Killer Mike Explains His Comparison Of Barack Obama To Ronald Reagan, His Brotherly Bond With El-P

Exclusive: Mike Bigga breaks down his bromance with El Producto and clarifies his Reagan/Obama analogy before declaring "if you don't vote for Obama this time you're a fuckin' race traitor."

In 1989 The D.O.C. declared Rap to be “Rhythmic American Poetry” on his timeless, Dr. Dre helmed lyrical exercise “The Formula.” Twenty-three years later a new acronym for R.A.P. has been injected into the Hip Hop lexicon: Rebellious African People’s Music. The 2012 term for one of the culture’s four main elements comes courtesy of Killer Mike (via his good friend and fellow ATLien, music journalist Maurice Garland), serving as the title to Killa Kill’s just-released sixth album, R.A.P. Music.

While technically the follow-up to the final installment in the critically acclaimed I Pledge Allegiance to the Grind series from Hip Hop’s “Ric Flair,” last year’s Pl3dge, Mike’s latest long-player is less solo project and more harmonious collaborative creation. Entirely produced by Indie Rap pioneer El-P (who it should be noted is dropping his own new solo collection, Cancer For Cure on May 22nd), R.A.P. Music merges the menace of the Southern Ice Cube with the genius of a man whose unique sound can only be described as Star Wars meets Style Wars.
Commissioned by Mike’s connects at the Adult Swim network (who also arranged for the beautifully spacey Flying Lotus creation, “Swimming,” featured on Pl3dge), the pairing of El and Bigga is already being compared by critics to the historic pairing of Public Enemy producers The Bomb Squad with Ice Cube for the East meets West masterpiece, 1990’s AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted.

Amidst the flurry of praise currently coming Mike’s way, the underground king took time out to talk to HipHopDX about what may prove to be the most revered release of Sgt. Slaughter’s twelve year career (specifically the album’s attack on the actions of both a past and present President). During his discussion with DX, the always insightful truth-teller additionally provided some insight into his now certified friendship with El-P, his plans to possibly run for public office, and why he has no desire to ever find himself floating face down in the mainstream. And as always, the controversial-quote machine didn’t disappoint with his latest delivery of jaw-droppers including, “We took a great loss in losing Gadhafi,” “I have promoted and propagated some lies … and I’m still doing it to this day,” and a few other eye-grabbing statements sure to shock and awe no one familiar with the defiant declarations of one of Hip Hop’s most outspoken orators.  

HipHopDX: Let’s kick things off by delving into the most talked-about track on R.A.P. Music, “Reagan.”
Killer Mike: “Reagan,” I knew it. Why do you people only like me angry? [Laughs]

DX: [Laughs] “Ronald Reagan was a actor, not at all a factor / Just an employee of the country’s real masters / Just like the Bush’s, Clinton and Obama / Just another talking-head telling lies on teleprompters / If you don’t believe the theory, then argue with this logic: Why did Reagan and Obama both go after Gadhafi?” Was the Gaddafi connection the only thing that led you to tie Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama together or are there other areas where you see a comparison?      
Killer Mike: I didn’t tie Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama together; Barack Obama tied him and Ronald Reagan together. Barack Obama compares himself to Reagan.

In fact, everybody running for President this year, with the exception of Ron Paul, has compared themselves to Ronald Reagan. And I can’t even be a 100% on the Ron Paul thing, because he may have done it before too.

So that’s not me [comparing Obama to Reagan], that’s just me saying “I agree.” [Laughs]

DX: The Gadhafi connection, can you elaborate a little bit on what you were saying there about them both going after Gaddafi?

Killer Mike: Both times we went after Gadhafi in a very illegal way. [In 1986] Ronald Reagan killed his adopted daughter with a bombing. That is – first of all, let’s admit to something, Libya is a sovereign nation. That’s just what it is, it’s a sovereign nation. To go into a sovereign nation, or endorse or back going in to assassinate the leader of a sovereign nation, is wrong. It’s reprehensible.

Now, as an American on some level I benefit from that so I’m not gonna trip. But, as a Pan-Africanist, as a truth-teller, I have to say it’s wrong, because it is. Gadhafi – speaking from the Black experience, from an African-American male and a person who’s a member of the African Diaspora - was an African leader that had been good to his country, financially. He was an African leader that had been good to other African countries. He was a leader that supported dual citizenship for African-Americans. He was a leader that was willing to have a United States of Africa, in which all of the resources of Africa would be for Africans. He wanted to change the monetary system from accepting U.S. dollars to gold for Libyan oil and the next thing you know we were killing him.

Now, as a guy who wants to pump gas below $5 a gallon, that benefited me. And as an American I’d be lying if I said it didn’t. And I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like gas being below $5. But as a truth-teller I have to say that [the murder of Muammar Gadhafi] potentially set a global divide that’s already pretty deep between the rich and the poor. African-Americans don’t have a lot of global advocates. That was one of them that got murdered. And, if we don’t look at the truth for what it is, we’re crazy.

Now, the reason I keep going back to the fact that I’m an American and I even benefited from it is because on the first verse of “Reagan,” before I talk about Obama, Clinton, Bush, before I name all of the usual suspects in terms of who’s keeping me oppressed, I talk about me oppressing my people, by being a rapper. I talk about me setting unrealistic goals, and I talk about members of the fraternity of emcees who are also doing this. So before Reagan – and I’m not talking about Reagan the man as much as I am Reagan the ideology, which all the other politicians are saying they are: the ideology – [this mentality] has caused even me, as an American, as an African-American man, as one of the most suffered groups of people in this country, even I have become an oppressor to my own people. Because, in order to gain financially and support my own family I have promoted and propagated some lies. And other rappers have, and I’m still doing it to this day.

DX: I don’t wanna stay harping on you calling out Obama but I just have to ask, what happened to the guy who was declaring it an act of racial treason to vote for anybody other than Obama on “Pressure”? [“Ask your Uncle Thomas how he choose master over Obama.”]

Killer Mike: Oh, if you don’t vote for Obama this time you’re a fuckin’ race traitor.

That’s what happened to that guy. He’s still there. [But] I am able to see things in a duality. I just told you that as a Pan-Africanist we took a great loss in losing Gadhafi. [But] as an American, my gas is always gonna be below $5 [and that benefits me]. And no one is gonna be able to get a foothold on North African and East African oil because America now has bases in Libya, the Eastern coast of Africa – under the guise of keeping it protected from pirates – and we’re in friendly countries like Saudi Arabia. I understand strategically what’s going on and I don’t object to that.

As an African-American male, and an African-American father, I understand the importance of imagery in the African-American community. … My people are a people of imagery. It’s almost like Joseph Campbell and his analogies in terms of human beings needing a God in The Masks of God. Where you need a hero, you need God, you need villains. African-Americans have these needs, and I understand our mentality. We have the mentality of wanting to see our goodness on a stage. And Barack Obama represents that, in terms of an African-American man that carries himself in a dignified way, as an African-American man that doesn’t appear quote-unquote to be a sellout in terms of culturally who he is. He’s married to a beautiful Black woman. He has some beautiful Black kids. Eat that Black food, say that Black shit, I need that President because I need my sons and my daughters to understand there’s no limitations on where we can go. So as an African-American dad I need that.

Now, as an African-American business owner, and as an African-American citizen of these United States, he has supported some shit that doesn’t benefit me, and I have to then address him like I would the 43 other guys that were in front of him, that weren’t a member of the African-American male fraternity. I have to judge him on those standards.

So I still think if you don’t vote for Barack Obama and you’re an African-American, especially an African-American man, you’re a fool. Because, his image can help you, in your household, it can help you in the real world and you can profit from it. [But] I’m saying that you also should be demanding of him an African-American jobs program by saying we’re not gonna go vote. If you don’t do something that is a jobs program immediately in this country we’re not gonna fuckin’ vote. We also should be doing that, but we should be voting for him.

So it’s not like I jumped off the Obama bandwagon. I’m still firmly on the train in the first class. But, I am still saying if you don’t have ice for my fuckin’ Coca-Cola, I’m fin to nut up. And by “nut up” I mean I will threaten to not vote for you.

DX: Speaking of, you told AlterNet that “this is going to be the first presidential election I don’t vote.”

Killer Mike: Yeah, but by the end of that quote I said I can’t even say that I’m not as much as I’m willing to say I won’t if I don’t feel like we’re gonna benefit.

But, it very well may be. You can’t tell me Obama doesn’t have the election in the bag already. He’s already gonna take over 95% of the African-American vote, he’s definitely gonna get the Gay vote now, more than likely he’ll get the Woman vote based on the fact that the anti-abortionists have hijacked the Right. So, I’m not as really worried that he won’t be elected as much as I would love to see an organic, African-American, Tea Party-esque [movement] demand for something at the threat of not voting for him if they don’t get it. I would love to see the African-American community do that.

DX: Well hopefully folks don’t become too apathetic about voting because you actually need their vote. You also told AlterNet, “You can look for me in the next four or five years running for a public office in Atlanta.”

Killer Mike: Yeah, something small and local. Not hard. [Laughs] Something very, very small and very local, I think that’s where I’d best serve.  

DX: That’s kinda disappointing to hear. I thought Mayor Michael Render had a nice ring to it.

Killer Mike: Yeah, I could go up to Mayor. That’s probably where I’d jump off the boat. [Laughs] Actually, [Georgia] State Representative Alisha Thomas is an old comrade of mine from my younger organizing days, when I was organizing in my teens and early twenties. Kwanza Hall, a city councilman here, he was an older mentor of mine when I was in high school. He was a few grades ahead of me. So, I have a pretty good connection of people I’ve seen do it. I understand how to do it. And actually, one of the guys who worked in the Obama campaign is also a friend, and just like an older mentor. So I’m connected enough to do it and I really think I am [going to run for office], once I get a couple of more albums out of me.

DX: Rhymefest ran into some roadblocks when he tried to get inside the system.

Killer Mike: He could’ve won. He really could’ve won. And he nearly did. And he shook up the system enough where I was really hoping he was gonna drop his book next, he was going to start – He already should be preparing to run again. ‘Cause he almost won, man. I was so fuckin’ proud of [Rhymefest], man. I really think he should continue to pursue that. And I think he’ll make a solid, good politician on the behalf of the people.

DX: Switching gears here, pretty dramatically, after reading that Village Voice piece it sounds like you got a real bromance brewing with El-P. [Laughs]

Killer Mike: Man, I just - he’s just my friend. [Laughs]

DX: We’re just friends. [Laughs]

Killer Mike: [Laughs] People are gonna get a kick outta that answer.

DX: [Laughs] Isn’t male bonding always awkward to navigate? It’s like dating and shit. [Laughs]

Killer Mike: Yeah. [Laughs]

DX: Did you think you were gonna get along with that guy though? Did you have any reservations about if you guys were gonna be able to work together?

Killer Mike: It’s pretty easy for me to get along with people, ‘cause I kinda take people as they are. I think most people have expectations that – I have an uncle, my uncle who actually inspired me to go to Morehouse College, his name is Carlton. And I remember [complaining to him] over some street shit – “Niggas didn’t keep it real with me,” “Niggas didn’t treat me how I treated them.” I went off on one of those bullshit rants. And God bless the dead – this is before he died – he said, “Michael, you know who your friends are.” I said, “Yeah, I know who my real friends are.” He said, “No, no, no, the people you call friends, you know them. They show you who they are from the very beginning. And it’s your choice to be friends with them or not. So, just because you show up on time to take your friend to work that don’t necessarily mean they’re being a good or bad friend if they don’t show up in time to see you to work because you know your friend is prone to be late. So you have to accept your friends as they are.” And I tend to treat people that way. I take you as you are. I didn’t get mad you asked me the Obama question first. A lot of people woulda been like, “Man, I’m tired of these muthafuckin’ reporters asking me about Obama!” But I wrote the lyrics, I put the bait out there, so how can I be mad that that’s what you fish for?

So, I never doubt I can get along with people because I accept people as they are. [What] I never expected to be [was] paid to make such a good friend. We had so many similarities because we grew up in the same era of music. And we had so many stark differences because of geographically [where we come from]. There was enough familiarity to immediately start building a real kinship. And there was enough difference to be curious about one another to build a friendship. Like, if I talk about a random-ass Goochie Poo song [El-P is] not gonna know what the fuck I’m talking about. [Laughs] But, if we just finished talking Wu-Tang Clan and Mobb Deep, and making some ill shit together, and me saying this line comes from [them], it just becomes more interesting. So when we’re out drinking, laughing, joking, partying it’s just the mortar and bricks of real friendship. Real friendship comes out of communication, having a common focus and goal and participating in that together. So it was pretty easy. I genuinely love him, like a brother.

He gave me Camu Tao’s [King Of Hearts] album and I haven’t stopped playing it. It really just feels like being 16 and meeting that other kid in high school that is as serious about this shit as you are. And you don’t get those opportunities in your fuckin’ mid and late thirties anymore. He’s probably one of the last real friends I’ll make. So I gotta protect that by us doing dope shit and keeping it going.

DX: Prior to last summer, did you ever envision that you’d someday be spittin’ to an album’s worth of futuristic, Funcrusher Plus ish?

Killer Mike: No. We knew about each other in the peripheral. We knew about each other’s biggest works. Like, he knew “A.D.I.D.A.S.” I knew [Company Flow’s] “End To End Burners.” He knew Monster. I knew Funcrusher [Plus]. That was it. And I think that that was good too. Because, it allowed us to make records from a pure place and not a place of expectations based on what we did [in the past].

We both went into this record trying to make each other look good. But how many producers and rappers really go in these days? [It’s usually like], “I need to sell my beat.” We both went in there from the place of I wanna help my man get the shine he should. Like, when El told me some of the phone numbers that had called him post hearing the production on this record, the big names that had hit him, I ran around the fuckin’ room like they called me. Because, I know that our work did that. The reviews that I’m getting today, I know El is excited and going crazy about because his work did that. And when we plotted and made the record we assured each other of that. He’s like, “Man, you know, it’d be dope for this to happen but I’d just love to be able to place a beat here or there.” I was like, “You’d love – Get the fuck outta here. Them muthafuckas is gonna be on your fuckin’ dick!” You know I’m a cocky-ass Black kid from the South saying like, “Fuck you talkin’ ‘bout?” And true to form it happened [to me too]. I was like, “Man, I just hope these muthafuckas give me my props for the lyrics” and he was like, “What?! Do you hear the shit you saying?” And when the reviews came out they were catching those lines, so for us to have in our 16-year-olds thought [process] to have made this happen, and for people to react in the way that we thought, it’s like one of the greatest accomplishments I’ve ever had musically. And that’s me saying that as I smoke a joint and look at my Grammy [for “The Whole World”].

DX: Now, I didn’t see El Producto in the behind the scenes preview for the forthcoming “Big Beast” video. Did he come down for the shoot?

Killer Mike: I can’t tell you. [Laughs]

DX: [Laughs] Okay. That video with T.I., with an added Bun B feature, might get you a nice fresh look from the mainstream. But on “Butane” you seem content to stay a U.G.K.: “If underground Rap royalty’s what I’m meant to be / Then I will be the shit, and you ain’t shit to me.”

Killer Mike: Gone. [Laughs] I read about a year ago that it seems that I had got comfortable in this place of just knowing this is where I am. And, if I gotta be a servant in heaven I’d rather rule in hell. That’s just straight up. I’m not with kowtowing to radio, I’m over fuckin’ going in meetings promising people that I can do for them the same kind of single as whoever. Man, fuck all of that. Fuck that and fuck you. If you wanna give me a bag of money and better marketing and a bigger budget you’re gonna do it based on what I’m doing now. Or, I’ll just stay in hell being a God. But what I’m not gonna fuckin’ do is kowtow. I’m not gonna beg and I’m not gonna wait. Fuck all that.

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  • Anonymous

    He's one of the most intelligent rappers alive, but he was wrong on anyone being worse off without Gaddafi.

  • Anonymous

    Just so that Killer Mike knows this is what Gaddafi did to his people: Expelling all ethnic Italians in 1970. Expelling Libya's Jewish population. Banning all opposition to his rule. Making engaging in political conversations with foreigners punishable by up to three years in prison. Making it a capital crime to form political parties. Executing political dissidents in public and then rebroadcasting said executions on state television channels. Criminalizing homosexuality, with the punishment for homosexuality being up to five years in prison. Forcibly Arabizing the Berbers by forbidding parents to give their children Berber names, banning the use of the Berber language in schools, and assigning Arabic names to Berber towns. Making theft punishable by amputation of hands and adultery by 100 lashes. Making the testimony of women and non-Muslims inadmissible in criminal cases. Torturing prisoners, both before and during the current civil war. Sending out assassins to kill Libyans who had fled to other countries just to live free. Supporting terrorist groups, including groups not even related to Libyan affairs. Having his forces fire upon peaceful demonstrators back in February of this year. This is what led to the uprising in the Libyan people in the first place.

    • someone else

      I realize this comment was made several months ago, and maybe you have read up a little bit more on this, but your facts while, mostly accurate tell only one side of the story. Despite his faults, Gadhafi did so much for Libya and Africa, you could write a book on the topic(Satellites, Literacy, Free Resources, direct democracy, GMMR!, etc.). You have only echoed the typical western view. Im not saying he was perfect, but anyone would be affected by early life as a revolutionary, followed by a military career, followed by over a decade of constant targeting by western allies and the brutal Islamic fundamentalist in and around his country. These are the people that played the role of revolutionaries financed by the west and eventually slaughtered him. They are the same type of forces in Syria today. It is difficult to understand why a few of these same individuals became so enamored with their freedom that they went directly to fight in another countrys revolution. If I had just freed my country from the clutches from an evil dictator, I might be inclined to enjoy this freedom or at least put my efforts toward the restoration of order in MY country. Gadhafi clearly had a major influence in politics but he had formally renounced his role as leader decades ago and set up an extremely forward thinking mostly democratic governmental framework. His expulsion of western immigrants prior to his renunciation of power in the 1970s was meant to preserve this framework and preserve African independence. Recall what the colonial Italians did to Libyans. Considering the powerful and vicious nature of his enemies within and abroad, he did advocate for some harsh policies to be enacted by the peoples congress. You must look into how often these policies were actually enacted/enforced to really get a pulse on human rights. It is worth mentioning that Gadhafi was championed by prominent human rights organizations at one point. Gadhafi supported revolutionaries that he, mistakenly or not, believed were right. You will see that just as you can play the hardline western proponent, and I can play the role of apologist just as easily. After all, the man turned miles of desert into oasis! There is corruption in every system of governance, but Gadhafi saved his country from the monetary forces that pervade politics and cripple democracy in western governments. Other than a few contracts with western oil companies, he kept his nation economically independent and he battled the forces of globalization. He spared his people from the crippling debts imposed by the IMF. Again, I could go on about the things the man did such as sponsoring education of his citizens abroad if the free education domestically was not up to par. However, what is extremely difficult to dispute is that the majority of Libyans loved this man. One only has to go online to see the hundreds of thousands that so enthusiastically came out in support of this man. The vibrancy of the crowd, as well as interviews with English speaking Libyans indicates that this was not a charade or a march driven by fear. I gave my best efforts to contact Libyans online, listen to them speak, etc., to get a sense of what was going on before and after the 2011 civil war. There were certainly ordinary citizens that disliked Gadhafis influence on the country and the Jamahiriya that worshipped him. However, the uprising was far from organic. Most of those that opposed Gadhafi came off extremely racist and misogynist. Countless African migrants/refugees that were taken into his country and provided jobs/citizenship have now been viciously slaughtered (many hung upside down and executed simply for having dark skin) by hardline Islamists and militias that have overtaken the country. There is no measurable statistic that would indicate that Libya is better off today. The country, like many others that NATO has either directly or indirectly invaded, is in complete chaos and disarray. The no fly zone(Bombing) and the financing of the rebels was absolutely political and it targeted centers of civilians that supported Gadhafi. It was not all about oil, as this song might suggest, but rather more about the development of a Unified African currency and other factors. There are many books like the Slouching towards Sirte that tell the other side of the story, and I encourage everyone to read them. The truth resides in shades of grey, meaning it is somewhere between the two extreme views, but to deny one extreme in favor of another is a disservice to truth and it can be very dangerous in terms of global stability. US citizens must begin to examine and pressure their leaders to reign in what has been decades of out-of-control foreign policy. God Bless.

  • Anonymous

    El p is in the music video alright!

  • imac

    How did anyone other than Qaddafi's regime take a loss by his death. He sponsored hundreds of thousands of terrorist missions and you are going to tell me we took a loss when he died. His own people killed him!

  • Charles

    "You cant tell me Obama doesnt have the election in the bag already. Hes already gonna take over 95% of the African-American vote, hes definitely gonna get the Gay vote now, more than likely hell get the Woman vote based on the fact that the anti-abortionists have hijacked the Right. So, Im not as really worried that he wont be elected" While I do think the close polls are a manipulation by the MSM that needs a horse race. Complacency it a bad thing. It would be unwise to take this view that KMike expresses and sit it out. GOTV don't stay home. Voter suppression efforts are going on for a reason. A close election is easier to steal.

  • Assassin221

    "If you don't vote for Obama you're a fuckin' race traitor." To me it's a pretty racist, and straight-up poisonous, idea that black people HAVE to think, act, and vote a certain way in order to be black. But I'm white, so what do I know, right? Then he goes on to say: "[But] Im saying that you also should be demanding of him an African-American jobs program by saying were not gonna go vote." Well how in the fuck is anyone supposed to threaten not to vote for him with Killer Mike and co. calling them "fuckin race traitors"? But whatever, the interview was interesting and I actually want that album. Bold, overdramatized policital statements just piss me off, no matter who they come from.

  • AvengerXL

    Its simple morons if you don't vote for Obama yoou vote for MITT ROMNEY! If you think SHITT ROMNEY is better or are playing on the same field or the same as. Then don't vote but be ready for some serious rape ask the people of WI who fucked up earlier and now are about to lose a recall to the same assclown but of course most of you self righteous pseudo revoultionary fucks don't vote anyway so killyoself.



  • The G.O.D

    PEACE 'Mercenaries from within' PEACE

  • The G.O.D

    PEACE Finally, someone with a bit of sense; Khadafi was the last warrior-king, no doubt about it. To the comment below, do not speak on what you do not know about. Khadafi did more good than bad. His country was doing way better than others (e.g. Syria)in the region.His 'people' did not rebel against him, 'mercenaries form within' financed by the international community went against him; look at Syria Bashad is killing hundreds of innocent people (where is the international community?)The French government had a problem with the man, he made them uncomfortable thus they did not hesitate to go after him. Like ALL leaders he fell prey to his ego. PEACE

  • Anonymous

    The Gadhaffi bit was weird. If you know about Africa then you will know that some countries consist of middle eastern types. Not all african countries share a sense of pro black identity. Gadhaffi did not treat his people well and thats why they rebelled. Simple and plain. Theres no conspiracy(westerners corroborating with rebels for money and power) This was just one of those "We're tired of you killing us to control us" situations.

  • The Problem

    ^^^^ |||| this is me wtf DX? shitty sight.

  • Herbals

    Obama is an asshat liar. Anyone who would vote for that herb hasn't read anything since high-school. Turn off the TV and see what is really going on in your country locally. The guy is an epic failure.

  • The Problem

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ||||||||||||||||

  • Anonymous

    if that wasnt a racist and contradicting statement... not voting is the same as not voting for Obama. and image is a major problem in America period not just black America but the entire nation. we are so wrapped up in the image of things or someone and dont care or pay attention to if it or they are beneficial to us or a good person. his concept is stupid and ignorant especially bc he knows Obama isnt gonna help this country. he also needs to do more research on Ghadafi. yes he came in as a great leader with many very good and beneficial ideas but the power got to him as it has to many throughout history and he turned on his nation threatening anyone who may oppose him.

  • AZ

    At first it was a good read. Real talk about the games being played on the hearts and minds of the youth. But then the race issue is evinced. Khalil Gibran's were obviously never heard when he wrote about how the children of the slaves will forever carry the anger and the children of slave owners will forever carry the shame. Its a shame that people keep up this viscious cycle that prevents the natural progression thru experience and knowledge. In more ways than one, BO appears to be a mere "gambit" in this game. Voting for one based on their "image" or race is is a huge risk in the endgame scenario we are in. MLK tried to teach us that it was deceptions' tentacles that was going to destroy the dream of uniting and defeating this "supremacy for few" mentality that fucks everyone

  • googoo24

    Killer Mike fucking lost me on the Gadhafi part. If Gadhafi was beloved by his people, why did they rebel? In regards to Gitmo, most Americans want it to stay open. They conducted a poll, and about 70% of Americans stated they wanted the place to remain. So, as a result, Congress/The President won't really enforce it's closing.

    • googoo24

      Bringing clean water and increasing literacy (something that was likely a result of other factors) trumps being threatened with execution for expressing dissenting opinions? Really? And if his people were enamored with him, why did they rebel? Makes no sense. @Charles Obama reneged in 2011:

    • Charles

      "Congress/The President won't really enforce it's closing." You are wrong about that. It was all the Congress. Pres. Obama signed an executive order to close Gitmo on 1-22-2009. He needed congress to fund the whole thing, in terms of shutdown and transferring prisoners, but they voted against providing that funding. They voted 90-6 against funding it in the US Senate, and that was that. Separation of powers, checks and balance. There was nothing Obama could do after that.

    • AZ

      Well what about his great man made river project to bring clean water to his people? what about hte free healthcare and education, college education? Or what about the literacy rate increase? What about the wacko monarch regime he helped overthrow? What about his telecomm plan to free africa from the psycho conglomerates? The list goes on. Ill admit dude was a lil weird. Which is what happens when you join that weirdo circle. Do you trust grown ass men who dye there hair? i dont either. But at least it seemed like he was trying to do better. Just Look at what you got in Libya now and tell me this is for the better, and i think even bush would say you are sick.

    • googoo24

      Was Mandela also a supporter of the civil wars Gadhafi funded in Liberia and Sierra Leon? Or how about his acknowledged censorship of the Libyan media? Or his claim that anyone who founded/funded a political party in his country would be "executed"? And if Libyans didn't dispose Gadhafi, who did? The Japanese military? Did we imagine the Libyan Civil War?

    • AZ

      Research it. Go read the papers at global research. What makes you think those were the people of libya rebeling against him. Have you ever heard of believing only 1/2 of what you see? Did you know that Mandela supported Gaddhafi? Read and research is all i can say...

  • Anonymous

    Obama's Flip-Flop On Afghanistan War For the country, the Afghanistan war was a security necessity. For President Barack Obama and the Democrats, it was a political necessity--a fig leaf to cover their radical anti-war policies. That much is made clear by a sympathetic article in today's New York Times, which describes President Obama's "shift" from a "war of necessity" to a cut-and-run strategy. As usual, our Nobel laureate president is said to have experienced an intellectual "evolution," rather than a political flip-flop--or rather than having lied to the country outright. The Times article reports triumphantly that Obama cut his generals out of the decision-making process entirely, after his decision to order the "surge" in 2009 was criticized for taking too long and giving the military far fewer troops than it needed to win. According to the Times, the main problem Obama and his White House aides were concerned about was "leaks" from the military--i.e. political damage resulting from revelations of poor decision-making. That led to White House aides--not the generals in the field--making decisions entirely on their own: A year later [in 2010], when the president and a half-dozen White House aides began to plan for the withdrawal, the generals were cut out entirely. There was no debate, and there were no leaks. In 2010, according to the Times, Obama decided that the war in Afghanistan was "unwinnable"--even as the surge began, even as he sent more American troops to fight and die for their country (or for him personally, as he put it so revealingly in defending his "evolution" on gay marriage). The Times confirms that Obama's obsession with his re-election played an important role in the politicized plans for withdrawal from Afghanistan: After a short internal debate, Mr. Gates and Mrs. Clinton came up with a different option: end the surge by September 2012 after the summer fighting season, but before the election. Mr. Obama concurred. But he was placing an enormous bet: his goals now focus largely on finishing off Al Qaeda and keeping Pakistans nuclear weapons from going astray. The author of the article is at least honest enough to acknowledge the fact that giving up in Afghanistan could mean the return of the Taliban--and that the administration has no idea what do if it does: Left unclear is how America will respond if a Taliban resurgence takes over wide swathes of the country America invaded in 2001 and plans to largely depart 13 years later. It's one thing to listen to your generals and then overrule some of them. It's quite another to cut them out of the process entirely, leaving life-and-death decisions--and the fate of the country's future security--in the hands of political appointees who have little military experience between them and serve at President Obama's whim. And it's disgraceful to cut our NATO allies out of the process--especially when they are fighting and dying alongside our troops. It's clear that President Obama cares more about being able to tell his far left supporters that he ended their hated war, after all--and less about fulfilling his most fundamental duty as commander-in-chief.

    • Charles

      One more thing. I found this interesting: " the main problem Obama and his White House aides were concerned about was "leaks" from the military-" ---- And exactly how was the information you posted obtained? IF the info you posted is accurate, and that's big if, it's obvious that they were right to be concerned.

    • Charles

      All you have is rhetoric. You have nothing concrete to attack on the National Security front. And you know it. Obama's national security record is impeccable. 22 out of the top 30 al-Qaeda leaders are off the face of the Earth, including OBL. That's why you don't hear the Republicans talking about it. Nat. Sec was their calling card. Now a Democratic President is superior on Nat. Sec. and you RWers do know how to deal with it. Bin Laden is dead and GM is alive!

  • Anonymous

    **OBAMA COLUMBIA DOCUMENT RELEASED** Breitbart News discovery of the 1991 biography distributed by Barack Obamas then-literary agency, which stated (incorrectly) that Obama had been born in Kenya, confirmed what we have been saying for months as we pursued The Vetting project. Much of what the country ought to know about Obama, but does not, is hidden--often in plain sight--yet the mainstream media covers it up or spins it away to protect him. The errant biography is only the most sensational example of a pattern of behavior in which Obama and his supporters manipulate or even fabricate his life story. And because Obama and his campaign have refused to provide other, relevant facts--and because the mainstream media shows such little interest in finding them--conspiracy theories flourish. Some of these are easily debunked by conducting some very basic research. The image above--never before released--is from public records at Columbia University that prove that Obama did, in fact, graduate in 1983 from the Ivy League school. Contrary to some conspiracy theories, Obama was a student within the Faculty of Arts and Sciences--not the less selective, nontraditional Columbia University School of General Studies (which only merged with the Faculty of Arts and Sciences in 1990). This never-before-seen document debunks a persistent myth that is unfairly unfavorable to the President. Some fact-checking websites--such as and attempted to debunk the Obama never graduated Columbia conspiracy theory before. Yet they have relied almost entirely on secondary sources and mainstream media reports, which fail to cite primary sources. And the Obama campaign has not provided details of his admission to, or graduation from, the prestigious Ivy League school. Crucially, Obama has refused to release his college transcripts from Columbia and Occidental College, which certainly do exist. Other candidates--such as George W. Bush--released their transcripts, though their grades were not necessarily flattering. The mainstream media has clamored for, and investigated, and leaked information about other presidential candidates. But not Barack Obama--not in 2008, and not now. Even when you lead the mainstream media by the nose to the facts, or to the questions they should ask, they refuse. They are addicted to a failing business model: left-wing bias alienates readers, which cuts revenues, which leads to layoffs, which leads to less news coverage, which leads to more opinion, which alienates readers anew. They tinker with every part of that failing model except the bias that launches the vicious cycle. As more and more information about Obama emerges--through Breitbart News and other New Media sources, left and right--the failing mainstream media look more and more foolish, reduced to beatifying the president instead of reporting what he and his administration have done to this country. Whether Obamas college transcripts, or the documents in the Fast and Furious scandal, the time for excuses and evasions is over. Update: Several readers point out, correctly, that George W. Bush's transcripts were leaked by the media. All the more reason to wonder why the media has not shown the same interest in Obama's records.

  • Anonymous

    NC Teacher Screams at Student: Its Criminal to Criticize Obama YouTube video uploaded on Monday afternoon apparently shows a schoolteacher from the Rowan-Salisbury school district in North Carolina informing a student that failing to be respectful of President Obama is a criminal offense. Breitbart News has uncovered that the student is a high school junior, and that the teacher is apparently one Tanya Dixon-Neely. The video shows a classroom discussion about the Washington Post hit piece about Mitt Romney bullying a kid some five decades ago. One student says, Didnt Obama bully someone though? The teacher says: Not to my knowledge. The student then cites the fact that Obama, in Dreams from My Father, admits to shoving a little girl. Stop, no, because there is no comparison, screams the teacher. Romney is running for president. Obama is the president. The student responds that both are just men. The teacher yells -- literally yells -- that Obama is due the respect that every other president is due Listen, she continues, let me tell you something, you will not disrespect the president of the United States in this classroom. She yells over the student repeatedly, and yells at him that it's disrespect for him to even debate about Romney and Obama. The student says that he can say what he wants. Not about him, you wont, says the teacher. The teacher then tells the student wrongly that it is a criminal offense to say bad things about a president. Do you realize that people were arrested for saying things bad about Bush? Do you realize you are not supposed to slander the president? The student says that it would violate First Amendment rights to jail someone for such sentiments. You would have to say some pretty fd up crap about him to be arrested, says the student. They cannot take away your right to have your opinion They cant take that away unless you threaten the president. Clearly, the student should be teaching the class, and the teacher should be reading the Constitution more often. The school district classified the exchange which is obviously just another case of a pro-Obama teacher shoveling her views down students throats a learning experience. It isnt. Its political intimidation, and its just another example of how the American public school system has become an indoctrination tool for the left. This teacher should be suspended or fired forthwith, if only for incompetence. UPDATE: Breitbart News has received information that the YouTube video was shot by a friend of the bullied student. According to our source, the student had asked his friend to record the discussion to "prove to his parents what he has been trying to tell them for some time. The teacher in this video has a long history of pushing a liberal agenda, by shouting down students. She is very intolerant of other points of view that she does not share. The atmosphere at this school is not very conducive to opposing views." The source continues, "The student's parents have since taken him out of school and had him registered at another nearby school."

  • Anonymous

    Media Already Manipulating Polling Data for Obama Yesterday, I wrote about a few of the variables that can affect the accuracy of polls. Polls conducted of just adults, for example, deliver a huge seven-point bias in favor of Democrats. Notwithstanding this bias, it is simply silly to report political polling results of a sample of adults, since a large part of that sample won't actually be voting. It can, however, be useful if you want to make a partisan political point. This is exactly what the Tennessean newspaper and other media outlets have done. Yesterday, the state's biggest paper splashed across its front page the breathless headline that "Obama closed the gap" and was essentially tied with Romney in the Volunteer State. The poll of 1,002 Tennessee residents who are 18 and older found 42 percent would vote for Romney and 41 percent for Obama if the election were held now. The survey, conducted May 2-9 by Princeton Survey Research Associates International for Vanderbilt, had a margin of error of 4 percentage points. Do you see that? "residents...18 and older," meaning adults. Sure enough, a couple more paragraphs into the story, we learn that the Vanderbuilt University poll did add in a registered voter screen. Those results? Romney is beating Obama by seven points. That's a much different headline isn't it? To its credit, Politico immediately threw cold water on the headline results of the poll, describing the campaign in Tennessee as a "blowout wrapped in a nail-biter." But, Brett LoGiurato, the resident Obama palace guard at BusinessInsider, went with the shocking headline that Obama was "only down one" in Tennessee. He eventually got around to noting the registered voter number, but still tried to argue that the poll was bad news for the GOP. (Warning: for LoGiurata, the sun coming up is pretty much bad news for the GOP.) The thing is, we can't really tell if the poll is bad news for the GOP, because Vanderbuilt University won't release the poll data until Wednesday. We don't know if they over sampled Democrats to get these results or played around with the sample in other ways. It seems Vanderbuilt and the Tennessean paper will be releasing bits of the poll over the next couple of days. The needed context to understand the poll won't come until long after they "report" the findings. (Note: I'm assuming the May 2-9 date for the poll is a typo by the Tennessean. One, seven days is a very long time to have a poll "open". More importantly, why report on a poll taken two to three weeks before reporting it? A lot has happened in the campaign in those weeks, right? Of course, most of what's happened has been negative for the Obama campaign. The newspaper wasn't just sitting on this poll until they needed to change the narrative of the campaign, were they?)

  • buriedalive

    you cant vote for skin. you vote for the better man

  • Anonymous

    MSNBC's unofficial web-branch, known as Politico, couldn't move fast enough to dismiss our story about the possibility that as a grown adult, President Obama, or those around him, might have had faked his biography Elizabeth Warren-style. To Politico, of course, that's not news. The backgrounds of private citizens supporting Governor Romney, however, elicits all kinds of time, attention, manpower, and publicity from Politico's wretched left-wingers. Back in 2008, Politico's Jonathan Martin did oppo-research on a private citizen Barack Obama approached for a photo-op. The man who would become 'Joe the Plumber' was just minding his own business when then-candidate Obama engaged him on-camera. Joe asked a perfectly fair question that the now-teleprompter addicted Obama flubbed miserably (but only by telling the truth). The McCain camp pounced, Joe became a YouTube sensation, and journalistic-thug Martin figured he could take the heat off Obama by making a private citizen's tax liens a story. In the bullying tradition of her colleague Martin, last week, Politico's Maggie Haberman did oppo-research on a private citizen who appeared in a Romney campaign ad. Moreover, this is the same Politico which last week wrote a 1200 word feature piece about the return of Jeremiah Wright in the news but covered up one of the primary reasons Wright is back in the news: his tale of allegedly being bribed by the Obama campaign in 2008. You sensing a pattern here? Obviously, Politico is far from done vetting everyone but our sitting president or sending its threatening message that any kind of support for Mitt Romney will come with a heavy price. Late yesterday, Politico's pal Abby Phillip (pictured above) sunk her teeth into another private citizen whose only sin is not supporting Obama -- Romney supporter John Kleinheinz -- who is now paying for his million dollar donation with a big Politico spread exposing his once being wanted for "criminal mischief." The corrupt media is not only attacking private citizens who support candidates other than Their Precious One, but as we saw last week with this full-bore media intimidation campaign, the media is obviously furious that the (free speech known as) super PACs now have the ability to compete with them for the narrative. As a result, the media is targeting them and their donors, one by one, in an effort to intimidate them into silence. Here's my question: If the private lives of private citizens are now fair game, why not the private lives of the journalists who expose and threaten to expose those private citizens? Their rules, not mine.

  • Anonymous

    this is just more of DX and the mainstream medias push to re-elect the worst president ever. How can anyone honestly say our country is in a better spot now than we were 4 years ago. and if you can you're full of shit because Obama himself said we are worse off now than we were when he got elected. He's addmitted to being a bad president but you people still sit there and make excuses for him... ... Oh its congress' fault... ok so what about the first 2 1/2 years under obama when the democrats had all three branches of government? they sepnt all their time passing that illegal Obamacare which is going to be shot down by the supremecourt anyways. was it the republicans fault then too? What presidential nominee took more money from the banks than any other president in history combined... wasnt McCain or Romney. It was Obama and what does he do once he got in, bailed out the banks and blamed it on the republicans. What party recieves more political funding from corporations and unions... the democrats. of course you people are all too stupid and just repeat what MSNBC & ABC tell you what to think.

    • kiiiiiiippp

      you'll be saying this in four years if romney is president too, lets all pull our heads out of our a**es for a moment shall we, have you researched every president in the the history of the united states? or did you hear this sentiment from the news?

  • Anonymous

    Obama is the biggest hypocrit in history. "I can not support gay marriage because of my christian beliefs"... lie "I will close gitmo as my first act in my administration"... lie, they've been expanding gitmo "It is unconstitutional for a president to run up a debt this size."... referring to the debt Bush ran up over 8 years and a national disaster.... Obama equaled what Bush spent in only 3 years.

  • Anonymous

    "if you don't vote for Obama this time you're a fuckin' race traitor." so thats the proof that so many people simply voted for him because he is black. Good reason to vote for someone. Who cares about his lack of leadership experience, checkered history, a well known past of drug and alcohol abuse, a history of race baiting and inciting blatant racial descrimination in this country, not to mention the class warfare he's made up and the war on religion this administration has openly started. The fact that people agree with this idiot is really scary. People won t even look into the facts or numbers and will vote for this schmuck simply because of the color ofr his skin. People need to pass a test to drive, but any idiot can have a kid and vote.

  • killahd

    Another one of my favorite MCs ruining their personal image in interviews by trying to sound informed but coming off soooooo ignorant. Rappers are trying real hard these days to be Immortal Technique in interviews. Stop trying so hard, it's a force.

  • Anonymous

    Khadafi was killed because he was stupid.

  • Anonymous

    If a white person said this about a white candidate he would be blasted for being racist, so wow this is absolutely pathetic

  • 490717

    Gaza strip was getting bombed, Obama didn't say shit. That's why I ain't vote for him, the next one either. I'm part of the problem, the problem is I'm peaceful.

  • Anonymous

    This dude thinks he's so smart but some of this shit is the most ignorant garbage I've ever read


    wtf@ his gadhafi statements if he was so good to his people why half the country looking for him at the end?

  • triPAUD

    if he was such a benevolent leader he wouldn't have been living like that when ppl in sudan, Somalia, mali, etc gotta kill to survive. I'm not sayin US, or really anyone cause every capable nation is responsible, but tell the fuckin truth about it.

  • triPAUD

    I'm kinda tired of all this Kadafi shit. the man was a tyrant. He had the capability to do a lot for Africans but all he did was take advantage of them the same way Americans and Euros have been doing for centuries. The people wanted him out and he had his time. Be fucking honest with yourself.

  • Anonymous

    he should have just stopped after RON PAUL...everything he said after that is irrelevant. Obama is a puppet and caves to the pressure of "expanding the american empire" but in reality has turning america into the biggest terrorist nation in the sure out forefathers really appreciate our leaders following the constitution too..oh wait. OBAMA IS A FUCKING traitor and you are a one to if you vote for him

    • Oliver Twist

      ^^^ Why dont you sit your bitch ass down. Just because the alternate option is a douchebag doesn't mean you just accept the lesser of two evils. Everytime an election comes, this shit happens. South Park said it's always a douchebag versus a turd sandwich. All these politicians are crooked, the whole system is crooked, but every four years people fall back into believing the hype. If you knew anything about politics you would know a country like America doesn't live and die just by what the President does. Keep blaming Bush, Reagan and they will keep blaming Obama and Clinton. Everyone too scared to challenge the system so we all lose. So once again, sit your bitch ass down cuz that's all you good at

    • Anonymous

      I'd rather have niether and go with Ron Paul (im not the first guy btw)

    • -__-

      Shut the fuck up you rather have Obama or some white republican that always wants war at least Obama is trying to change shit it takes years to fix wat bush and ragen and his father did so sit yo bitch ass down

  • Anonymous

    youtube Mafi G2 Green Nation

  • chronwell

    Ask Obama for an African-American jobs program? HAHAHA!

  • Durag22

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  • ramses

    but arent these so called gangsta rappers already race traitors ,, i mean they expressed in there music in order 2 get rich how your not real if your not selling drugs in the hood an you aint real if you aint bussin that thing in the hood against your own race ,,now the guys who got rich saying that to you all can care less about you ,,they care more about what white america think ,,its why all of your gangsters are appealing to guys with skinny jeans ,old skool CIA glasses ,skate boarding ,,i will vote for obama again ,,but guys traded there race a long time ago

  • Durag22


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  • Durag22

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  • Jason

    i didnt hear what good has come by this man. all i know is the whole fucking country is hurting so bad and never in life have we seen such poverty in the hood and now the burbs lol. everyone rents a room and jobs are scared shitless to pay over 12 an hour. the 80's was sooo fucking joyous and carefree and now we in hell!!!!!

  • unclesam

    This dude is gonna be assassinated by the government. Keep talking that real shit!

  • wax

    I am so happy for Mike with this album. I'm not fuckin' with Obama lately, but Mike's right... he beats the other guy. He and El-P made one of the best albums in a long-ass time, and I just read it's coming out on vinyl too.

  • Coolin

    This is just stupid. Killer Mike, you aren't going to confuse me with your love of Bozo the Clown. I'm sure you'll be able to confuse most because there are just more dumb people in America than smart people. Dumb people, please look at the facts before you do anything. Listening to a rapper about politics and following him is just too stupid.

    • Mitch 3K

      What color got to do with it, I'm white and I think the guy who posted this is an idiot Calling somebody an idiot for having an opinion diffrent then yours is the tell tale sign of a pussy Killer Mike is probably smarter then you are

    • BLACK