LeCrae: Power In Numbers

Lupe Fiasco and Malice are reportedly championing Christian Hip Hop star LeCrae. He's selling more records in the last year than Rap's stars, and he's still new to many. HipHopDX aims to change that.

Hundreds of Hip Hop anthems have been dedicated to the topic of cash. Reach Records recording artist LeCrae, the latest rapper to make a surprising climb up the Billboard charts, raps about change.

Already the most recognizable name in the Christian Hip Hop subgenre, LeCrae has experienced greater mainstream success with the release of his last two albums, Rehab and Rehab: The Overdose. Both peaked in the Top 5 of Billboard’s Hip Hop charts and in theTtop 20 of the Billboard 200. The author of the smash hit, “Don’t Waste Your Life,” was also recently nominated for a Grammy, but a large percentage of Hip Hop fans may be new to the name and the movement.

With the present fascination about Hip Hop success stories, particularly in the face of the Recession, HipHopDX wanted to speak with LeCrae. The Houston, Texas-based emcee speaks both about what makes him different than your usual rapper, but also what makes him the same. Joined by Reach Records' Ben Washer, the two also explain how they're got strength in numbers - right there on Wednesday morning's charts.

HipHopDX: With the success of the albums, what’s been your response?

LeCrae: You know, it’s been encouraging, because it shows that there’s a voice that’s been lacking, specifically in Hip Hop. It shows that people are hungry to hear it, hungry to hear something articulated, subject matter talked about, and truth being spoken.

Obviously, we’re Christians, so we give answers to questions from a Christian perspective. It’s been really good. It’s been really exciting to see people respond to that. One, people have appreciated the quality of it, but two, people appreciate it of the content. So it’s been good.

DX: Ben, with LeCrae’s success, does it mean that Christian Hip Hop finally has a lane to run in within the market? Being the head of Reach Records with a label full of talented artists, I am curious to see how you would answer that question.

Ben Washer: I think there’s a marketplace. I think there always has been, actually. There’s been Christian hip-hoppers that have done well sales-wise in the past. I think the Lord is doing something special with LeCrae right now, and the rest of the guys on our label.

We’re seeing Trip Lee, Tedashii, those guys, I think a lot of great things for them as far as exposure and in the marketplace. I think like there’s a need like LeCrae was saying, people are hungry for a different voice in Hip Hop. So we’re excited to point to Jesus with the platform we have, so success for us just means more stuff to steward and more opportunity to point people to Jesus.

DX: LeCrae, talk a little bit about the creative process. How did you come up with the idea for the Rehab album?

LeCrae: Every album I approach I want to approach with a sincerity and a sense of authenticity. You know a lot of people think Christians are just happy-go-lucky people who are always skipping and smiling and [using a nerdy voice] "We love everything, we love everybody." They think we don’t have any problems, that we’re not realists and we don’t see the real world.

Rehab was me painting a picture of, "I do have joy and I am happy, but it’s not based off my circumstances." If you want to be honest, my circumstances at the time sucked. I really didn’t like what life was handing me. I was very conscious of the fact this world was fractured, that it was messed up, and that not only did the world need help and rehabilitation, but so did I.

And I just wanted to be authentic and communicate from that place and saying, "You know man, there is hope." And even though I’m struggling and other people are struggling, there’s hope, and it’s not an ambiguous hope that, "Aww, things will get better," but a real hope people can hold on to.

And as a Christian, we believe that hope is found in Jesus. It sounds cliché, but that’s something we’ve realized and we want to share with the world. So that’s how Rehab came about. It had nothing do with other artists putting out albums that had similar concepts and titles, It’s just from a real place.

DX: What’s surprised you the most about how the albums have been received?

LeCrae: I think this go-round it’s been the mainstream Hip Hop community has embraced it. and given it a, "I appreciate what he’s doing," or "Dude can spit," just that recognition. That’s what we are. We’re products of Hip Hop culture. We’re just articulating things from a different worldview.

That’s just been the most encouraging and surprising thing, having conversations with people like Lupe Fiasco, somebody told me that he recommended they pick up my project. [Or] Malice from Clipse, just being able to build a relationship with him and him being appreciative of what I’m doing, to HipHopDX, and just the looks I’ve gotten from so many other places, it’s been encouraging and surprising.

DX: Ben, talk a little about Reach as a brand. How do you decide who you produce, how you produce and how you market those individuals?

Ben Washer: I think our perspective isn’t really industry first. It’s people first. Our heart has always been for the people listening to our stuff or coming to the concerts. We want to be able to change their worldview and open their eyes the way they see the world, the way they see themselves, the way they see God, we want that to be a Biblical lens that they see that through.

We see ourselves as the music of a movement. LeCrae’s success kinda came out of nowhere for a lot of people. We’ve been around for seven years. We’ve just always tried to connect with people. That’s resulted in success, not really what we sought in the first place, but I don’t think our focus on success from the outset, and it still isn’t. Our focus is on the hearts of the people we’re trying to reach.

There’s no formula to it for success for us. We’re obviously devoted to authentic hip-hop, quality and good music. And we want skill to be there, but our ultimate aim is that the heart would change, not simply that we just would get a plaque.

DX: Rebel was an incredible album, too, but I see as a Hip Hop fan a marked difference between the level of influence between Rebel and the two Rehab albums.

Ben Washer: As a label, we like to see artist develop. That’s just what your seeing with LeCrae‘s stuff. We started with [his first album] Real Talk and LeCrae produced half of the beats, and our budget was really small. We were able to expand as time went on and work with other producers that were great.

You’re just seeing growth from all our artists. We’re willing to stick with them through that growth. Hopefully, we’re always getting better and the artists are getting better at their craft. We take that seriously.

DX: LeCrae, I’ve heard you talk about stewarding your platform. As your influence continues to increase, what’s that thought process like for you?

LeCrae: At the end of the day, it’s making the most of what’s in front of you, but constantly seeking wisdom. Nothing is guaranteed. Anybody can tell you that. There’s no formula for guaranteed something. That’s what it comes down to for me is just a strong dependence, a strong sense of, "God, you’re going to have to give me wisdom."

And that the end of the day, it’s about not believing your own press clippings. Because what you become what everybody has deemed a celebrity, I think that’s when the monster comes out. That’s when you start thinking that you’re something that you’re not. You start thinking the world centers around you. And if everything gets focused on me, the mission gets very small. It’s no longer about changing the world and impacting the hearts of people. It becomes about how to get everybody to think I’m awesome.

DX: You just came out with two albums. For people who are LeCrae fans, what can they expect next?

LeCrae: What people can look forward to from me is just me being a representative of the crew, my whole crew the 1-1-6 [taken from Romans 1:16]. You got a compilation album called, Man Up, with all the artists from Reach Records. We’re a movement. I’m just one person in a movement. I think if people start checking out what I’m doing, they will get real excited about this whole movement that we’re presenting.

DX: I know there a lot of people checking the Top 10 Hip Hop albums on iTunes and saying, “Who is this dude LeCrae, and what is he doing on this list?” What would you want the DX audience to know?

LeCrae: Number one, I would want them to question why the music is up there and why people are reaching for it. I would want them to say, "Hmm, I wonder what this is?" And then just investigate. And then investigate it more from a musical perspective. Just say, "Man, is it good music? Can I listen to this?" And I say that to all the deejays, radio stations, so on and so forth, I say, "Is it good, regardless of the content?"

I think people say, "Oh, it’s religious. I’m not going to play it." Everything on the radio is religious, whether they’re preaching the gospel of money, sex or weed, you know you’re still saying this will satisfy you. All we’re saying is we found a different source of satisfaction.

Nobody complains with Lupe being Muslim or people being irreligious, but it’s just when someone is communicating and talking about God consistently, people raise their eyebrows. So one, I would just say, ‘Is it quality music?’

Then I would say, "If it is [quality music] and people are resonating with it, why is that?" I think that’s because people who hear it have to deal with real-life issues. And when you deal with real-life issues, you’re going to how to deal with your own life, your own heart and your own reality. Everybody’s not in the club poppin’ bottles smoking on the greenest of weed. It’s real-life issues going on, and people have to address and talk about. That’s what I hope people will do when they listen.

DX: Trip Lee had Between Two Worlds. DJ Official dropped Entermission. Sho Baraka had his Lions and Liars project and Tedashii had the Identity Crisis. Ben, talk about the success of the Reach artists as a whole lately.

Ben Washer: It’s been exciting. I think what you’re seeing is the outcome of guys that have lived it off the stage. There’s an authenticity with all these guys. Not only are they good at their craft, they’re the real deal away from the mic. They’re not a bunch of hypocrites. They’re all trying to love their families. They’re all trying to please the Lord with their life. They’re all in a community.  I think you’re seeing a crew of guys that have a like-minded passion, and that’s to change people’s hearts. It’s a powerful thing that they’ve gotten together. I’ve always seen myself as a servant to their platform. It’s been exciting over the years to watch it grow and watch more and more people receive it.”

DX: Sonically, why do you Reach’s music is so appealing?

Ben Washer: They know good music. They love good music, too. They’re checking out all different genres of music. It comes out when they make music. Everybody has a little different flavor. They are passionate to making good art. They take their projects seriously. They want them to be excellent.

DX: Any final thoughts?

LeCrae: The only thing I would add is that we’re a movement. This isn’t some fly-by-night group of dudes rapping to sell records. We really are a literal movement. If we weren’t doing music, we’d still be trying to change communities and change people’s world by communicating who Jesus is.

And every artist on the label, none of them are my Sideshow Bobs. They’re all incredible artists in their own right. None of them live in my shadow. It just so happens I was the one that was able to jump out there in a bigger way thus far, but I think if people investigate they’ll see there’s a richness and an incredible artistry with each one of the artists on the label.

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  • Omar

    hey lecrae man you are one of the greatest Christin rapper I heard I have all your cd bro I tell myself man I want to change so I want to give my life to god and then I started make lyrics and I want to be a Christin rapper I hope I get big I get see my songs out there that's my one big wish

  • Anonymous

    check out acts 20:24 at youtube

  • 116allday

    I agree. Lecrae and Reach are being used by God to intercede for a generation. This is real. I just heard a new Christian white rapper named Sean Cates who reminds me of Lecrae mixed with Eminem mixed with a surfer. God is doing some crazy new things. I think his videos are on youtube.

  • Sadie Molock

    I agree there is a hunger for their style of music. When I went back to Christ, I felt the need to change the focus of my music. Instead of glorifying sex, drugs and violence I wanted to hear testimonies of how believers overcome these challenges. So I dropped the G-Unit and got with the 116 Clique.

    • 116allday

      I agree. Lecrae and Reach are being used by God to intercede for a generation. This is real. I just heard a new Christian white rapper named Sean Cates who reminds me of Lecrae mixed with Eminem. God is doing some crazy new things. I think his videos are on youtube.

  • claudia

    i have been a fan of the 116 group for years now and have witnessed the growth. these guy r on fire for Jesus Christ and r being used in a major way. people r looking for truth and in a generation focused on media and such things, this ministry has proven to be powerful.

  • Anonymous

    @darkman6 "MAY GOD SAVE YOUR SOUL" HA!! Look into what your saying. Ignorance isn't bliss when it results in death. A smart man would know that.

  • Jake Schmitt

    Check out Battle Song by Lecrae, It goes HARD.

  • biggzsaint

    Thank you Jesus!!!!!

  • Floyd Prescott III

    man, this is a great article for the sake of God doing His thing. I don't agree with the posts below about subbing Jesus w/ other people/God's/names/etc, because this movement is what it is because of who Jesus is in their lives. I salute & pray for Lecrae & all those guys because they are making an impact for real!

  • i'm not my own

    Hey guys, the only reason why people dis the 1-1-6 movement is because people are blinded by sin, and of the world. I just pray that everyone will see the truth, John 14:6....

  • uchenna

    hopefully, the world will know about the existence of christian hip hop...

  • Cornell Jordan

    Fam, The message is Christ. He sacrificed His life so that we could be redeemed in God's eyes. All the guys on Reach Records are conveying that message and they are unashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I pray that all of you would enter into a relationship with Christ and music would be a vehicle to achieve salvation.

  • Kennisblegad Olaotan

    Incredible music. the whole 116 clique is amazing. and the content is on point too.

  • biggzsaint

    RELIGION is of the world... RELATIONSHIP with GOD is what matters!!!! Grace and peace!

  • Juice

    Biggzsaint - The Gates are open with or WITHOUT Jesus. Onaje's point is that we have our own traditions. We don't "need" the religion given to us during slavery to experience God.That said, I still like Lacrae, but I usually sub Jesus for some other godly term when listening.

    • Dereck

      actually, biblically speaking Jesus is the only way into heaven, without Jesus the gates don't open at all. John 14:6 " I am the way, the Truth and the Life no one comes to the Father but through me." (Jesus is talking)

    • biggzsaint

      Juice.. I here you, but there is only 1 GOD.. Jesus is the only son of GOD.. You could paint a picture anyway you want, but the TRUTH still remains...

    • James Callins

      Actually, Juice, The gospel of Jesus Christ was brought to Ethiopia, by an Ethiopian back in the first century... get ya history right.

  • biggzsaint

    @Onaje.. You sounding really ignorant fam.. just because some one uses something GOOD for evil, doesn't mean that thing is evil... Guess what???? Jesus opened the gates of heaven to EVERYONE!!! Even you!

  • biggzsaint

    As usual... The so called thugs and half way crooks don't even know who they are or what they are meant to do or be... CHRIST is the way, the truth and the life.. If you truly study your bible you will discover truth.. stop taking everyone elses word.. Investigate God's Word...

  • Jason Cameron Art


  • Jason Cameron Art

    For you haters who are basing your opinions about LeCrae on this song (Background) yeah the song is soft but he also has hard songs. look into him before you hate. he's legit

  • Jason Cameron Art

    Lecrae is amazing!!!

  • Anonymous


  • Tone

    Craeyola is doing big things and making a very postive impact on the world thanks to the Almighty God.Praise His glorious name!I pray that all the reach fam and Christian music as a whole continues to be light to this world of darkness in our lord Jesus Christ name...@Darkman6 if Wu Tang and co(any secular artist claiming to make "Spiritual Music") where not putting the Word of our lord jesus in their rhymes and glorifying his name and living it outside of the booth,then they were doing it all wrong

    • Onaje

      WTF i swear Christians are slow. Wu were very spiritual they are 5%. They just dont preach the teachings of their slave masters, like black Christians do.


    usually i would call these guys bible basher's .....but its a good sign that hip hop is slowly recovering if more than one voice is getting heard...personally iam gonna be honest i dont give a shit about their message and dont say bullshit like "MAY GOD PRAY FOR YOUR SOUL" i dont want it.besides wu tang clan plus affiliates have all ready done that spiritual shit they often imparted 5 per center teachings in there lyrics so stop actin like its a new idea and shit

  • Mike

    TRUTH sucks because it doesn't feed to our emotions and what we will like to do. The scary part is that we turn down the TRUTH for lie because lies and deceit is far more appealing. It's scary!!! What Lecrae and the 116 clique are doing is INCREDIBEL and I pray they will continue to stand for CHRIST, and encourage others to turn their lives around. Lecrae or any person doing work for CHRIST should not even be compared at all to the world because it's opposite. One leads to hell and the other leads to eternity and their reward is in heaven. Can it get better than that? I don't think so.

  • Ya mama

    i find it funny most of you people who are hatein on his music have never listened to it and dismiss it because you hear its Christian, Also those who have listened to his music and hate on it are mad cause he aint talkin bout money sex and drugs & no words need to be bleeped out hes talking bout the truth and you cant take it , & lastly you guys keep complaing bout "oh man these people keep hatein on me" well your hatein on him so arent you a hater?

  • Richard Cutright

    To all those who doubt dude skills: Him that have ears let him hear... Dont waste your life http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n0_pzJfrqiU Breathing to Death http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HtA9kbUb45Q&playnext=1&list=PLD8B321734C53D056 Fallback http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FP0U3d70H0A Truth http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5zBcXKVaFg8&feature=related then judge..

  • Rise Up and Go

    All the 116 guys are amazing. Their music is equal if not better than main stream artists and lyrically they keep it as fresh as they come. Their content is amazing, It is Christ/Gospel centered and accurate; always! Check this out www.riseupandgo.com

  • NiveK

    lol at EddieMurrrphy You're so hard dude! lol

  • Halfway Crook

    People probably picked his album up by mistake thinking they were getting something from Em or Dre....then got home, slapped it on and said "What the fuck is this garbage?"

    • SMH

      His picture is on the front of all 5 of his albums along with his name...."Lecrae". Why would anyone think they were picking up something from Em or Dre? Bruh, your comment made absolutely no sense at all.

    • rich

      That could be true dude...especially since most people with your taste in music can't read. This guy already has a gold album, and two more (released 4 months apart) will be gold in their first year. No major label, no air play and now he's selling like crazy and interviewed on hiphopdx. Give credit where it's due. Or at least listen to the damn thing before you start hatin on it. It's nonsense like yours that's ruining hip-hop....go listen to your Wacka, Gucci or Weezy.

  • Chuks

    Great article. Check out his music and listen to the lyrics. Truly inspiring.

  • Anonymous

    kids a fucken terrible rapper, dont care how religious he is. boring flow, boring lyrics, no double meanings or double rhythyms. guess people like him cause of his message

    • BB

      he's real diverse just check out his other stuff his message is legit but his music stands on it's own. There's a bunch of other Christian rappers but how many of them make it top ten on itunes? you can't sell on message alone eventually you gotta be able to spit and 'Crae's got it but hey, Haterz gonna hate right?

    • BB

      No double meanings? The first lines of the second verse in this video is "I had a dream that I was captain of my soul. I was master of my fate, lost control, and then I sank". Compare what that lines taken from to how he uses it, also check out the intro to divine intervention forreal he's real diverse just check out his other stuff his message is legit but his music stands on it's own. but hey, Haterz gonna hate right?

    • Anonymous

      lol stop hating on LeCrae personally being someone who stopped listening to mainstream rap and started listening to gospel rap, I think he's the best rapper on earth, and yes better than all those fake rappers that worship money and satan that you probably listen to, like lil wayne, eminem, tupac, biggie, etc...

    • nate

      Hahaha! Let's just say I don't have to defend lecrae or any christian rapped because the fact of the matter is one day ever knee will bow. Nuff said.

    • Halfway Crook

      Cosign...this guy's new name is LaGay.

    • Truuf

      That video doesn't really show his ability as an emcee. Wish they would've put up "DOnt waste your life" Or some of his Overdose stuff. If you like Drake meets Pac you get Crae in my opinion.

    • anon

      same with tupac. isnt this what you'd call a double standard?

  • LJ

    ain no one stoppin it now dey BEEN unashamed all this time yall jus ben sleepin on it but only taken this long so that dey can handle the attention leh go christ is gettin glorified ain no stoppin it baby ! Holla One One Six

  • Day-V

    Stop sleepin' on these cats just because they're Christians. They can spit, too. If you like Lecrae peep these guys as well: Trip Lee Sho Baraka Tedashii shai linne Steven the Levite The Cross Movement Timothy Brindle R-Swift Young Joshua Evangel Ackdavis All Christians, yes, but talented rhyme-spitters as well and REAL hip-hop.

  • Philip Carpenter-Powell

    If you guys really like christian hip-hop you should check out the artists, Knine and Kambino. Particularly, Knine's Born Again, which I feel is a classic.

  • Jess Devitt

    Christian rap? Allelujah, kiss my ass.

    • Jay

      I sense a stereotype at work here. If you read the entire interview, you should have a bit better of an understanding. As Lecrae said, rappers include all sorts of devices in their lyrics that induce pleasure: sex, drugs, materialism. Christians struggle with these desires, but have come to realize the there's more to Life than this world. Pleasure is impermanent. Salvation is eternal.

  • Josh

    Thank you Lecrae for being real. In the face of the world you stood true to your beliefs and pointed all glory to God who blesses you and the music. It's words like these that are going to make a difference. This is the proper example of how humble and loving, yet motivated and strong Christians should be. If you haven't heard his music or kinda browsed it, check into it deeper. "40 deep" is playing as I type. Great music. God bless you Crae and your ministry. Thank you for being the proper example the world needs to see

  • Dave Santos

    Keep bringing the TRUTH! Thats what this hip-hop culture and the world needs! JESUS.

  • finally

    This is what we need to hear more about in the hip hop world, no i'm not religious, but at least stuff like this will inspire people, make them feel good, maybe change their lives even. I just read the post about the stupid duck on LA's face- really well written, and it looks like this is DX's way to start trying to bring us the more positive sides of hip hop than the bull that we are used to hearing. KEEP IT UP

  • bklynsfynest2000

    I admit I have never heard his music but I see him on itunes and it made me curious. After reading this article he gets my respect just off the fact he seems real and he doing his thing on the mic for the Lord. I respect how he came across humble and down to earth but confident in his skills and his message. Good article and good interview. I will check your music

  • Duke

    Keep it up Lecrae and the rest of the the Reach family. we need more people pushin Christian music period. as long as you stay close to God you will do wonders with your talent. i pray that your music can reach the masses and help out a lot of people. God bless.

  • Raul Rosales

    I had the pleasure to assist a show in L.A at the end of the year,and was a blessing seeing and hearing them. They are real people raping about a real God,a real savior,a real hope,thank you for taking charge in Gods commission. "All saved All serious" I got Jesus baby............

  • AJB4

    i hope more people catch on to the movement

  • Money Emp

    @EddieMurrrphy,"Pray'in for You" off of that "After the Music Stops" album.Then reach records also had "The Cross Movement",I told my cousin bout these artist years ago.Because he gotten himself right with the Lord.I told'em these guys spit better than most of these industry cats.Me myself still livin in the World but try to get closer with the Savor each day of the rest of my life.Just wanted to show these guys Love for the content of their Music.That dude Canton Jones is talented to.

    • Jay

      I just wanted to encourage you. We may be livin' on this earth, but as you know we're called to rise above the worldly passions. Sin is so appealing before you fall. Then it only leads to negativity and separation from God. Keep fightin' that sin! In the words of Tedashii, "Make War!" Peace, Brother.

  • David W Williams

    I'm just so happy to see how God is using his vessels to do His will. The Reach Record's fam is so talented as well as other real Christian Hip Hop artists. Continue the movement! Love ya'll. Maintain & Elevate as always!

  • Scott Larrison

    Lecrae is the real deal and his music is inspired by the Author of inspiration.

  • EddieMurrrphy

    fuck this pretentious bitch nigga. nothing he is saying is uplifting or even original. he's a fake little pussy peddling christianity which by the way is for the sheep. change! -pffft

    • Anonymous

      this dude eddie muurrrphy judges people on the internet for a living and doesnt even get paid for it. That should pretty much tell you how his life is going. dont share in his pain.

    • AP

      i have nothing more to say than your in my prayers if thats honestly your twisted view of Christianity. Christ saves and changes, im living proof of that so only ignorance will deny it. I pray you look into this and Christ saves you bro

    • EddieMurrrphy

      lol clowns

    • Sara Cornell

      I don't understand how you can say this music is unoriginal...It's the only music out there that's not talking about getting high, drugs and women. Praying for you.

    • Anonymous

      @Eddie Murrrphy....If someone is doing something for God, how does that make them a pussy as you say? Last time I checked, what people claim to be a "Boss" or a soldier is someone who stands strong to what they believe or want to do regardless of what others say. You're just made cuz it's not what you want. I will pray for you bro cuz Lecrae is impacting people in a very positive way. What have you done to give you the right to shoot down God's messenger?? I pray God softens your heart.

    • Anonymous

      thought that this was not worth replying to, but honestly, you need to really listen to his music, and you will find out he is actually completely opposite from everything in your post...and i'd say someone who is unashamed enough to take the stand that he is is at the other end of the spectrum from being a pussy, because there are so many people out there like you that will attack him for what he is doing, so i'd think he'd have balls to do what he is doing

  • usarcher06

    LECRAE & the 116 clique have saved my life with their music !!!

    • The Real Pae

      @usarcher06 >>> I think I know what you mean, but I hope you rely on Christ for salvation and not the 116 Clique, cuz check it, Lecrae and them with fail you, but Christ will never fail you. Its about the Gospel they preach and not themselves! Blessings Bruh!

  • YourFriendKimmy

    Great interview! I've been a big fan of Lecrae and Reach Records for years. I'm really happy for him and looking forward to his new projects. Love how the label is so humble and full of integrity.

  • Roni

    I love Reach Records. I am 116! Ppl, top listening to that TRASH and get up on you JESUS MUZIK!

    • AP

      if it doesnt glorify God, it IS a waste of time, because if our good works are like filthy rags to the Lord, you honestly think he smiles on wayne, kanye, usher etc.? no, he'll throw that trash away in the lake of burning sulfur where it belongs. Christian means "little Christ" and Jesus would NOT be supporting waka or those other busters

    • DocturJay

      lol bro relax. Im christian and lecrae is mos def doin his thing but that dont mean the stuff that other people listen to is trash. wayne, jeezy, soulja boy, waka, gucci, usher, gaga, bieber, new kanye (but one of the best producers) etc. might be trash or IS trash but how you gon count out jay electronica, j. cole, sha stimuli, skyzoo, heltah skeltah etc.

  • Toby

    underrated artist! his music and passion is great

  • Phil

    I am not usually one for listening to hip hop music. I have been a Christian for 7 years now but mainly listen to christian rock like Underoath and so on... But Lecrae is another thing! Love his music and his messages. God bless him.

    • Anonymous

      @EddieMurrrphy: being good doesnt get you into heaven, you cant be good enough, if i murder somone the judge doesnt care about the good stuff ive done, he still has to punish me. thats where the mercy (not getting what you do deserve, death/hell) and grace (getting what you dont deserve, life/salvation) of God steps in in the form of Christ. Christ's gift you have to accept, he won't force it on you. but even if i got to heaven and God said "sorry, but you can't come in" that'd be fine with me because i deserve to be hated and tortured for eternity, and thats coming from someone who KNOWS they are saved

    • Anonymous

      rofl phil doesnt like rap usually but hes on hipdoxdx.

    • Jay

      @EddieMurrrphy: Salvation was begotten through the sacrifice of Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ. Only those who acknowledge and believe in Him shall go to Heaven. We, because of sin, would be condemned to hell otherwise. Please pick up a Bible and read through one of the four gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John.

    • EddieMurrrphy

      hahahaha fuck you phil. grow up man. there's no way god wouldnt let you into heaven right? youve been good so calm down

  • wtharri2

    each album by each artist in his 116 crew is great, and obviously the quality has increased with each album for each artist...really this is what hip hop needs...they are super talented and rap about something that is truly meaningful, something that secular hiphop artists just do not get near. they have it all, metaphors, word play, fast flows, great production, etc...and they are doing it about something that the world desperately needs

  • Jesus Ruiz

    google before you speak. lupe fiasco is a muslim.

    • Peace

      Jesus learn to read before you speak.

    • DocturJay

      did you read the article? "Nobody complains with Lupe being Muslim or people being irreligious, but it’s just when someone is communicating and talking about God consistently, people raise their eyebrows. So one, I would just say, ‘Is it quality music?’ " that's in the article.

    • CB

      LOL yea whatchu talkin bout bro, did no one say nothin bout Lupe..but anyhow keep doing your thing Lecrae, God has blessed you to bless the people!

    • rahrahrah

      I don't think the commenter said Lupe was not a muslim?

  • Peace

    LeCrae is that dude, the world needs Christ, and it could do with more Christian hip-hop.

    • Richard Cutright

      what up Peace? Its Cutright... whats good wit you fam? u still at the Wine Up spot? You sick with the spoken word fam. And we already know that LeCrae goes in for the Kingdom. Go Hard or Go Home!!