Brotha Lynch Hung: Cannibal Vox

The Horrorcore Rap pioneer talks about why he's going to make Avril Lavigne his wife, why Insane Clown Posse helps Rap, and his first LP in seven years.

Few rappers sell death as well as Brotha Lynch Hung. The Sacramento emcee is one of the godfathers of the oft-maligned Horrorcore genre and his 1995 sophomore album Season of Da Siccness stands as one of the finest full lengths that scene ever produced. Having recently signed to Tech N9ne's indie power house, Strange Music, Lynch is set to introduce himself to a new generation of horror rap fans with Dinner and a Movie. This will be his first proper album in nearly seven years and the first in a planned trilogy.

Despite an on record tendency towards baby killings and cannibalism and such, the real life Lynch comes off as particularly mellow and level-headed. (Almost alarmingly so. It's always the quiet ones...) He recently sat down with HipHopDX about the new album, his screenwriting aspirations and his love for Avril Lavigne.

How did you get into the Hip Hop thing?
Brotha Lynch Hung: New York. I've been doing it since I was 13. I've been listening to the Rakims, the Kurtis Blows, LL Cool Js, Run DMCs, and Ice-T even. I did it for fun not even knowing that anybody from Sacramento would even do anything. All we had was Club Noveau, if you can remember them. So I did it mostly for fun and I ended up getting lucky with people picking up on my stuff.

DX: How'd you transition to growing up on the Rakims and them to making much darker music?
Brotha Lynch Hung: Well it kinda went like this: I duplicated multiple artists raps, made little songs before I had a record out to see how I would sound saying their type of styles. I've been through everybody's style. Run DMC, Rakim, LL. I tried all them styles just to see where I wanted to go with mine. Then finally, after about eight years I figured out what I wanted to do for myself to try to become somebody unique, to where they won't say you sound like someone else. It kinda happened for me in '91.

DX: What were the days leading up to that like? Were you performing a lot? Did you have a local following?
Brotha Lynch Hung: Yeah, I started in high school doing performances at lunchtime. My name spread around Sacramento and they would actually give me a call and see if I could perform at other places for free to get my name out there - which I didn't believe in at first, but it's called paying dues. So I did those shows and it started spreading throughout Northern California, then spreading through to Seattle and Oregon and L.A. and Arizona and it just was a real slow process like that.

DX: Were there other artists coming up in Sacramento that you were building with at the time?
Brotha Lynch Hung: I actually was kinda the first rapper [in Sacramento]. I really had nobody to follow up on, they kinda followed after me. I kinda did [look up to] Jay King [of Timex Social Club/Club Nouveau] a lot. I'd been to his house and I'd been to Raphael [Saadiq] of Tony! Toni! Toné!'s house in Sacarmento and that was inspiring. Knowing that somebody in my town was doing something so big.

DX: When did you bring the horror elements into the picture?
Brotha Lynch Hung: Ever since I was a kid I loved Horror movies. So a lot of my stuff is theatrical and that's what [this trilogy of] albums are pretty much about, it's about a serial killer. And you have to buy all three albums to figure out his life. It was just something I was into when I was thirteen and I reached back and grabbed that concept for this new stuff.

DX: Did you ever turn people off by going in that direction?
Brotha Lynch Hung: The controversial "Baby Killa" thing that I did turned off a lot of people. It even turned off Snoop [Dogg]. He was like "I love all your stuff man, but that baby killing gotta go." But what a lot of people didn't know is that I actually had a girlfriend who had to get an abortion and that's all I was talking about. But the fans took it to a whole different thing and I gotta admit I rolled on that a little bit.

DX: So how'd you end up linking with Strange Music?
Brotha Lynch Hung: Well like four and a half years ago I went out to Tech N9ne's Everready release party and I'd seen all the stuff that Strange [Music] was doing for him. They actually tried to sign me back then but I had just started my Madesicc label and I was gonna go and give it a try that way. Four years later Dave Weiner, who I was signed with [when I was] at Priority Records in my "glory years," he became Vice President for Strange Music and I guess his first mission was to come get me. So he called me one day and was like, "Let's do this."  And I was like "Let's do this." Because in my glory years, he was the one that really got me paid. So I trusted him. I didn't really know [Strange Music CEO] Travis O'Guin and Tech N9ne really too too much other than the shows that me and Tech had done together, so when Dave came it kinda solidified it.

DX: I can't get over how well run that label is, they seem to be doing huge business.
Brotha Lynch Hung: Man, and it's triple times better when you experience it. I've never had anybody in my whole career, besides maybe being on Priority Records with Ice Cube and all them, do everything that they say they're gonna do. It's crazy. I haven't had an album out since 2003 so I missed this shit.

DX: Have they drawn in a new audience that otherwise wouldn't have checked for your music?
Brotha Lynch Hung: Yeah, the Juggalos! Until I signed with Strange Music I never knew what a Juggalo was and they've been around as long as me. And I used to always wonder what that paint on the face with Tech N9ne was but he was grabbing those Juggalos and they loved the death out of him. And I hope to follow him down that line because they have their cult. I love people who have a cult following. And the Juggalos that are serious about it have been around for so long. I love it, anybody who has a cult like that and is building like that, you can't say nothing bad about it. Hopefully I can get in with them if they can accept me into their family. I mean, I may not be as exotic with the paint on the face, but in my mind I'm probably a Juggalo.

DX: It's crazy how in the '90s there were so many pockets of that sort of dark Hip Hop popping up all over the country independent of one another.
Brotha Lynch Hung: Yeah, that's real.  But I'm glad. Our craft would be lost if it wasn't for a lot of people doing it.

DX: That's what struck me about the Juggalo thing, Insane Clown Posse seems to be into reaching back and introducing fans to the artists that influenced them. I saw they were bringing out people like Scarface and Awesome Dre at their festivals.
Brotha Lynch Hung: And yeah I can see why. I mean in the Geto Boys days, Scarface had a song where he was having sex with a woman and she was riding him and she got her head popped off in the window while they were having sex. That type of stuff drew me to them and I could see why the Juggalos would reach back and grab somebody like him. Or Bushwick Bill or Andre Nickatina or whoever.

DX: Why do you think Hip Hop has moved away from that sort of thing, at least on a mainstream level?
Brotha Lynch Hung: Well, if you want my all-around [opinion] about Hip Hop, I think it's gonna take the underground to bring it back. What's gonna be hard about the underground bringing it back is we don't get as much publicity. But it's gonna have to go back to straight lyrics and concepts and creativity in order for this to last. Because the mainstream is kinda turning Rap into Pop and that ain't where Rap came from. And it should be all avenues, don't get me wrong. It should be mainstream. But I think the underground should get some type of publicity too. We just have to bring it back to lyrics. There's a lot of rappers out there feeling the same way as me too, so hopefully something good will come out of that.

DX: Are there any up and coming artists you've been listening to lately?
Brotha Lynch Hung: Whew, that's a hard one. I'm still stuck on Eminem. But of course he does my craft. And obviously I am open to other genres as far as Pop and everything, but I'm more on the Eminem road. And right now, to be honest, I've been on some Avril Lavigne and Rihanna. I love Avril, she's my girl, she's gonna be my future wife. Just creative people, Lady Gaga. I love creative shit and Lady Gaga's taking it to the next level and that's what we need with music, period.

DX: Have you seen that new Lady Gaga and Beyonce video to "Telephone"?
Brotha Lynch Hung: Yessir, I saw it yesterday. They're touching on my movie type, thing but I loved it. I gotta hurry up and get my stuff out. For me to have a concept like that and them turn around and do it, as far as making the video seem like a movie and stuff, I think I'm on the right track.

DX: So tell me about Dinner and a Movie.
Brotha Lynch Hung: It's definitely different. I don't know if you smoke or anything, but if you were to smoke and try to get into the story, then you'll understand what happens for my next two albums - Coathanger Strangler and Mannibal Lecter. These three albums are connected together, and we'll release them as a three pack later just so you can have the whole movie. It's about a serial killer, a regular guy during the day who ends up turning into a serial killer in response to all the bad stuff in his life. People are not gonna all the way understand from this first album, but if they catch on they'll buy all three. It's chapter one out of three.

DX: What's your relationship with X-Raided now? Are you still in touch with him?
Brotha Lynch Hung: Actually I was on the phone with X-Raided a couple months ago and I believe he has an album [Block Bizniz] dropping tomorrow. I was supposed to get on that album, but he's where he's at and he's not supposed to be [releasing albums from prison], I suppose, so it's hard to keep in touch with him. But before that I hadn't talked to him in like four or five years. He's still heavy into his music and he's regretting that he chose to take that case for somebody else. In my opinion, he should be out. He really, honestly, should be out. But he's fighting it all day. So our relationship is what it is. We keep in touch with each other when we can and hopefully we'll keep in touch in the future. We talked about doing another album together, but it doesn't look like it's gonna happen. He has parole in four years, so if he can gets to a halfway house I believe we can do something. I believe music is forever. I don't want him to get out thinking, "Oh, I'm too old." So hopefully it'll happen.

DX: So you think you'll be doing this for many more years to come?
Brotha Lynch Hung: Well, I do now. From like 2004 to about 2007 I thought about [retiring]. Because I have a second career I want to try to get into, I have four screenplays that I'm writing right now. I want to make that be the thing for the second half of my life. But I think that I got another 10 years, lyrically. I just didn't know if I was gonna get a good deal until I signed with Strange. And now I've stepped it up.

DX: Can you discuss the screenplays a little?
Brotha Lynch Hung: I have a screenplay called The Writer, [which] is about a father who writes movies, and he's writing a movie about his son being a serial killer and [in real life] his son ends up becoming a serial killer. I [also]  have one called Season Of The Siccness, it's about my life and career. And what I want to get across in that movie is - don't do what I did. I made a lot of bad mistakes in my career. I was hiring untrustworthy people and I wasn't keeping track of what I should have been keeping track of. So it made my career harder. And there were major labels that wanted me and if I was able to steer myself clear of Black Market Records I probably could have gotten a major deal before I got heavily into the horror. Priority, even when they were in their heyday, were trying to sign me away from Black Market.

DX: Do you think that would have been for the better in the long run though? So many artists from that era tend to complain about how the labels handle things.
Brotha Lynch Hung: It depends. I can't say money-wise, but I would have kept my craft. And whether the major was going to put [money] into me or not, I can't say. But I can say this, being with Strange Music, they don't limit me and they are the number one indie as of last year. And they're a well-oiled machine. So I think I'm in a better position right now.

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  • Chris

    So I know all you people over the interwebs like to talk hella shit on Juggalos and ICP and Psychopathic and Blah blah blah. You have to realize that you probably don't even know any Juggalos to judge them and you just take what you see and hear as a generalization. And sometimes you're right but other times your not. Juggalos are the same as all of you. They like to have fun, smoke a lil weed, drink some drink and listen to music and hang out with friends. The only thing that separates that is the face paint and the automatic assumption that we're all white trash who won't amount to nothing. And that's bullshit because I know plenty that have steady jobs and some that own their own companies. And all you internet people also take hella shit on ICP. Well you can talk all the shit you want it won't change the fact they are successful in what they do, and they have much respect in most of the underground music scene. Your opinion that they're terrible is irrelevant to the results of 20 years of success. And to all my Juggalos who get on here and shit talk with the text talk and the 8th grade insults, you're not helping our case, or our image for these folks. Yes we must protect our family name, but don't show out and act ignorant. It's not good for us, and it's nothing on conforming, it's everything on being presentable to the public. Yes, I know, fuck what everyone else thinks, but even though you may feel that way, your feelings won't get you that important high end job. Just saying. And lastly in regards to Strange SubNoise, and all that. If they want to be a part of the Juggalo world let them. They realize how devoted we are so let them enjoy having loyal ass fans that provide them the funds to continue what they are doing. I mean if you hate us, then hate us but don't try to deviate the artist from gaining more fans cause you're an ignorant dick who prefers to judge outside of getting to know the people you judge. But I digress, regardless if this is read or not, you'll give me a "Fuck you, you white trash faggoty ass Juggalo!" Well before that I'd like you to know, I'm Puerto Rican, not white, I'm not gay and faggoty is not a real word. I hope you've been educated. Much Love to the Juggalos and Technicians!


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  • Big Ron

    im sick of all these sorry ass punk fagget hater muthafuckas talkin shit about lynch go suck a dick like ya momma fagget worthless sorry ass bitchmade punks like yall come up missing everyday

  • GodHandKilla

    Yall got it wrong. Esham originated the horrorcore shiz, but called it Acid Rap, and many others followed suit, including BLH and ICP. BLH is dope and I respect ICP for building all that they have by themselves, such as the fanbase and all. And I can't believe how some of you think that Big L started this shit. He sucks, man.......What the hell...

  • Fuck ICP

    ICP, Juggalos, and all of Psychopathic Records are wack as fuck.

  • Fuck ICP

    Lynch is tight, but would be better if he toned down that horror shit. That shit gets old. And juggalos, ICP, and Psychopathic Records are WACK.

  • 9R39~Jone5%

    Lynch, X, and all these cats been on hit since forever ago. The new shit is only better, no matter which direction they go. It will always knock, always have heads bob, hands in the air, and chills with goosebumps! Even make a dude ride to the music. It's true underground, hip hop, gangsta shit and nobody can fuck with it. And all the other homies sprouting from this shit is just as dope. And Pep will even tell ya how real these cats are...much love!!!

  • Masmo

    brotha lynch is a lyrical genious, everyone needs to check out this album

  • uzipolo-king of decatur

    esham was better when he was first doing this type of rap he made a million dollars selling his cd's in Detroit...ALONE .says uzipolo-king of decatur

  • Enlightened

    Take away the subject matter, focus on strictly the flow, the timing, the cadence, the lyrics and the creativity..... nobody is fuckin with Lynch. I mean NOBODY.

  • thedarkone

    Lynch is the originator of horrorcore signing with strange muzic is big time and with all the juggalos out there he will sell millions i myself being a juggalo not so much for icp's music but other artist on the label boondox twiztid blaze any juggalo out there will accept him into the fam and being with strange all the touring they do he will be seen by even more people been down with lynch since seasons first drop much love lynch WHOOP WHOOP

  • kush nap

    you damn right i support x-raided. hes the biggest rebel in hip hop. he been dropping albums from prison where theyve done everything to stop him. they cant stop him, even when hes locked up. and hes doiing time for a crime he might not have commited. sneaking recording equipment, rapping over the phone, and the concepts are insane. one of the illest rappers/stories in hip hop. i support lynch cuz he spit fire. niggas hating on x-raided, wow. nigga is crazy. hes dropped albums from the can, theres artists on labels that cant drop albums. and he been doin it from lockdown for years.

  • GoldenChyld

    @ BoomByeYeah. The first Lynch joints I know of is "24 Deep": and "Season of the Siccness". If you want some more heat from the same camp check out "X-Raided - Psycho Active", "Sicx - Nigga Deep", & "Mr Doctor - Setrip'n Bloccstyle". As for the article, definitely a good move for Lynch workin with Strange Music. Tech been doin his thing for a while and his following definitely would feel Lynch. Lynch was one of the first spittin the "horror" flows (that I remember), but aside from the killa bitch, baby eatin lyrics, dude was creative and was a real lyricist. Spittin fire over everything. All these lil Wayne & Drake riderz need to stop being corporate slutz. Rappin bout the Flintstones, YABBA DABBA DOO YA IN THE BOOTY nuttz in ya mouth ass rappers. Sad to say that the gurl in the group was the only one actually comin off clever, everybody else sounded lazy on the track. But whatever, only 10 year olds and grown up kids will co-sign that. I agree with the comment on Supporting SubNoize, StrangeMusic, ICP cuz they all have stood true to their grinds. I personally think KottonMouth Kingz, & ICP are terrible as artists, but definitely respect the hustle. Anyways i said too much ya'll been blessed with words from God. Ya'll dont have to go to church now. Jus messin, ya'll can go if ya want to, just make sure to give me a shout out. I might need it.

  • Tricky70390

    Fuck ICP Tech and the rest of Strange is dope though.

  • smojo

    brotha lynch, thass my nigga.

  • jw916

    This album is fucking raw!

  • TYBO2020


  • Lafayette

    You have to listen to WALK TO MY FUNERAL, it's off of his first album and that is sick. I've been a fan of this dude since, shit, 1992 when I was in the 7th grade. I'm from Sacramento so he was like he said "the only act in town". His rap is so influenced by EMINEM, you can tell, his skill level has jumped 10 fold since '92 and this album (besides the content) is dope.

  • Dretruth

    If you support x-raided you might as well support all serial killers he's no different. If you ever read the murder dog you'll x is in prison for brutal murders. He is a sick person no difference in him and and the back in the ozzy ozbrone accept ozzy never been to prison for murder.

    • Big Ron

      you talkin shit about x raided one of sacramentos most skilled you stupid dumb ass fagget got raped in jail punk muthafucka rest in piss

    • GoldenChyld

      I support X-Raided, I support Charlie Manson (dude had some crucial points in his writings/interviews). I guess I support Serial Killers, hold up I didn't support Bush, so that can't be. Go watch some Disney channel and cover ur eyes with Mickey gloves if you cant handle reality. How you know that the murder can't be justified as self defense. You weren't there, you dont know. So before you talk that "he is a sick person", think about what could have been. You sound stupid, and if you read the article, Lynch says that he took the wrap for somebody else. Just cuz people portray a role for the media doesn't mean that is truly them. This is entertainment, there are characters everywhere, if you dont know the guy personally, you cant judge em.

    • O E

      U got a problem with that homie might as well go listen to Robin sure that fool aint never gripped a pistol in his life..u may enjoy that.Plus I heard he's on tour, matter fact I'll get ur tickets just hit me up..just do me a favor and stay the fuck away from Hip Hop and go listen to Drake's Singing ass.

  • carweezy302

    Avril Lavigne eww nigga. You obviously hanging out with to many weird white people. Not feeling this at all

    • Anonymous

      oh no not white people!! he even said he was listening to eminem...who may also be white like most of hip hops fanbase.

    • O E

      Aight see first off, Lynch Aint NUTHIN imma Repeat NUTHIN Like Insane Cock Possie. Ya'll want that real deal look it up. Yea he horror Core but he a deep ass dude.. got some sick strait gangsta shit. As far as Avril Lavigne, I aint never looked at her Like that but damn I'd hit. She aint my top choice tho.haha.But thats the thing..if u didnt like this nigga then why u reading his interviews????Yo Lynch I know u aint listenin and payin attention to these lames. But good interview cant wait for that season of the siccness movie.Ya''l that support, keep supportin real hip hop. Like Lynch said we just need to promote and support lyriscm in rap and hopefuly the Man will play that Tech nine, Immortal Tech, Lynch, and all them REAL MC's makin real rap music.. I swear If this Bullshit Waka Flaka, Gucci, and whiny ass Wayne Continue on as "Rap" music Imma go Postal!!!!

    • tko-

      lol CARWEEZY302, cosign 100%

    • Dretruth

      me neither - I only like him on soundtrak and compolation ( hope I spelled that right) but he is like the I.C.P. and esham. I can't dig it but it's people who do.

  • HoodGrown

    I knew about dude for a while but wrote off this whole "horrorcore" shit as wack. On this site is the first time I've ever heard dude spit.... damn... he has some skills. He can actually rap... I'm feeling this.

  • thizzle dance

    this sub-genre is wack as a whole. no "juggulos" in hiphop thanks. the only rappers ive ever liked who occasionally get this dark are Eminem and Big L. but i always liked it better when Em and L rapped about real life shit. like for example Rock Bottom > Underground ( tho it's one of the 3 good songs on Relapse) Now or Never > Devil's Son Big L started this shit by the way. but somehow he wasn't faggy about it like ICP.

    • Big Ron

      you wouldnt be talkin shit if the clowns was in ya face there fagget yo punk ass would be thizzle dancin yo ass outa there hater suck a dick like yo momma

    • Amaru

      WTF big l didnt start horrorcore .....get the fuck outta here horrorcore was started by ganksta nip a rapper from houston

    • ATiiiiiiiiiiiiLLLLLLLLLLLLL

      agreed that the genre is wack for the most part

    • kush nap

      brotha lynch is original and highly skilled. what else can you ask for in an emcee? the point is, nas spit that snuffin jesus line, and it was hot and had everyone open. that kinda shit always been hot, you dismissing a genre by highlighting the garbage and dismissing the real that did it like the flatlinerz, gravediggaz, x-raided, and brotha lynch. that carnival gangsta shit is midwest bread and butter. tech n9ne and broha lynch 2 of the nicest emcees spitting right now. go listen to they albums.

    • thizzle dance

      @ KUSH NAP yea "i went to hell for snuffing jesus" is one line, whats your point. Nas doesn't do this shit. Big L sampled it and made a song around it. I didn't say anything about Brotha Lynch Hung specifically, just that I just think this type of rap is wack, so calm down.

    • uzipolo king of decatur

      i thought gangsta nip (solo) started this in TEXAS but hen again before that willie d started this but in the kill a bitch kind of way..then you have to look at Esham which i am VERY SURPRISED he or the interviwer didnt mention him which he ALSO the godfather of that genre of rap esham was way better than ICP was says uzipolo king of decatur

    • kush nap

      u a fag son. first lynch is an originator. second, niggas always spit dark shit on records that got heads open. "i went to hell for snuffing jesus" - nas one of nas illest lines ever. itd be one thing if lynch was trash on the mic like ICP, but his voice and flow patterns from 94 son most niggas spitting today, and he without a doubt inspired some emcees you like, that wont give him the proper credit. independent giant west coast legend. shows what you know son, you think eminem would shit on lynch? nah b. relapse is mad similar to what lynch been known to do. i love big l and em, i knock lynch and tech too, you on some fag shit generalizing a niggas entire career when you aint never peeped his catalog. and big l didnt start that shit you lame ass nigga. not even close. you sound retarded giving an underrated nigga like L props, and dissin an underrated nigga like lynch. real talk.

    • DAWG ONE


  • box

    this equals is knot, and he brings all the time,like the fact that he recognizes those juggs equals knocc those fans but they ride or die with they artist,they don't give a fucc about what the mainstream say yell

  • sasha flocka flame


  • Big Country

    Brotha lynch is a fuckkin fag yo!so are Juggalos they acn suckk my cock!

  • kush nap

    brotha lynch spits fuckin lava and has always spit lava. this nigga will roast anybody being championed on the west coast right now, get on a record with him and hell prove it. flow is retarded, content is original, voice is gangsta, and his new album might be the illest shit hes done after 20 plus years of spittin. big ups to tech for signing this nigga. hes influenced a ton of emcees thatll never credit him.. but hes an OG. eminem last album relapse had a lot of tech n9ne lynch elements, i bet you slim is a big fan of both these niggas. he should show them some love because i can hear it in his music. buying lynch album 2marrow, shit is fire.

    • O E

      thats what up homie..u know what it iz Kush...its crazy cuz it aint no point n arguin with these folks...cuz i bet they the same 14 year olds who think that Drake and Wayne are "Hip Hop".Fuck it, get on if u not on yet..the folks that live and love the 4 elements of hip hop and know hip hop would have been researched Lynch on they own and give his musical creativity a chance before passing judgement..Real Talk.

  • hiphopscout

  • ZazaZow

    Has any rapper ever done more reppin' for the Crips and gotten less support from the streets in spite of it?

    • bigD

      true shit i agree and fuck a juggalo they dont behave ever and some other real shit is that they have very pore hygiene im from bakersfield c.a and they run around with lil hatchets like chumps like cause they cant sqaub ...and as for lynch im glad he got a good record deal,dinner and a movie is off the chain but ineed some more hood shit old e and philliey blunts and i would like to see some more collaborations,dre dog smoo-v hollow tip,lynch and those kats should be making money big time fuck lil wayne fuck jay z fuck all that fake radio pussy rap shit

  • crenshawcakalaci

    brotha lynch is a westcoast legend. season of da siccness was a classic for real

  • dondadaw

    Wait a minute Lynch likes lady gaga?!DAAAMN i didnt expect that shit.


    @BOOM BYE YEAH Its been a minute since I looked 4 LYNCH, I use to f*ck wit em heavy back in the 90s & early 2000's I would say get his 1st album @ LYNCH BY INCH (DOUBLE DISC) Both of those are classics, real spit. F*ck wit X-Raided 2 that man is dope, he's my favorite rapper ever & if you go to youtube & listen to the songs MORTAL KOMBAT & CEMETERY FULL OF G'z you'll know why. I rap & I swear when a n*gga sittin on them M's & X-Raided gets out ima put him on his feet just off the strength of how he inspired me shoiwn that you can make above in ANY situation, the man has been locked up his whole career & has made classics from behind bars (figuratively & literally).

  • mr. gimik

    support blh strange music kottonmouth kings suburban noize and insane clown posse and psychopathic records. these are the three biggest and most established underground labels in music history. period

  • boom bye yeah

    Talented rapper, real interview. I pre-ordered this album on Amazon, but I sort of want to get his debut too. Any opinions?

    • KP

      Go straight for Season of the Siccness, Lynch's 2nd album. If you like that one go further into his catalogue.

    • Bump

      U should've pre-ordered it from Strange Music.U get a autographed CD, a t-shirt & a link 2 an unlockable song.My shit already on it's way.MARCH 23rd Y'ALL!

  • Mic blaque

    yoo this song is dope much love to that real music