A$AP Ferg & A$AP Nast Shed Light On "L.O.R.D." Album Delays

Exclusive: A$AP Ferg and A$AP Nast detail how art, Golden Era Hip Hop and Harlem influence their sound. The collective also provide an update on their "L.O.R.D." album.

There’s no shortage of critical opinion Harlem, New York's A$AP Mob. At various times, the collective has been labeled appropriators of Southern Hip Hop, EDM and Golden Era Rap as well as Hip Hop's current Haute couture movement. With A$AP Rocky's 2013 #1 debut Long.Live.A$AP, followed by A$AP Ferg's Top 10 debut, Trap Lord, the general public has been exposed to enough of the group’s aesthetic to see the many elements included can peacefully coexist.

"First it started off with the whole Pitchfork/Fader Fort crowd, and then it moved to the hood," A$AP Ferg revealed, after finishing entertaining such a crowd during 2013's Fader Fort at the South by Southwest Music Festival. "I went back to Harlem and saw that they were fucking with it, so we kind of bridged the gap between the hippies and the hood niggas."

Additional releases by A$AP Nast and an upcoming group effort, L.O.R.D., may further bridge said gaps. Given A$AP Mob's current level of commercial success, the biggest challenge may balancing the demand for more new music with maintaining or exceeding the level of quality control they’ve exhibited. For those eagerly awaiting L.O.R.D., which was originally scheduled for a March 4 release, the issues of preserving the brand while satiating fans may sort themselves out at the same time.

A$AP Ferg Explains Uniting The Hood & The Hippies


  • Anonymous

    that album is fina be dope as fuck.

  • Fuck Ya'll!!

    Smh. Fuck Ferg.. And Fuck all the dudes that commented below.. Bunch of clueless.. or just hateful bitches.. and on the low.. Fuck Ferg.. Same answer for every question.. "im an artsy hood nigga" smh.. You and every little nigga that think they can draw or just learned who Basquiat or Warhol is.. sounding like Kanye and shit.. smh.. but i still fuck with A$AP though..

  • Steveo

    As a white casual rap fan...... When did dudes start calling themselves "ASAP" and why do they seem to come out in groups. asap rocky, etc Like as soon as a dude put "lil" like lil wayne, lil jon, are they just leaching off the brand name of having a stupid prefix or are they imagined independenly. Makes me wonder what the next big prefix will be for rapper names 'lil' 'ASAP'....?

    • kai$oundz

      No that's only for their group anyone else will be bashed by them unless they're officially with the group or they fux wit them

  • Anonymous

    That's because people don't want to hear NY rappers sucking the south off and rapping like them anymore! That's why the album is really being pushed back.

  • claradaveyyma

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