC's (Queen Latifah is also good) My list: 1. Rakim 2. KRS-One 3. Big Daddy Kane 4. Kool G Rap 5. NaS 6. 2Pac 7. Notorious B.I.G 8. Chuck D 9. Eminem 10. Common 11. Redman 12. Pharoahe Monch 13. Ghostface Killah 14. Guru MC 15. Jay-Z 16. Ice Cube 17. Slick Rick 18. Inspectah Deck 19. Andre 3000 20. Canibus 21. Big L 22. LL Cool J (23. Mos Def 24. Masta Ace 25. Grandmaster Melle Mel)

  • odex

    whatta bout lauryn hill?she wanna d baddest that ever blessed a mic....what?cos she slowed down for y'all to catch up?...hombres pls..

  • Mont-L

    What about Big L, i mean MTV1 named him 21st in there top 22, an i mean Jay-Z and Eminem copyed him so he deserves some cred uk

  • Anonymous

    how about this: 1.2Pac 2.Biggie 3.Snoop Dogg 4.Ice Cube 5.Eminem 6.Dr Dre 7.50 Cent 8.Rakim 9.Nas 10.Eazy E 11.NWA 12.Ice T 13.Run DMC 14.Boogie Down Production 15.The Game 16.DMX 17.Ludacris 18.LL Cool J 19.Wu Tang Clan 20.Redman 21.Big Pun 22.Nate Dogg

  • Diltrey

    I totally agree wit you. how can snoop miss out on the top ten!! WTF IS NELLY DOIN HERE IN THE 1ST PLACE! Big daddy kane ought to be top ten!

  • dizzythumper

    That comment on Tiger Woods killed me "I think its the new blonde babe hes rolling with shes killing his focus" Who knew 10 years later that she'd be the death of him

  • Anonymous

    Mine 1.Rakim 2.KRS-ONE 3.Big Daddy Kane 4.Nas 5.Kool G Rap 6.Common 7.Biggie 8.2Pac 9.Andre 3000 10.Jay-Z 11.Big Pun 12.Eminem 13.Big L 14.Redman 15.Pharoahe Monch 16.GZA 17.LL Cool J 18.Slick Rick 19.Ice Cube 20.Chuck D 21.Q-Tip 22.Guru

  • ForeignBanguage

    Big L? MF Doom? Black Thought? Eazy E? Guru? Masta Ace? Q-Tip? Cise Star? Raekwon? Immortal Technique? Mos Def? Talib Kweli? Canibus? Vinnie Paz? Celph Titled? AZ? Aesop Rock? MF Doom? MF Doom? MF DOOM?!!!?!?! This list is brutal. Rakim should be top 3, Big Pun and KRS-One are easily top 10. Tupac and Biggie, while great, are very overrated. They deserve top 7 or so, but not 1 and 2. Diversity's great and all, but Missy Elliot sucks and Lil Kim is very mediocre. 25.Aesop Rock 24.Vinnie Paz 23.Celph Titled 22.Immortal Technique 21.Chuck D 20.Talib Kweli 19.Cise Star 18.Masta Ace 17.Big Daddy Kane 16.Mos Def 15.Raekwon 14.Eazy-E 13.Common 12.Q-Tip 11.Guru 10.GZA 9.Black Thought 8.Big Pun 7.KRS-One 6.Notorious B.I.G. 5.Big L 4.2Pac 3. MF Doom 2.Nas 1.Rakim

  • Scumbag

    How's this? #22 Chuck-D #21 Masta Ace #20 OutKast #19 NWA #18 Big Daddy Kane #17 Common #16 Lil Kim #15 KRS-One #14 Run DMC #13 DMX #12 A Tribe Called Quest #11 Big Pun #10 Big L #9 Beastie Boys #8 Wu-Tang Clan #7 Gang Starr #6 Jay-Z #5 Rakim #4 Eminem #3 Biggie Smalls #2 Nas #1 Tupac

  • Anonymous

    is this supost to be a good list???

  • buckeyewu

    If this is a list of MC's, why are duos included? If we're including groups, you mean to tell me that Queen Latifah is better than Outkast and NWA? Bullshit. MTV still clueless.