Sara Jay: Back Seat

This adult star says she'd be happy to swing an eff in the back seat of LL Cool J's Jeep, as she tells DX about her two decade love-affair with true-school Hip Hop.

Right before big booty white girls became the video accessory to so many major Rap stars, Sara Jay burst onto the adult film scene with enough back to make Sir-Mix-A-Lot proud. Appearing in over 300 films, Sara specializes in interracial scenes—surprise!

Originally from the Cincinnati, Ohio, Sara is now worldwide. With her weekly cam shows on, Sara Jay can enter your living room for a small fee. When she's not doing that, she's catching The Roots at Highline Ballroom jam-sessions, and telling her porn peers to put the mic down, and pick up a book.

HipHopDX: A lot of people don't know this but you're a Hip Hop fan. What made you fall in love with Hip Hop music?
Sara Jay: I have to be honest. I don't think I like Rap too much; I'm more Hip Hop for sure, I'm definitely old school--I'm 32. The first Hip Hop music that made an impact on me was Run-DMC. I remember my mom taking the Run-DMC tape away from me; I had to be six years old.

DX: Why'd she take it away?
Sara Jay: Because I wrote down all the lyrics! I wasn't six; I had to be like seven. I remember writing down the lyrics and I didn't even know what a lot of them meant, but my mom did. [Laughs] She took it away and gave it back to me like a month later. She said, "Don't ever write down those lyrics again!"

DX: Who is your favorite emcee right now?
Sara Jay: I'm still old school. I like Hip Hop Hip-Hop. Right now it's The Roots, it's always been The Roots. I've liked The Roots since I was in high school. I go to all of their shows that I can go to, and I go to their jam session at Highline [Ballroom] when I'm in New York.

DX: You're good friends with ?uestlove right?
Sara Jay: Yeah, yeah I am. I met ?uest[love] a couple years back.

DX: You're probably most known for your back-side among adult movie connoisseurs; did you spark the trend of big booty white girls in the adult film industry?
Sara Jay: You know, I'm not sure. I don't really want to take credit for that. There's a lot of other big booty white girls out there too like Flower Tucci, Alexis Texas, and Kelly Devine. But I think that I'm really lucky because when I got into porn nine years ago, it was all about tits. Luckily, I have fake tits too because that got me in the door. Shortly after I'd been in it for a year or two, I noticed a huge occurrence of big booty porn. I'm really thankful. I don't know what came first the chicken or the egg, girls with big asses or big-ass porn, but I'm thankful for it either way.

DX: In your opinion what are the similarities between the adult film industry and the Hip Hop industry?
Sara Jay: Well both businesses have undergone a lot of changes in the past 10 years. Not just Rap and Hip Hop, but music in general went from CDs, tapes, and records, something that's more tangible to MP3s and digital downloads--which is the exact same thing that we're going through now. We're a few years behind the music industry, but we're doing the same thing now. Everybody had VHS tapes and DVDs and now everybody is going to clips, and websites. Our industry is definitely going through those same changes and if you could look to the music industry for a guide on what the future is going to be like for porn, it's going to get tougher. All the record stores are closing up and everyone is self-distributing, we're doing the same thing with porn. Everyone is self-distributing and there is less big money rolling around and much smaller money in everybody's pocket.

DX: Do you fear that you'll have to get out of the business? Do you have a back-up plan?
Sara Jay: Well no, I'm not going to get out of the business. I'm a director for Black Market [Films]. I direct for my site as well. It's just about changing the game up and staying ahead of the curve.

DX: A lot of rappers love adult movies and adult film stars love Rap. Does it surprise you when you meet a rapper and they're a fan of yours?
Sara Jay: No, not really. I guess it did the first few times I did, but everyone watches porn. Just like everybody listens to music, everyone watches porn. It doesn't really surprise me that much. I appreciate it and it's nice. I'm a humble individual and I don't really think of myself as "all that" so when somebody else that is considered a celebrity is a fan of my work I really appreciate it.

DX: What's your opinion of the EDubb song "Whooty"? I personally hate that song but I support the message.
Sara Jay: [Laughs] I'm not a big fan of that song either, but "Whooty" is a term that everybody is using now. That's me. I'm a "Whooty." [Laughs]

DX: Hip Hop acts like Snoop Dogg and DJ Yella produced adult films and you have adult film stars like Jake Steed and Heather Hunter who tried their hand at Rap. What's your opinion of the genre's mixing like that?
Sara Jay: I'm all about cross-over. As an artist or an adult performer, you should really get your fingers in as many pies as possible because both industries are changing. But I also feel that everyone has got their own talent and if sucking dick is your talent maybe singing is not one of them. While I feel like everybody should have their fingers in all the pies, you should only try to do it if you're good.

DX: [Laughs] So you haven't heard Jake Steed's CD?
Sara Jay: No I haven't. I have not. I know that there's a lot of crossing over going on, and that's cool if you can make a couple dollars out of it here or there.

DX: Is there any chance we'll hear Sara Jay rap?
Sara Jay: [Laughs] No way. Not on this earth. I can't sing, I can't rap; I can dance like a motherfucker though. But you will never hear any type of music come out of my mouth.

DX: Have you heard Brian Pumper's diss song to Rick Ross?
Sara Jay: You know what; I don't listen to anything that comes out of Brian Pumper's mouth. I don't like Brian Pumper at all--not even in the slightest. If I saw him on TV, I'd change the channel. If I saw him walking on the street, I'd walk the other way.

DX: Really? Why don't you like Brian?
Sara Jay: 'Cause he's an idiot.

DX: Okay.
Sara Jay: He is. First and foremost, recently he got busted having sex with girls on film without having them tested--which is completely disrespectful to our industry and our community. Second, he's an idiot. If you've ever spoken to him or heard him speak..... I just can't get down with him or anything that he has involvement in.

DX: You mentioned safety in the industry and there was a big AIDS scare a few years back. Was Darren James his name?
Sara Jay: Yeah, there have been [other] scares since then too. Earlier last year, there were six or seven people that got HIV. The one that you're mentioning happened like six years ago. That was when I first started doing a lot of DVDs on a regular basis and I worked with Darren James several times--he's a really great guy. He got HIV.... It's an occupational hazard but you try to avoid stuff like that.

DX: Is there a way to avoid it?
Sara Jay: Well we get tested every 30 days for gonorrhea, chlamydia, and HIV--it's mandatory. As a performer I'm considering all of the people that I have to deal with plus my own health. I get tested every two weeks instead of every 30 days. I get a full panel including hepatitis, herpes, syphilis, HPV and other STD's too. It's mandatory for our industry to have those tests every 30 days, but as a responsible performer I feel that a little bit more is necessary. The test is only as safe as you make it. There's a certain hazard to any occupation, that's our occupational hazard.

DX: A lot female emcees like Lil' Kim or Nicki Minaj get criticized for being overly sexual in their rhymes while male rappers get heat for misogynistic lyrics. What do you say to critics who say that women are demeaned in Rap and adult films?
Sara Jay: You know that whole word "demeaned" is really questionable to me. You're only demeaned if you feel like you're demeaned and if you feel like you're demeaned then you probably shouldn't be doing it. [Laughs] I feel like you put yourself where you want to be and if you're not in control of your own life and how you are treated than who is? I do porn because I want to do porn and I do the things in porn that I want to do because I'm a grown woman. I have my own decisions that I make on a daily basis and I'm sure that people in the music industry feel the same way. If you feel pressured, uncomfortable, or feeling like you're doing something that you don't want to do then don't do it! It's just about being a grown up really.

DX: If you could co-star in an adult movie with a Rap artist who would it be and why?
Sara Jay: Hmm...who would it be and why.... I don't know.

DX: You're not feeling anybody, huh?
Sara Jay: Well you know I'm going back to the old school. I would take Busta [Rhymes] when he had his hair. [Laughs] I'd take LL [Cool J] before he lost all his weight. I'd have a threesome with old Busta and old LL. [Laughs]

DX: What's next for Sara Jay?
Sara Jay: Well right now I just got a new network that I'm working with on my website. We're doing a lot of good things. We have a lot of exclusive content that's wrapped around live webcam shows and interaction with my fans on a regular basis. With the industry moving like it is I really feel like the only exclusive content is going to be live content. So I'm doing a lot of interactive stuff with my fans on my website--forums, chats, and taking polls and opinions on everything. I also direct for Black Market so I have some movies that I'm getting ready to release. So you will see more of that and more websites as well--not just but I've been working on a few other websites for the past year. Hopefully we'll get those out there to you. I've got, my merchandise site is, and one of these days SaraJaysBJs is gonna be open. [Laughs]

DX: Oh a specialty site?
Sara Jay: Yeah,, it's just a BJ site. It's basically where I start out all my new guys. Any new performer goes through SaraJaysBJs and if he can survive that then he can move on. [Laughs]



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