Papoose: Dream On

The matured emcee explains why Jive A&R's resented him, his early days with G. Rap, and why the Nacirema Dream isn't deferred for long.

After rising to the top of New York's revivalist movement, Papoose, who is known for his clever use of metaphor and alliteration, put the entire 1999 underground on alert with "Alphabetical Slaughter." The impressive display of lyrical ability led to him signing with DJ Kay Slay



  • Mike

    Tell them I said it: Papoose was never hot. He was a short lived investment. He had one "idea" but then got carried away when he thought his songs were creative. I lost all respect for Papoose because he lives off a ignorant fan base who think that his "board game" named songs were so advance that they wanted to call him Nas lol. Then Kay Slay lost his entire credibility as a DJ because he started pushing every papoose song down our throats as if it were a hit. And from there it became the Papoose show.. and as u can see no one is listening. Papoose's only saving grace is Remy and he best hope she can parlay her relationship wit Nicki to get some bread...